Super Male God System Chapter 112 - Why

After dinner, Xiao Qingrong went to the room that the Chen family had prepared for him. The dim light loomed on Xiao Qingrong's face, making 618 unable to see his expression.

Then Xiao Qingrong took out his mobile phone. Opened the album, looked at himself in the album, and smiled gently.

This silence brings a strange weirdness, which made 618 have a sense of confusion. It carefully observes its host's every move and cannot believe whether its guess is true.

The Imitation personality, and its extreme lack of love. These two titles have completely overlapped with the person in front of it, because Xiao Qingrong is not this type of person.

Suddenly, 618 suddenly thought of the rainbow in Xiaojia Village that day, Chen Mingze asked its host what his wishes were, and the host said that he hopes that he will always be himself.

This thought made 618 not dare to think in detail. It can only secretly guess, secretly pray, and hope that its suspicion was false. After all, how can its host be so easily suppressed by a personality?

When 618 kept soothing itseling, hoping that its suspicion was incorrect. Suddenly, Xiao Qingrong smiled lowly.

Did you discover my identity? 618?

There was a sense of interest in his voice, as if teasing 618. Half of his face that was in the light seemed to be laughing, and the other side sank into the darkness, making 618 a little unclear.

[You are not my host, who are you?]

618 asked, there was no previous weakness, at this time there was only firmness. It heard the villain system said that the existence of their system is to protect the host from being harmed, and to help the host complete any of his ideas within a certain range.

In the past, 618 did not know that its host was schizophrenic, but after such a thing happened to the host, 618 knew that what it needed was to do was support the host, protect the host, and let the host destroy these terrible personalities.

It has seen two of them, and with this personality in front of it, 618 can hardly imagine how the host spends these days, and why are these confusing personalities born? For the first time, 618 has wanted to know the past of its host, the past that may be painful or unspeakable.

It thought that only if it knew those, it would know how to protect the host.

Xiao Qingrong still smiled on his face, as if this smile was his masked face. He didn't get angry after hearing 618, but was a little curious.

How did you find out I wasn't that person?

He inquired casually, and at this moment 618 was ready to have a showdown

[The host never laughs like you. He doesn't like to laugh and flatter others.]

Not to mention wanting the love of others.

Perhaps... in the eyes of the host, the love of others is the thing that annoys him most in this world.

After hearing 618, the smile on Xiao Qingrong's face froze, and he even put away the smile on his face and hummed.

Pleasing others? If it weren't for us, do you think he would be so beautiful and attractive to you? 618, you never thought about it but the person you want to protect the most is not a good person. Xiao Qingrong is like a leech, absorbing the nutrients of all of us and letting us rot? Can you guess, where was I born in the first place?

His face at this time was an extremely cold expression, sitting in the darkness, only half of his face was exposed, it seemed that he was completely different from Xiao Qingrong.

618 has been with its host for a long time, so it knew some stuff about him.

[He told me that you were born in an orphanage.]

As it said this, 618 felt that it was necessary to study psychology. Obviously, the host has studied psychology for so long but why is his illness getting more and more serious?

Oh. Xiao Qingrong seemed to be amused. He first laughed softly, and then started to laugh wildly. Fortunately, the room was soundproofed, otherwise the Chen family outside would have been scared to death.

He laughed for a while. The laughter was full of taunts and smirks. After stopping, he turned around, looked at the mirror in this room, and walked over. His handsome face was reflected in the mirror, but it made Xiao Qingrong who stretched out his hand tremble as he reached out for the mirror. When he almost touched it, he took his hand back.

Oh, Xiao Qingrong, Xiao Qingrong, you have the ability to make them all love you. Obviously I am the same, I have the same name, the same face, but they do not like me, they protect you, love you, but they don't want to look at me. However, now... this body is mine, I don't need the love of those people. More people love me, as long as I am willing, anyone in this world will be willing to fall in love with me. A selfish person like you doesn't deserve to be liked!

He said, and laughed again and he looked extremely crazy in 618 eyes. This made it miss the host even more.

Since he didn't tell you, let me tell you how I was born.

Withdrawing his sight, Xiao Qingrong sat on the chair, then looked at himself inside through the mirror, with a trace of irony in his eyes.

I was born when Xiao Qingrong was seven years old. At that time, Xiao Qingrong only knew how to cry, everyone robbed him of his food, and he didn't know how to resist, so he was so hungry, from the first day to the fourth day, The seven-year-old had reached the limit when he only drank water. He was kept in a small dark room by those in the orphanage. Because he looks good, the children in the orphanage rejected him. Since the children in the orphanage determined that Xiao Qingrong was more likely to be adopted by those families, so all the children rejected him, prevented him from eating, and locked him in a small dark room. He was so hungry that he bit himself. I came up at that time. You recognize Xiao Qingrong as the host, but don't you notice how he make those hand gestures on his left hand? This is the reason.

Xiao Qingrong said, with a big smile on his face, looking at the man in the mirror with maliciousness, and full of irony.

If it wasn't for Glutton waking up, he wouldn't have lost a finger. It was so simple. After Glutton was born, he ate a lot of messy things, worms, mice, and cockroaches. As long as he can eat, he will eat. It wasn't until Xiao Qingrong was rescued that his body was restored, but his original memory disappeared.

Speaking out all those things that happened to Xiao Qingrong, it was hard for 618 to imagine what kind of pain the young host had experienced at the time. It felt that the situation at this time was very messy and it didn't know what to do.

Glutton was born when Xiao Qingrong was hungry, so when Xiao Qingrong's stomach was uncomfortable, Glutton will appear. You see, Xiao Qingrong is such a selfish person. He let us take the place of what he doesn't want to do. He is the one... the most disgusting existence!

Xiao Qingrong... Oh no, maybe he should be called Rong Rong. Rong Rong hooked his lips, supported his head with one hand, and staggered waiting for 618's reaction.

He hates Xiao Qingrong, isn't that his personality? Why should everyone maintain him so? Why is he so cowardly, but still loved by others?

If he could, Rong Rong hopes to devour Xiao Qingrong, along with those other personalities, so that this body is his alone, and after owning the system, it is equivalent to owning eternal life.

[He is not. He is my host and the person I have been with.]

618 finally spoke and gave an answer. Perhaps in the eyes of the person in front of it, its host is an unacceptable existence, but for 618, these things that happened to the host have caused harm to the host. Aren't the personalities born because the host experienced harm? Presumably Dr. Xiao and Glutton are both the same, they both want to protect the host, so they will exist when the host is in pain.

Dr. Xiao appears when the host's body is harmed, Glutton appears when the host is hungry, and shadow appears when the host is unwilling to accept everything. The appearance of each personality represents the existence of a part of the host. These... all its hosts!

Humph! You're very stubborn! Do you think he needs your company and protection? He is the most cruel person! I obviously have the same name and the same character as him, but he is the only one in your eyes. The moment I was born, I have been imitating him constantly, and as for what kind of person he is, I know best! This person, he is a mean and shameless person!!!

After Rong Rong said, he laughed again, not knowing whether his laugh was at his own anger or other people's ignorance.

618 has determined that the other party is Rong Rong. Naturally, it knows that the host may be suppressed by the Rong Rong in front of it. It felt that a machine was needed to wake up the host.

[How the host is, I know, I promised him, no matter what he is, I will accompany him.]

This stubbornness does not seem to be the words spoken by a system. At this time, it was uttered in the mouth of 618, making Rong Rong sitting there sneer.

Okay, I'm going to see if you guys can even get his trace of pity!

Authors Note: So far there have been four personalities, one master personality, which is Xiao Qingrong.

[Master Personality: Because of his complicated personal experience, he is a business tycoon on the surface but in fact, he is also proficient in psychology, medicine, and with the scalpel. He also likes blood and is an exquisite selfishist. [Note: Not a good person in general]

[Dr. Xiao: Born from the physical harm of Xiao Qingrong. After birth, he possesses high-end medical capabilities and enjoys eating kidneys. He has no empathy and compassion, and is obsessed with protecting Xiao Qingrong.]

[Shadow: Performing personality, born during Dr. Xiao doing psychiatric treatment, he loved the stage, loved acting, and showing off. He is innocent but has no sincerity. He is a complete liar.]

[Glutton: The first personality born, and just like his name, he will eat anything. He has a nasty attitude but he cares about his main personality and willingly resisted other personalities for his main personality.]

[Rong Rong: Imitation personality, very lacking in love, and because of his late birth, seeing other personalities protect the main personality, he is jealous in heart. He imitates the main personality to be loved, but is still hated by everyone. Deep inside, he wants to replace the main personality, and he likes to be loved the most.]