Super Male God System Chapter 111 - Glutton

The first night when the Chen family left, Xiao Zikun found Xiao Qingrong. The relationship between them wasn't very good, and some people even suspected that the aunt favored Xiao Qingrong more.

Did you know? I have always been envious of you.

Xiao Zikun spoke first, turning his head to look at Xiao Qingrong, who was no longer in their Xiao family. Perhaps the book was right, the ugly duckling turns into a swan, because they are originally swans, and their Xiao family looks more ordinary, but for Xiao Qingrong, it was obvious, then he was black, but now he was white, he really looked like a swan, handsome and dazzling.

Xiao Qingrong didn't speak, but at this time he had the leisure to listen to the demands of this person who might've come from the future.

I'm only two years older than you, but my parents always said that I should take care of you. Obviously you are not the biological child of your parents, but they are always thinking of you, as well as grandpa and grandma, they are also partial to you. Qingrong, do you know? When I was a kid, I even thought that I was not the biological child of my parents, and it was you who was the biological child, if not, why would my mom treat you better than me?

He seemed to ask the question he had in his heart, but at this moment, knowing all the truth, he no longer cared.

Him accepting his adopted parents was all fake, and it was because he was their real child.

A blood relationship was probably the most perfect bond in the world, allowing elders to give everything to the juniors.

Although Xiao Zikun was envious of Xiao Qingrong, he thought that he would never be able to abandon his parents. Even this time, he just wanted to get rich first and then take his parents to the city. After meeting the Chen family, Xiao Zikun suddenly understood what was going on in his village's development that year.

The only ones who were okay to develop a poor village like theirs, that was, the Chen family. They invested in this place in order to repay the grace of fostering Qingrong here. Even after seeing that the village had a road, a dash, and a new life, he was not reconciled, and he wanted more. It seemed like he was blind.

At that time, although his cousin left, everyone in the family seemed to live a better life because of the cousin's departure.

He didn't feel it all, and when he saw his cousin's better life, he was jealous, envious, and hateful. He was like a mean man, wanting everything that didn't belong to him.

Now, I finally understand why my parents were so good to you, because they feel sorry for you, Qingrong. I know that you are leaving tomorrow, and your family must be rich or powerful. It's like the name that the old monk gave you, but... if you are free, call back a lot. Whether it is uncle and aunt, or my parents, although they don't say it, but they really don't want you to leave. The same goes for our grandparents.

At this moment, Xiao Zikun finally let go of his heart. Fortunately, even if he participated in the show and snatched his cousin's place, he didn't steal his cousin's life. If that was the case, how uncomfortable he should be.

Now everything has reached the best result. Xiao Zikun was no longer greedy and didn't want to chase after rich people. Perhaps the future would always be in his hands. As long as he worked hard, he would have a better future.

On this day, Xiao Zikun said a lot. Some were words of apologies for Xiao Qingrong, and some were words for Xiao Qingrong to call back. When the two finally separated, they all knew that such a meeting might be very few in the future.

Strolling back to his own room, 618 didn't understand Xiao Zikun's thinking.

[Host, Xiao Zikun has snatched your place before, why is he apologizing now? This is not another...] It rationally prevented the swearing that it was about to say.

Xiao Qingrong was already lying on the bed, looking at the roof through the dim light.

618, do you mean why he suddenly changed his mind?

Man is just such a wonderful creature. With all kinds of thoughts in this world, there will be collisions, inventions, and progress. Xiao Qingrong was lying there, but his lips were raised.

He changed his mind because he knew everything was irreversible and knew that he couldn't replace me, so he came to me to feel good. It has nothing to do with his sincere thoughts. Moreover, I am willing to give him this face, after all, the Xiao family is still nice to me.

That continuous care and love was what he wanted the most.

[Is it? Anyway... I still don't like him.]

618 hated this kind of person who stole other people's things by rebirth. You know that if it was someone else's, and yet you had to try to steal it. This kind of person was someone 618 couldn't like.

Then don't like him. It's a good thing to be liked by others but it doesn't mean you have to like them back. It was also very exciting to get the supreme love of others.

The excitement flashing in Xiao Qingrong's eyes made 618 silent. It didn't know why. It always felt that this Xiao Qingrong was so different from its host. In short, 618 was very skeptical.

Anyway, the next day came, Xiao Qingrong said goodbye to the Xiao family. As the Chen family got into the car, the DNA result also came out these days, confirming the identity of Xiao Qingrong and Chen Anhui, and it also proved that Xiao Qingrong was Xia Yong's son.

Chen Mingze, who was sitting in the car, was excited. He was the only child in the Chen family till now, but now they also had another boy, and he was his favorite Xiao Qingrong. Of course, this made him happy and he kept talking along the way. Xiao Qingrong also spoke happily with him and everyone could feel that Chen Mingze liked his cousin.

Since their son had such a good relationship with Chen Mingze, Chen Anhui intended to go with her husband to live with their parents. It was also to cultivate their feelings for each other since they haven't been with him until now. This idea was also strongly supported by Xia Yong.

It took almost a day from the airport, to the plane, to the Chen family, but everyone was excited. At night, the Chen family prepared the most hearty meal to welcome Xiao Qingrong. However, because his name came from a master, he did not change his name.

Everyone at the dinner table was happy, and 618, after discovering that this person was the glutton, it quickly rushed to talk.

[Greed, can I ask you something?]

The greedy ghost suddenly felt a little annoyed when he heard this, and on the surface he remained calm, but inside his mind where 618 could hear him, he had lost his temper.

Who the f*ck are you calling greed? This grandpa's name is Glutton, do you know now? Uncultured broken system!

He complained, making 618 be speechless after listening. Obviously the host said that the other party was a greedy ghost but it offended him after he called him that.

[Okay, well, I really have something very important to ask you, do you feel that something is wrong with the host, that is, your personality?]

As a system, 618 was very uncertain whether his thoughts were correct. After all, it hadn't encountered schizophrenia before, so at this moment, it could only ask for help.

The greedy ghost was eating seafood. In the siege of everyone, even lobster and crabs were peeled by others to make them delicious.

Is that so? When you picked us, did you feel right? Schizophrenia can't really be controlled. Sometimes I can't control my personality, just like me. Do you know when I will appear?

He said, showing a sniffing smile. In fact, in the eyes of the Chen family, Xiao Qingrong was eating happily.

618 also didn't know what to say for a while, and could only ask.

[So, when will you appear?]

This made him stop for a moment with his food in hand, and then laughed.

My name is Glutton, of course I will come out when he eats. Since I know that you are a silly system, I won't keep you guessing on when I appeared. It was when we were in the orphanage. Although it looks calm on the surface, but in fact, is it? At that time, the main personality was young and didn't know what to eat from others and since he got really hungry, I appeared. When I look for food, Anything that I see that could be eaten, I'll eat it, and if it wasn't for me, do you think we would still be alive?

Unknowingly, 618 felt that it learned something bad. Somehow, it felt a little cold. This feeling was terrifying, so it didn't even dare to ask him what he ate.

Don't think that the main personality is perfect. If it weren't for us who helped him, he would have died already. Although Dr. Xiao is a bad guy, what he does is also for the main personality. However, I am a little useless, I just come out and only eat. Do you know the Rong Rong I told you before? He is an imitation personality, and he is extremely lacking in love. He occupied the body of your host's personality for three full years. If we didn't lock him up, I'm afraid we would have died long ago, and the main personality would've also disappeared. I'm positive that if you encounter Rong Rong, you coupd only be played by him.

The greedy ghost said while eating, but these words set off a huge wave in the 618 system!

Imitation personality... extreme lack of love

At this moment, it seemed to have figured it all out.

Why did the host, who really cared about cleanliness, not have any rejection? He also spent a million male god points to buy this kind of golden finger. Moreover, the host never loved to laugh, and he laughed very little in almost every world, but this person, this person has always been smiling and laughing.

He is obsessed with the love and trust of others, likes people to put love in front of him, and is even so close to the four children who have a good impression of them.

You know, the host never has such close contact with people.

At this moment, 618 felt as cold as a system.

In the next second, Xiao Qingrong, who was happily eating, suddenly stopped, a gentle smile appeared on his face, and declined everyone who was trying to feed him.

Sorry, I'm full.

Author's Note: Did anyone guess it correctly? However, rest assured, the main character of this arc is Xiao Qingrong, and he will leave the world dashingly.