Super Male God System Chapter 11 - Lifetime

Zhang Zirui once yearned to be reborn again. He prayed to god to have a second chance in life. It all began because he was oppressed by the illegitimate son of Xiaosan Sheng.

Once he was reborn, he felt very grateful to God. He helped his family and finally set out to hold the thigh of the greatest scientist of the century in the future. Through this path, he would reach the pinnacle of life! But he never expected his idol to be a cheat. The Xiao Qingrong he had always admired turned out to be a person who coincidentally owned a system.

By accident, the great inventor's system was bound to himself. In order to prevent the system from leaving him, he also thought of inventing what Xiao Qingrong had once made. Zhang Zirui arranged Xiao Qingrong to go to prison. He felt reassured this way, and could take over his play as the greatest scientist of the century.

On the two days when he was just bound, he was really happy. Even if it was a system-required study, he didn't like it at all, but he still obeyed the system's order and started to do it automatically. The process was boring and annoying, but Zhang Zirui had no choice, because if you don't complete the task issued by the Inventor System, then it would let you die!

Fortunately, Zhang Zirui has some talents. He had developed the fully-autonomous car in about a year. He has just completed the first Main Task, and he has even made the company he owned grow even bigger. He thought all was going well and was looking forward to his earnings, but he didn't expect to be raided.

According to the police, it was because parents had stolen money in private and laundered money through the company! Zhang Zirui wasn't expecting that those things he did to Xiao Qingrong were also exposed and he was arrested!

When he was arrested in prison, Zhang Zirui discovered that the Super Inventor System had no ability to save him, but it kept urging him to study and learn things. It just made Zhang Zirui collapse every minute, while the system was constantly threatening him. Zhang Zirui finally couldn't stand being in prison along with the system's task. He revealed information about the Pupil Scanner. At this point, Zhang Zirui was transferred from prison to the Academy of Sciences. For him, the Academy of Sciences was better than prison.

In the academy of sciences, he can only obey the words of the system, study hard, and develop all high-tech, as he didn't want to die...

Such a day seems to be endless. Whenever Zhang Zirui remembered it, he regretted every second he made that decision. Why did he choose to bind the system? Xiao Qingrong was the first person to find this system! Obviously not him! It was clear that Xiao Qingrong was the greatest scientist of the century in the future...he on the other hand, was just an ordinary person.

With this mentality, Zhang Zirui worked painstakingly in the Research Institute. After a year and a half, a high-sensitivity mechanical prosthesis was introduced into the laboratory, which made Zhang Zirui curious, because in his previous life, he clearly did not R & D of this kind of thing, is it something that the state has developed privately?

He tried to ask who made this thing, but the answer was number 7543, which made Zhang Zirui scratch his head and didn't know what was going on, but no one told him the truth.

His life in the institute was actually very fulfilling. Except for not being able to move around at will, his standard of living was pretty good. Watching TV or the like was not a problem. In order to ensure that Zhang Zirui would not leak the information from the institute, he was always followed by special forces, which made Zhang Zirui annoyed.

In such troubles, Zhang Zirui was immersed in the institute every day, struggling for his own life. After all, the inventor system in his mind would kill him if he didn't agree with it. This made Zhang Zirui very anxious, he saw a lot of future high-tech in the system, there were virtual helmets, holographic game chips, medical warehouses, high-tech wound healing machinery, all these things are waiting for Zhang Zirui to research and invent. In the institute, although he was not a leader, the proposed items have been fully certified and produced, even if his identity was still a prisoner.

He had been living in the Academy of Sciences for a long time now, he was still stable. Under the introduction of an old professor of the Academy of Sciences, he married another professor's daughter. This kind of girl was the kind he never saw before. In this environment, her brain was smart, her actions were strong, and she didn't dismiss him just because he was a prisoner in captivity, which moved his heart.

Under this kind of sweet decay, Zhang Zirui worked hard to complete the system's tasks while working for the progress of the Academy of Sciences. One after another, high-tech products were developed. He himself also felt very happy when he saw them, because these things came out of his hands, even if there was no honor or money, he was extremely satisfied.

He had been staying for fifty years and devoted his whole life to the Academy of Sciences. Before his death, Zhang Zirui finally had a chance to access the outside world. He found out that the inventions were under Xiao Qingrong's name, including those inventions invented by the Academy of Sciences. Their inventions are all owned by a great scientist Xiao Qingrong.

If it was when he was young, he would probably spit blood, but now that he was already old, he knew the so-called Xiao Qingrong, had already become a national figure! Many things researched by research institutes and individuals couldn't be released worldwide, nor could they be made public.In order to protect these scientists, the country would hide their names and give them other rewards as they could be targeted by other countries.

These were things Zhang Zirui didn't understand as a young man, but he did now. He no longer wanted to know how Xiao Qingrong got to this point. He was reincarnated after all, although he was unhappy at first, he later accepted this as fate and his life was good. Eventually Zhang Zirui died at the press release of the last invention of the greatest scientist of the century...

Before he died, Zhang Zirui thought hard. If there was another chance, would he still steal the Super Inventor System that belonged to Xiao Qingrong?

He didn't know it himself.

Xiao Qingrong reminded 618 that the Male God Points had reached a critical point, and he had chosen to leave this world. He still liked this world very much.

Three hundred years later, the name Xiao Qingrong had already entered history. All students' examination papers contained his name and all of his inventions.

On the podium, modern history teachers were giving lectures. All the students below were listening with great interest, because what these students like most were the deeds of Xiao Qingrong, a scientist in modern history, he was too mysterious!

As the greatest scientist of the 27th century, Xiao Qingrong has brought a lot of convenience to our lives today. The products he invented have summarized all aspects of life. I have already said in the previous lesson that everyone needs to recite it during the exam. Today, we are not going to talk about his inventions, but about the only stain in his life as the greatest scientist, and that is, the history of his imprisonment in Anyang City, I believe many students read this in various books. I will pick a classmate to talk about it, classmate Zheng Haofei, you!

A boy with glasses stood up, he was Zheng Haofei, a smart kid with Xiao Qingrong as his goal. He wanted his life goal to be a cross-century scientist like Xiao Qingrong.

I looked up these materials in detail in the library. On the weekend of the 27th century, I suspect that there was some tampering with Xiao Qingrong's imprisonment. At the time, Xiao Qingrong was only seventeen years old. Area A, where many prisoners died according to historical records, area A was full of killing and people died almost every week. Although the law at that time respected life, Area A was still a bad place to be in, and death could happen at any time, and Xiao Qingrong, also known as No. 7543, killed on the first day of entering prison. According to the records, Xiao Qingrong was detained for three days in a small black house. Although there is no record in the history books that Xiao Qingrong killed someone, I still believed Xiao Qingrong absolutely killed someone in prison.

Well, classmate Zheng Haofei, I know that you have a different opinion on Xiao Qingrong, but these are your speculations. It is class time. You can sit down first, we can discuss these things later, and I will say yes, the main reason why Xiao Qingrong was jailed in history has not been modified. The main reason is that his number 7543 was born here. According to the records, after Xiao Qingrong met his Grandfather Xin Ye, he found that Xin Ye was missing two fingers. Due to these two fingers, he decided to develop the high-sensitivity mechanical prostheses, and all high-sensitivity mechanical prostheses have the same code number 7543 for the last 300 years...

The teacher was still talking, but Zheng Haofei was sitting there and couldn't listen. He checked a lot of information and found that the greatest scientist of the 27th century had invented complex and various things. This was not something one person could achieve...But if this was not something that could be done by one person, why does the country still support Xiao Qingrong so much?

Is the greatest scientist of the 27th century true or false?