Super Male God System Chapter 109 - Son


Chen Mingze, who was held by his aunt, was stunned. He was at a loss as he looked at his aunt who was nervous. You know, he had seen this a few times, but only a few times.

It's said that his aunt fell in love with a domestic man at the time. At that time, the Chen family was rooted in the UK, so his aunt had to marry back in the country.

His grandpa and grandma did not agree with their relationship so later, he heard that his aunt eloped the man who was now Chen Mingze's uncle Xia Yong so they had no choice but to agree with their relationship.

After Chen Mingze grew up a bit, he heard his parents say that while his aunt was eloping at that time, his grandpa and grandma sent someone to find them and when they finally found them, they didn't expect them to live a poor life. After marrying his uncle, because of an accident, the child born was lost...

It's said that because of Xia Yong's position in the Xia family at that time, the child was lost.

Since the child was lost, her aunt had been busy looking for her child. Xia Yong also took over the Xia family in a resolute and popular way. After interrogation, she learned that the child had been taken away by traffickers. It's just that these traffickers in China were so rampant, so how could you find someone so easily?

Therefore, Xia Yong and his aunt have been searching for his cousin's whereabouts these years, and also actively cooperated with the police to crack down on traffickers. His grandparents also knew that the reason why his aunt ran away with Xia Yong was because his aunt was pregnant, and they were even more ashamed. If only they allowed them to be together, the child would not have been lost and his aunt wouldn't have to suffer this much for so many years.

Even though they could not find this child, his aunt never conceived another child in these years. Chen Mingzhe heard his father said that it seems that it was because his aunt blamed Uncle Xia Yong. His uncle also wanted to prove his determination to find the child. He planned to accompany his aunt to find his son forever. No other children are required.

Speaking of which, the Chen family was in the diamond business, and the Xia family was also a well-known domestic jewelry group. Because of this, Xia Yong was able to meet his aunt at the beginning, but just thinking of his cousin, Chen Mingze still did not understand. As his aunt was holding him tightly, he looked up at his uncle who was besides her for help, and when he looked carefully, he froze.

Although the man standing in front of him has aged by years, the face was especially familiar to Chen Mingze, especially his white appearance, and the familiar peach blossom eyes, causing Chen Mingze to think that it was a grown up Xiao Qingrong that stood in front of himself.

Qingrong... He couldn't help shouting the name, which made Chen Anhui burst out in excitement, holding Chen Mingze's hand tightly.

Mingze, Mingze, tell your aunt, is Qingrong aunt's child? You saw him, is he an aunt's child?

This was Chen Anhui who flew over from abroad after seeing the program. Originally, Chen Anhui heard that there was news about her son, so she flew abroad. As a result, she heard from her brother that Chen Mingze participated in such a program, so she watched the program. At this point, after seeing Xiao Qingrong, she suspected that he was her own son. The appearance of Xiao Qingrong was very similar to her and her husband...

Xia Yong also looked at Chen Mingze with excitement and wanted an answer. He seemed calm on the surface, but his hands were actually shaking. For so many years, he didn't even know if the child was still living in this world, but even so, he did not give up searching, and now he finally had a clue. Looking at this child who was very similar to himself, Xia Yong had a hard time controlling his guess. Like his wife, he also thought that he was his son and he almost went directly to Xiaojia Village.

Aunt, calm down first, can you sit down?

Chen Mingzhe said while gazing at his aunt's red eyes who seemed like she was going crazy. Thinking of his aunt's elegant appearance when he saw her in recent years, he knew that this matter had a great impact on her. Otherwise, his aunt would not be like this, but Chen Mingze still secretly looked at his uncle, really, Qingrong was really similar to his uncle's appearance, too similar...

Chen Mingze's parents, grandparents also looked at Chen Mingze at this time, and wanted an answer, because when their daughter came back, their son-in-law even planned to take their daughter directly to the village to see, but Grandpa Chen stopped them. He planned to wait until his grandson came back. As long as his grandson told the truth, everyone in the Chen family will go! The child has suffered for so many years, they must make good compensation for him.

Uncle, you look exactly like Qingrong...

When he first said this sentence, all the Chen family members were very excited. Chen Anhui had taken out her mobile phone and opened the photo album on the phone. It was Xiao Qingrong, with his white skin. He smiled and squinted and his peach blossom eyes were gentle and watery when he looked at people.

Is that so? Mingze, are you telling the truth?

Chen Anhui was really excited. She has seen many people who may be her own child, but none of them shocked her much, because she only watched the program for Chen Mingze at first, but after seeing Xiao Qingrong, she felt that there was a kind of inexplicable intimacy, and another kind of inexplicable distress. Later, after seeing Xiao Qingrong's skin became white, he was very similar to her husband, which made Chen Anhui identify Xiao Qingrong's identity.

This child must be her own son.

Yes, aunt, Qingrong really looks like aunt and uncle. Chen Mingze only found out now, why he always felt that he seemed to have seen Xiao Qingrong before. It was probably because he had seen his uncle before. Otherwise, he won't feel this way. When he thought of it, he rushed his cell phone and opened the photo album inside.

Aunt, look, this is a picture I took with Qingrong when I left, this one looks like my uncle.

As he said that, he showed the picture to Chen Anhui for her to look. The heads of the two were put together in the picture. Although Chen Mingze's blue eyes were dazzling, the child with peach eyes were even more noticeable. Even Xia Yong was in a hurry. When they got together, he saw the person in the photo, and his hand was shaking.

This, this child is exactly like me when I was young.

At first Chen Anhui liked Xia Yong because Xia Yong had a pair of beautiful peach eyes. When he talked, he was very gentle. Now, looking at this photo, Chen Anhui's tears fell down. Her tears fell on the phone, causing Chen Anhui to rush to wipe it. This look, for some unknown reason, Chen Mingze felt a little sad.

Mr. Chen also came to see the photos at this moment. He felt that this child might really be his grandson, so he spoke directly.

Well, don't cry, I'll let people book a flight. We'll go right now and bring the doctor.

An order from Mr. Chen made the Chen family take action. Chen Mingze never thought of such a thing. He had thought about whether to call Xiao Qingrong, but after thinking about it, he felt that he would see him anyway. You don't have to call when you meet.

The entire Chen family was dispatched for Xiao Qingrong. As the Chen's family only daughter, Chen Anhui was of course the most loved. Chen Anhui also had a very close relationship with her older brother. This time Chen Mingze's father also went with them for his sister. He also secretly prayed when he was on the plane, hoping that Xiao Qingrong was his sister's child, otherwise his sister would be very sad.

Xiao Qingrong in Xiaojia Village didn't know of the upcoming life troubles. He knew from his aunt that when his cousin came back, he started to make trouble. First, he didn't want to go to school, and then he wanted to rent a house in the city. Asking her for money, his aunt was crying at night, so Xiao Qingrong didn't know what to do.

For this woman, Xiao Qingrong knew that she was good for himself, so looking at her grievance, he was also uncomfortable, and he could only comfort his aunt quietly. Although she always said she regretted letting his cousin participate in the Metamorphosis program, but things have already happened and everything was irreversible.

Moreover, all of these choices were made by Xiao Zikun himself. He was affluent and loved the rich, but he still had to cover himself with a cover cloth. Was there such a good thing?

After returning, Xiao Zikun had always been cold with Xiao Qingrong, saying something that Xiao Qingrong could vaguely guess, but he would not refute. After all, for Xiao Zikun... the world he could see was too small.

On the fifth day after the end of The Metamorphosis, Xiao Qingrong's parents came back. The husband and wife also worked hard outside to earn money. They looked old, but they brought a lot to Xiao Qingrong after they returned.

Xiao Qingrong also picked them up one by one, watching the two people looking at him lovingly, he was being overwhelmed, and he already guessed who they were. This couple, when they looked at him, isn't it how parents would look at their child? This kind of love almost made Xiao Qingrong kneel on the ground.

At night, Xiao Qingrong's father smoked in the room, and the smoke was blurred. On the side, Xiao Qingrong's mother was folding Xiao Qingrong's clothes while she wiped her tears.

Okay, don't cry. He will see your red eyes tomorrow and he will ask you about it.

Xiao Qingrong's father was a tough guy. Although he had been outside for years, he has also paid for his family. Now his child was looking better than he imagined but he was still happy. However, he also knew that the child's parents will come looking for their child here, either today or tomorrow.

Mother Xiao wiped her tears and complained in a low voice.

I, I just don't want to lose him. They lost him and they haven't found him for so many years. He has grown so big, but we will have to send him away. I don't want to...

As she said, she started crying, and Xiao Fu, who heard her words, took a hard puff of cigarettes, and coughed, and then slowed for a while, and he said in a low voice.

We can't help but accept it. His mother and father must be better than us. He has been with us for a long time. If his father and mother are in the city, he too will be a citizen from the city, in the future and he will have a better life there...