Super Male God System Chapter 108 - Cousin

Wang Cuifang remembered that when she first met Qingrong, the child was so white and tender that people rejoiced at first glance. At that time, everyone thought he was the son of the young man, but they did not expect the man to say that the child was not theirs, but he was rescued from traffickers.

At that moment, the young man went to work with his wife, but on the way back, they met a trafficker. It was because the child was so tender that their hearts were moved and at that time, as they had just lost their child and were sad. Seeing that the trafficker was not looking after the child, she asked if she could feed the child. The trafficker looked at them and as they were all rural people, so he agreed, but he did not expect that when they were feeding the child, the man would secretly report him to the police secretly.

Generally speaking, in this case of child theft, after the trafficker is arrested, the child would stay in the police station and the police will as someone to file a case, but since it was the young man who came to their place, the person in the police station felt that even if someone did register a case, there was nothing they could do since they were so far out. The Xiaojia Village was poor so even if the trafficker was caught, the child won't be able to get back after a few days, so the couple was allowed to bring the child with them.

Because the child was rescued from a trafficker, the child had nothing on him and there was no information left by his family. Therefore, the child was taken in by the Xiao family.

Moreover, at that time, the village did not know why, but a monk came, and he was actually a great monk. After seeing the child, he named the child Qingrong and said that the child was born from a wealthy and prosperous family, and in the future, he would be rich and powerful...

After knowing what the monk said, in less than two years, the man went out to work with his wife. In order to make the child live a better life, after making some money, they would always send it to their house and they let their parents take care of him. They also treated this child no different from their own.

From the age of three, he was now 14 years old, and the others in the village didn't know Xiao Qingrong's true identity, but Wang Cuifang knew from the first time she saw Qingrong playing with the children in those cities, she felt that this was normal. Even if he was raised in this village, he still had the ability of his parents rooted in his bones. Looking at the children of other people in the village, they dare not approach the young masters and mistresses from the city. Only Qingrong could make someone like him the moment he met them, just like when they saw him themselves.

Wang Cuifang had three children. One of her children was now married. The second was Xiao Zikun. The third was a girl. Now she was eleven years old. Even though she had to care for her children, she of course, took special care of Xiao Qingrong. When Xiao Qingrong was eight years old, he still slept with Wang Cuifang and she was basically his half mother. The only one who was not happy with Xiao Qingrong was her son. Moreover, he also snatched Qingrong's opportunity and this incident made Wang Cuifang feel guilty.

The old man at home also knew the identity of Xiao Qingrong, and knew that the people who came to the village to take pictures of them were on TV. The old man secretly smoked several times, and his wife also secretly wiped tears several times.

In fact, everyone was very scared. If Qingrong's family saw Qingrong, would they take Qingrong away? In addition, they also knew that since this decision has been made, they could not regret it.

At the beginning, he asked Qingrong to go to a big city to participate in the show. The old man also specifically called Xiao Qingrong's step dad and determined it after consulting his opinions.

Xiaojia Village was too poor. Qingrong was so white and tender, and he was not like a child in an ordinary village

Mom, am I your own son? You only help my cousin, is he so good?

Xiao Zikun seemed to be stimulated at once, facing his mother coldly. He remembered everything he had experienced in his last life. After Xiao Qingrong left, the family became better, but the elders in the family still missed Xiao Qingrong very much. That man betrayed his family after having a rich father and mother. Moreover, he would never say anything about returning home... Obviously Xiao Qingrong forgot his origins.

What's wrong with your cousin? He grew up with you since he was a kid. He's like your brother. You used to bully him but I didn't say much. This time you have to make trouble and you also snatched his opportunity but I didn't say anything, does it make sense to you?

In rural areas, it was almost impossible for a child to want to stubbornly grow up with an adult, so Xiao Zikun looked at his mother's cold eyebrows and became even more annoyed, and went straight out the door.

The old man in the family sat there smoking cigarettes, and he didn't say anything at all. When he saw that the child go away, he spoke.

Cuifang, call Qingrong's father and ask him to come back and accompany the child. Money can be made at any time.

Wang Cuifang was a little stunned, and knew that the old man had already made a decision. If Qingrong's relatives and mother came over, they must return the child to others, so he let him come back to accompany Qingrong. He didn't have any other children outside and if he knew that Qingrong would leave, it wouldn't sit right with him.

Oh, dad, I know.

As she said that, she looked to her mother-in-law aside, sure enough, seeing her mother-in-law's red eyes again, she was very uncomfortable. After all, she watched the child grow up with her eyes. After all, if he wanted to leave her, she would be uncomfortable.

Cuifang, I'm going to deliver this meal today, so make something good

The gray-haired woman said, Wang Cuifang could only nod.

The village became quiet because of the departure of the camera crew. After all, when the camera crew was there, it was lively all day long. Everyone also liked to come out to watch the lively show. Now, everything seemed to be restored to the original.

Evening meals were prepared at six o'clock. They were delivered by Xiao Qingrong's grandma in person, and Xiao Qingrong who was in his room also met his grandma.

This gray-haired old woman loved him very much in his memory. If there was anything delicious, she will never forget him. Even if he goes out to pick mushrooms in the forest, she would bring him some delicious fruits.

Grandma, why are you here? Where is aunt?

She is at home, her son is back. I'm here to deliver you your food.

Grandma Xiao put the food on the table, and then carefully looked at Xiao Qingrong, who had changed a lot in a month. There was something in her eyes. Time was the most unpredictable thing. This child used to be so small but now, the child had grown up.

Grandma, did you eat yet? Come eat with me. Xiao Qingrong didn't dislike such a look. After all, such a look was gentle and kind, which meant that she cared about him.

Grandma has eaten, you can eat it by yourself. Grandma will just look. Qingrong, you look so good, originally you were already very good looking but now you are whiter, you look just like the guys in that city, very handsome!

Grandma Xiao said, her eyes were full of smiles. She looked at the child who was eating caringly, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the child left their Xiaojia Village. She heard that The Metamorphosis was very famous and many people watched it. Since the child's parents must be from the city, won't they definitely see it then?

At that time, the child's relatives would come to pick him up...

Thinking of this, Grandma Xiao was happy for him, but also sad, and could not help blinking her eyes.

She knew that day would come anyway.

Xiao Qingrong didn't notice this, or... it was the glutton. He seriously ate the food and didn't notice Granny Xiao's expression.

The situation in Xiaojia village seemed to be the same, but outside, when the four children got home, things were very different.

After the return of Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning, they signed up for Weibo as soon as possible. The fans broke through two million that day. Among them, Chen Mingze released more than 600 selfies with Tang Tianning. It could be said that their popularity was very high.

Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan were not interested in this stuff. They said goodbye to each other and left and returned to their house. However, at night, they tacitly called Xiao Qingrong to report the situation. By the way, they asked Xiao Qingrong about the situation. It seemed that they were not separated.

When the fifth issue of The Metamorphosis aired, Xiao Qingrong was already very white. Moreover, there was a photo of him leaning against a tree while holding a leaf to play tunes was very popular because of different temperament, and his aura that was incompatible with the surroundings, it stunned the person who saw it. They also unexpectedly thought of the fact that this person was the original black boy in the show.

With the urging of Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning, Xiao Qingrong also opened Weibo. The first time, Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning followed. Afterwards, Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan, who were not interested in it, also followed Xiao Qingrong for the first time. In this matter, the four people were relatively consistent.

And just from there to his grandfather's house, Chen Mingze entered the hall and saw his aunt and uncle who hadn't seen him for a long time. It was also strange, but the next moment, he was stopped by the aunt.

Mingze, you've seen your aunt's child, right? That's aunt's child, right?