Super Male God System Chapter 106 - Busy

Xiao Zikun feels very good in Shangyang these days. The luxurious house, the aristocratic school, and the classmates also took good care of him after arriving at school. The only thing he can't figure out is that he has never seen his foster parents once after coming here. According to the rules of the Metamorphosis, he would be given foster parents and the focus of the shoot would be the contrast between the two sides. Generally, the foster parents would have already appeared. Xiao Zikun has watched his cousins ​​on the program. At that time, his cousin was taken good care of by his foster parents but why hasn't he seen his foster parents?

After a few days, Xiao Zikun couldn't help asking about the babysitter.

Aunt Wang, what about my foster parents in the city? Are they all busy?

He took the initiative to bring this up and surprised the program group. Because of the special status of the guests this time, of course the program group could not ask the family members of these young masters to take care of a rural child.

As of right now he is in a good school and a good environment and there is also a babysitter. It is enough to surprise the children in the countryside but now, Xiao Zikun suddenly started to ask about his foster parents in the city.

The show crew did not say anything. It would be embarrassing for Xiao Zikun if he found out that his foster parents didn't want to meet him.

The babysitter first glanced at the camera and knew that she could not expose the privacy of her customers, so she nodded.

Yes, Zikun, rest assured. During your time here, I will take good care of you. Your foster parents are very busy, so they have not returned. If there is anything you want, just tell me.

Aunt Wang was the nanny who was specifically found. In fact, she knew who Tang Tianning's parents were. It was because of this that she hurriedly said something about their work after hearing this. In fact, she knew that even if Mr. and Mrs Tang are not busy at work, they will not come to see this young man. A young man from the countryside, an ordinary person, what's so good about him?

Xiao Zikun's eyes flashed with disappointment when he heard this, but he didn't ask any more, and the program group didn't say anything anymore. After all, the program was arranged this way. As of right now, the goal was to see how a rural child will try to adapt to the situation of the school. Although his performance has not been outstanding, it is much better than many children who have just come to the city from the countryside. The show team has always been assured.

Xiao Zikun, who was assured by the show team, was in a bad mood. At night, he ate very little food. He remembered that Xiao Qingrong could make his foster parents acknowledge him as their foster son but when he came to the show, even the host here could not want to see him and he was with the babysitter all day.

When he thought of it, Xiao Zikun felt very annoyed. He also felt that he must make a move. If he does not make a move, when the show is over, can he still have the opportunity?

With such an idea, Xiao Zikun's personal interview finally started. Sitting in a small room arranged, the camera was set up. The staff asked, and the camera began to shoot. Xiao Zikun knew that these shots would be edited when the time comes.

Xiao Zikun, what kind of changes have you felt in your life since you came to the city from the village?

Questions like these are asked in The Metamorphosis, and this time is no exception.

I saw a wider world. I used to think that the world was the size of the village, but after I came here, I found out that the world outside is bigger. There are high-rise buildings here, and there are cars. I used to be in the village and I've never seen a car before. I hope I can work hard to stay in such a big city.

Xiao Zikun was full of dreams at this time, causing the show crew to be very satisfied. What they need to convey is that after experiencing life in a big city, they have to work harder and have more passion.

As long as you study hard, I believe you can do it. You have been here for five days and have met a lot of new students. Do you have anything to say to these students?

The program team continued to ask, and Xiao Zikun said with a smile.

I really appreciate those classmates. The classmates are very nice and have helped me a lot. I was not very good at studying when I was in the village but when I came here, my classmates also helped me very enthusiastically and helped me solve problems. I really appreciate them.

The answer he gave was actually official, something many children would say, but the show crew was not entangled, so when they planned to ask the next question, they heard Xiao Zikun speak, and those eyes were full of expectations.

But what I am most grateful for is the ones who allowed me to live here. The crew told me before that their child here would go to my house. When I came here, I would also meet them in the city. I thank them very much. Because of them, I was able to see the prosperity of this city and the vast world, but they seemed to be busy with work and didn't have time to meet me. I hope to thank them personally if they have the opportunity, because they gave me such an opportunity, the opportunity to see a wider future.

For a 16-year-old child, or a child who came out of the countryside, saying this kind of thing is actually not a surprise to the show crew, because they saw too few things, so apart from the uneasiness of coming to the big city, In fact, there are many gratitudes. The little guys in the previous program group were very grateful to the parents in the city. The parents of those cities also gave the children tuition fees in the future. They hope the children can have a better future.

This kind of harmony with the children and parents, of course, is something that everyone wants to see.

Really? It seems that you have a grateful heart, Zikun, but you don't have to worry about this. Although your foster parents in the city can't come to see you, they really care about you and specially left a nanny to take care of you. Their work is too busy to participate in the recording of the program. They are still abroad, so your thanks will be recorded in the program. They will be very happy to see the program.

The show crew knows who this house is and knows the identity of Tang Tianning, so it is absolutely impossible for Mr. Tang to appear, and it is also impossible for Tang Tianning's mother to appear. Who will be responsible if something happens?

Moreover, the little prince of the Tang family is a kind of private visitor who hides his identity, and if he is picked out casually, won't the Tang's be angry?

For a moment, Xiao Zikun's eyes were suddenly lost. He never thought that his so-called city parents had gone abroad! In this case, did he really have no chance to see them? This thought made Xiao Zikun feel very uncomfortable.

In fact, as long as he carefully observes, he will know that although the house he is living in is exquisitely arranged, there is no trace of people living in it before.

Xiao Zikun was blinded by his greed so he did not notice, and he even felt that since Xiao Qingrong was able to make his foster parents acknowledge him, he could do it himself.

Probably, for people who are reborn are like this. They think that they can change everything, but they haven't thought about it, maybe everything was different from the beginning.

The interview was finally over. Xiao Zikun did not find a chance to meet his parents in the city. In Xiaojia Village, the relationship between the four who have been in the village for a few days is quite good. Although Xiao Qingrong's behavior is always a little bit weird, everything is okay.

618 watched its host getting friendlier and friendlier with these four people so it finally couldn't help but remind him.

[Host, host, this golden finger, you must not bind more people in the future...]

Xiao Qingrong, who was lying in bed while thinking about something laughed when he heard this.

Oh? Why?

This golden finger costs a million male god points value, and it can be said to be very expensive. Most importantly, this golden finger has no limit of the bound people, that is, as long as Xiao Qingrong is willing, he can have everyone in the world have a 50% favorability with him.

[I heard about this golden finger from a villain counterattack system before. It was horrible. At that time, after the master of that system bounded with this golden finger, he randomly used it to bind a lot of people. Finally, the world was almost destroyed because of their possessiveness towards the master...]

When 618 thought of the villain counterattack systems host, he had a lot of fear. When it thought of the fact that its host has bounded four people, would the world be destroyed?

If the favorability between people is 100%, in fact, even the highest favorability cannot be a true 100%!

Fifty percent favorability, although it sounds like somewhere in between, but this fifty percent favorability has already gained people's trust and unique affection, which means that any person who gets along with someone who has more than 50% favorability will soon like him.

And this golden has a very big side effect, that is, when the affected person's favorability reaches a certain level, possessiveness will invade all of their emotions. The host of the previous villain counterattack system was almost tortured to death.

Then you don't have to worry. I only bound these four because they all have strong identities. I will let them trust me, feel good about me, and then... like me.

As he said that, his thin lips were lifted. Xiao Qingrong's skin had quickly turned white in the past few days, and it was not the same as the black coal that was captured by the earliest camera, but when this look fell into 618 eyes, it felt strange. It felt that its host would not say such words.

[But, but...] 618 didn't say anything in the end.

Xiao Qingrong was lying on the bed, and the dim light shone on his face, making him look a little weird, especially his lip smile, as if he was calculating something. The more 618 looked, the more he felt strange.

Why does the host in this world... why does he laugh so much?