Super Male God System Chapter 105 - Hot Search

Metamorphosis was now an online variety show. From the beginning of recording to the publicity and then to the broadcast, it has not been long. When Xiao Qingrong was still getting along with his friends, the first issue of Metamorphosis was out.

Xia Wenwen was a person who happened to like to watch Metamorphosis, or it should be said that she liked all variety shows. Well, it was mainly because there were so many handsome guys in variety shows.

No matter what the show was, for someone like Xia Wenwen, as long as there was a pretty face, it was enough for her to kneel down completely!

In particular, this issue of The Metamorphosis was a little different from the past, because Xia Wenwen was stunned after seeing the released trailer, and the hot headlines were even more than a dozen. All of the stars were guests who participated in the Metamorphosis. Not only that, the guests in this period had a bad value, but they also shocked netizens.

The #Xue Xuehui's makeup#, Qiu Wanwan BJD doll#, #Chen Mingze, the blue eyed angel#, and #Fairy Tang Tianning# were all hot searches. The topics became even more hot after they saw the handsome Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning, as well as the beautiful Qiu Wanwan and Wen Xuehui. This is to say, the four's face values ​​were really high online.

In the previous notice, there were very few things to see, so after the Metamorphosis announced that it would officially start broadcasting at 8 pm, many young people stayed on the website in order to see these four young masters and mistresses in the Metamorphosis. In the world where the value of one's face was highly regarded, just having a good face made people think that you are a good person.

Although Chen Mingze smashed stuff in the preview, Tang Tianning was being cold to everyone, Wen Xuehui's rebellion and Qiu Wanwan's princess-like attitude, these people had a very obvious contrast, causing the audiences to want to see what would happen if these four people were put together.

Chen Mingze's watch also became a hot search because he looked very fashionable with it and his watch was also from one of the most popular brands in Britain this year. Although it was only worth more than 200,000, it was only limited to ten in the world. Moreover, his jewellery and ragged pants have also been searched up and on his body, he already had a worth of 500,000, which showed that he was definitely rich.

There was also the piano and guitar at Tang Tianning's home. Among them, his piano was the king of pianos, the Steinway and this piano was very valuable. The piano in Tang Manning's home was even searched by netizens.

Of course, Wen Xuehui's cosmetic table in Beijing, and Qiu Wanwan's BJD doll, allowed the audience to see what is the world of rich people.

Especially for the BJD dolls. Not many people knew what kind of doll it was before. After it was popularized by the show group, there were also many endings in the doll circle. This made the audience understand that Qiu Wanwan was holding a doll. It's worth was more than 100,000. It's still calculated in US dollars... It could be said to be very expensive.

Xia Wenwen was also a person who liked Weibo, so of course she saw these hot topics, so after seeing it, she was more interested in these people. Think about these people with different personalities appearing in one place at the same time in a space. It was unknown what kind of chemical effect it will have!

Finally, at eight o'clock in the evening, after the refresh,The Metamorphosis officially began to be played.

Xia Wenwen took the prepared juice and began to watch the show on his own. At the same time, many people opened the Metamorphosis and watched it in front of the computer and in front of a mobile phone!

It had to be said that the TV station was very good, both in selecting guests and in editing the show.

Because it is the first program, after the short advertisement, the first program started. Everyone's eyes fell into a luxurious villa. The teenager with bright blue eyes was dancing in the dance room. The music and the cool dance made people think they had watched the show at once, but after the commentary of the show group appeared, everyone realized what was going on.

This is probably a bad-tempered young master who wanted to be a star, but was opposed by his family but he still insisted, forcing them to relent. Hence, they sent him to the Metamorphosis for some experience.

Everyone has a dream but not many have the courage to fight for the dream, so Chen Mingze, who first appeared deeply attracted everyone's attention. In the video, he was doing a cool dance, and while dancing, because of his black hair, the appearance of his face was almost uncontrollable, and his persistent blue eyes caused many fans to scream.

After a quick introduction, Chen Mingze was arranged to board the car, followed by a second guest, Wen Xuehui who was punching! A girl wearing a Taekwondo outfit punched fiercely and kicked her coach. They could not see Wen Xuehui's face during the whole process and when the audience was getting more curious as to why she soon went out, Wen Xuehui appeared again, but this time, she became a hip-hop girl with smoky makeup, which was in sharp contrast to the previous look.

Next, Tang Tianning looked like a nobleman playing the piano, and Qiu Wanwan, who was envied by all girls, was like a princess, and her brothers who love her so much were letting netizens see it.

It's impossible to have no drama in the first episode, so after the introduction, the real drama began!

The camera crew went to a very poor and backward village. Many people who watched the video had never seen such a poor place, and they were a little surprised. Then they saw the children in the village. Seriously, Xiao Qingrong was also among them, but at this time he was not noticed by the audience at all. The audience just wanted to know what the young masters from rich families would look like.

Soon, the first car came, and when they saw the person who got off the car with their familiar ripped pants, everyone knew who it was. The first one to get to the scene was the ill-tempered Chen Mingze. With a temper, his face looked sulky, and everything that happened later made the audience instantly doubt life.

Hmm... this young master didn't get angry, he went to talk to the child in the village, he even gave the child gum... He also fed it to him!!!

What the **** is this? Wasn't he just ill tempered a moment ago? Why is he so gentle now? He also easily introduced himself to a black kid in the countryside. This love at first sight looks so strange, right?

It was the introduction of the two that made the audience smile, and they remembered Xiao Qingrong's name. There was no reaso to not remember the name of the person who made the ill tempered young master change.

Then came Tang Tianning, and it soon became another scene. Moreover, they soon saw him get friendly with the black boy and Chen Mingze, causing the audience to be stunned. Is the friendship between boys so interesting these days? Are you friends after eating gum?

Soon, Wen Xuehui, who was so cool, was also easily won by Xiao Qingrong's chewing gum, and Chen Mingze, who seemed to be jealous, wanted to fight with Wen Xuehui but nothing like that happened. In short, everyone's mood was pretty good.

It's until... Well, the little princess in a dress who soon appeared, and she saw herself high above others and it was as if everyone was her slave as she made a command to the black boy. Just when everyone thought Xiao Qingrong would refuse, the rural guy actually went to help

Not only did he help the little princess, but also brought the little princess into the team. Vaguely, the original four-person team seemed to become a five-person team. When all this happened, it made the audience both shocked and confused.

To be honest, although this Xiao Qingrong looks black, he is not ugly. His sword-like eyebrows are very handsome, but the chance of falling in love at first sight is too scary, right?

Later, they saw that these young masters rushed to live with Xiao Qingrong, as well as the matter of the previous snacks. Everyone thought it was strange.

The most interesting thing is the interview that happened after they arrived at Xiao Qingrong's home.

This kind of single-person interview is unknown to others, and the four's answers made netizens crazy.

Because the director asked a question called 'why did you make friends with Xiao Qingrong?'.

This question was given to four people with different personalities, but for the first time, they gave weird and identical answers, because all of their answers were, When I saw him, I felt like we were destined to be friends, probably... love at first sight or something?

On the same day, the word #Hit it off# was searched. Of course, Metamorphosis also broadcasts Xiao Zikun's every move in his new home, his yearning for the big cities of the future, and new schools, etc., but helpless Xiao Zikun's face value is really low, and there is nothing to watch, so there is no splash at all...

At eight o'clock that evening, Metamorphosis went online, and by four o'clock in the morning, the number of clicks directly exceeded 100 million! Eight Weibo searches are enough to prove one thing.

The Metamorphosis is on fire! All the children who participated in the Metamorphosis were also popular!

Among them, #Love At First Sight# was even searched by a netizen. Xiao Qingrong's photo was used and there was a caption saying Forward this and you will be able to meet the person you like!

Of course, Chen Mingze and the rest have not escaped the grind of expression packs. The most classic of them is the look of Xiao Qingrong when he looked at the four with a foolish look. The following words are familiar.

My XXX is just like Xiao Qingrong today!