Super Male God System Chapter 104 - Rainbow

Soon Tang Tianning got his hair straightened and then the three boys were waiting for the girls in the yard together. When they saw Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan appear, they were stunned.

Regardless of Qiu Wanwan's exquisite look in a light purple dress, Wen Xuehui standing next to Qiu Wanwan simply made people wonder what was going on.

It was completely different from yesterday's hip-hop style. Wen Xuehui wore a white lace skirt, and at this time her face was covered by light makeup. Her peach eyes gave people tender feelings, and her pink lips and extremely clean skin were really amazing. With yesterday's contrast, when they looked at Wen Xuehui like this, they felt that her name was good and it perfectly matched her bearing. Wen Xuehui suddenly changed and she became a goddess in the minds of boys.

After all, in the hearts of many straight men, beautiful girls have straight hair, white faces, good-looking, and like to wear dresses...[TN: They not being racist, it's just chinese culture to like people with pale skin since most with dark skins are basically peasants as they work in the field]

Oh my god... is this the same Wen Xuehui as yesterday? Chen Mingze was really shocked and looked at Wen Xuehui blankly, only to think that in this world, makeup could really make a difference.

Tang Tianning also glanced at Wen Xuehui, but didn't care. Xiao Qingrong smiled after seeing it and praised Wen Xuehui.

Sister Xuehui, you are so beautiful.

When Wen Xuehui heard this, her face was reddish, and she was a little embarrassed by the praises. The cameras around were also recording madly. At this moment, they really did not expect that there would be a big change.

Qiu Wanwan heard Xiao Qingrong's compliment, and was a little unhappy. She grabbed Xiao Qingrong's hand and blinked her eyes.

What about me? Am I not pretty?

Like a jealous girl, she had to make Xiao Qingrong give her an answer.

You are also very beautiful, this color is very suitable for you. Xiao Qingrong gave the answer with a smile, which made Qiu Wanwan feel happy. Other staff members also laughed at this scene, except for Wen Xuehui and Chen Mingze.

In short, the filming of the Metamorphosis program seemed to have undergone a huge change after Xiao Qingrong, because the guests who used to be always noisy were no longer noisy, but they didn't think it was bad at all.

At this moment, everyone was happy and excited and the program group also decided to give them the rest of the day off since it was already four o'clock.

Of course, the reason why they were happy was mainly because Xiao Qingrong agreed to take the four to fish for crayfish.

There was a river in Xiaojia Village, and there was a specially dug out water hole in the lower part of the river. Many times, there would be a lot of fishes and shrimps in this water hole, so after Xiao Qingrong finished his task, he brought them to this place. Of course, for shrimp fishing, they prepared a large bamboo basket and placed a bait inside it.

Does this thing really work?

Seeing Xiao Qingrong throwing a bamboo basket into a puddle, Chen Mingze really didn't quite understand. How could there be shrimp in this turbid little puddle?

Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan also looked at the dirty little pond with curiosity, which had an indescribable yellow color and it did not look like someplace an animal could live in at all.

Yes, just take the bamboo basket back after a while.

This bamboo basket is tied with a rope on it. After throwing the bamboo basket into the water, the crayfish will enter the cage because of the meat inside, so after a while, there will be a lot of crayfish in it. If we're lucky, there will be some small fish and the like.

Tang Tianning looked at the basket. Occasionally, some bubbles would spit out. It may be because it rained just yesterday. At this time, the weather was extraordinarily cool. The camera was carefully shooting these delicate-looking children. Almost everyone has a close-up. Although the dark Xiao Qingrong was always there, it was good that everyone could enjoy the beauty of these children up close.

Chen Mingze's eyes were really beautiful. At this moment, it seemed as if they were glowing. He looked very carefree. However, many photographers thought that when they were young, they also seemed to be as carefree as these children.

Wen Xuehui, who was standing there, also looked at the basket and found that there was no movement in the basket. She surveyed the mountain and looked at the side. Although Xiaojia Village was poor and in a strange location, she wasn't scared.

After the rain, the air was fresh and the sky was extraordinarily bright, making Wen Xuehui look like a fairy in the camera.

At this time, it was unknown where a dragonfly came from, but it fell on the hair above Wen Xuehui's head, making Qiu Wanwan on the side suddenly widen her eyes. It seemed that she had never seen a dragonfly before. Unknowingly a lot of dragonflies soon came, which made this field side a little more romantic.

Xiao Qingrong turned his head and saw the dragonfly on Wen Xuehui's hair and laughed. Tang Tianning and Chen Mingze also saw it. Chen Mingze reached out to make a hissing gesture, and approached Xue Xuehui secretly.

Don't move, don't move...

He said silent as those blue eyes stared directly at Wen Xuehui's hair, or the dragonfly, and when he reached out to get the dragonfly, Wen Xuehui saw Chen Mingze behind Xiao Qingrong and she doesn't know why but she could not help but take a step back, causing the dragonfly to fly away!

Oh, didn't I tell you not to move? You see, it flew away!

Chen Mingze was already approaching the dragonfly, but the dragonfly flew away. How could he be happy?

Although he was unhappy, Wen Xuehui just gave a glance at Chen Mingze and did not back away anymore.

Who allowed you to be so close to me!

After she said it, she stepped back two steps. It was as if she thought Chen Mingze was a virus...

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Xiao Qingrong grabbed the rope that was thrown down before, and pulled up the bamboo basket thrown in the water, then the two stopped, and they both looked at the pulled up bamboo basket.

The girls were all well-dressed. Of course, they couldn't touch them. Tang Tianning and Chen Mingze rushed to help and pulled up the bamboo basket with Xiao Qingrong. The camera came over to shoot. There are really a lot of shrimps and crayfish, making everyone smile excitedly.

There are really crayfish! So many!

Chen Mingze had forgotten the previous thing as he looked at the crayfish still moving in the bamboo basket. He couldn't figure out how crayfish could live in such turbid water...

We're fishing for more, and we can eat crayfish together at night.

With the help of Tang Tianning, Xiao Qingrong dumped the crayfish into another cage, and after preparing it again, he threw the bamboo basket again.

Although the four from the city have eaten crayfish, they have never seen live crayfish. At this time, they came together to see the crayfish in the cage, one by one like a curious baby.

Standing there, Xiao Qingrong looked at the four with a smile spreading in his eyes. This made 618 even more strange, but he also knew that even if he doubted anything, he couldn't just say anything.

After listening to four talks about the crayfish, Xiao Qingrong turned to look at the mountains on the side and he suddenly found that the sky turned out to be a little more colorful, faint, it seemed to be a rainbow.

Look everyone! It's a rainbow!

He yelled at the sky, and there was unexplainable excitement in his eyes. Others heard the voice, and then hurriedly stood up and looked at where Xiao Qingrong was pointing. Sure enough, they saw the original clean sky now have a rainbow!

The rainbow slowly became more gorgeous at this time. The camera crew never imagined that this would happen the next day. It was so lucky of them to see a huge rainbow in this village. You know, things like a rainbow, some people would never see a rainbow in their lifetime

It's the first time I've seen a rainbow! It's so pretty!

Qiu Wanwan raised her head happily, then put her hands on her chest and made a praying look.

Mum told me that people who see the rainbow are lucky. If you make a wish while watching the rainbow, all wishes will be realized.

The two boys were also very happy at this time. They were both seeing a rainbow for the first time, how could they not be excited? Chen Mingze stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiao Qingrong's shoulder.

Qingrong, I found that since I met you, I've had good luck around me, and now I've seen a rainbow. This is the first time I've ever seen a rainbow...

Me too. Xiao Qingrong nodded, then his eyes fell on the gorgeous rainbow. At this moment, his eyes were full of expectation. For a moment, there was a kind of wonder beyond words.

Then let's all make a wish? Shout out loud, make a wish to the rainbow, I believe it will be realized.

Tang Tianning was also very happy, with a big smile on his face, which infected everyone around him.

Ah ah ah ah! Rainbow! I want to be a superstar!!!

The first one to shout was Chen Mingze. He retracted his hand holding Xiao Qingrong and laughed after shouting. His blue eyes seemed to be shining with stars.

I want to be an excellent musician! I want to write music that everyone likes!!!

Tang Tianning also spoke, and shouted that along with a laugh.

The two girls were not far behind, and made the shape of a horn with their hands in front of their mouths.

I want to be an excellent person! A person better than my grandpa! A better person than my dad!!!

I want to be a real little princess! I want to have my own castle!!!

After four people shouted their dreams, they looked at Xiao Qingrong among the crowd, but found that Xiao Qingrong looked at this rainbow at this time, which was full unprecedented tenderness and affection, as if he had a trace of perseverance.

What about you? Qingrong, what do you want to achieve?

Chen Mingze asked Xiao Qingrong, everyone looked over and wanted to know what kind of wish this child who seemed to be cared for by the goddess of fortune wanted.

Xiao Qingrong, who was standing there, seemed to be out of step with everything around him. He looked at the rainbow that was about to disappear, with a soft and firm voice.

I? I hope... from now until forever, I will always be me.