Super Male God System Chapter 103 - Rong Rong

Xiao Zikun, who was far away in Shangyang City, thought that he had taken the benefit of his cousin. In the future, the cousin's life would be his own, but he never thought about it. Xiao Qingrong was different from what he imagined.

The program team also knew that the four young masters were afraid to sleep so they went to find Xiao Qingrong in the middle of the night, so the next morning, they did not assign any tasks, but arranged for the four children and Xiao Qingrong to rest first. After all, the rainstorm has just passed, and the tasks that were planned for these children cannot be done now, so they need to be reset.

This is the weekend, Xiao Qingrong does not need to go to school, so after the four went to bed, he also laid in bed and went to sleep, although in the eyes of 618, everything is so unscientific.

He is definitely the host.. But why did it feel so strange?

He's being too gentle and straightforward to those people, which made 618 always think of the indifferent host. It is clear that its host is not only a clean freak, but also not very close to everyone in the world...

In the studios arranged by the show crew, all the computers with the cameras are installed, which can clearly see everything that happened last night.

The off-site director looked at the dispute between Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan in the video, and the performance after the two went to find Xiao Qingrong together. Watching Xiao Qingrong take off the shoes for the two girls, the female staff on the side only felt that the black boy was kinda thoughtful, but in the eyes of men, such contact is too close.

The most important thing is that Qiu Wanwan and Wen Xuehui not only did not resist, but Wen Xuehui's appearance seemed like she was willing. After looking at her, she looked like she was not like the cool girl but a young girl in love.

Then comes the boys' side. You say that girls are afraid of thunder, but boys are also afraid of thunder?

The dialogue between the two boys was presented in the computer, and the two faces shot in the dark can also be seen. At this time, when looking through the monitor, Tang Tianning's face was really white and a bit excessive, which made the director think of a problem. Before he was sure, he saw Tang Tianning encouraging Chen Mingze, and then the two went to Xiao Qingrong...

Maybe Chen Mingze himself can't feel it, but to outsiders, Tang Tianning just dug a pit for Chen Mingze to jump, and Chen Mingze even jumped in willingly, which is really incapable of voicing.

After four people gathered in Xiao Qingrong's room again, the director felt that it was the best choice to put the camera in Xiao Qingrong's room in advance. Although it cost a lot of money, it was effective, right?

Chen Mingze's self-exposure and excavation, as well as Tang Tianning's pale and weak face, and Xiao Qingrong's silent concern, looked magnified under the magnification of the camera, but it made the director feel confused as to why the four were so close to this black boy even though they have just met.

Xiao Qingrong, although very dark, has a pair of brown eyes that is very beautiful. You can imagine, if he is white, he must be very good-looking. The most important thing is the four people's reaction to him. It seemed liked the moment they met Xiao Qingrong, they began to trust him.

That's right, as it has been said in psychology, the safe distance between people is generally maintained at more than one meter. For strangers, keeping more than one meter will make them feel very safe, and those who are familiar with each there, there will be close contact and further on. However, today is obviously the first time they have met, but the intimacy of Xiao Qingrong and four people has surpassed friends, and all four people have accepted Xiao Qingrong. This closeness proves that Xiao Qingrong is especially trustworthy in their hearts.

Let's look at Xiao Qingrong's concern about girls and intangibles. The director is very sure that if this kind of boy is the subject of the conversation, no one can escape. This invisible concern is the most terrifying.

Whether it is the birth of friendship or the birth of love, it all started with trust or the desire to be close. Xiao Qingrong approached this quietly. If he is not still a young man, but an adult, who can resist him?

The director was thinking, and he thought of these as the breaking point of the show. After all, Xiao Qingrong, who has made all four young masters and mistresses treat him so well, what kind of magic is there on his body?

Thinking of this, the off-site director called headquarters and planned to arrange the matter.

The Metamorphosis program is not played after the filming, but the moment the filming started, so the popularity of each person will have an intuitive experience. Hence, in order to be popular early, it is naturally necessary to work harder.

After receiving the news from the headquarters, they are also cutting the first phase of the program. From these children, they started from home and came to the village. In fact, the rainy night need not be cut to the first phase. Best of all, the previous metamorphosis has released the latest notice, that is, the appearance of Chen Mingze smashing things at home, Tang Tianning holding the guitar and not letting go, Wen Xuehui's dressing table that made all girls envy, and Qiu Wanwan's princess like attitude.

These have begun to be promoted through the notice, and they are very popular on the Internet. After all, for so many years in Metamorphosis, this is the first time that they have encountered such a good group of guests. Although Chen Mingze is hot-tempered, his blue eyes, when it is full of flames, it makes people feel uncontrollable.

Sitting peacefully and sighing, Tang Tianning, with his exquisite and perfect face that is more beautiful than the girl, made people unable to not take a second glance.

Wen Xuehui's rebellion is something many girls have never thought about. Although she went on the hot search, it is Wen Xuehui's dressing table, because it covers almost all the big-name cosmetics. As long as you know, it seems to be on it.

There is also Qiu Wanwan's room which looks like a real princesses. There are carpets on the floor, lace beds, and a dressing room that is full of doll-like dresses. When she appeared, she didn't look like a real girl at all. Instead, she looked like a magnified doll with those big blinking eyes that were full of innocence. It made people feel like a doll had become a real person!

It can be said that after the announcement was released, it caused a huge reaction. All of them became popular and their value skyrocketed.

It might have been due to the heavy rain, but everyone slept halfway through the day. At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, everyone gradually got up. According to Xiao Qingrong's original habits, he went to wash his face at the water tank and the rest came along also. Of course, a girl needs to put on makeup after washing her face. There is no deformation that can't be done in this period.

Although she is young, Qiu Wanwan's make-up looks pretty. Wen Xuehui on the side also seriously put on her makeup. In the boy's room, Xiao Qingrong has washed his face, and Chen Mingze has sorted it out. For himself, only Tang Tianning was messy, probably not paying attention when he was sleeping. His hair is now very warped and it was everywhere but he looked cute like this too.

Seeing that Tang Tianning just couldn't fix his own hair, Xiao Qingrong really couldn't stand it, so he went up.

I'll fix it for you. I've tied my sister's hair.

Of course, this sister is a cousin. Tang Tianning's hair quality is actually very good. Xiao Qingrong reached out and stroked it, and then began to help Tang Tianning comb his hair. The result was that Tang Tianning, who was sitting there, was immediately nervous and had his restless hand on his leg. Pulling on his pants, his face was a little nervous, and he didn't know where to look.

The gentle movements on his head, and the occasional touch of his scalp, made Tang Tianning nervous. In fact, at home before, maids have always tied his hair, and there were designers and the like that tied his hair also so he was used to it. However now, after this person was replaced by Xiao Qingrong, he felt very wonderful, making Tang Tianning nervous and even felt that it was inexplicable, making his heart a bit numb. Moreover, he felt that his mind went blank and he was unable to think of anything.

Well, it's done, I don't know if you like it.

Xiao Qingrong let go of his hand and looked at his results. He was very satisfied and took a mirror to show Tang Tianning.

Tang Tianning saw his slightly reddish neck in the mirror, and his restless eyes, but he did not look at his hairstyle carefully. He looked at the person behind him through the mirror, and he became even more nervous.

Well, I like it.

He said, showing a shy smile somehow, making Xiao Qingrong smile deeper after seeing it.

Looking at the interaction between the two, Chen Mingze was immediately jealous and reached out to grab the mirror.

Is it okay for a guy to have such long hair? And you look more beautiful than those female stars, are you perhaps a shemale?

It can be said that he was very worried, and the smile in Tang Tianning's eyes disappeared in an instant. The atmosphere immediately turned tense.

Xiao Qingrong suddenly put his hand on Tang Tianning's shoulder, and looked at Chen Mingze gently.

I think brother Tianning is so pretty. I like it very much.

These words were obviously gentle, but the stared Chen Mingze felt that Xiao Qingrong in front of him was angry. For no reason, he felt that the other party was angry.

Qingrong, Rong, Rong Rong, I just... I was just casually saying...

He suddenly felt a little grieved, and his speech became stuttering. Tang Tianning was held by Xiao Qingrong, only to find that when Chen Mingze shouted the phrase Rong Rong, his hand on his shoulder was slightly tighter.

Rong Rong? Doesn't Qingrong like this title?