Super Male God System Chapter 101 - Thunder

This thunder was really frightening and scared the two little girls. Not to mention that the environment in which the two girls lived before was very different from the village, for an ordinary little girl, if she is not asleep by now and if she were to hear such thunder, wouldn't she be also scared?

Holding her head, Qiu Wanwan secretly raised her head and glanced at Xiao Qingrong like a little squirrel. She was so cute that Xiao Qingrong could not help but soften his heart, and once again promised.

Don't be afraid, it's just thunder.

It's just that these words have just finished but the house rumbled again. Obviously, it is impossible for people in the village to see any weather forecast. Moreover, Xiaojia village is similar to a mountain in a certain sense. Weather forecasters would usually forecast on cities or in urban areas. Xiaojia is obviously not in it, so it is often not accurate. The program team knew that it would rain today, but they did not know that it would thunder today.

Qiu Wanwan shrank again, but Wen Xuehui finally calmed down, probably because there were three people in the room, so she was not so scared. Looking at Qiu Wanwan who was shaking beside her, she finally understood the other person.

Alice, don't be afraid. The thunder in the mountains will be very loud, but it's not terrible. Do you want me to hold your hand?

There are several signs when a person is afraid and frightened, such as Qiu Wanwan's curling up, which is the most obvious one, because this situation means that she is extremely insecure, and at this time, she needs to be accompanied by someone who she trusts.

Xiao Qingrong is one of the people who she can trust because the golden finger gave her a 50% favorability to him.

Qiu Wanwan heard Xiao Qingrong's words and raised her head carefully again. At this moment, her eyes became red. It seemed that she was really scared by the sound of thunder and lightning. Finally she stretched out her hand tremblingly. Qiu Wanwan has a small white hand and usually, a boy's hand is always bigger than a girl's, so he was able to wrap the other's hand in the palm of his hand. He then found that Qiu Wanwan's hand was cold at this time, and he knew that she was really scared.

Don't be afraid. Xuehui and I are both here. The thunder will be gone for a while.

He tried to appease the little girl as much as possible, and he also thought of the children he had encountered in the previous worlds. They were obviously very fragile, but they had to pretend to be stubborn. The soft appearance of this child made Xiao Qingrong feel that the little girl was probably the same...

In Xiao Qingrong's room, he was appeasing Qiu Wanwan and she was finally soothed, but in the room where the boys lived, something happened at this moment.

At first, the two boys were so confused and it was impossible for them to fall asleep. They just laid on the bed with their eyes closed but the sudden thunder made both of them startled. Chen Mingze tense all over and although he was not afraid of thunder, but in such an unfamiliar environment, it made his mind have some messy ideas, so of course he can't sleep.

Tang Tianning, can you turn on the lights?

The lamp in this village is the most common kind of light bulb, so there is a wire on the bed, and the lamp will turn on after pulling that wire directly. It is naturally impossible for Tang Tianning to fall asleep in such a thunder so he stretched out his hand to pull it. After pulling the line on the bedside, soon, the dim light in the room lit up, causing this room to be blurred for them for a second.

The two were lying on the bed, tacitly looked to the ceiling, and they did not dare to look around. Boys were like this and no matter where they were, they wanted to show face, and even if they were afraid, they wouldn't take the initiative to say it.

Why is there a sudden thunder? Chen Mingze didn't know whether he was asking Tang Tianning or looking for a topic, but he said it anyway.

I don't know. Tang Tianning was calm. After giving an answer, he looked at the roof that was illuminated by the light, and he thought of Xiao Qingrong. He always felt that Xiao Qingrong had a unique magic power that made him always think of him.

Ah, I don't know if the two girls are asleep? This thunder is so loud, how can you sleep...

Chen Mingze complained. There was thunder again outside the house. In such a strange house, the atmosphere for both of them became very dull.

I don't know. Tang Tianning gave three more words, lying there motionless, and let Chen Mingze turn around to look at Tang Tianning, frowning.

I don't know, I don't know, what else can you say? The thunder is so loud outside, we can't sleep, can the two girls fall asleep?

Obviously, the two girls were very respected but now they just became two normal girls, which made Tang Tianning feel very interesting as he turned to look at Chen Mingze.

You don't like Qiu Wanwan and Wen Xuehui?

Chen Mingze, who was suddenly asked, froze, and then hesitated.

Nonsense, of course, I don't like them. One has a smoky makeup and she looks like a ghost and the other is a patient who must have escaped from a neurological hospital. She really thought she was a princess? If she is a little princess, I'm a little prince...

Tang Tianning's gaze swept across the camera in the room, knowing that the camera in the room was still shooting at night, so he seemed a little silent about Chen Mingze's heartlessness.

Also, look at the appearance of the two women during the day. Always being next to Qingrong. Don't they know shyness at all? How can a girl hold a boy's hand?

Chen Mingze can't help but tell his inner words, and he didn't realize that under normal circumstances, the boy would be blamed, but now he actually thinks that the girl has a problem.

They are girls. It's normal to be timid. It's raining so much outside now. I think they will be scared. Why don't we go and see if they are asleep?

Tang Tianning thought of Xiao Qingrong's care for the two little girls during the day. He wanted to go to Xiao Qingrong directly, but he couldn't say this directly. The sound of rain and thunder from the outside made him hold the bed tightly. No one in the family knows that Tang Tianning is most afraid of thunder.

Why do you go see them yourself? With such heavy rain outside, they are afraid to go out themselves and I don't want to get wet!

Chen Mingze, who has no emotional quotient, did not receive the signal from Tang Tianning. He only felt annoyed when he was with the two girls during the day, let alone going to them now, so he refused it with confidence.

This made Tang Tianning's eyes flash of helplessness, but for his own plans, he continued to say.

If they are afraid, they may go to Qingrong...

Hearing this, Chen Mingze immediately sat up from the bed and turned to Tang Tianning excitedly.

Yeah! The two of them loved to turn towards Qingrong during the daytime. Now that it is thundering outside, they will definitely find Qingrong! No, I will also go! Tang Tianning, get up quickly, let's see if they went to Qingrong...

In fact, sometimes, friendship is also selfish. When you think you have a good relationship with others, you will be jealous and unhappy when you see that he has a closer relationship with another person. Speaking of which, love is similar to friendship.

Tang Tianning saw Chen Mingze obediently got up and he showed a smile. Then he got up and when he looked up, he saw Chen Mingze grinning.

At this moment, the light was dim, and Chen Mingze couldn't see that Tang Tianning was pale and his left hand was deliberately hiding behind him.

The two quickly put on their clothes, then opened the umbrella and walked out. Seriously, the rain outside was really heavy, and the lightning flashed and thundered. As soon as they came out, Chen Mingze was startled. Tang Tianning had no expression, just holding his left hand tightly.

The two seemed to prove their ideas and went outside the girl's room. Sure enough, when they saw that the girl's door was open, it seemed that they had gone to Xiao Qingrong.

I said, these two cowards definitely went to look for Qingrong. The two girls are shameless. They went to look for a boy together in the middle of the night, really, really...

Chen Mingze didn't know what adjectives he was looking for.

Tang Tianning didn't speak, walking quietly behind him. The two walked towards Xiao Qingrong's room, and they saw the dim lights inside.

Xiao Qingrong's door was closed, Chen Mingze went straight up and knocked, and it surprised the two girls inside. Xiao Qingrong was able to appease the two girls and at this time, he heard the knock so he stood up. Walking towards the door, he heard the mixed sound of the rain.

Qingrong! Open the door! Qingrong!

It was Chen Mingze, but Tang Tianning must have also come along. Xiao Qingrong did not dislike it. He opened the door and saw the two men with umbrellas outside. Chen Mingze was unhappy, and Tang Tianning had a pale face at this moment, causing Xiao Qingrong to guess why.

Come in quickly.

Xiao Qingrong tet two come in first, and sure enough, the rain outside is getting heavier. As soon as the two entered the door, their feet were wet. The bed is already taken by the girl's so of course, boys cannot sit there. The stools were all moved into the room.

The two were seated and Xiao Qingrong finally spoke.

Can't you sleep because of the thunder?

In fact, the answer is very clear, but the five people in the room at the moment made the already cramped room extra crowded. The expressions of the two girls looking at the boys were full of disgust. It seemed strange that the boys were afraid of thunder.

Seeing their look, Chen Mingze stared at the two girls fiercely, while Tang Tianning sat silently.

Yeah, I never heard such loud thunder when I was at home. I couldn't sleep, so I came to you.

Chen Mingze gave the answer and did not admit that he was afraid of thunder. Xiao Qingrong looked at Tang Tianning who was pale and suddenly took out chewing gum given by Xu Chen Mingze at daytime. He took Tang Tianning's hand and put the gum box in it.

Eat some sugar, it will be better.

Tang Tianning's hands were extremely cold. At this time, Xiao Qingrong was suddenly held by him, so that his ears suddenly became red