Super Male God System Chapter 100 - Rain

The boys are discussing what happened today, and the girls are of course no exception. Wen Xuehui is lying on the bed and she is lying very upright, probably due to her family influences, so when Wen Xuehui is lying on the bed, she looks similar to many soldiers.

However, Qiu Wanwan who is next to her is different. It may be because of the lack of security but she turned her head to Wen Xuehui and curled up. From a psychological perspective, this is a very insecure sleep posture.

The sound of rain outside was still tickling. After a while, Qiu Wanwan hadn't fallen asleep, so she opened her mouth carefully.

You, are you asleep?

There was a silence in the darkness and the sound of the rain outside increased, which made Qiu Wanwan more sleepless. She stared closely at Wen Xuehui's side, as if she wanted to see through her.

Being stared like this, no one can sleep. Wen Xuehui suddenly felt helpless, opened her eyes and looked at the dark roof.

No, why?

Her unhappy voice made Qiu Wanwan feel a little bit wronged, but she still said...

I, I can't sleep a bit, aren't you afraid?

She was really scared, so she curled up like this, and the sound of rain outside was so loud. This was something Qiu Wanwan had never experienced before.

The place where she used to live was soundproof. When she slept, there would be a bedside lamp, with her grandfather and a grandmother telling stories. Later, although she was surrounded by her cousins, Qiu Wanwan was still fine so being in a very different environment, she couldn't sleep at all.

It's just rain, what are you afraid of? Wen Xuehui didn't admit that she was upset. Although she closed her eyes before lying there, she couldn't sleep anymore. What happened today is repeating nonstop in her head. The repetition in her mind made her feel that it was very amazing. Wen Xuehui had a bad temper and a lot of people knew. She thought that she could not control herself when she would meet the others in the village. However, after coming to this village, she found that she had not lost her temper all day and did not show coldness to anyone. This made Wen Xuehui a little unaccustomed, but after being affected, she treated the little girl next to her more kindly.

But I can't sleep... The voice of grievance sounded again. Qiu Wanwan's voice was sweet, with some trembling at this time. If a boy heard her, they would feel that they must protect her, but unfortunately, only Wen Xuehui heard her voice.

Close your eyes when you can't sleep. Don't talk, and you will fall asleep later.

This straight man's response made Qiu Wanwan silent immediately. Wen Xuehui closed her eyes and planned to sleep again, but after a moment of silence, she heard Qiu Wanwan's voice again.

I, I want to go to Qingrong. Can I sleep with Qingrong?

She seemed to ask Wen Xuehui, and she seemed to ask herself, and when Wen Xuehui heard this, she opened her eyes, and then turned her head to look at Qiu Wanwan beside her.

Your parents didn't teach you that a man and a woman should be intimate? You are 15 years old this year, and Qing Rong is 14 years old. You cannot sleep together.

In the dark, the camera captured the movements and conversations between the two at this time, but Qiu Wanwan felt as if she could feel Wen Xuehui's anger and was even more aggrieved.

Why can't we be together? I want Qingrong to accompany me to sleep. He is so awesome, he must have a lot of stories. When I was at home, my cousin told me stories to coax me to sleep.

The little girl who came back from abroad and didn't know what it meant to sleep with a boy. The moment she decided, she got up from the bed, and started to get dressed. It seemed that she really wanted to go to Xiao Qingrong.

Suddenly, Xue Xuehui was so angry that she sat up directly from the bed and grabbed Qiu Wanwan. At this moment, she looked a bit fierce.

Who do you think you are? Why does someone have to coax you to sleep? You have a princess disease and why does everyone have to accommodate you? And as a girl, you are going to sleep with a boy, do you know shame?

It was 9:30PM now. In fact, many people in the village were already asleep, but at this moment, Wen Xuehui couldn't help raising her voice. She didn't know why she was angry, but when she thought of Qiu Wanwan asking Xiao Qingrong to coax her to sleep, and thinking of Qiu Wanwan being held by Xiao Qingrong today, she felt that she was out of breath. Why must Qiu Wanwan be specially taken care of? Is it because she is coquettish?

At this moment, Wen Xuehui suddenly didn't like herself with heavy makeup. Doesn't it mean that boys like girls without makeup? She plans not to put on makeup tomorrow. By then, Xu, Qingrong... will definitely like her?

She didn't find out how strange her psychological change was at this moment, but she just wanted to take Xiao Qingrong's attention and have a place in Xiao Qingrong's heart.

The dragged Qiu Wanwan suddenly reddened her eyes, and she was a little scared. At this time, she was unable to move and was extremely wronged.

I don't have a princess disease. You are bad. I don't want to be friends with you. Let me go. I'm going to find Qingrong...

Qiu Wanwan didn't have that much thought. She just felt scared, so she had to find someone who she could trust to calm her heart. At this moment, looking at Wen Xuehui's angry look, her lips curled, and her tears almost fell down.

Seeing that Qiu Wanwan's was about to cry, Wen Xuehui felt even more annoyed than before, she could only release her hand, but she also started to wear clothes.

I will go with you.

After all, Wen Xuehui couldn't let a girl get along with a boy alone at night. She soothed herself, but she couldn't explain what she thought.

Qiu Wanwan was a little angry, and ignored her. After the two quickly put on their clothes, put on their shoes, and opened the door, the rain on the outside looked bigger than it was just now, and they both ignored each other as they walked towards Xiao Qingrong's room with an umbrella.

Xiao Qingrong was really asleep, so even though there was a knock at the door, he didn't hear it. 618 shouted for a long time and finally woke up Xiao Qingrong.

Qingrong? Are you asleep?

Listening to the shouts outside, the rain was almost inaudible. Xiao Qingrong got up from the bed, turned on the lights, and dressed himself casually. Then he walked towards the door. After opening the door, he saw Qiu Wanwan and Wen Xuehui standing outside with umbrellas.

Alice? Why are you here? You can't sleep?

The girls went to the field for the first time, and it seemed that they might not be able to sleep. Xiao Qingrong gave way and let the two girls in.

It may be because the two have been waiting outside for a long time, their shoes are soaked, and there are traces of water on their pants. After all, the rain outside the house is really heavy at this time. When the door is opened for a while, the rain outside will come in.

After letting the two girls enter the room, Xiao Qingrong hurriedly let them sit on the bed.

How long have you been standing outside? Your shoes are wet. Xiao Qingrong watched the two girls sitting on his bed with some restraints, actively squatting down, reaching out, and taking off their shoes. After all, these two are people who have more than 50% affinity with him and they are also someone who will help him in the future, so Xiao Qingrong is not stubborn about his tenderness.

Why? Because once the golden finger is activated, the selected person will be unconditionally attracted to the host. Xiao Qingrong does not like to control others but if others are good to him, he will naturally give the same in return.

Knowing the personality of the two girls, Xiao Qingrong first took off Qiu Wanwan's shoes, and Qiu Wanwan was shocked, but did not pull her feet back. When she was at home, her cousin also took off her shoes, and when she heard Xiao Qingrong's words, she said.

We've been outside for almost ten minutes and kept calling you but you didn't wake up. The rain outside was so heavy, it was so dark, I was so scared.

She never concealed her thoughts, and her speech may ignore the feelings of others, but for Qiu Wanwan, what she said is her true feelings.

Is it? I'm here, don't be afraid, Alice, I will protect you.

Xiao Qingrong said, putting Qiu Wanwan's shoes aside, and then reached out to take off Wen Xuehui's shoes.

Wen Xuehui came here because she didn't want Qiu Wanwan to get along with Xiao Qingrong alone. After coming in, she saw Xiao Qingrong taking off Qiu Wanwan's shoes so she was a bit unhappy but when she saw him taking off her shoes too, she felt a bit ashamed.

Wen Xuehui felt that she should have done it by herself. After all, she was two years older than Xiao Qingrong. She didn't like to rely on others, but looking at Xiao Qingrong's gentle appearance, Wen Xuehui didn't move in the end, she didn't know what she was waiting for.

When watching Xiao Qingrong squatting and gently taking off her shoes, Wen Xuehui only felt that she couldn't control herself so she lowered her head, and fireworks bursted in her heart, causing her head to be in chaos.

You two put your feet in my quilt. The night is very cold and it's raining outside. It's getting colder now.

After carefully explaining to the two little girls, and after watching them put their feet in the quilt on the bed, Xiao Qingrong moved a stool, sat opposite them, and looked at the two little girls.

Is it because it's raining so much that you can't sleep? Are you scared?

Little girls' fear of rain is also more common. Moreover, in such conditions, it is impossible to have any sound insulation facilities. The sound of rain outside is so great that it is normal to be unable to sleep, after all, girls are more delicate.

Well, I'm scared. When does the rain outside stop?

Qiu Wanwan hurriedly nodded, her face with a lingering heart, but unfortunately, just after saying this, a horrifying thunder suddenly came out of the sky, which made Qiu Wanwan hold her head, and even Wen Xuehui was surprised.

The muffled thunder in the mountain sounded even more horrible, and it was on such a night.

Xiao Qingrong saw the two girls discoloration and hurried to speak.

Don't be afraid. It's just thunder and it's not terrifying. Alice, I'm here. Don't be afraid.