Super Male God System Chapter 10 - Liar

According to the plot, Xiao Qingrong was the scientist of the century. As for the High-Sensitive Mechanical Prosthetics, he was going to use it to benefit society, for honor. Money was basically useless to him, he had plenty of ways to earn it, but helping society allowed him to earn male god points, in which he would become a male god and leave this world.

As a special soldier, Liang Xin had been dispatched for special missions before, while lurking in Anyang City's Prison, he followed Xin Ye. Such a task was actually a relatively simple task, the original reason he stepped back from the front line was because he was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. To put it bluntly, it is a mental illness. Generally, people who served in the army will have more or less such conditions.

When Liang Xin was retreating from the front line, his mind and body was filled with thoughts of his fallen comrades. Even with counseling from psychiatrists, he didn't get any better. As a result, he took a secret assignment from his family to avoid the situation he was going through.

It's almost complete, however, as to whether it can help others, that will depend on how you interpret it, Major Liang. I know you're smart and capable, but why are you staying here...Son of General Liang?

Although 618 was useless, it could investigate thoroughly. There was plenty of information about Liang Xin, everything was carefully calculated by Qingrong for it to get here, Liang Xin was useful, especially since his father was the leading true leader in the country.

Liang Xin didn't find it surprising Qingrong knew about his identity, he spoke deeply.

Please allow me to introduce myself again, I am Liang Xin, Major of the No.1 National Special Forces. My father is the current General, Liang Shaohui. Qingrong, do I have the privilege to negotiate now?

The soldier's iron bones were fully displayed on Liang Xin. Even when asking for help, his back was straight and eyes without a hint of doubt, he knew what the prosthetics were capable of, it could change a soldier's life by giving them a new lease on living.

Xiao Qingrong laughed, he admired the soldier very much. Perhaps it was Liang Xin's courage that he appreciated, in any case, he already decided to cooperate with the military from the beginning.

Of course, please have a seat. I'll introduce the prosthesis, I think you'll be more interested after listening.

Liang Xin sat down, Qingrong picked the materials he prepared and placed it in front of the soldier.

What you saw before was merely a common prosthetic, the prosthetic I'm going to show you is for the military, in addition to high perception, it also has a greater force. There are other specific information in the file if you want to look. Anyway, I hope to see your father soon.

Liang Xin lowered his head and began to scan through the file. Sure enough, it was an introduction about the prostheses, as he read, his hand couldn't stop shaking from excitement. As he read about the military side of the prosthesis, he wondered if it was true, the prosthesis could actually be modified to become stronger or even indestructible. It was easy to use and could integrate itself into almost anyone, this meant soldiers who had to retire due to mortifying injuries could continue to stand on the battlefield, perhaps they would be even more powerful than the current soldiers!

Looking at the information in his hand, he thought how dangerous it would be if such knowledge were in the hands of foreigners. After confirming with Qingrong that the information was precise, he directly went to look for his father.

Xiao Qingrong was still sitting down and drank his milk leisurely.

[ Host, the country is now studying the Pupil Scanner Technology. Do you really have to give Liang Xin the prosthesis technology? Your dream of becoming the greatest scientist in the world is getting farther and farther...]

618 felt dejected. It thought Qingrong was sending the male god to an outsider...

Don't worry, General Liang is a smart man, dealing with smart people will result in a win-win.

If you wanted to promote the prosthetics, it was almost impossible doing it yourself. The best way was to cooperate with the country, but even then, you had to choose the right partner, and General Liang was a man of integrity, a good partner.

As predicted, General Liang immediately came over once he got the news. Aside from him, he also brought a disabled special soldier who was previously discharged from the team. A prosthesis was made for the soldier, as the soldier made a series of movements, General Liang thoroughly understood how special it was. If such equipment were to enter the black market, it would be disastrous...

Boy, your invention sure is incredible...say it, what do you want?

Before coming, General Liang has read all the information about Xiao Qingrong. Naturally, he knew this child didn't care about profits, however, since Qingrong contacted him first, he must want something in return.

What do I want?...Well I hope my name can be heard throughout the world and become the greatest scientist in the world!

Xiao Qingrong made the request with a smile and at the same time everyone else was dumbfounded.

That's right, and If you want to, I can exchange all the information I have on the prosthesis to you free of charge. All I want is the reputation as its creator, this is your only chance, are you dissatisfied with my request?

On the contrary, General Liang was satisfied, but he was mostly stunned at the odd request. But he immediately understood, he knew that inventors either wanted to be famous or profitable, some even both. The young man in front him was sparkly clean, his eyes clean and without any ambition. If he wanted his name known... It was achievable.

Honor eh? That's fine, the greatest inventor of the century? Haha, you'll definitely get there.

What does the country do with the Academy of Sciences? It was a research overall, but many of the things also weren't made public. That is to say, many weird and strange things developed couldn't have signatures. Although Xiao Qingrong only had these inventions under him, He could give out false names!

Compared to these false names, the prosthetics were what they needed. Not only could it arm the army, it could give ordinary people their life back in its complete form. With how much potential it had, it was simple to earn foreign expenses. It had so many benefits for the country itself and the army, General Liang knew which was the better option.

During the meeting, Liang Xin also heard Qingrong's request. He didn't exactly understand the implications, but since his father was there, he didn't say anything.

The contract was signed and Xiao Qingrong was taken to Kyoto overnight. After entering a Scientific Research Institute, he taught the scientists the materials as well as the high-sensing mechanical prosthetics. General Liang went on his way to report to the president, as for Qingrong's fame, it was guaranteed.

Xiao Qingrong spent four months in the Academy of Sciences, although he lost weight, he was reinvigorated after seeing the news.

Not only did he become the person who developed the Fully-Autonomous Car, but he also became the developer of the Pupil Scanner. The name Xiao Qingrong was in every outlet in the country overnight, everyone was riled up and wanted to know more. Many searched about him, but most of his private information was protected by the state. The data couldn't be found, which disappointed many. When he left the Institute, he was followed by a lot of special forces.

[ Ho-Host...Aren't you a big liar like this? ]

618 couldn't comprehend what was going on, it couldn't understand how the host did absolutely nothing, he didn't even develop one or the other, and got all the credit. Seeing the increase in male god points, it felt guilty, and a bit shameful.

Really? It seems that I will not only become the greatest scientist of the century, but also the greatest liar of the century~

Xiao Qingrong didn't care about these deceptive methods, as long as he could complete the task, he thought it was fine!

Marx once said: When the profit reaches 50%, the capitalist will do whatever he can. When the profit reaches 100%, the capitalist will take a risk. When the profit reaches 200%, the capitalist will dare to trample on all the legal dignity and morals of the world to sacrifice themselves for money.

Before 618 binded Xiao Qingrong, it only saw that he was a successful person, but didn't know the process. 618 didn't know he was also an unscrupulous capitalist. In order to live, he had given up everything, including himself.

The most terrible thing about lies was not deceiving others, but when it wasn't known. What Xiao Qingrong was best at doing was to make a lie complete.

As long as it was not exposed, who would know it was a big lie?