Godly Student Chapter 550

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In the villa, only Cheng Yu is left alone. As for Xin Yao, she has already been taken by Lan Ya. Originally, Xin Yao had no interest but under Cheng Yu's and Lan Ya's insistence, she finally agreed. After looking at Cheng Yu with a look of disgust, she followed Lan Ya to enjoy the secular life of a woman.

Cheng Yu once promised Soul Suppressor that he and study the secret of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with him.

However, before this, Cheng Yu first went to the Mountain and River Diagram to see the mysterious Spirit Severing Stage expert, Chen Hongyuan.

Mr. Chen, how are you after these past few days? Cheng Yu said loudly outside Chen Hongyuan's cave abode.

Come in A voice came from the cave.

Oh, Mr. Chen is a good-looking, it seems you are recovering well There is a stone table in the cave and two stone benches. Cheng Yu sat on a stone bench and said to Chen Hongyuan with a slight smile.

Chen Hongyuan sat on a blanked and smiled a little. He said, For junior brother Cheng to come see me today. This should not be for the purpose of saying this right?

Although Cheng Yu's cultivation is only in the mid Gold Core Stage, Chen Hongyuan did not dare to look down on this young man.

He still remembers when his body was finally stabilized after being invaded by the Baleful Yin Qi, he wanted to go out of the cave to see the world outside and what he saw really shocked him.

The dozens of Spiritual Veins in the sky really frightened him. He really wanted to take one but he is unable to and can only helplessly look up in the sky on the ground

He also knows that it is not easy to have a Spiritual Vein. At least as of now, there are basically only a few big sects who has a Spiritual Vein.

However, this young man who seems to be about twenty years old has more than a dozen of Spiritual Veins in his magic treasure. If he is not mistaken, one of them is a spirit crystal vein, which is really a treasure.

Although he was shocked by the situation in front of him, he did not intend to take these threads into his own because even if he collected these Spiritual Veins, he could not get out of this magic treasure.

Moreover, he feels that their is also another Spirit Severing Stage expert in this magic treasure so he does not dare to act rashly.

Oh, Mr. Chen is sharpe. Indeed, I came here with a goal Cheng Yu smiled lightly, pulled out a bottle of wine and two wine glasses and filled them with wine.

Chen Hongyuan saw this and got up to sit on the stone bench. He took a glass of wine and drank it. He sighed: Good wine, I have not tasted such fine wine in so many years.

If Mr. Chen can work for me, you can continue drinking this wine in the future Cheng Yu smiled and poured more wine for him.

Although the wine is good but I can't be overly fond of wine Chen Hongyuan said with a smile after thinking a bit.

As people who cultivates the path to immortality, why can't we be overly fond with wine? As long as our heart is in the right place, it is fine to do whatever Cheng Yu smiled.

So, brother Cheng is ready to imprison me in this magic weapon? Chen Hongyuan picked up the glass and drank it again.

Haha, I believe that you can understand my thoughts. Moreover, I believe that there is no longer a place in the cultivation world that is so suitable for practice compared to here. Otherwise, Mr. Chen will not recover so fast Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Yes, if I were you, I would do the same thing but even so, I want to ask, what would you do if I couldn't promise you? Chen Hongyuan said.

The disparity between the cultivation of the two is vast. As long as he has left Cheng Yu's magic treasure, Cheng Yu cannot stop him from leaving.

Although Cheng Yu's identity is unclear, but a Spirit Severing Stage expert is definitely not found anywhere. If Cheng Yu can make him follow him, it will definitely be a big boost to Cheng Yu's strength for sure.

Therefore, regarding Cheng Yu's method, he fully agrees because if he is to think about it in Cheng Yu's perspective, he would also not himself go.

I will let you go! Cheng Yu smiled.

Oh? Chen Hongyuan did not believe this.

However, not now. I won't let you go until I am stronger than you, until then, I will keep you here! Cheng Yu told the truth.

If Chen Hongyuan really has any evil intentions, at least he can't deal with him while he is in the Mountain and River Diagram so Cheng Yu will naturally not let him go.

Oh! Chen Hongyuan smirked and did not speak.

Cheng Yu did not say much, he knew that Cheng Hongyuan is still considering. The two men continued drinking quietly.

You want to know why I was captured by Hades and brought into the Dark Nether Realm? After a period of silence, Chen Hongyuan suddenly said.

I am really curious. If you are willing to say, I would like to hear it Cheng Yu really wants to know why he was in the Dark Nether Realm and is caught by a Ghost King. Moreover, the ghost king wants to know something from his mouth.

I am a Soul Refiner!

A Soul Refiner? Cheng Yu was stunned, is there such a profession in the cultivation world? He has never heard of this in his life.

Yes, A Soul Refiner is a special cultivation method and our cultivation methods are different from other practitioners. Although the Spiritual Qi can also improve our cultivation, the process is too slow. Usually, a genius cultivator takes about 200 years to reach the Spirit Severing Stage but this still requires a lot of resources Chen Hongyuan said.

Cheng Yu nodded because for normal cultivators, this is indeed the case. Just like Xin Yao, her talent is very good. She took exactly 200 years to reach the Spirit Severing Stage and is considered a genius.

However, this is also because she is the daughter of Limitless Palace's sect leader, Qing Yuanzi. Since childhood, there have been countless resources to assist her with, allowing her to have this cultivation base as of today.

As for Cheng Yu, he is a special existence because his body has been transformed by his last remaining Immortal Qi, plus he himself is a Pill Refiner so he was able to refine a lot of Pills to assist him in cultivation.

You know, Cheng Yu is basically eating medicinal pills like food. For other cultivators, being able to use medicinal pills to assist them is almost like a poor person having a hearty meal to eat during the New Years

He also got many resources from the Holy City. It doesn't even matter to him if the secular world barely has any Spiritual Qi because he has dozens of Spiritual Veins so cultivating is no problem for him.

Even more amazing is that while others struggle to get even a single Golden Core, he has six of them. How can an average cultivator even be compared to him?

How many cultivators in the cultivation world even has the same amount of wealth as him

However, us Soul Refiners have a special way to cultivate, this method can improve our cultivation quickly Chen Hongyuan said.

So you went to the Dark Nether Realm wanting to use the Ghost Cultivators to practice? Cheng Yu said.

Yes, that's it! Chen Hongyuan appreciatively looked at Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu is very smart, although he did not say i, but he already understood. By refining the ghost cultivators, it can allow me to quickly improve

How can one become a Soul Refiner? Since this is a special cultivation method, shouldn't everyone be a Soul Refiner? Cheng Yu asked.

Any special method requires a special thing and it cannot be used by everyone. This is a law, just like Cheng Yu's Art of Derivation From All Living Things, not everyone can cultivate it.

Not everyone can become a Soul Refiner. It requires them to have a special bloodline in addition to a special cultivation technique

So, the Ghost King just wants to know how to become a Soul Refiner from your mouth? Cheng Yu suddenly understood.

If Chen Hongyuan can really use Ghost Cultivators to quickly improve his cultivation, then where is more suitable for practicing this kind of cultivation method than in the underworld?

There is not much there but there are many souls there. It is simply a holy place for Soul Refiners. If the ghost king mastered this method of refining the soul, it would not soon become a ghost emperor, or even a Realm King

No wonder that the Lone Emperor Ghost King did not kill Chen Hongyuan, it is because of this

Exactly, if I tell him about these things, I am afraid that I would have been dead a long time ago Chen Hongyuan smiled a little, he never thought that he would return to the human world one day

In this case, can you see if i can become a Soul Refiner? Cheng Yu is also somewhat excited, who doesn't want to have a faster cultivation speed?

The pressure upon him is big and he really wants to improve his strength quickly. If he can become a Soul Refiner, he can just go to the Dark Nether Realm and collect all the Ghost Cultivators there

I am not sure about this but as far as I know, it is a bloodline inheritance only Chen Hongyuan said.

So it's a bloodline heritage only? Cheng Yu said.

Yes, if you want to learn, I can test it for you but you must promise me a condition Chen Hongyuan said to Cheng Yu.

Haha, I understand what you mean. You tell me so much, You hope that I can let you go right? Cheng Yu looked at Chen Hongyuan and suddenly laughed. If he couldn't understand it, he would be stupid.

Oh, you are really smart, what do you think? Do you agree with this condition? Chen Hongyuan did not refute and smiled a little, he really wanted to use this for his freedom

I still want to hear your conditions! Cheng Yu said.

Whether you can become a Soul Refiner or not, I hope that you can let me go Chen Hongyuan said.

It's not a very good deal. You must know that it isn't easy to find Spirit Severing Stage experts and didn't you also say that it is a bloodline inheritance?

If I can't be a Soul Refiner, then will I even have anything to gain? Not to mention, how would I know if you lied to me? If my guess is right, your cultivation technique is also passed down by your family and I am not sure that you are really willing to pass this cultivation technique to me Cheng Yu is not stupid, this risk is too great and the success rate is too low