Godly Student Chapter 549

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Bam! Bam! The gun in Xin Yao's hand rang again and two were shot directly on their legs

Forgive us Deity, Please forgive us The two screamed as they fell to the ground, shouting for mercy

Leave Xin Yao said coldly.

Ah? Everyone glanced at each other and did not know how to respond.

What's wrong? Don't you want to go? Cheng Yu smiled.

No, no, no, we do, we do The two men got up and took care of the shot wound on their thighs as they walked away.

You should advise your master not to do stupid things, or else even a deity will not be able to save him, did you hear me? Cheng Yu looked at backs of several people and said.

A few people were stunned and almost fell to the ground, they quickly turned around and said, Heard, I heard, thank you for sparing our lives

Hey, senior sister, I didn't expect you to be soft-hearted. I thought you wanted to kill them After everyone left, Cheng Yu looked at Xin Yao and smiled.

I really wanted to kill them but this so-called pistol is a bit weak Xin Yao said unwillingly.

Oh. Cheng Yu did not care about it and chuckled.

For cultivators like them, as long as they want to, it is simply too simple to control the bullets. How can they miss?

He knew that Xin Yao had the same thoughts as him, let them go back to report. After finding out that they were still beaten even with guns, they will most likely not come again

But if they kill them, their master will not understand and will continue to send people. These people may be able to handle ordinary people but the difference between cultivators and them is too vast. Killing these people is simply a breeze for them

Of course, if their master is still so ignorant of the disparity, he is basically looking for death. At least next time, if they come again, they won't be able to go back.

Cheng Yu, who are these guys? Lan Ya said as she followed Cheng Yu into the villa

....Femme Fatale Cheng Yu shook his head and sighed.

Oh Although Lan Ya still doesn't know what happened but she understands it. Someone must have had thoughts on Xin Yao.


Xu Yaoming's high care ward in Yunhai People's Hospital. Looking at Zhao Zhi, the two men who were plastered with bandages on their thighs and one was standing with a cane. Xu Yaoming was shocked. What is this situation?

Young Master, this time we really kicked an iron plate. The two are not people at all. Should we really annoy them? Zhao Zhi said with a bitter face, remembering what happened a few hours ago, he shivered in fear.

Yeah, young master. They are really not someone we can provoke, young master, let's not provoke them any more Another bodyguard, who was shot with a thigh in the thigh also said in fear

What is going on here? Tell me clearly Xu Yaoming shouted.

Young master, We went in with a total of six people and we soon fell into a trap. Before we could even touch a corner of their clothes, we were all beaten. if they did not specifically let us come back to report, we will not have been able to come back Zhao Zhi trembled as he said.

Did you not carrying a gun? Also, you have been a special soldier, how can you have fallen into their trap? Xu Yaoming said with an annoyed face.

These men are becoming more and more disappointing to him. During the day, not only did they let his face be thrown away. Now, when he sent them to capture Cheng Yu and the girl, not only were they not captured, but instead, they fell into the trap of others, how can he not be disappointed in them?

Young master, we can't figure out what's going on but their means are really comparable to the deities. Before we could our guns, the moment the man waved his hand, our guns appeared on his hands. I think... I think that we are really offending the deities. Zhao Zhi said carefully.

Bullshit, if the world really has a god, bring him here to let me have a look Xu Yaoming simply did not believe their words and regarded their reason as an excuse for the failure of the mission

Young Master, believe us once, they specifically let us come back to tell you and if we continue to provoke him, we can't live Seeing this young master so stubborn, one of the bodyguards said with concern.

Humph, is that so? I want to see if they are real gods. We can't live anymore if I continue to provoke him? Humph, I haven't eaten this kind of loss since childhood, even if he is a deity, I want to make him a dead deity Xu Yaoming said wickedly.

Zhao Zhi and the two looked at each other with disappointment. The young master was too brainless but they are unable to make him do anything because he is still technically their boss.

Anyway, they will not deal with those terrible people anyway. Whoever loves money more than their lives can go

The moment Zhao Zhi and the two limped out of the room, Xu Yaoming's eyes flashed with a trace of viciousness. He lifted his hard hand, mechanically input a few numbers on his mobile phone and then put his face on the phone.

Hey? Is it red leaves? Xu Yaoming said.


I want to post a mission

No problem, we have S-level, A-Level, B-Level, and C-Level from high to low. What level of mission do you want to release? The operators voice is calm, as if this is a very common thing.

What is the S-Level? Xu Yaoming thought about it.

The price is 20 million. The top killers or organizations in the world who can take this task and will try to assassinate the target three times. After three times, the task will end regardless of whether the task is completed or not. If you want them to act again, you can post another mission

Hiss! 20 million? This price is too large, although Laozi is not in need of money, he will not generously take out 20 million casually. Well, his father won't even give him that much money to spend

What about the A-Level? Xu Yaoming hesitated again and again but he still feels that the price is too unacceptable. Although he was born with a golden spoon, it does not mean that the food he eats is also made of gold.

10 million, the first-class killer and organization will take the mission and the way they will do it is the same. The voice from the other side calmly said.

A level is 10 million? Isn't it easier to crush someone to death with 10 million? Laozi can also ask hundreds of laborers to run over his enemy with 10 million.

B-Level. Xu Yaoming said while holding in his anger

Five million, second-rate organization, they will try to assassinate the target twice

Xu Yaoming face has turned into the color of a pig liver because second-rate goods want to collect five million from Laozi. He bit his teeth and spat out two words, C-Level.

Five million or less, third-rate organization, try to assassinate the target once The voice inside the phone was as calm as ever and it seemed that he did not despise him because the guy at the other side could not afford the money.

This time, Xu Yaoming is silent, less than five million? A third-rate organization wants five million but they can only try to assassinate the target once?

I choose B-Level! Xu Yaoming thought about it and decided to spend five million to ask for a second-rate killer. The third-rate killer was too bad and he was not at ease.

Yes, after the conversation is over, I will leave you a verification code. You can post a mission on our website and pay half the price as a deposit. However, I want to remind you that if the target is stronger than the mission level, we will automatically upgrade the mission to the corresponding level. At that time you can choose to give up and continue the mission but the deposit will not be refunded The operator calmly said.

Xu Yaoming hung up the phone and really wanted to smash this thing. This killer organization are really not good people. If the kid is confirmed by them as an S-Level target, then isn't he going to lose his 2.5 million deposits?

But thinking of the beauty with the guy as a maidservant who is worth five million, he felt more relaxed. He took his computer and like a robot, he slowly filled in the information of the two into the killer website.

Red Leaves is such a world-famous killing website. Of course, this website is not for everyone. Once he received the verification code, he is able to post the mission

Soon, a B-Level mission appeared on this website, and the reward target: Cheng Yu, price: 5 million, and related information

As a target, Cheng Yu naturally didn't know that the guy who didn't know what's good for him had given him a huge headache.

But at this moment, he had just finished dual cultivating with Lan Ya and is extremely happy.

Listening to the seductive moaning, Xin Yao in the next room has a face full of redness. Although the sound insulation effect of this villa is good but for people of their level, let alone this sound. Their movement, posture and the position of the two people at this time, as long as Xin Yao wants to know, she can clearly see it.

Obviously, Xin Yao did not want to listen in on them but these sounds were actually disturbing her heart that had been silent for more than two hundred years and it was difficult to settle for a time

The next day at the breakfast table

Senior sister, what's wrong with you? Are you not used to sleeping here? In the early morning, Lan Ya looked at Xin Yao's dark circled eyes and said in surprise.

Humph, isn't it because of you two? You bastard, during the time I live here, you better be more honest or be careful when you suddenly get up someday and find out something missing, don't blame me Xin Yao looked at Cheng Yu and said evilly.

It's your fault Lan Ya listened with a red face and finally understood why Xin Yao's had dark circles under her eyes and shyly twisted Cheng Yu's face.

Hey, Senior sister, you are so overbearing. I live with my wife. This is something that the universe agrees with. How can you stop it? Cheng Yu held Lan Ya to yell injustice.

Do you seriously believe what you said? Xin Yao glanced at the two and faintly said.