Godly Student Chapter 548

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Oh, rest assured, these guys have been dealt with by senior sister Cheng Yu smiled slightly, giving Lan Ya a reassuring look.

But then they will not easily let you go. Sorry... I am not good, you get into a big disaster because of me everytime Seeing Cheng Yu's comforting eyes, Lan Ya felt very embarrassed.

She knows why the people of the Mysterious Sky Secy came. At the beginning, it is because she was breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage so they came over to check

Cheng Yu's enmity with Kunlun is also because of her and the more she thinks about it, the more terrible she feels.

Stupid, why are you speaking such nonsense? It is a blessing, not a disaster. Besides, they will come sooner or later and besides, if they don't come, I'll have to go to them. Also, if it weren't for you, how could I have broken through to the Gold Core Stage in such a short time? Cheng Yu embraced Lan Ya and said with a smile


Don't talk, there are a few who shouldn't come now Suddenly, Cheng Yu's eyes turned cold and smiled.

Who shouldn't have come? Although Lan Ya has the strength of the early Foundation Establishment Stage, the range she can perceive is still very limited. She can only perceive the situation around 30 meters outside the villa

Oh, you will know about it later. It is just a few ordinary people. Lan Ya, let me see your results of cultivating these past days, these guys will be handed over to you. It will also allow you to increase your actual combat experience Cheng Yu said after thinking about it.

Xin Yao picked up the teacup on the coffee table and took a sip without saying anything. With her current strength, dealing with these ordinary people will be a breeze

Sure enough, when the people arrived within 30 meters of the villa, Lan Ya finally sensed that six people are secretly approaching the villa.

There are some excitement in Lan Ya's heart. In fact, she has cultivated for such a long time already but there are very few opportunities for her to actually indeed to try out her skills so this is indeed a good opportunity for her.

Outside the villa, six men in black quietly approached the villa

Zhao Zhi, are you talking about those three? One of the men in black looked through the window and saw a man and two women sitting in the living room chatting and said.

Two of them are but I don't know who the other woman is. Anyways, no matter what, we will have to capture everyone The man in black named Zhao Zhi said.

Alright! Several people slowly moved forward along the trees in the yard.

Stop? Somethings wrong Suddenly, a man in black who was walking in front looked at the villa and his expression suddenly changed as he stopped.

Why is this happening? Did we just misread? At this time, several people in the back also looked at the villa.

Zhao Zhi, I definitely saw only three people in there but how come there are suddenly so many people now? Moreover, there are so many beautiful women, who are we supposed to capture again? The person standing in front looked at the villa, took off his mask and wiped his eyes as he swallowed his saliva.

At the same time, not only him but even their Zhao Zhi also felt that it is somewhat unbearable.

A moment ago, everything was normal but just after they had just advanced a dozen meters. The scene inside the villa suddenly changed. There was only one man and two women but now, a group of women suddenly appeared.

Moreover, what can't stand is that these women are all half naked and dancing there, making several brothers feel awkward.

No matter, rush in and capture everyone Zhao Zhi licked his lips and his heart was in heat. When he waved his hand, he rushed in with five other brothers.

Don't move, get down on the floor One of the men in black black kicked the door open and shouted with a pistol.

However, these nearly naked women did not panic but instead, they smirked toward them.

Gulp! The six swallowed their saliva again

No, quickly retreat! At this time, Zhao Zhi regained his reason and found something is wrong. He shouted and quickly retreated from the house.

Bam! but at this time, a figure flew out of the house and a man in black was shot knocked back by a palm strike

Bam! Bam! Bam! The remaining few finally found out that this was a trap, and they took the guns in their hands and fired at the figure.

Bom! Suddenly, one of them was hit behind and suddenly flew out but as the rest turned around, they did not see who the culprit is.

Who? Who is it? If you have the ability, come out. Don't pretend to be a ghost Several people were a little scared. When they looked at the villa again, there is no trace of the charming girls there.

Such a strange scene, even those atheists who have been soldiers are afraid. Although it's just a few minutes, this strange thing is more bizarre than any mission that they have ever performed or any military exercises.

Whiz! Suddenly, a shadow whizzed passed and the four shot again but they were unable to hit the shadow. The shadow then turned around and palmed one of the men

Ahh! The man screamed and flew out

Who? Who is it? Hurry up and show yourself Borhter Zhi trembled and shouted while holding his gun.

At this time, three people came out of the darkness

It's you Although Zhao Zhi was in panic but after seeing that it was indeed a man and not a ghost, be became calmer. People are not terrifying, the terrifying things are those ethereal things

Hehe, how is it? I have made some progress Lan Ya did not pay attention to the remaining three expressions but looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

Although Cheng Yu is younger than her, her face full of excitement at this time is like a little girl waiting for her elders to praise her.

This can be said as Lan Ya's first time to really realize the power of a cultivator and it is also her first victory. After all, when the people from Kunlun came, although she tried to fight them but at that time, she was too weak.

Facing against six big men with guns naturally made her afraid but after suppressing her fears and actually beating them so easily, she was thrilled. This kind of achievement is really cool, no wonder cultivators will always pursue strength

She enjoyed the thrill of having strength, she doesn't want to be prey for others anymore.

You did good. At least ordinary people can't hurt you anymore Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Although Lan Ya's Thousand Illusion Charm is not at the large success but she has some achievements and causing ordinary people to have illusions is not a problem.

Another thing is that these guys are also retired soldiers, their minds are much better than ordinary people and it is more difficult to make them hallucinate compared to ordinary people but Lan Ya still succeeded in confusing them, indicating her progress is really great.

Who are you? Zhao Zhi saw that these people did not put them in their eyes and became angered.

Oh, you are really interesting. You came to my place but you dare to ask who I am? Did I not tell you not to provoke me during the day? The result is not something you can afford Cheng Yu sneered.

Humph, trying to be mysterious. I don't care who you are. You'd better be honest now; otherwise, I can't guarantee that my gun won't accidentally discharge Zhao Zhi calmed down and pointed Cheng Yu with his gun.

Whiz! Cheng Yu waved his right hand and suddenly, the guns of the three people appeared in Cheng Yu's hand. The three men were shocked and pointed at him,

When they had their guns, they were filled with confidence but now, they were filled with anxiety and fear. These three are too weird, are they even human?

Senior sister, aren't you curious about their weapons? Here, give this a try Cheng Yu smiled and threw one of the guns to Xin Yao.

Xin Yao took this black pistol and studied it well. She felt that this hidden weapon is really special. She learned what they were like and pointed the gun at one of the men in black.

Don't! This deity. Let us go! We didn't know it was you. You have a big heart, please let us go Looking at the dark muzzle, the men in black's feet went soft.

If they still didn't understand, they would be really t stupid. They are clearly gods. From the moment they arrived, they entered a trap and although it is only a few simple rounds, but their strength is not something a human should have.

They also used many advanced technology in the army but except for the gods, they really can't think of anyone who can do such things, at least they have never heard of such technology.

Bam! The gun in Xin Yao's hand rang and the bullet hit one of the men in blacks chest. He screamed and fell down but the gun did not kill him.

Deity! Don't kill us, please spare us. We were forced, we have both a child and parent to take care of. Please be merciful and let us go Seeing his brother shot, Zhao Zhi shivered in fear.

No matter how brave and arrogant they were, as of right now, they are not a soldier but a family man who has to take care of their families

This thing is really good, even an ordinary person who does not understand cultivation at all can kill thousands of miles away. This secular world person is really smart Xin Yao did not seem to see the remaining two people begging for mercy and very much appreciated the pistol in her hand.

Hehe, this is the case but the power of this weapon is relatively small but you can hide it and carry it for your self-defense. There are some weapons that you can't carry with you but the power of that weapon is not small, it can even kill a Gold Core Stage expert Cheng Yu also said with a smile, not caring about the men in black at all.

Whiz! Zhao Zhi and the two looked at each other and ran away

Bam! Bam! The gun in Xin Yao's hand rang again and two were shot directly on their legs