Godly Student Chapter 547

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In the high-care ward of Yunhai People's Hospital, a young man laid on the bed with several men in suits standing next to him.

How is it? Did you get the information I told you to find? The young man looked at a bodyguard in front of him.

I found out that the man is named Cheng Yu, he is the nephew of Zhao Minglong in Yunhai City. We haven't found out the identity of the women yet The bodyguard said.

It turned out to be the nephew of the mayor of Mayor Zhao. No wonder he is so arrogant. Throughout my childhood, I have never been so humiliated. What do you think we should do? The young man was Xu Yaoming who was taught a lesson by Xin Yao during the day

Although Xin Yao didn't take his life, she only broke his hands. Now both hands are full of plaster, hard, like a robot, which makes him very angry.

Young master, the master once said that we have to have a good relationship with the local officials in Yunhai. If you offend the mayor, the master will definitely get angry. The bodyguard said difficulty.

Your meaning is that I should just swallow this insult? If I can bear others stepping over my head and do nothing about it, am I still a man? Xu Yaoming shouted.

But young master, the two we met today does not seem to be simple, we may not be able to deal with them Although the bodyguard did not want to admit it, but he had to admit that they are strong.

Humph, a bunch of waste, don't you usually say that you are very powerful? Didn't you guarantee it in front of my dad? How come when you meet two people, you can't even deal with them? The face of the Xu family has been thrown away by you Xu Yaoming remembered that his bodyguards had been beaten by others without even touching the corners of their clothes and the anger in his heart could not stopped.

Young Master, these two people are really not simple. Our brothers were the strongest but those two are definitely not common. It is not a problem for us to deal with four or five people but those two are really strange When they heard the words of their young master, their faces were not good-looking and their hearts were full of anger.

Of course, they are angry not because of the insults of the young masters in front of them, but because Cheng Yu has caused them to suffer such humiliation. Back when they had not retired yet, they were very known veterans and who ever thought that they would be played by two younglings so how could they not be angry?

Even though they are angry, they understood that these two are not simple. They even seemed to feel the killing at that moment, although only for a moment but they are sure it's really killing intent

Moreover, they were easily beaten. They hadn't even figured out what was going on before they were knocked back and they also couldn't stand up even if they wanted to. It's like being crushed.

Strange? What do you mean? Xu Yaoming said with a cold face.

I don't know, I only feel that they have a strange and powerful strength and I am sure that they must have killed many before, because at that moment, I felt a strong killing intent from that woman A bodyguard said.

Xu Yaoming was silent. When he heard his bodyguard, he really remembered that he had felt the strange power before. When he was forced to kneel down, he was sure that it was because of Cheng Yu but he did not see what he did. He only felt that his body was being pressured

But thinking back and listening to them, it seems that these two people really seem to have a special strength

I don't care if they are really so powerful but I lost my face today. You have to get my face back no matter what method you use. Especially the woman, I want her here Xu Yaoming said.

Sometimes hate is blind but sometimes, even if you are very rational, you can't let go of your own resentment. The woman caused his arms to be like this, he must find a way to let her know the consequences of offending him.

This... The bodyguards are embarrassed. Although they are doing this for money, they are not willing to lose their lives for the money.

They are sure that if they dare to provoke the woman, they will lose their lives.

The chances are great. At least until they have not figured out who this woman is, they are afraid to grab the attention of this woman.

What's wrong? Are you scared? You should know who has given you the things you eat and drink. If you can't do anything about this, then what is the point in keeping you? Xu Yaoming angrily said.

Several bodyguards looked down and their faces were ugly. There were thirty people. They used to be outstanding soldiers but they were humiliated by a 20 year old something boy. They were really angry.

However, they endured it because the Xu family gave them a lot of rewards. This kind of work is not easy to be found. Nowadays people ask for some bodyguards but that is only for appearance. Even if they really meet a few people who have evil intentions towards them, it can be easily handled by them with their skills

Therefore, they are very relaxed during the job while also receiving expensive rewards. Also, accompanying this young master is basically going to the company and then follow him to flirt with girls outside, eat, drink and play.

They never thought that they would experience a situation like this so they are really having a tough time deciding

So you all don't want to do it, then I will call my dad, you don't have to follow me anymore Xu Yaoming looked at these few guys who usually talked big but did not dare to speak out. His anger rose and he straight up grabbed his phone with difficulty to make a call.

Young master, We will go. We will go now Seeing that the young master really wants to dismiss them, they looked at each other and their eyes flashed with ruthlessness as they quickly agreed.

Although they used to be outstanding soldiers and people who have experienced life and death, after retiring from the army, they are used to being rich and wealthy. They are also afraid of death now but since they are forced to do this, they will do it.

Good! I have not read you wrong. You can rest assured that no matter what you do to deal with this situation. I will not treat you badly Xu Yaoming suddenly laughed and laid back on the bed honestly.

A few bodyguards looked at each other and their eyes were full of bitterness. What should we do? If we try to use force, I am afraid that we will all be dead


Yunhai City, Cheng Yu's Villa.

Senior sister, how come you suddenly come to Yunhai? Lan Ya sat in the living room and said to Xin Yao while smiling.

When she and Cheng Yu were going back to the secular world, she specially invited her to come with them but she refused. She did not expect that Xin Yao would suddenly come to the secular world without notice.

Among Cheng Yu's several women, Xin Yao knows Lan Ya so Cheng Yu specifically called Lan Ya, which is also a recital. Xin Yao also asked him why he didn't call all the women together, causing him to become speechless

If he has this ability, he would be in heaven already. Until now, several of his women have not fully understood that there are several women around Cheng Yu so they can only be called one by one.

However, with Xin Yao's wisdom, she naturally knows the meaning of Cheng Yu's awkward expression so she no longer asked anymore but she is really curious about Cheng Yu's other women. Moreover, the women Cheng Yu cares for will be no worse than Lan Ya.

However, seeing that Lan Ya has already reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, it is really somewhat unexpected. She remembers that Lan Ya was still in the Qi Refinement Stage the last time they met

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but look at her junior brother again. The guy really hides his skills. He can raise a Qi Refinement Stage to the Foundation Establishment Stage in such a short time. It seems that she needs to make a time to ask him if she can have the method because if they can use this method, their young disciples can quickly advance to a higher level.

Isn't it all because of his master? He wants me to protect this big Radish Xin Yao smiled faintly [Big Radish = Womanizer].

Xin Yao temperament is very serene. In Limitless Palace, other than a few elders, people rarely see Xin Yao smile and she doesn't know why but when she is with Cheng Yu. She smiled a lot more, although it is a light smile

Protect him? Does Kunlun already know that Cheng Yu is still alive? Lan Ya was shocked.

You must know, Cheng Yu has now returned to the Gold Core Stage. According to his strength, he can kill any expert below Spirit Severing Stage. Seeing Xin Yao come, did Kunlun send an expert?

Kunlun did not send an expert but a more powerful sect did Xin Yao looked at Cheng Yu and said ill-humoredly.

This brat's strength is not high but the trouble he brings is higher than anything else. Kunlun's business has not yet been solved but now, the Mysterious Sky Sect, a sect which is as strong as their Limitless Palace has been provoked.

Hehe, this can not be blamed me, they are looking for their own death Cheng Yu said with a bitter smile. when Lan Ya broke through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, who would have thought that they would come to disturb him

A more powerful sect? Is it those people? Lan Ya was surprised and suddenly remembered the three Nascent Soul Stage experts.

No, they have been killed by me and there is another group now Cheng Yu naturally knows that the people that Lan Ya said are referring to Yi Feng's group.

There's another group? Are they more powerful than them? Lan Ya is not calm, although she knows that Cheng Yu has recovered to the Gold Core Stage. She didn't expect those three powerful people to be killed by Cheng Yu but now, even Xin Yao had to come so she is afraid that this new group of enemies has exceeded her imagination.

Well... Yes but they have already been dealt with by senior sister Cheng Yu smiled slightly, giving Lan Ya a reassuring look