Godly Student Chapter 546

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Mr. Xu, please don't speak irresponsibly, you obviously threatened me with money He Gang said in anger

Haha. Threaten you with money? You are really a group of snakes and rats. Cheng Yu was amused by this guy.

This... Young Master Yu. This is my fault. Please spare me and not punish me too severely, I will also take this guy back to the station to teach him a lesson He Gang was anxious..

Why do you want to arrest me? You surnamed He. I know that you bend the law and accept bribes. Xu Yaoming was angry. He spent money on this guy to take revenge for him but instead, he sides with the enemy, how can he not be irritated?

You are arrested for trying to bribe a policeman. Arrest him for me. He Gang knows what to do at this moment. Although the money won't be able to go into his pockets and he will have to turn it in, he can get out of trouble this way. He can also say that this guy deliberately tried to bribe him.

The only problem now is Cheng Yu. As long as Cheng Yu is willing to let him go today, everything will be alright.. If Cheng Yu doesn't want to let him go, his career will be coming to an end.

Cheng Yu is usually not interested in these backdoor deals. Such things happen everywhere every day and he can't control these.

But today, he is specially accompanying his senior sister to experience the secular world life. If it weren't for these guys, it would have been a good day so he is in a very bad mood.

What's more, this so-called Chief is clearly a guy who does not change. Taking advantage of the position to bend the law and get benefits. It was already kind of him to let him go last time but he still dares to do it

Call Director Wang. Cheng Yu is not interested in watching them continue to make trouble so he said to He Gang.

Young Master Yu. This is a misunderstanding. Please let me go this time. Hearing Cheng Yu's words. He Gang's face turned white. Cheng Yu's goal has become more obvious. He doesn't want to let him go.

He was supposed to be dismissed the last time but because his cousin is the wife Director Wang. Director Wang also saw that Cheng Yu did not care much about it so he secretly released He Gang.

But who would have thought that he would meet this young master like this. At this time, he hated this Xu Yaoming. If he didn't use money to temp hims. How could he come to support him?

Call him. Cheng Yu had no sympathy and said again.

Young Master Yu. You have a big heart, please let me go this time. I will be honest in the future. I will never do this again. Seeing Cheng Yu so determined. He Gang is also afraid and knelt in front of Cheng Yu.

This scene made everyone stunned. It made everyone wonder who this young man is. The captain of Yunhai's police station was so scared of him.

Even Xu Yaoming was shocked. Although the reaction of He Gang at the beginning made him feel that the young man in front of him is not normal. However, the simple two sentences actually pushed He Gang to this. Does this man have an unfathomable background?

Cheng Yu is also surprised, he did not expect this He Gang really kneel in front of so many people.

Get up Cheng Yu said faintly.

Hearing this, He Gang hurriedly got up and looked at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu looked at He Gang's eyes. There are regrets, fears, and concerns but also remorse.

Seeing that your attitude today is sincere. I will let you go again. However, If I find out that you are still accepting bribes and bullying others, the consequences will be severe. You better always remember it. Cheng Yu planned to let him go.

If it is an enemy from the cultivation world. Cheng Yu will definitely kill him but for these mortals. He doesn't want to do too much. If He Gang still doesn't change his ways, there will be no more mercy

Thank you, Young Master Yu. Thank you, Young Master Yu. I swear that I will definitely be an honest police officer in the future. Seeing that Cheng Yu intends to let him off, he felt elated and hurriedly pledged

Go. Take this guy away. Don't dirty my eyes. Cheng Yu looked at Xu Yaoming and said impatiently.

Yes. Yes. I will take him away now. He Gang was relieved.

Wait. It was at this time that Xin Yao has finally spoke as she slowly walked towards Xu Yaoming

You...what are you doing? Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him. At this time, he no longer felt that there is a goddess in front of him but a demon. He swallowed his saliva and said in fear

I said not to provoke me but I guess you forgot so I will make it so that you will never forget

Ahh. The moment Xin Yao's voice fell. Xu Yaoming screamed as he fell down to the ground as his hands turned soft.

Bam! The two bodyguards behind Xu Yaoming tried to do something but they were swept away by Xin Yao. The two men flew out strangely again, scaring everyone.

Compared to Cheng Yu, this women is even more terrifying. She is completely different from the gentle goddess they imagined.

Okay. You can take them away. Xin Yao said faintly, not paying attention to everyone's surprised looks as she left the scene

Remember what you said. If I catch you doing the same thing next time, your outcome will be worse than him. Cheng Yu looked at He Gang and smiled as he left with Xin Yao

He Gang looked at the three on the ground and can't help but gulp again as his legs turned soft.

Hey. Senior sister, you were really imposing a moment ago Sitting in the car. Cheng Yu looked at Xin Yao and smiled.

Humph. You are very kind. During your attack on Kunlun's Sect Gate, you were merciless as you massacred many masters. However, when you come to this world, you are basically a believer in Buddhism Xin Yao said sarcastically.

In the cultivation world. The Cheng Yu she saw is definitely not a soft-hearted person. Otherwise, he would not have killed so many experts of Kunlun. Just now, she thought that this guy would also deal with these guys but she didn't expect that he would let them go so easily.

Oh. If you stay in the secular world for a long time, you will know. This kind of thing can be encountered almost every day. If you are angry everyday because of this, there is no point in living here. Not to mention, they are mere mortals. I would rather hold in my anger and release it on Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect. Cheng Yu laughed and his eyes flashed with ruthlessness

Unless he can eliminate these two big forces, he can't live in peace

In this case, you should go back to the cultivation world with me. It is the place that truly belongs to you. Xin Yao is not willing to give up on persuading him.

Sister. I know that you are thinking of my wellbeing but do you know why we cultivate? Cheng Yu smiled.

Why? Naturally, it is in order to gain more strength. To obtain eternal life and become an existence that everyone looks up to. Hearing Cheng Yu's words. Xin Yao stared at him and said.

I know. Every cultivator wants to be an existence that overlooks the world but so what if you really stand at that peak? Even in the Immortal Realm, no one can really become an eternal being. After tens of thousands of years, they cannot evade death. Cheng Yu laughed.

The Immortal Realm? You have never been to the Immortal Realm. How do you know that the immortals can only live for tens of thousands of years? Xin Yao said inexplicably.

She knows that people in the cultivation world can live for thousands of years but after ascending into the Immortal Realm where everyone dreamt of. She doesn't know at all. She only knows that they will become an immortal and they will have a long lifespan but she doesn't know how long it is.

Hurhur. How could I have been to the Immortal Realm? Anyways, one thing I can tell you for sure is that they will die as well. Cheng Yu does not plan to say that he came from the Immortal Realm. At least when he left the Immortal Realm. No Immortal can live as long as the heavens and there has been no existence that doesn't die

Then why do you cultivate? Xin Yao does not plan to argue with him about how long the immortals can live. Instead, she asked curiously.

Me? I cultivate for my loved ones so that we can stay together for as long as possible Cheng Yu smiled.

With your talent. One day, you will ascend to the Immortal Realm. At that time, you will be separated from them.

Hurhur. That's not necessarily. No one can be sure that they will be able to ascend into the Immortal Realm. Even if I ascend, I will return to this world again. He has already thought about this question before. Before the ascent, he will try to make his woman and family have a good cultivation. This is why he wants to build the 36 mountains in the western suburbs.

Do they really deserve your love? Seeing Cheng Yu's serious look. Xin Yao said very unexpectedly.

In her opinion. Although the secular world women are beautiful but for people like them, the disparity is too big. Not to mention their long lifespan.

She also knows that Cheng Yu has improved the cultivation for several women but for him to do the same for everyone, this is impossible. At least her Limitless Palace isn't able to make everyone have a high cultivation

Of course they are worth it. Cultivation already goes against the heavens and maybe one day, even if we don't ascend to the Immortal Realm, we can also be stronger than the immortals and we can also have the same amount of lifespan. Cheng Yu said.