Godly Student Chapter 545

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Smelly woman, you dare to hit me? I will let you know the fate of offending me, grab her for me Xu Yaoming finally reacted, screaming and roaring

The two bodyguards suddenly showed a fierce face and went to grab Xin Yao

Bam! Bam! It was two loud slaps but this time, the two burly bodyguards were actually slapped by a woman who looked soft and weak. The two flew towards a shop behind them like in an Angry Bird game as they smashed open the glass of the shop, causing the employees to cry out in shock

There were more and more people looking at the scene but no one except the employees of the shop made a sound. They were really shocked by the goddess-like beauty in front of them.

They really don't understand why two such burly and robust bodyguards are so weak. Can it be that this goddess really has such great strength to be able to slap them so far? How much power does that slap contain? Can't these big masters do it? But this goddess looks very relaxed when she did it

Wow! A fierce woman. Fortunately, we didn't go forward or else we might end up worse than them, maybe we will fly directly on to the road Someone suddenly spoke.

Yeah, you can only stare at a goddess from after but if you want to be close, you won't meet a good end.

When being stunned, everyone began to talk again. When they saw Xu Yaoming being beaten, they only had one word in their hearts, and that was awesome

Why? Nothing else, they just don't like Xu Yaoming. When they see the way those two beautiful women look at him, they didn't feel well and they also heard many rumors regarding Xu Yaoming

For such a person, it is unknown how many people want to deal with him but unfortunately, they do not have the courage, at least they do not have a stronger background than him.

At this moment, Xu Yaoming was also stunned. Although his two bodyguards can't be considered experts, they would not have any problems if they dealt with these civilians.

But now, they were actually slapped in the face by weak looking woman. What kind of joke is this?

You two useless things, you can't even deal with a single woman Xu Yaoming roared.

The two bodyguards were also stunned. They didn't even see how they were hit. They only felt that their body was light as they were knocked backwards

Their face was swollen and their mouth was full of blood and although they were bewildered, seeing their employer angry, they did not care about their surprise and pain as they quickly got up

Damn woman. We wanted to leave you some face, but since you don't want to appreciate our kind gesture, don't blame us for being impolite The two bodyguards fiercely said and like a hungry tiger, they pounced towards Xin Yao

Seeing this scene, some onlookers couldn't endure and closed their eyes, afraid that their goddess is about to get beaten

Bam! Bam! But the scene everyone expected to see did not happen. They saw the man behind the goddess suddenly stood in front of her. Everyone thought that this man was going to suffer for her but there was another shocking scene.

The two burly men who had just pounced towards Xin Yao suddenly fell to the ground. Even Xu Yaoming and the two women on the side fell to the ground at the same time.

Everyone didn't understand what was going on but they saw panic from the faces of these five people. Their faces were pale and their heads were filled with cold sweat. The two women were also laying on the ground and only Xu Yaoming is still kneeling on the ground.

He seemed to want to stand up but he is unable to for some reason and he could only stubbornly kneel on the ground

Cheng Yu smiled lightly. This situation is naturally because of him. Just now, he released his Gold Core pressure upon the five

This is not to humiliate the five but to save them.

Because he had already felt the killing of his senior sister. He believed that as long as his senior sister attacked again, these few people would die but Cheng Yu naturally could not let her kill in the presence of so many people.

Although he and Xin Yao does not fear the secular world government, he does not want any trouble. After all, he will still live in secular life in the future and he does not want to leave a murderous impression on everyone

However, in the eyes of others, it is a real humiliation, especially Xu Yaoming who values his status very much. For him to kneel in front of this man and women, it is very humiliating to him

But what made him feel helpless is that this is not what he wants to do. He does not understand why there is an invisible pressure that is forcing him to kneel down

It is also because of this that even though he wants to stand up, he is unable to

I don't know who you are but there are some people that you can't provoke. You are lucky today because you met me; otherwise, you will be even more miserable. If you know what's good for you, leave. Otherwise, I can't guarantee what will happen to you Cheng Yu smiled and retracted his pressure

Hearing the smiling young man talk to him, Xu Yaoming had a heavy heart. He seemed to understand why he was pressured by the invisible pressure but how did this young man do it?

Xu Yaoming stood up and looked at Cheng Yu and looked at Xin Yao again. IN addition to those onlookers pointing at him and making sarcastic remarks, he was very angry

However, he knew that these two are not simple. When he was about to leave, he left down some ruthless words, I don't know who you are but since you dare to anger me, you will not have a good ending

However, when he saw Xin Yao's ice-cold look, he suddenly felt cold and immediately walked away

Those onlookers still wanted to stay and watch but when Xin Yao looked at them, many people shook their heads and left.

Why did you stop me just now? When all the people dispersed, Xin Yao looked dissatisfied as she looked at Cheng Yu.

This is also for the sake of senior sisters. Let's go out and play. You don't want to be troubled every day the next day. This secular world is different from the cultivation world. Killing people is illegal and although these people deserved to be killed, junior brother does not really wish to accompany senior sister all around the world Cheng Yu said with a smile.

So, if I kill people here, you can't stay here? Xin Yao suddenly smiled.

This smile really makes all men feel excited and all women envious

Oh, is senior sister going to use this method to force me to go to the cultivation world? Cheng Yu laughed.

You are smart, how do you feel about this method?

Not so good. If you force me to leave my wives, aren't you afraid that I will pester you? Cheng Yu smiled.

If you can beat, I don't mind

Senior sister, you mean, as long as I am stronger than you, you are willing to be my wife? This made Cheng Yu interested, whether it was his past life or present, Xin Yao is definitely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and for such a woman, Cheng Yu is really willing to make her his woman

You think too much. I just said that if you can beat me, I will give you a chance Xin Yao smiled and walked into the shop again, picking her favorite clothes.

Cheng Yu smiled and didn't care. He had seen Xin Yao's attitude towards the brothers and sisters in Limitless Palace. It is rare to see her smile in front of others so he definitely has a chance.

Isn't it just improving his cultivation? I have to take the time to eat the little white sheep and I can definitely break through to the late Gold Core Stage. Nine Golden Cores should also allow him to fight against Spirit Severing Stage experts

This dual cultivation method works the best when he uses it with someone for the first time. Although it has the same effect in the future, it is much slower. If he can try this dual cultivation method with this powerful senior sister, then the harvest he recieve will be absolutely unexpected.

However, things usually never go according to plans

Just as Xin Yao was enjoying the present shopping atmosphere, a guy who is not afraid of death suddenly appeared with a group of people.

Chief, it's him. There are two of them, they beat me in public and humiliated me, you must bring them back The person is Xu Yaoming but at this time, he is full of enthusiasm as he came alone with a few policeman as he pointed at Cheng Yu and Xin yao.

You... you... Young Master Yu? But at this time, the so-called Chief saw Cheng Yu's face and his face turned white as he trembled.

You came to arrest me? Cheng Yu recognized him. Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan got this guy go to Lin Yuhan's mother's stall to cause trouble. He thought that after that time, Director Wang would withdraw the guy but he did not expect this guy to still be a policeman

Moreover, this guy still dares to commit evil, it seems that he has already forgotten his lessons

No... I don't dare. I didn't know it was Young Master Yu, otherwise, I wouldn't have dared to trouble you. Young Master Yu has a big heart, I ask you to let me go He Gang is really scared, Cheng Yu's background is not small and even the Yunhai City Public Security Bureau's Chief Wei gave him support. This is really not someone he can provoke.

Listening to you, if it is not me, you can cause trouble for others? Cheng Yu said faintly.

No, no, Young Master Yu, I am sorry, this kid was deliberately tempting me. I will bring him back to the station now He Gang trembled and suddenly grabbed Xu Yaoming.

Chief He, you didn't say that when you received my money Xu Yaoming was also surprised. He did not expect this He Gang to side with Cheng Yu.

Mr. Xu, please don't speak irresponsibly, you obviously threatened me with money He Gang said in anger