Godly Student Chapter 544

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Walking on the modern urban streets, Xin Yao, who is in the early Spirit Severing Stage is nervous. This tension has nothing to do with strength.

A strong person, coming to a strange world always has an unspeakable tension which is the self-instinct of coming to an unknown world.

The voices of countless men and women around her could naturally be heard by her. In the Cultivation Realm, she is rarely seen and in Limitless Palace, she usually wears a veil.

For these people's reaction, she naturally does not care. Even in Limitless Palace, many disciples who see her has such reactions.

But what made her unaccustomed is the eyes of these people. Their eyes are so straightforward and so eager, as if they can't wait to swallow her whole. In the Cultivation World, no one dares to stare at a Spirit Severing Stage expert like this. This is really ignorant and fearless

Senior sister, the secular world is like this. Although they don't have strong strength, they dare to do almost anything. You are so beautiful, forget about these ordinary people, even your junior brother is attracted to you so you don't have to care about them too much Cheng Yu said with a smile.

You are also attracted? You dare to say it? If my guess is correct, you don't want to go back to the Cultivation World because of your many women Xin Yao sneered

Uhh... Senior sister is very sharpe, I really can't hide anything from you Cheng Yu chuckled but didn't care much about it.

Where are you going to take me?

He he, in the secular world, they have a saying. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Although the sister's peerless face is really easy to attract these people but your attire can also easily attract the attention of others. You don't want others to always stare at you like this so I will take you to buy some modern clothes Cheng Yu laughed.

When she heard Cheng Yu's words, she didn't say much. She really didn't like others to stare at her and when she saw the clothes of these women, she really wanted to give it a try

However, it may be because they were shocked by the beauty of Xin Yao. Many people were constantly taking pictures. Such beautiful women can't be met. Maybe after seeing them, they will not see them again until the next life so taking pictures is also a good way for them to see the beautiful women.

God! When someone photographed the side of Xin Yao, someone suddenly exclaimed

What's wrong? The companion of the person who exclaimed puzzledly said.

Do you see this woman, doesn't she almost looks like one of the phenomenons that has been going viral? The man said with a trembling voice.

This... she does look very similar to listening to you. Take out the pictures so we can compare The man was also amazed.

Look, they are really alike The man quickly found one of the pictures on his phone, although the figure was very vague, the appearance of the figure radiated a strong light. Everyone can still see that this figure is wearing a white dress, and the white fluttering dress is really similar to Xin Yao at this time

Goddess, Goddess, this woman must be a real goddess, only a goddess has such beauty and temperament The man's friend also said with some excitement.

Go, let's ask if she is a goddess The man with the phone excitedly said.

Haha, I think you just want to use excuses to talk to others. Your excuse is so bad. Don't you see the man besides her? Look at the car he is driving, don't bother trying to talk to her, it will most likely backfire on you Someone around them heard their words and laughed loudly.

Haha, also, if she is really a goddess then as an ordinary person. If you dare to go up and talk, you are embarrassing yourself.

Yeah, man, you should have some self-knowledge. It's fine to look at beauties but they are not someone like us can have Everyone laughed and said, not knowing whether it due to their good intentions or contempt.

The faces of the two men turned ugly but they do agree with what these people said

To be honest, whether there is a god or not in this world. If you go up and talk to someone, you might be humiliated and it is really shameful.

However, there are people who often acts recklessly

Cheng Yu took Xin Yao to pick clothes in a famous shop. The appearance of Xin Yao made everyone in the famous shop marvel at the fact that there are such beautiful people in the world

At this time, a good-looking man who is very well-dressed walked over to the two but the man is not alone.

In his arms, he held two beautiful women who are very beautiful and dressed up. He is followed by two men in suits behind him. Look at them, they should be the man's bodyguards

This lady, allow me to introduce myself. I am Xu Yaoming, the advertising director of South China Region of Shenghuang Media Group Co., Ltd. Young lady beauty really shames the moon and flowers and addition to young lady's dress, young lady is simply a goddess on Earth

I don't know if young lady is interested in joining Shenghuang Media. I promise that after joining our company, you will become the most dazzling star in China. When the man walked in front of Xin Yao, he let go of the two women in his arms and took out a business card from his chest. He was very polite and reached out to Xin Yao.

Wow! This young man turned out to be the regional director of Shenghuang Media. He really has a lot of money and his future is limitless

Yeah, Shenghuang Media is the largest entertainment industry group in China. Almost every in China comes from there. I heard that even if the person who they selected don't have the skills. They can also make them become famous stars in China, I envy this woman

This beautiful woman is so beautiful, why would they have to train her? If she wants to be famous, it will be easy. I think this man is clearly has ulterior motives

I see that you are clearly envious of her. Look at her beauty, inviting her to Shenghuang Media is clearly because of his good intentions

Your wrong, it is the entertainment circle, who there is clean. Look at the two women around the man. At first glance, I already know they want to flatter the director. The people who have been trained by them also has the same look

Look at this beauty, not only does she have a peerless face, but also that temperament. Who does not want such a beautiful girl, this man is not a good thing at first glance. We don't know how many such women have been harmed in order to get into their position. If this woman enters their company, it is the same as sheep going into a tiger's mouth.

Seeing Xu Yaoming's invitation, everyone talked about it. There are envious and jealous glares but there are many who fought for injustices. They just don't want such beautiful women to enter the entertainment circle and be polluted by those shameless people. This is their goddess, they naturally want her to keep being aloof and not be intimate with any man

After hearing so many people demeaning him, Xu Yaoming was already upset but the woman in front of him is so beautiful. He really wanted to get what he wanted from this beautiful woman through his position.

For Cheng Yu, he has encountered this too much already. For other women, he would need to personally handle the situation but regarding his senior sister, she can easily suppress these people so he can just stand back and watch the show

Get lost Sure enough, Xin Yao did not look at the business card of Xu Yaoming's hand, let alone pick it up and coldly said.

This... this lady, you must not listen to these people nonsense, our Shenghuang Media is not only the largest media company in China but is also the most standardized media company. There will never be such a situation that they said. I sincerely hope that Miss can show your beauty to the whole world Although Xu Yaoming thought of a possibility that this beauty will reject him, he did not expect she would be so unkind.

Although he is angry but in order to bring her into the company, he endured. While still smiling, he sincerely invited once again

I will say it again, get lost before I get angry Xin Yao said again.

This lady, I hope that you can think about it again, this is a rare opportunity, others can not casually join our company. I also sincerely invite you, I hope you can not only give me a chance but also give yourself a chance Although Xu Yaoming is not at a very high position, he is definitely very powerful in the entertainment industry.

As a star, what is most important is training, advertising and publicity. As an advertising director, he is exactly what every star needs so many stars are very polite in front of him and it is precisely because of this that there are many beautiful actresses who would even take the initiative to ask for his help. Moreover, no woman has ever dared to speak to him like this. He is really angry with Xin Yao's attitude but the more he is, the more he wants her to join the company because only in this way can she be able to be taken advantage of it, otherwise, everything would be in vain.

Bam! At this time, an unexpected scene happened in front of everyone. The famous man in the entertainment industry was slap in the face by this beautiful woman

Everyone was stunned, including Xu Yaoming and the two women around him. Even the two bodyguards behind him couldn't believe it. She looked like a weak, pure and beautiful woman but she is so decisive and immediately hit him

Smelly woman, you dare to hit me? I will let you know the fate of offending me, grab her for me Xu Yaoming finally reacted, screaming and roaring