Godly Student Chapter 543

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The phenomenon of Yunhai has set off a controversial trend on the Internet. Countless people have participated in this topic and even attracted official attention. Some experts have specially analyzed and identified the photos of the phenomenon that was published. They found that these photos were not processed, but the original.

However, this identification result came out, making the phenomenon even more mysterious but many people still did not believe that, causing the debate on the Internet to still be so fierce.

There are a lot of curious people who went to Yunhai to see the ruins. They hoped that they can really see the gods or find evidence that the gods really exist. It would be better if they could find the treasure left by the gods.

Hence, the half-mountain that was originally razed to the ground is suddenly regarded as a tourist destination

Although this incident caused quite a lot of sensation, Cheng Yu and Xin Yao, the initiators of this incident were not interested in these

At this point, the expressions of Cheng Yu and Xin Yao can be said to be somewhat heavy. After all, they are people that the Mysterious Sky Sect sent, especially Yi Jian, or the head disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect.

In fact, this head disciple does not mean that Yi Jian is the most powerful junior in the Mysterious Sky Sect. Hidden sects like the Mysterious Sky Sect naturally cannot have only one Spirit Severing Stage junior disciple.

However, among the juniors disciples, once a disciple becomes a Gold Core Stage, they will become a core disciple. When they reach the Nascent Soul Stage,, they will become a true disciple of an elder of their sect. As for a Spirit Severing Stage, they will become elders of the sect.

There are many elders in these sects but there are only a few elders who have extremely high combat prowers and those elders are the core elders.

It is a glory for these disciples to become elders because there are many advantages to becoming an elder. They have many resources for cultivation, privileges and they have much more free time compared to the disciples.

The reason why Yi Jian is the head disciple is because the previous head disciple have already broken through to the Spirit Severing Stage before him.

After breaking through to the Spirit Severing Stage, it is reasonable to say that he is already an elder of the Mysterious Sky Sect so the position of head disciple will fall onto the junior brother behind him.

Now that Cheng Yu and Xin Yao kill them. It does not matter whether Yi Jian is the head disciple or an elder of the Mysterious Sky Sect. They will definitely send someone to deal with Cheng Yu.

Senior sister, since we killed Yi Jian and his fellow disciples this time, will it bring trouble to Limitless Palace? Cheng Yu said.

Although they wanted to kill them but now that they have actually been killed, they have to consider the existence of the Mysterious Sky Sect

Humph, this is not your fault. I should have made you stay in Limitless Palace, otherwise, how could this have happened? Although Xin Yao did not know the truth, but she knows better. Since the Mysterious Sky Sect has already intended to deal with Cheng Yu, the result would still be the same even if they didn't kill those Mysterious Sky Sect's disciples.

Because even if they don't want to be enemies with the Mysterious Sky Sect, the Mysterious Sky Sect must punish Cheng Yu but how can Limitless Palace allow the Mysterious Sky Sect to punish Cheng Yu? She would have not been sent to the secular to protect him otherwise.

Hey, senior sister, since things have already developed this much, then we should not care so much. If they dare to come, I will not let them leave Cheng Yu sneered.

Fool, if they send an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage, we won't be able to deal with it at all. You should come back to Limitless Palace with me, the Mysterious Sky Sect can't touch you if your in our Limitless Palace Xin Yao said.

Does senior sister want to make me a turtle? Limitless Palace can protect me but I can't stay in the Limitless Palace for a lifetime. I won't go back to Limitless Palace, at least not now Cheng Yu said.

The Mysterious Sky Sect is indeed a huge threat for Cheng Yu but the Mysterious Sky Sect has not yet forced him to this position. The Mysterious Sky Sect has indeed suffered a heavy loss but they will not send people so blindly. At least he will not be in danger for the time being.

During this time, he should be able to improve his strength by dual cultivation. This method can really improve his strength, but it is impossible for him to just go find any women to dual cultivate with

He has to dual cultivate with a few women he likes, not only for himself but also for them. If they can break through to the Foundation Establishment stage, with all the medicinal herbs that he has, he believes that it is not impossible for them to break through to the Gold Core Stage soon

There are many medicinal herbs on Cheng Yu but those are used to assist in cultivation. They cannot directly improve the cultivation. If you want to improve directly, you must use a True Yuan Pill and Spirit Yuan Pill.

These pills are very precious and although Cheng Yu is able to refine it, he has no materials. He also did not obtain many of these medicinal herbs from Holy City.

Cheng Yu used a lot when he was in the Gold Core and but at that time, he continuously failed to break through so he didn't dare to use it anymore. He even used the Spirit Yuan Pill which is supposed to make him improve quickly. Although it did allow him to improve quickly, it won't be useful when he tries to break through to a higher realm.

At least according to his own estimation, even if he is used it all, he will not break through to the Spirit Severing Stage. However, for others, these medicinal herbs are treasures. Cheng Yu believe that it will be easy for them to break through to the Gold Core Stage.

Other than this method, Cheng Yu can't think of any other way for them to break through to the Gold Core Stage but it is not easy for them to refine these pills. After Lan Ya successfully broke through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, Cheng Yu has given her some True Yuan Pill to slowly refine because her talent is good. [TN: If you forgot, she broke through already before she dual cultivated with Cheng Yu]

However, for several of his women, it is not impossible for them to refine these medicinal pills but it is too wasteful. If they can only absorb 30% of the medicinal pill. It is impossible for him to accept it unless they also break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, otherwise, Cheng Yu will not give the medicinal pills to them


You are not afraid that they will send an expert to kill you? Xin Yao said with some anger.

He does not appreciate her good intentions of taking him back to the Cultivation World for his safety made her dissatisfied

Senior sister, don't be angry. These Mysterious Sky Sect people are not fools. This time, they sent such a strong lineup to deal with me, thinking that I will be easily dealt with. Since their experts can't go back anymore, what would they think? I believe that they will think we also have strong helpers. At this time, they will not deal with me so quickly! Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Humph, this is just your guess. What if they really send an expert? The safest place is still at Limitless Palace Xin Yao said.

Cheng Yu's words made sense but in many cases but unexpected things can happen. After finding out that their head disciple is head, they may not be able to endure and will immediately send out stronger experts to deal with them

Senior sister, don't say this, it is not easy for you to come to the secular world. I will take you out to go shopping and let you look at the wisdom and power of the so-called mortals with your own eyes Cheng Yu did not care and said to Xin Yao with a smile

When she heard Cheng Yu's words, Xin Yao really did want to explore the mortal world. For the various facilities in Cheng Yu's luxury villa, she already admires the mortals in this secular world. They are able to create things that are able to bring a lot of convenience and enjoyment to people's lives.

For example, this electricity thing. There is no need for fire in order to light a house or to cook and she is also amazed by this object called a TV.

Even if she doesn't go out, she can see the magical scenery around the world. It's amazing


Sitting on Cheng Yu's sports car, the Mercedes-Benz is going fast on the road. Although this speed is much slower compared to them flying, it has to be said that sitting down here is really very comfortable.

Looking at the men and women dressed outside, Xin Yao finally learned why Lan Ya dressed so skimpily at the time. The secular world people dress so little.

Even if the weather is getting colder now, the girls on the street are still wearing skirts or shorts with black stockings. However, she has to say that they are very sexy and attractive.

There is also such a high and outrageous building. When it comes to its sturdiness, it is much worse compared to their architecture of their Cultivation World. She can let it fall down with a single palm, but for these mortals to create such a building, it is not easy

Xin Yao is currently wearing a robe, causing many people to look at her. After all, in the secular world, not many people wear robes like Xin Yao around the city.

Of all the women Cheng Yu has seen, Xin Yao is the prettiest. Even if it is Lan Ya or Han Xue, they are a bit worse than Xin Yao. Especially because Xin Yao has a high cultivation, her temperament is indifferent to everything. This kind of temperament is simply like a goddess.

Although Xin Yao's clothes are weird, her beauty will attract the jealousy of many women and the admiration of many men

Therefore, now that Cheng Yu came to the Wanfu Square Pedestrian Street in Yunhai with Xin Yao, everyone, regardless of gender is staring at Xin Yao.

Although Cheng Yu is handsome and he has always been able to make many beautiful women look at him but standing next front of Xin Yao, his light has long been concealed by Xin Yao.

The women envied her appearance and the men were excited. The men looked at Cheng Yu with eyes full of jealousy and hate, how can such a beautiful woman be with Cheng Yu, she should be the goddess in the sky and should not belong to any man

God. I really saw a goddess. I dare say that she is the woman I dreamt of in my dream, my goddess

The world really has a goddess, this is the real goddess. Goddess, My goddess!