Godly Student Chapter 542

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The reason why Cheng Yu did not kill them but to collect them into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is not because he wants to see how the Mysterious Sky Sect will deal with him but because they are experts

These four are all experts at the Nascent Soul Stage and their Nascent Soul has great benefits for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda used to be a quasi-immortal weapon, and their Nascent Souls can help nourish it.

As a quasi-immortal weapon, although Cheng Yu isn't able to restore it to it's glory in the past but Nascent Souls are the best tonic for Soul Suppressing Pagoda, not only can enhance its ability to suppress the enemy, but it can also enhance the ability to help improve his cultivation. How can Cheng Yu not want such a good material?

Although the current Soul Suppressing Pagoda is powerful, it is still far from being strong enough to directly suppress an existence at the late Nascent Soul Stage. It can't even instantly suppress a mid Nascent Soul Stage but it's suppression on a mid Nascent Soul Stage is very large.

When a late Nascent Soul Stage expert is suppressed, their Nascent Soul in their body rose slowly but for the mid Nascent Soul Stage experts,, the suction force is great. Even if they suppressed their Nascent Soul, it's speed is very fast. Compared to when he was at the Kunlun Sect's Gate, the suction force of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is greater

The reason the Soul Suppressing Pagoda became more powerful is because it had refined the Nascent Souls from Kunlun's experts. As of right now, he has the Nascent Souls of Yi Feng's group of three and there is also this group of four. He also has a Primordial Soul from a ghost cultivator. If all of them are refined, Cheng Yu will be able to fight many Nascent Soul Stage experts without a sweat

Damn. You dare to kill my Mysterious Sky Sect disciples, you will regret it Seeing that his five junior brothers and sisters were all killed by Cheng Yu, Yi Jian was furious

Humph, whether our Limitless Palace will regret it or not does not concern you. What you should be concerned about is yourself Xin Yao did not think that the situation would have changed so quickly. However, she really admires this junior brother of hers. Although he does not have a high cultivation, he has many tricks up his sleeve.

Due to my injuries, you have become arrogant but even so, if you want to kill me, you must be daydreaming Yi Jian sneered.

The sword in his hand was getting faster and faster. Everytime he slashed with his sword, it sounded as if the void is being cut. Although Yi Jian's sword techniques does not seem powerful, Xin Yao does not dare to take it head on

The battle between the two is intense, just one sword strike from Yi Jian is enough to almost slash open a void. Even the Soul Suppressing Pagoda would not be very useful in this situation

However, if one really wanted to slash open a void, they must at least be at the Great Ascension Stage but Xin Yao does not dare to underestimate him because the moment she gets hit by the sword slash, it will severely injure her

Yin-Yang sword! Xin Yao's aura suddenly exploded, her body suddenly disappeared and she reappeared more than a hundred meters away

Xin Yao's sword swayed in her hand and a huge Taiji appeared in the sky. The imposing aura it emitted is as comparable to the heavens. The Taiji constantly rotated and suddenly, a lot of black and white swords started to appear. [TN: Symbol of Yin and Yang]

Looking at the Taiji in the sky, Yi Jian's face became a little scared. Such a large-scale attack is not something he can escape from. The only thing he can do is to try to stop it

Profound Firmament Slash Yi Jian shouted, he rose the sword in his hand and slashed out. The moment he slashed out, a black sword slash appeared, rushing towards the Taiji

Such a powerful move Cheng Yu has already escaped hundreds of meters away from Xin Yao and Yi Jian with Shi Ji and Huo Yu as he watched them fight from afar. 'Fortunately, I came here before the fight started. Otherwise, if we fought in my villa area, I am afraid that the whole world will have an uproar and it won't be good for me.'


After the sword slash hit the Taiji, a huge explosion that lit up the night sky happened, causing endless dust to fly about and the True Qi from the explosion is also constantly rushing about. Shi Ji also had to go to the front of Cheng Yu to protect him from the aftershock.

Cheng Yu can clearly see ruins of the mountains and forests under his feet. The entire place is now barren and this place will likely not harbor any life anymore

Although they weren't visible anymore but Cheng Yu's spiritual sense is still locked onto the place where they last were and tried to find them, especially Yi Jian. He can not let such an enemy escape, as long as the Yi Jian try to flee, he will immediately try to stop him

However, at this time, he even wanted to know how the two were and when the dust and smoke disappeared, Cheng Yu finally saw the situation on the battlefield.

A girl in white fluttering stood still in the air, Although there are dust still in the sky, her robe is still spotless. The man is already lying on the ground, his eyes were looking at the sky as his body kept twitching and his blood constantly kept pouring out from his mouth

Cheng Yu did not hesitate and quickly stored Yi Jian into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and this time, Xin Yao has came down from the sky

Senior sister, how are you? Seeing Xin Yao's face pale and her mouth full of blood, Cheng Yu became nervous.

I'm fine, it's just a small injury. This Yi Jian is a senior disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect for no reason. Although he was previously injured but his power is still so amazing. If not for his earlier injuries, I am afraid that I would have either died or suffered from a serious injury Xin Yao said.

Don't talk anymore, let's leave here first. Such a big commotion should have alarmed a lot of people Cheng Yu said and then returned to his villa with Xin Yao.

Seeing Cheng Yu's villa, Xin Yao was surprised. However, at this time, the most important thing is to recover from her injury. Although it is not serious, it is not a good idea to just leave it be. With the help of Cheng Yu's divine water, she recovered after two hours


The next day, Yunhai Daily New appeared with a big scoop

'Last night, there was a huge bang in a mountain south of Yunhai that resulted in the night sky being lit. Earlier this morning, some people went up the mountain and found that the original dense forest is gone. Large areas of trees and flowers have vanished and it is completely barren'

'Even more shocking is that the entire hill has disappeared and it is now a flat land. There are also pits everywhere'

Looking at the ruin-like picture on the Internet, an uproar once again happened

This is too horrible. So many big pits and not a single leaf around the entire hill can be found. This is a missile attack

In my opinion, this is clearly due to a meteorite

Talk less nonsense, if it is due to a meteorite, where are the rocks? This is clearly a natural disaster

I wonder why there are always so many strange things happening in Yunhai. Before this, there are thirty-six mountains that came from the sky for no reason. Now a whole hill is missing and the scene is like a battlefield. Are aliens building a base Yunhai?

Yunhai City has been experiencing a series of strange incidents and everyone is doing all kinds of speculation

However, as everyone was speculating on what happened, a blogger called 'To pick up the eggs and watch the world' suddenly published a number of pictures about last night

In those pictures, there are many phenomenons. Some appeared to look like dragons, red birds, a hundred meter long sword, and a huge Taiji. Some of the shapes were taken by itself and some of them are taken together. There are also a few pictures showing the shadow of the person. Although it is very vague, there are shadows of people in it

According to the author of the picture, he himself is an astrologist enthusiast. He accidentally discovered this scene when he watched the night sky last night so he took it in joy and excitement.

These figures appeared last night in the southern part of Yunhai City right above the destroyed hill. These pictures are also accompanied by strong loud noises and explosions

According to the image he saw in the telescope, it seems that someone is fighting but even if his telescope quality is not bad, they have not been able to see the scenes and could have only seen shapes

The author also seriously stated that these photos are absolutely true, and none of them are processed

God! What is this? Is the shadow above really a human? Is it true that these dazzling phenomenons are made by these people?

It seems to be really human but how come these people seem to be in the air? Are these just projections of certain objects?

I don't think this is a human's work. They are gods, otherwise, how else would such magical phenomenon

Nonsense, this photo is clearly processed. These traces are too rough, how can people fly in the sky, if there are gods in this world, we would have already seen them, why wait until now

Yes, this photo is definitely processed. Didn't such phenomenons happen in Beijing some time ago? The result is that it was a processed image so I believe this picture is also processed

The last two comments are made by pigs. The author has specifically said that this photo is not processed. Besides, if the photo is really processed, how can the ruins be explained?

You braindead fool, if there really is a god. Why don't you bring one for us to take a look at?

You're the one without a brain. If the gods can really be caught, they wouldn't be called gods. If I am a god, the first thing I would do is to extinguish your pig brain

Numerous people have made comments. One side believed in the authenticity of the photo and one side doubted the authenticity of the photo. As a result, both sides confronted each other, allowing the spectators to enjoy the drama