Godly Student Chapter 541

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Oh, do you really think that you can capture me? I wonder where your confidence come from? Hearing the several peoples cynical remarks, Cheng Yu stood up like nothing. His momentum broke out again and there is no sign of any injuries

The five Nascent Soul Stage experts looked at Cheng Yu with eyes full of disbelief. Cheng Yu, who had just been seriously injured stood up intact right at this moment. Although his clothes are ruined and full of blood, his facial expression is very good

When Xin Yao saw Cheng Yu gave her a reassuring look, she was relieved. She knew that Cheng Yu was a man of many means. Although she didn't know how he will deal with five Nascent Soul Stage experts, at least it is definitely okay now so he can fight Yi Jian without much worry

Humph! Even if you recovered from your injury, what about it? In the face of the five of us, you will definitely be exhausted and you will eventually die Yi Hai said.

Although he was shocked in his heart, he did not believe that Cheng Yu would be really okay. Even if he really recovered, he would still be exhausted to death by fighting against five of them

Although the five of them were injured by Xin Yao just now but a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse and five people are enough to deal with Cheng Yu.

Oh, you can try it Cheng Yu smiled coldly, held the Green God's Awakening in his hand and a dazzling light started to appear. The dazzling light let out one ripple after another with Cheng Yu in the center of it all

Something's wrong! The Five Nascent Soul experts suddenly felt something was wrong, their face changed and quickly flew up.

At this time, all the plants on the ground were lively and countless green vines broke out. Everyone looked at the ground and was overwhelmed as all the green vines were coming to them. It is like a huge octopus, with numerous tentacles sticking out to them.

Although the five are entangled in this green vine, their cultivation is not low so they cut them down with their swords with each slash. However, these vines are not as easy to deal with as they think, even if they are cut off, their will immediately regrow again and continue to attack them

Damn, What is this Yi Zhong was angry but he had to slash these strange vines; otherwise, he would be entangled by these vines and finally suffocate and die

Cheng Yu also did not waste any time, he threw the divine water to Shi Ji and Huo Yu in order for them to recover. Although these five have been injured, it is impossible for him to kill them all with his own strength.

Now that both sides have already torn all pretence, he must not let them go. Although he can release Gui San to kill them all but Xin Yao is here. This is no small matter, at least for the time being, he is not ready to let her know about it.

While waiting for Shi Ji and Huo Yu to recover, Cheng Yu also launched an attack on them. The time limit of the Green God's Awakening is very limited and they could only entangle with them for a while. When the time limit passed, he would have to face the attack of five Nascent Soul experts alone.

Therefore, Cheng Yu did not hesitate, and he sent out the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to lock onto the mid Nascent Soul Stage female disciple who was the weakest among the five of them.

At this moment, Cheng Yu does not have any pity on destroying a flower, whoever is the enemy, he will kill

However, they are indeed prepared. They have already learned about Cheng Yu's magic treasure. When the Soul Suppressing pagoda locked onto the female disciple, she immediately took out the defensive talisman

However, Cheng Yu knew that this would be the result and he does not plan to let her use it. Just as the female disciple took out the talisman, Cheng Yu shot out towards the talisman

Damn! The female disciples talisman was shattered and her face instantly became pale. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda was shining golden light above her head, causing her Nascent Soul within her body to move upwards

Junior sister, hold on When the others saw that their junior sister is in trouble, they hurriedly cut the vines and tried to rush towards her

Hump, You want to save her? It's too late Cheng Yu sneered, and a sword slashed towards the female disciple.

Ahhh! Looking at the sword that rushed over quickly, the female disciple couldn't stop it in time and was hit by the sword slash. She could no longer suppress her Nascent Soul and screamed as it was sucked away by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Her body was soon entangled by the green vine and torn into pieces

Junior sister! You Beast, I must kill you Seeing this scene, the other four Nascent Soul Stage experts eyes were blood red and looked angrily at Cheng Yu.

Moreover, at this moment, the time limit of the Green God's Awakening finally arrived. All the vines immediately retreated back to the ground, disappearing without a trace, as if it was all a hallucination.

The True Qi of the four are billowing and it rushed towards Cheng Yu. The combine True Qi of four Nascent Soul Stage experts is not a joke, Cheng Yu did not dare to take it lightly and quickly retreated.

However, the four are angry at this time, and they will not let Cheng Yu escape easily. The sky is full of Sword Qi's as it rampaged about. Whether it is in the sky or underground, it is hit by the Sword Qi. Cheng Yu is passively resisting the attack of four but the four is attacking even more fiercely and everytime they attack, it would become more and more powerful

After resisting dozens of Sword Qi, Cheng Yu finally couldn't resist it and fell to the ground

Northern Heaven's Sword Yi Hai has already stood behind the other three to make a big move. As soon as he found traces of Cheng Yu's whereabouts, he immediately used his martial technique and soon, a giant sword fell from the sky

Not good! Xin Yao, who is preparing to kill Yi Jian saw that Cheng Yu is in danger again. She wanted to help, but at this time, Yi Jian stopped her so she is unable to help Cheng Yu resist the sword strike

Whiz! However, although Xin Yao can't go help him, it doesn't mean that others can't. Although Shi Ji is seriously injured by the giant shadow and because she is a demon beast, her recovery rate is slower but it is still possible to help Cheng Yu resist this blow.

A snake-shaped sword in her hand released a strong Sword Qi and quickly shot at the giant sword in the sky. It is a low grade Soul Tool that Cheng Yu gave her.

Boom! An explosion occurred after the Sword Qi hit the giant sword, causing the night sky to be brightly lit, as if it is the sun during the daytime

When Cheng Yu saw the situation, his became anxious as he stood on the ground watching the distant. Although Xin Yao is occupying the upper hand, Yi Jian is very slippery and in order to be able to help him, it is necessary for Xin Yao to kill Yi Jian but it will take some time. He knows that it is impossible for Xin Yao to help him.

Because Shi Ji just took over for him, the injury that she has just recovered became even more serious but Huo Yu is okay and has already flown to his side

Cheng Yu stared at the four people in the sky. There are three late Nascent Soul Stage and two mid Nascent Soul Stage. Although one has already been killed by him, this lineup is still the strongest lineup he has faced before.

Even when he faced against Yi Feng's group, they were only two late Nascent Soul Stage and one mid Nascent Soul Stage. With Cheng Yu's current strength, it is impossible to kill two people at the same time. In order to kill them, Huo Yu will have to take on three

However, although Huo Yu's defence is strong but if she has to face the three late Nascent Soul Stage experts, the pressure she will face will be greater than his and he can not let Huo Yu die

Thinking of this, Cheng Yu can only try kill one in a short time; otherwise, Huo Yu will certainly handle the pressure of three late Nascent Soul Stage experts. Thinking of this, Cheng Yu thought of a plan and told Huo Yu. They soon began to form True Qi around their body

Not good, this guy is planning something, kill him! Yi Zhong looked at Cheng Yu's and his face changed. He shouted loudly and took the lead to Cheng Yu.

However, at this time, the Huo Yu suddenly rushed over, spread her wings and tornadoes flew out one by one but the four did not try to dodge it and even directly ignored these tornadoes and directly attacked Huo Yu

Seeing this, Huo Yu used her wings as a shield and spat our fireballs towards them

What? The four had dismissed the fireball but as soon as the fireball got close to them, their defense started to melt. The four were shocked and did not dare to go near it anymore and turned back

Six dragons go out to sea At this time, Cheng Yu roared and six dragon shadows quickly formed and rushed toward the four

Run When they saw this scene, the four did not dare to resist it and they each ran

Whiz! The scene of the six dragon shadows flying in the air is even more domineering spectacular than the previous twin dragon shadows so it is definitely more powerful. The four began to panic, they have already felt the powerful aura of these dragon shadow

These six dragon shadows are like a tracking missile as they directly rushed toward the four


Ah! A pitiful scream resounded out as the six dragon shadows hit the four. After being hit, the six dragon shadows immediately exploded, causing the four to fall to the ground

Cheng Yu's face was a little pale but he did not hesitate, flying quickly to the four falling down. Sure enough, these four did not die but they are badly injured, at least, they have no more fighting strength

Don't kill me. Cheng Yu, don't kill me. All of this is a misunderstanding Seeing Cheng Yu come over, Yi Hai no longer had the pride before and looked at Cheng Yu in terror.

Humph. Do you think that is possible? Cheng Yu sneered.

Cheng Yu, you can't kill us. If you kill us, our Mysterious Sky Sect will not let you go! At this time, Yi Zhong also said.

Haha, this time, you dare to threaten me. However, you can rest assured, I really will not kill you Cheng Yu laughed.

Really? Than are you going to let us go> One of the people who could not believe it said.

Didn't you say that the Mysterious Sky Sect will not let me go? Well then, I'll let you see what I think about the Mysterious Sky Sect Cheng Yu did not speak any nonsense and directly called out the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to absorb them

Cheng Yu, you will die a dog's death Seeing this, Yi Hai was angry and afraid as he screamed due to being absorbed into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda