Godly Student Chapter 536

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In the Holy City, not everyone has Three Golden Cores because even with the bloodline of the Holy City, you may not be able to cultivate this set of cultivation technique because it depends on the purity of the bloodline. You should know that Six Golden Cores is only owned by the Lord of the Holy City and the Three Golden Cores are owned by the four guardian palaces Soul Suppressor said

So the bloodlines of everyone except the higher ups in the Holy City is completely useless? The Lord of the Holy City and the four main palaces have several Golden Cores but only they have multiple Golden Cores, it's a bit of a surprise to him.

If only this noble bloodline allows people to have multiple Golden Cores, then the rest are basically not special so becoming a descendent of a normal person form the Holy City is useless

You're wrong, the people who have the blood of the Holy City are very talented. The speed of anyone who cultivates is very fast. Even if they don't really have the talent for cultivation, they are still stronger than any other ordinary person and live longer. People who have the blood of the Holy City have at least five hundred years of lifespan Soul Suppressor said

What? Ordinary people have a life span of five hundred years? Cheng Yu was shocked.

This really shocked him. In the past, he also encountered people with special bloodlines but those people are extremely talented in cultivation. These people are usually able to achieve the ability to fight.

But he has never seen or heard of an ordinary person who has a special bloodline like this and these ordinary people still have a lifespan of five hundred years, which is equivalent to the life of a Gold Core Stage expert

Yes, if you add medicinal aids, you will have a lifespan of seven or eight hundred years old. It is precisely because of this that the Holy City was called the most desirable place and the most sacred place. Everyone who can't cultivate wants to be able to live as long as the people of the Holy City Soul Suppressor said.

This... is not right. If they really are like you said, then shouldn't the elders of my Cheng family not have a very long life? After Cheng Yu was shocked, he suddenly found a place that did not match.

You said is correct, this is what I wanted to tell you, you... you may not be from the Cheng family Soul Suppressor said.

This is also why Soul Suppressor wants to tell him this secret. This matter has been in his heart for a long time. The time is not ripe yet but after encountering Sheng Long in the Dark Nether Realm, he felt that he should let him know some things about the Holy City. Things have happened, at least Soul Suppressor has long seen that Cheng Yu is extraordinary and even has a very astonishing possibility of....

This... Cheng Yu was silent because he knew the meaning of Soul Suppressor. Soul Suppressor suspects that he is not from the Cheng family but he did not know what to say about it.

He is not from the Cheng family, at least his soul is not. As for his body, he does not know. However if his body is a Cheng family member, then the problem lies in his soul. Is this soul really from the Holy City? However, his parents did not live long.

Cheng Yu is confused.

Maybe, you are not of the same bloodline as the Holy City At this time, Soul Suppressor once again said something that shocked Cheng Yu.

Not the same bloodline of the Holy City? What does this mean? Cheng Yu was shocked.

Do you still remember what Sheng Long said to you? In the world at the other end of the Divine Tree, there are many people who have multiple Golden Cores everywhere.

Well, what does this have to do with me? Cheng Yu nodded and was puzzled.

I haven't told you one thing but I know that Sheng Long can see it at a glance. I don't know where you got your cultivation technique but there's one thing I can tell you. Whether it is the Three Core God's Fantasy or the Six Core God's Fantasy, not everyone can cultivate it, only those of noble blood can cultivate it.

If you are practicing Three Core God's Fantasy, then you will have one Golden Core in the early Gold Core Stage, two in the mid Gold Core Stage, and three in the late Gold Core Stage

If you cultivate the Six Core God's Fantasy, you will also have only one Golden Core in the early Gold Core Stage and three at the mid Gold Core Stage, until the late Gold Core Stage where you will have Six Golden Cores

However, you have Three Golden Cores in the early Gold Core Stage and you already have Six Golden Cores even though you are only at the mid Gold Core Stage. Do you know what it means? Soul Suppressor said.

What does it mean? Cheng Yu has realized what it is but he still wants to hear the answer from Soul Suppressor.

This means that your blood is very noble than the Lord of the Holy City. You will definitely have Nine Golden Cores in the late Gold Core Stage but such bloodline will not exist in this world unless... Soul Suppressor did not say anything more.

You mean, I may be from that world? Cheng Yu's felt his heart beat fiercely, he never thought that things would be like this.

He had long guessed that he might have Nine Golden Cores but he did not think that this would be related to his own background. Does he really have a mysterious background? However, is this background the background of this body, or is it his own?

I think it is very likely because no matter whether it is your bloodline or your cultivation technique, it is impossible to exist in this world Soul Suppressor said seriously.

What should I do? How can I know what is going on? Cheng Yu said eagerly.

I don't know but if you can find the Divine Tree and reopen the passage to the world, you might be able to understand Soul Suppressor is also helpless.

This...but where can I find it? The Divine Tree has disappeared for so many years Cheng Yu felt extremely frustrated.

You can only wait for the opportunity. Maybe the three dead woods on your body are really from the Divine Tree. I just don't know how many of such dead woods you will need and how to make these dead woods become Divine Tree again

It seems that this is the only way. Should go out and look for these dead wood? Cheng Yu said.

We have no information on it. Where can we find it? I also don't think it is necessary. Don't forget, these three dead woods in your hand are met by chance, which means that as soon as the opportunity comes. It will appear in front of you and what you have to do is wait for the arrival of this opportunity, it will guide you to find what you are looking for

Well, you are right, this kind of thing isn't urgent, I can only wait for the chance Cheng Yu also thought that Soul Suppressor made sense. He didn't even bother to try to actively find these dead woods but these dead woods randomly appeared in front of him. When the time comes, they will naturally appear. If the time has not come, I may not be able to find this thing even by turning the world over.

I think you should ask someone to ask first Soul Suppressor said.

Who? Cheng Yu is puzzled. Since it all depends on chance, to whom can he ask this question?

Your mother, ask her where did you come from?

My mother? Cheng Yu stunned, remembering his mother who loves him very much, his heart felt warm. However, if she found out that he has taken over this body, will she still love him so much?

Well, you need to figure out something sooner or later. Don't you want to know what is going on? Soul Suppressor said.

I do Cheng Yu nodded, he opened the window and jumped up and disappeared into the night sky of Yunhai

With Cheng Yu's current strength, it doesn't take him much time to reach the capital. It took him only half an hour when he was at the late Foundation Establishment Stage and now, it only took him a few minutes


When Cheng Yu appeared in the Cheng Family's Courtyard, everyone was amazed and did not understand why this young master would come back so late.

Big brother, how come you are back? Cheng Xuan saw her cousin appear in the compound and ran over with joy.

Haha, isn't it because of my baby sister? I came here to specifically see you Cheng Yu rubbed Cheng Xuan's head and said with a smile.

Liar, only ghosts would believe you. You haven't come back to see us in so long after going to Yunhai. You must be busy picking up girls everywhere and I bet that you came back to find Grandpa Cheng Xuan pouted as she said

What? Is that how you see me in your heart? Sigh... I have even specially brought you a gift Cheng Yu pretended to be dejected.

Hehe, big brother, did you really bring me a gift? Give it to me! Cheng Xuan said excitedly while holding onto Cheng Yu's arm.

Although the two of them are very close, Cheng Yu does not have any evil thoughts. He really regards this girl in front of him as his own sister and his heart is very warm. This is family

Cheng Yu smirked and suddenly, there was a ray of light on his hand and a beautiful crystal necklace appeared. Under the illumination of the moonlight, it was even more breathtaking

Wow! Big brother, are you really giving it to me? Cheng Xuan looked at the necklace on Cheng Yu's hand with her mouth agape

is it beautiful?


Like it?


I was planning to gift this to you but it seems like I'm such a bad person in you heart so I decided to give this necklace to your older sister Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Don't. This is mine When Cheng Xuan heard that Cheng Yu was originally going to give this to her but he now plans to give it to her sister Cheng Qing, she suddenly reached over, wanting to grab the necklace from Cheng Yu, but Cheng Yu raised his hand so Cheng Xuan couldn't reach.

Do you dare to talk badly to your big brother again? Cheng Yu smiled.

Big brother, I don't dare. Big brother is the best, give me the necklace Cheng Xuan held Cheng Yu and acted like a spoiled brat.

You better remember your promise. If you dare to say bad things to your brother in the future, I will give the good things to your older sister Cheng Yu smiled and put the necklace on Cheng Xuan's neck.

Brother, I want it too Hearing the noise in the courtyard, the Cheng family came out from the house and saw that Cheng Yu was giving Cheng Xuan a beautiful necklace. Everyone was shocked, especially Cheng Qing who even ran to Cheng Yu

Oh, no, this is for your sister. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

No, you're biased, you obviously have two sisters but you only prepared one gift and gave it to Cheng Xuan and I don't get one, you are biased Cheng Qing pulled Cheng Yu's arm and spoke.

Let me ask you a question first. What do you think about your big brother?

You are the best brother in the world, the most loved by his sisters. Now gimme the gift

You two girls... you have such thick skin. You were talking maliciously behind my back but you immediately changed your tunes after seeing my gift, here you go Cheng Yu smiled, waved his hand and a necklace appeared as he put it on her.

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