Godly Student Chapter 535

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Yunhai City

Qin Lanhai, Bao Lang, Wu Chang, the Lian brothers and Dao Jiu are sitting in the living room of Cheng Yu's Villa, quietly watching Cheng Yu.

These seven can be said to have been cultivated by Cheng Yu. Qin Qinhai, Bao Leng and Wu Chang have broken through to the late stage of the Qi Refinement Stage while the three Lian brothers are at the mid Qi Refinement Stage and only Dao Jiu is at the early Qi Refinement Stage. Dao Jiu is at the early Qi Refinement Stage because he is the last to sense the existence of Qi

Although the strength of these seven is very low, Cheng Yu does not expect them to help him against Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect. Moreover, Cheng Yu is now living in the secular world and many things in the secular world are handled by them. This kind of cultivation is enough for them to protect themselves.

What's more, Cheng Yu can't always rely on himself. As long as they enter the Qi Refinement Stage, they have crossed the threshold to immortal cultivation. He has so many resources so as long as they cultivate well, there will be a day when they can help him

Moreover, he believes that as long as his 36 mountains in the western suburbs are built, the cultivation environment they will never won't be any worse than the cultivation world. At that time, they don't have to always be in the Mountain and River Diagram and they can live in a very free environment.

Today, Cheng Yu intends to pass on a set of cultivation techniques and the name of this cultivation technique is called the, Six Core God's Fantasy, which is one of the mysterious cultivation techniques discovered in the Holy City

According to Cheng Yu's thoughts, this set of cultivation techniques should be part of the Art of Derivation From Living Things. What made him feel strange is that although this cultivation should be a part of the Art of Derivation From Living Things, it is also a complete cultivation technique on its own

However, although this cultivation technique is a complete set, it will only allow for three Gold Cores to be formed

In the past, Cheng Yu was not prepared to give such cultivation technique to them, because this cultivation technique goes against heaven's will and their talent was average. Even if it is passed to them, they would not be able to comprehend it.

However, according to Sheng Long who he met in the Dark Nether Realm, it is known that in the world at the other end of the tree, almost everyone can have multiple Gold Cores so the fact marveled Cheng Yu

What's more, Cheng Yu promised Sheng Long that he would rebuild the Holy City but the symbol of the Holy City is the Divine Tree. However, he doesn't even know where the Divine Tree is. The only thing that might be related to the Divine Tree are the three dead woods. He speculates that It is the Divine Tree that passed through another space that year.

However, whether this thing is the Divine Tree or not, he doesn't know and even the Sheng Long doesn't know so wanting to rebuild the Holy City is impossible as of right now. The only thing he can do is to pass on the legacy of the Holy City

If they can comprehend it, it means that it is their chance. Anyways, Cheng Yu will not return to the Forest of Death to rebuild the Holy City, at least not now.

His 36 Mountains is the first step of his Holy City. Although the 36 Mountains is not meant to rebuild the Holy Cit and was built to fulfill his wishes but this will not hinder his dreams

Perhaps on the day when his dream is fulfilled, the Holy City will also be rebuilt

The reason I have you come here is because I have something for you. I have a set of cultivation technique to pass to you. This set of cultivation technique is very powerful. It is not difficult to become an immortal in the future if you can cultivate this to the peak but not everyone can learn. It all depends on your comprehensive ability Cheng Yu said faintly and then seven rays were projected by Cheng Yu and soon fell into the body of seven.

The seven had always wanted Cheng Yu to pass on his powerful cultivation techniques to them and before they could be happy. They felt that something flow into their minds and immediately, they felt extreme pain as a mass of information appeared in their mind.

After a few minutes, they were able to clearly feel the four large characters appear in their mind, Six Core God's Fantasy. The seven were extremely excited just listening to this name. They felt extremely happy and immediately knelt on the ground

Thank you, Young Master Yu. We will not disappoint Young Master Yu's expectations. We will definitely understand this set of cultivation technique The Sevenpeople said with surprise.

Get up, see if you can comprehend it and immediately tell me. Also, I want to remind you that no matter what happens in the future, you can't spread the cultivation technique and you can't even mention the name to anybody else. Otherwise, I will not be merciful Cheng Yu said harshly.

Yes, we have received Young Masters Yu's instruction. We will not say a word The seven solemnly said.

Well, Go back. If you have have comprehended this set of cultivation technique, you must tell me Cheng Yu said faintly.

Everyone respectfully left Cheng Yu's villa and rushed back to their homes. They want to immediately go back and practice this cultivation technique.

Soul Suppressor, are you sure this cultivation technique can't be cultivated? Looking at the appearance of the seven when they left, Cheng Yu was very calm and asked Soul Suppressor

It turned out that they were only one of his experiments. He had already passed this set of cultivation technique to some of his women, such as Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue.

However, Soul Suppressor told him that only the people of the Holy City can practice this cultivation technique. Therefore, Cheng Yu wanted to try to see if this thing really can't be cultivated by people other than those from the Holy City.

Yes, this cultivation technique is not an ordinary one, as far as I know, this is an inheritance based cultivation technique Soul Suppressor Said.

Inheritance based cultivation technique? Cheng Yu frowned.

Yes, the people who can practice this kind of practice are limited to a small range. Generally speaking, this way of inheritance is through bloodline. Only those who have the same bloodline can practice this cultivation technique Soul Suppressor said.

Bloodline? So, only those who have the bloodline of the Holy City can cultivate it? Cheng Yu said.


But why can I practice it? Is it because my bloodline is from the Holy City? Cheng Yu said inexplicably

Maybe, perhaps the people of the Holy City weren't completely wiped out. Some might have survived and must have escaped to this secular world. If it is indeed so, it is possible to prosper and these people should be your ancestors Soul Suppressor said.

Cheng Yu didn't talk but he didn't think so because he had a secret that even Soul Suppressor didn't know. He is not the original owner of this body

Moreover, this Art of Derivation From Living Things is not a product of this world but from that world. Although he also cultivated this set of cultivation technique in his previous life, he did not form multiple Gold Cores

The previous Cheng Yu was merely a mortal when the new Cheng Yu took over. Everything that he has is gotten by the new Cheng Yu

Speaking of bloodlines, in his previous life, he was a child of a poor farmer. But now... he is not very sure about himself.

If this bloodline is really passed down by my family, then shouldn't my family should also have this bloodline? Cheng Yu suddenly thought. If this bloodline is passed down, then his family members should be able to practice this cultivation technique.

You can try it Although Cheng Yu did not say it clearly but Soul Suppressor understood his meaning

Well, I have to go home and let them try Cheng Yu said, he also wants to determine what is going on, whether this bloodline is brought by himself or by the dead Cheng Yu.

But there is one thing that I still don't understand, what is Hou Yu? Isn't her situation becoming more and more similar to mine? Cheng Yu said.

Hou Yu is just like him, she has cultivated many demon cores and she can even use his Phoenix Spiritual Flames, which is simply too strange.

If my guess is correct, this should also be the power of your bloodline. Because you have a blood contract with her. It is possible for her to have your blood in her body Soul Suppressor is also very curious about Hou Yu's situation. He thought it over for a long time and finally came up with this reason.

After all, Huo Yu's ability is not inherited from her ancestors. If it is, then it must be because of Huo Yu's talent that she is able to achieve this. However, the fact that Huo Yu's ability is based on Cheng Yu's template, the reason must be related to Cheng Yu

However, even after thinking it over and over again, the only connection between Huo Yu and Cheng Yu is only that blood contract so the only reason that Soul Suppressor can think up of why Huo Yu can have multiple demon cores and is able to use the Phoenix Spiritual Flames is related to Cheng Yu's own blood

Has this situation happened in the original Holy City? Cheng Yu said inexplicably. If this has happened before in the Holy City, Soul Suppressor should know about it too

No, although some people in the Holy City have some magic pets, this has not happened before This is another reason why Soul Suppressor is very curious about Huo Yu's situation

If he had seen such a thing before, he would not be very curious about it. It is because this is the first time he saw this situation that he could not understand what was going on

This... Cheng Yu did not expect it to be like this. The people of the Holy City did not experience such a situation.

At this moment, Cheng Yu is somewhat curious about himself. It seems that there is still a secret that he doesn't know and it is vaguely related to this Holy City but it seems that there are some differences

Cheng Yu, I think it is necessary to tell you something Soul Suppressor was silent for a long time, as if he was hesitating and finally said.

What is it? Cheng Yu saw Soul Suppressor being so solemn, he is also curious

In the Holy City, not everyone has three Gold Cores because even with the bloodline of the Holy City, you may not be able to cultivate this set of cultivation technique because it depends on the purity of the bloodline. You should know that six gold Cores is only owned by the Lord of the Holy City and the three Gold Cores are owned by the four guardian palaces Soul Suppressor said