Godly Student Chapter 534

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Teacher, disciple has got news from the secular world. They are indeed missing in the secular but they can't confirm whether they are dead or not the disciple said as he kneeled on the ground.

Qian Yu frowned, he was very confused. When Black and White demon was injured by them in the past, he clearly saw their strength dropped to the Gold Core Stage with his own eyes

It would be quite difficult to recover to their previous realm in just 30 years. Moreover, those two most likely hid in the secular world so it is almost impossible to recover.

In such a short period of time, forget about returning to the Spirit Severing stage, it is very difficult to return to the Nascent Soul Stage. Moreover, even if they returned to the Nascent Soul Stage, it would be very difficult to kill all three of the disciples he sent

However, Yi Feng did not even send a distress signal back. This is too unusual. Is it true that Black and White demon recovered to the Spirit Severing Stage in a short amount of time in the secular world?

Can you find out how they disappeared? Qian Yu said again.

I asked, I heard that they were going to deal with a young man named Cheng Yu! The disciple named Yi Quan replied.

A young man? Is he a cultivator? Qian Yu said. So they did not encounter black and white demon?

I don't know, but I heard another news from the secular world!

what news?

Teacher should remember that half a year ago, there was a rumor in the Cultivation world. There is a disciple in Limitless Palace called Cheng Yu. Because of his enmity with Kunlun, he attacked Kunlun Sect Gate. Finally, this person was attacked by Guang Ning and died Yi Quan said.

Un, what you mean is that this person is not dead but is hiding in the secular world? Isn't Cheng Yu only in the Gold Core Stage? Qian Yu frowned, he heard such a thing before.

I don't know. The people in the secular world said that they have sent their disciples to confirm. There should be news in a few days

Good Qian Yu nodded and thought deeply. However, his heart still does not believe that this Cheng Yu killed Yi Feng. After all, the gap between the Gold Core Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage is too big. Although he heard that Cheng Yu has Six Gold Cores, he has not seen it. It is hard to believe these rumors

Teacher, what should we do now? Do we go to the secular world to confirm the news? Yi Quan said.

Of course, how can the disciples of our Mysterious Sky Sect die in the hands of others for no reason. If they died because of Limitless Palace, then we must find them to settle accounts Qian Yu said coldly.

Nowadays, the news that the Mysterious Sky Sect disciples being killed in the secular world has spread almost all over the Cultivation World. If they allow others to think that their Mysterious Sky Sect is afraid of someone in the secular world, then how can they have the face to declare themselves as one of the top sects in the Cultivation World

Your Senior Brother has been to the secular world before, let him take you there to check on the matter but for the time being, don't alert the enemy. Find out what happened first and immediately inform me Qian Yu said as he thought about it.

He is afraid that this matter is not so simple, especially with the existence of Black and White Demon. Although their cultivation realm has dropped but it is difficult to ensure that their cultivation has not recovered.

If they really did recover to the Spirit Severing Stage, he would be relieved since he can just send in some Spirit Severing Stage experts to deal with them

Moreover, this incident reveals a conspiracy. Nowadays, both they and Kunlun have been developing in the Secular World

This is also the reason why he was calm when he sent Yi Feng to the secular world since he could find help from their people in the secular world. With them there, he believed that it would be easier to find Black and White Demon. After all, they have been in the secular world for many years and have a better understanding of the world.

However,such a thing happened but their people in the secular world isn't even clear about the matter yet but someone has already spread the news. The culprit clearly has an ulterior motive.

He didn't think much of Cheng Yu before but when he heard Yi Quan talk about Cheng Yu, he has to pay attention to him now. If the worldly Cheng Yu is really Cheng Yu of Limitless Palace, then the one who spread out the new is definitely Kunlun. They clearly want them to deal with Cheng Yu.

Humph, such an obvious trick, who do they think they are trying to fool? Kunlun is more and more arrogant, thinking that the Cultivation World is theirs?

However, if this incident is really because of Cheng Yu of Limitless Palace, he is willing to become Kunlun's knife because offending the Mysterious Sky Sect means death!


While the elders of Kunlun was talking over a cup of wine, they were afraid that it their scheme would be easily seen through by the Mysterious Sky Sect. It is also because of this that Kunlun did not say anything about Cheng Yu because Cheng Yu is too famous in the Cultivation world.

Half a year ago, the Kunlun Sect Gate's incident created a huge stir and it is almost impossible to forget about that mysterious youth. The youth is just in the Gold Core Stage but he was able to dominate against Nascent Soul Stage experts.

So if they said Cheng Yu's name, many people will think that this news is created by Kunlun.

However, they did not think that the Mysterious Sky Sect had people in the secular world. The news that Cheng Yu went missing and then came back is still discovered. The news that their own disciples went missing is also discovered,

However, the news that the Mysterious Sky Sect's disciple being killed in the secular world is naturally heard by the ears of Limitless Palace, especially Qing Xu. Although he did not send people to the secular world to protect Cheng Yu, he sent someone to tightly monitor Kunlun. If they sent some powerful experts to the secular world, he will certainly know.

Fortunately, Kunlun does not seem to know that Cheng Yu is alive so Kunlun has not done anything for so long. However, after hearing the news this time, Qing Xu guessed that it is most likely related to his disciple so he quickly came to the Wuji Peak.

Senior brother, what's the matter? Wuji Palace, Xin Yao and Qing Yuanzi were playing chess. Qing Yuanzi looked at Qing Xu and said with a smile

After refining the top grade Soul Tool that Cheng Yu gave him, his Ying-Yang Secrete Art finally reached the large success stage and his cultivation has also become more refined. He vaguely felt that he is about to reach the late Great Ascension Stage, causing him to be extremely excited. Naturally, he is also very thankful to Cheng Yu's master, Qing Xu

Has junior brother heard about the news of the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect being killed? Qing Xu said.

I have, what's wrong? Does senior brother know the culprit? Qing Yuanzi asked strangely.

I don't but I am just a little uneasy. I have a feeling that this incident is related to Yu'er Qing Xu said.

Ha ha, senior brother, you're just overthinking. Although this happened in the world, it does not mean that it is related to Yu'er. The thing that makes me curious is why the disciples from the Mysterious Sky Sect decided to go to the secular world, do they have that much free time in their hands? Qing Yuanzi laughed

Oh, I think so too, after all, the secular world is different from the Cultivation World. Didn't Yu Er say that the secular world basically have no cultivators? They are all weak mortals. However, the Nascent Soul disciples from the Mysterious Sky Sect died in the Secular World so I still think that this matter might be related to Yu'er Qing Xu said with concern.

But I heard that the disciples that were killed are in the late Nascent Soul Stage, Although Yu Er can kill Nascent Soul Stage experts but he is not powerful enough to kill late Nascent Soul Stage expert and there isn't just one Nascent Nascent Soul Stage expert, but two. Moreover, Yu'ers cultivation realm dropped and it would already be a blessing that the Nascent Soul Stage experts did not kill him instead. Qing Yuanzi smiled.

This is hard to say. You don't know the talent of my disciple. He is definitely a dragon amongst man. It's been half a year, let alone restoring his strength, he might have already reached the late Gold Core Stage Qing Xu proudly smiled.

If Yu'er really reached the late Gold Core Stage and if he really is the culprit, then what's the point in worrying?

The Mysterious Sky Sect people are not good people. I am afraid that they will send a Spirit Severing Stage expert to deal with him Qing Xu said.

Well, this is not impossible. Has senior brother thought up a solution? Qing Yuanzi thought for a moment and nodded.

Yao'er has not broken through to the Spirit Severing Stage and you will need to experience some things yourself. Do you want to go to the Secular World to see your junior brother? Qing Xu looked at Xin Yao and smiled.

I won't go see the hateful guy! Xin Yao curled her lips and said. That guy always looks at her lecherously, making her feel very uncomfortable. Although she doesn't like the feeling but she doesn't reject it

What's more, the stinky boy has so many women in the secular world

Before Yu'er came here, you didn't talk much and weren't you the one who kept mumbling for Cheng Yu to be okay in the secular world? Qing Xu said with a smile.

Martial Uncle, don't speak irresponsibly. Why would I care for his well being...

When Yu'er was here, didn't you run to my hill everyday? Yu'er has been away for more than half a year and I haven't seen you running to my hill anymore Qing Xu laughed.

At that time, it is because he just arrived and as his senior sister, it is my duty to take care of him. However, after finding out that all he knows how to do is stir trouble and find women all day, only a ghost will go see him Xin Yao said while blushing.

So, then you are willing to watch your junior brother die? Qing Xu said.

Humph, I still won't go Xin Yao pouted with twinkles in her eyes

Oh, okay, it's just that I pity my apprentice. He will most likely be killed by the Mysterious Sky Sect if you don't go Qing Xu sighed and shook his head as he turned around.

Martial Uncle, I... I.. I'll go Seeing Qing Xu being sad, Xin Yao could not help but say unwillingly.

Ahh, Martial Uncle has really not misread you Qing Xu turned his head and looked at Xinyao and said with a smile.

Martial Uncle... You played me, I won't go! Seeing Qing Xu's expression, Xin Yao knew that she was fooled and said unwillingly.

Haha, just go. According to your junior brother, the secular world is fun and you can see your junior brother. You might not even want to come back to Limitless Palace! Qing Xu laughed.

All he thinks about is chasing women all day, of course it will be fun for him Xin Yao said ill-humoredly [TN: Can anyone think of a better wording than ill-humoredly?]

Hey, Yao'er, Martial Uncle will tell you a secret. In fact, your junior brother likes you very much. He hasn't seen you in so long so he must miss you very much Qing Xu said with a smile.

Humph, who wants to be liked by that brat... Xin Yao said while blushing.

Haha, that's your business. Anyway, you agreed. You must remember to leave early or your junior brother's life will be gone After settling the matter, Qing Xu left Wuji Mountain happily