Godly Student Chapter 533

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Kunlun, Yunxiao Palace

Yuan Yangzi frowned and looked at the letter in his hand for a long time without saying anything

What does the letter from the Secular World say? Elder Cheng asked.

They said that the three Nascent Soul disciples from the Mysterious Sky Sect had suddenly disappeared from Yunhai Yuan Yangzi said.

Disappeared? What is going on? Weren't they going to deal with Cheng Yu? An elder said curiously.

I don't know but on this letter, it is said that they disappeared several days ago. After they went out to find Cheng Yu, they disappeared

After looking for Cheng Yu, they disappeared? What about Cheng Yu? The elders asked strangely.

Cheng Yu disappeared during this period but he appeared again a few days ago. However, those Mysterious Sky Sect disciples did not appear again

This... could it be that Cheng Yu killed the three? Elder Ping was shocked.

Since the three people disappeared after going to find Cheng Yu, it means that there must have been a fight between them. In this case, if they are still alive, they will not disappear without any reason. The only possibility is that the three were killed by Cheng Yu.

This is impossible. Although Cheng Yu is powerful, he should not be able to kill three Nascent Soul Stage experts who are at the mid and late stage Elder Cheng denied the words of Elder Ping.

How is it possible? Although they have to admit that Cheng Yu is indeed a rare genius in the younger generation, even so, he is still only a mid Gold Core Stage kid.

According to the news from their secular spies, the three disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect sent out two late Nascent Soul Stage and a mid Nascent Soul Stage.

When he went to crash the Kunlun Sect Gate, he could barely go against an opponent in the mid Nascent Soul Stage. If it wasn't because of his strange magic treasure that allowed him to suppress a mid Nascent Soul Stage, he could not defeat a mid Nascent Soul Stage singlehandedly.

What's more, the weakest of the three is a mid stage Nascent Soul Stage expert. Can Cheng Yu really suppress the three Nascent Soul Stage experts at the same time?

I also feel that it is not possible! If this is the case, then we must kill him no matter what Yuan Yangzi said.

But isn't it bizarre that the three of them disappeared? Could they have been injured and hid? Didn't Cheng Yu also disappear for a while? I think that he also got injured Elder Ping said.

Do you think that Cheng Yu can survive when there's three Nascent Soul Stage experts dealing with him? Even if he survives, do you think that the three Nascent Soul Stage experts will suffer a more serious injury than Cheng Yu?

If it isn't because of the rule, their Nascent Soul Stage disciples would have already been sent out together in order to deal with Cheng Yu. The Mysterious Sky Sect sent out three people and would they really fight Cheng Yu one on one?

The people from the Mysterious Sky Sect have always been cruel and merciless. If they really wanted to kill Cheng Yu, they will do whatever it takes to kill him so why would they go after him alone?

Whether those three were killed or seriously injured and hid, it is definitely not because of Cheng Yu alone. I suspect that Limitless Palace must have sent an expert to protect him and this is what I worry about Yuan Yangzi said worriedly.

Since the Mysterious Sky Sect can't kill Cheng Yu, he can only send someone to kill Cheng Yu himself but if Limitless Palace sent an expert to protect Cheng Yu, wanting to kill Cheng Yu would be very difficult since he doesn't know what level the expert that Limitless Palace sent

If the person he sent is too low leveled, wouldn't he be sending him to his death then? If the expert sent by Limitless Palace is strong then Kunlun will directly send an expert who will deal with that expert from Limitless Palace

Otherwise, not only they will they not be able to kill Cheng Yu, they will most likely suffer a big loss

This time, the elders are silent, this Cheng Yu is really a difficult role to deal with. The most important thing is that Limitless Palace really values ​​him too much. If it is really like what Yuan Yangzi had said, then the people Limitless Palace sent to protect Cheng Yu should at least be the experts at the Spirit Severing Stage

Humph, what is there to be worried about? Just send a powerful disciple to kill him. As long as the disciple is quick, the people of Limitless Palace will arrive late. When there is no evidence of us doing it, Limitless Palace cannot blame us Elder Cheng said.

No, we still don't know what kind of experts was sent by Limitless Palace. What if the expert do everything he can in order to protect Cheng Yu? if the disciple we sent are killed, wouldn't we be ruined? Elder Ping opposed Elder Cheng's ideas.

If we can get rid of Cheng Yu, what is the death of a few disciples. It will be much more troublesome when he comes to us. As long as the disciple we send kill him, we won't have to worry about any future troubles that he can bring

But don't forget, the things we want are still in his hands. He is the only one who knows how to cultivate multiple Gold Cores. If the disciple we sent kills him, what then? Elder Wen said.

Moreover, what we want is not only his life, but also his body. As long as we get that thing, what is a Cheng Yu? Even in the face of Limitless Palace or the Mysterious Sky Sect, we won't be afraid of them Elder Ping said.

Six Gold Cores, if a Nascent Soul Stage Expert has Six Nascent Souls, Imagine how powerful they will be. Cheng Yu is already the strongest in the Gold Core stage with Six Gold Cores and he can even kill a Nascent Soul Stage expert. At their realm, if they can get the method of Cheng Yu, they will definitely have Six Primordial Souls. What kind of scene will that be? Wouldn't they be able to battle experts at the Great Ascension Stage?

At their current level, it is difficult to break through. They also want to break through into the Great Ascension Stage but they don't know when they will have the chance to

Moreover, Cheng Yu has grown from the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage to the mid Gold Core Stage in just a few months. What kind of cultivation speed is this? He must have a special way that makes him improve so quickly

If they get these things, not only will they have Six Primordial Souls, they might also be able to break through to the Great Ascension Stage. Who can refuse this temptation?

This... Hearing the Elder Ping mention the treasures on Cheng Yu's body, even Elder Cheng. That thing is really attractive.

As a cultivator, no one will reject having powerful strength. Who can even reject the temptation of being able to double or triple their strength? Cheng Yu definitely has some secretes on his body that allows him to have Six Gold Cores

What Elder Wen said is right but if we want to get something from him, we have to take him alive but this is basically impossible Yuan Yangzi said.

Of course, he also wants things from Cheng Yu but now, there is an expert from Limitless Palace protecting him. Not to mention capturing him alive, it's already difficult to kill him.

Therefore, this matter... It's better to kill with a borrowed knife Elder Wen said.

Kill with a borrowed knife again? We did that last time but the knife was not so sharp Elder Qing satirized.

What do you know? The knife will only become sharper in the future Elder Wen glanced at the elder and said.

What does Elder Wen mean? Yuan Yangzi asked.

Last time, we were not sure if the Mysterious Sky Sect would really pay attention to Cheng Yu, but now it is different. The Mysterious Sky Sect will definitely pay attention to Cheng Yu Elder Wen said with a smile.

What do you mean?

As long as we spread the news of Cheng Yu killing the three disciples and once the Mysterious Sky Sect finds out, what do you think will happen? Elder Wen said with a smile.

But we are not sure if they have been killed by Cheng Yu or is just missing Elder Qing said.

Whether they are really missing or killed, this is not important to us. All we need is for the Mysterious Sky Sect to have an enmity with Cheng Yu and won't they basically be doing the job for us? As long as we say that the Mysterious Sky Sects disciples were killed by Cheng Yu. They will not care about thoroughly investigating this matter. Even if we don't add fuel to the fire, they will be very happy to deal with Cheng Yu

Didn't you say that Cheng Yu shouldn't be killed? At that time, the things on his body will belong to the Mysterious Sky Sect. Isn't that going against our original plan? Elder Qing said with disapproval.

Humph, it isn't so easy to kill Cheng Yu. Moreover, we will hide in the dark and we will save Cheng Yu at the last moment. After they mutually wound each other, we can easily capture Cheng Yu. At that time, we can also let the Mysterious Sky Sect be our scapegoat. Isn't this better than us sending our disciples? Elder Wen said.

Good, this method is good, it is quite safe and we don't have to worry about Limitless Palace coming to deal with us. When that happens, Limitless Palace will definitely start a war with the Mysterious Sky Sect and won't have time to deal with us Yuan Yangzi laughed.

This plan is good but we can't just let the secular disciples pay attention to them this time. We must send powerful disciples to pay attention to their situation in the Secular World and they can add fuel to the flames when necessary. If not, the Mysterious Sky Sect might not do anything for a long time Elder Wen continued to say

Un However, we can't send our disciples now. Let's take a look at the reaction of the Mysterious Sky Sect first. When they send out people, it is not too late for us to send out our disciples. Otherwise, the people in Limitless Palace can easily notice our actions Yuan Yangzi nodded

Un, then we should spread the news now Elder Wen said with a smile.

Therefore, several days later, there was a sudden news in the Cultivation World. The Nascent Soul Stage disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect was killed in the Secular World. When the news came out, everyone had different thoughts and doubts in their hearts

Why did the people of the Mysterious Sky Sect go to the Secular World? Are they also planning to spread out into the Secular World? Also, how can an ant in the secular world kill the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect? Moreover, they are also in the Nascent Soul Stage, which made it harder for them to believe. Is there a strong cultivator in the secular world right now?


Cultivation World, the Mysterious Sky Sect

Is this true? Qian Yu sat in the chair and looked at the disciple who was kneeling on the ground.

Teacher, disciple has got news from the secular world. They are indeed missing in the secular but they can't confirm whether they are dead or not the disciple said as he kneeled on the ground.