Godly Student Chapter 532

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She is also my girlfriend! Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan and said.

Snort! Didn't you say that you were my boyfriend yesterday? How did she become your girlfriend today? Ye Qian said with a sneer.

Uhh, this... Cheng Yu wants to say that you are also my girlfriend but when he saw Lin Yuhan's dissatisfied eyes, he still resists.

Snort! What's wrong? You don't dare to admit it? I know that you guys like eating what's in the bowl while looking at what's in the pot Ye Qian sneered. [An indirect way to describe someone who is always checking out their options - [source : Google]].

Ye Qian, do not try to reach for the yard after taking an inch. Yuhan is Cheng Yu's true girlfriend. Seeing you be so miserable, he had to promise you Hearing that Ye Qian actually said that Lin Yuhan is the third party, Yuan yuan said with dissatisfaction.

Although Yuan Yuan was willing to change their attitude towards Ye Qian, she did not expect Ye Qian to lose her memory and she still sympathized with her. But now, her attitude is actually so arrogant, causing the very feelings in her heart to suddenly disappear

Yuan Yuan! Lin Yuhan stopped Yuan Yuan, although she did not want Cheng Yu to have another girlfriend but during these days, whenever she thought of Ye Qian's last look at Cheng Yu with loving eyes, she felt sad

Therefore, during this time she has been thinking, if Ye Qian really came back to life, she can try to accept the existence of Ye Qian. However, it seems that she won't have to anymore. Ye Qian, after amnesia, obviously does not like Cheng Yu anymore.

For things to become like this, it is unexpected to her. It is a good thing that Ye Qian lived so she does not have to feel guilty anymore and if Ye Qian is willing to share Cheng Yu, she can accept it. But now, Ye Qian does not have a favorable impression towards Cheng Yu and towards, she is more happy.

She already has Han Xue, a rival, or the default enemy, and now one more. From her heart, she is of course not willing to share Cheng Yu.

As for Cheng Yu, he also felt very embarrassed. Ye Qian used to pester him to be his girl but now... well... she lost her memory. Although he wants wants her to be his girlfriend, she doesn't accept the fact that he has another girlfriend.

'One gets what one deserves' Cheng Yu sighed in his heart

Perhaps, in Cheng Yu's heart, his love for Ye Qian is not like Lin Yuhan and his other women because part of it involves his guilty conscious. He felt guilty about the damages that the previous body has done to her and it is also his fault that he did not protect her and almost let her die so he wanted to compensate Ye Qian show her love

But now that Ye Qian seems to be unwilling to accept him, it maked him a little embarrassed. But in any case, Cheng Yu must let her recover her memory and be his woman, he once vowed and promised her that he will be her boyfriend and love her

Perhaps from the moment when Ye Qian's hand slipped from his face, he regarded Ye Qian as his wife so whether she lost her memory or not, he must take care of her

Oh, my story has been heard and I believe you. I will leave now Ye Qian said as she walked outside the door

Where are you going? Cheng Yu said. Now she doesn't remember anything. She doesn't have any friends in Yunhai so where can she go?

Didn't you say that I am a student at Yunhai University? Don't I have a dormitory? Ye Qian said.

You do but do you know how to get there? Cheng Yu said.

If you like, you can let her accompany me! Ye Qian pointed to Lin Yuhan.

...Or do you stay here for a few more days. Your soul has just merged with your body and needs to recuperate Cheng Yu said. He is used to the appearance of Ye Qian flirting with him. Now facing this familiar yet strange Ye Qian who has been giving him a cold look, Cheng Yu is really not used to it and felt uncomfortable in his heart

He hopes to be able to get Ye Qian to say over. If they are together for a while, maybe she will be able to slowly recover her memory

No, I am not used to living in a stranger's house, especially a mans Ye Qian faintly said.

But you have no money on your body! Cheng Yu said unwillingly.

I have my card!

Do you remember the password? Cheng Yu said.

Yeah! Ye Qian nodded

Uh.... This really hurts... Of all things, she remembers her password instead of them, does she really have amnesia? Isn't the selectivity of this amnesia is too strong?

If you don't want to, then I will go back alone. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, I have someone I like so you don't have to worry about me Ye Qian said as she went straight down the stairs.

Looking at Ye Qian's back, Cheng Yu felt sad and he felt very painful in his heart. The way she looked at him made him extremely uncomfortable

Wait, I will accompany you back to school! Lin Yuhan gave Cheng Yu a reassuring look and then chased her with Yuan Yuan who always followed Lin Yuhan

Thank you for saving me that day! On the road, Lin Yuhan looked at Ye Qian and said after the long silence. Lin Yuhan finally said what she had been holding in her heart for a long time.

No worries, I don't remember anyway Ye Qian said.

Do you really not remember what you said at that time?


When you died that day, you said that you love him very much. Do you feel nothing about him now? Lin Yuhan said.

No, do you want me to like him? Are you not afraid that I will take him away? Ye Qian looked at Lin Yuhan.

No, I believe he will not leave me! Lin Yuhan smiled.

She and Cheng Yu also experienced a lot. She also believed what Cheng Yu had said to her. He would not give up her because of Han Xue,and naturally, he would not give her up because of Ye Qian.

You believe him but I still advise you to be careful, he dares to find other women in front of you, this is too arrogant Ye Qian said.

If Cheng Yu heard this, he doesn't know if he would die on the spot. Isn't this the same as saving someone just for them to come back and mess with him?

Hehe, I like the present you. If he knows that you thought of him like this, he will definitely cryt Lin Yuhan said with a smile.

Did you hate me before?

Oh... no! Lin Yuhan was startled. She thought that Ye Qian started to remember

Don't worry, even if you really hate me before, I don't remember it Ye Qian said with a smile.

Oh, yes, you just said that you have someone you like? Is it true? Can you tell me? Lin Yuhan said curiously.

I don't know. In short, there is such a person in my mind, but I can't seem to be able to remember his face Ye Qian frowned.

Can you remember his name? Lin Yuhan said, wondering if this person would be Cheng Yu. After all, he said that they grew up together

Ye Qian shook her head

It's ok, Cheng Yu said that only half of your soul drank the forgotten water. I believe that you will be able to recover your memories in the future Lin Yuhan said.

Do you really believe what he said? Although Cheng Yu showed her the side that subverted her world view, she was still somewhat skeptical.

I believe him

Ye Qian nodded and didn't talk anymore


In the villa, Cheng Yu sat on the sofa in the living room helplessly drinking. He rarely drank but today, he really wants to drink. After all, he never expected such a thing to happen

This evening, no one knows how long Cheng Yu has been drinking but in his drunken state, he happened to see Ye Qian smile at him

Cheng Yu, I really like you, don't forget me Seeing this, Cheng Yu shed tears

In the days that followed, Cheng Yu's life was finally calmed down, and there was no one coming to try to take his life anytime soon

The only regret is that when he went looking for Ye Qian several times, she did not give him any face and told him to leave, which makes him depressed for a few days

However, the huge project of the 36 mountains in the western suburbs is also proceeding in an orderly manner. After Cheng Yu invested a lot of money, the speed of the project was even more rapid.

In fact, the construction of Taoist temple is not difficult. The only difficulty is that the mountains are too high and there is no road to the peak. Although the 36 mountains can not be compared with Everest but it is still very high

Every day, several helicopters fly up and down there. Seeing the helicopters being used, it caused many common people and news reporters to try to come

Even so, the speed of transporting materials is not only slow, but also too costly, which made Yang Ruoxue complain a little and even stop paying him dividends

Although this money is Cheng Yu's but she has never seen someone spend this much money but then again, Yang Ruoxue can be considered his women so this money is also technically hers so she is naturally strict

Cheng Yu was helpless and annoyed at the speed of transportation so he told them to transport all the materials at the foot of the mountains. By the time they finished transporting the materials to the foot of the mountain, it is already dark, so they went to sleep but when they returned to the construction site the next day, everyone was stunned and their jaws almost dropped to the ground

The amount of materials they were transported to the foot of the mountain would take them at least three days in order to transport it to the top but after a single night these materials actually flew up to the 36 mountains. What is this? Could it be the work of aliens?

Anyways, since all the materials are already at the top of the mountains, the work will be easier. According to Cheng Yu's request, Cheng Meiyan's company has already prepared a magnificent Taoist temple for him

With Cheng Yu's help, the 36 mountains finally opened at the same time, watching all the buildings being made, Cheng Yu felt extremely excited

This is his long-cherished wish after he came to the city. His path to becoming an immortal will start from here