Godly Student Chapter 531

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Ye Qian, you finally woke up. Great, great! Cheng Yu saw Ye Qian woke up excitedly hugged her in his arms

Who are you? What are you doing? However, Ye Qian suddenly pushed Cheng Yu away and looked at Cheng Yu in anger.

You... Cheng Yu was shocked and looked at Ye Qian. Her eyes were filled with expressions of anger, confusion, indifference, disgust, etc. and there was no sense of familiarity in her eyes

Where is this? Why am I here? Also, what are you doing here? Ye Qian looked at the environment in the room and then looked at Cheng Yu indifferently.

I... Cheng Yu already doesn't know what to say. He looked at Ye Qian and felt lost, sad, and helpless. He can be sure that Ye Qian has lost her memory.

How can this be? Cheng Yu asked Soul Suppressor in his mind.

It should be because she drank the forgotten water said the Soul Suppressor.

Didn't we break the bowl? Cheng Yu said.

Maybe she has already drank some of it!

What do we do now? Cheng Yu said helplessly, he thought that he had saved Ye Qian in time and did not expect it to become like this.

Oh, I can't help you with this. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda can not help people restore their memory Soul Suppressor said helplessly.

Hello? What are you doing? Why did you just hug me? Ye Qian saw Cheng Yu's face was sad and her heart felt a tinge of heartache but she still coldly asked.

Hey, do you remember your name? Cheng Yu asked patiently.

Of course I know but who are you? Why am I here? Ye Qian said ill-humoredly

This is my home. I am your boyfriend! Cheng Yu said.

Boyfriend? When did I have a boyfriend? Why don't I have an impression of you? My head hurts! Ye Qian frowned and said, in the depths of her memory, there was a shadow of a man who had taken her chastity and she tried hard to remember that the man's face but she got a huge headache, as if her head is being pierced by needles.

Rest first. I will tell you about our relationship later Cheng Yu quickly put his hand on Ye Qian's head and let her fall asleep immediately.

Looking at Ye Qian who is lying in bed quietly, Cheng Yu can only helplessly sigh, he needs to figure out how to let her restore her memory. After thinking about it, he entered the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and prepared to ask Gui San

Gui San, my wife drank the forgotten water and lost her memory. Are There any ways to recover her memory? Cheng Yu looked at Gui San and said.

What? She drank the forgotten water? Didn't I break the bow? Gui San asked a question similar to that of Cheng Yu.

I think she has already drank some Cheng Yu said with a sigh.

I'm sorry, master, please punish me for handling the matter ineffectively Gui San said. If he had been more forceful in taking back his master's mistress soul, this wouldn't have happened.

This is not your fault, you tried your best. Is there any way to let her recover? Cheng Yu did not blame Gui San.

This... I am sorry, Master, I have never heard of any one being able to recover their memory after drinking the forgotten water Gui San shook his head helplessly.

But she seems to remember her own name? Cheng Yu just thought of Ye Qian's words as said.

So the mistress hasn't completely lost her memory? Gui San said with amazement. This is the first time he heard of something like this

I think it should be because her soul was incomplete when she drank the forgotten water Cheng Yu said as thought about it.

If this is the case, I think that there is a possibility to restore the mistress's memory Gui San said.

Maybe! You stay here and practice Cheng Yu returned to his bedroom after he finished.

Ye Qian, Ye Qian, did you really forget me? You were always pestering me to be with me but now that I want to be with you, you forget me... Life is really unpredictable Cheng Yu looked at Ye Qian with a bitter smile and helped cover her with the quilt.

He gently kissed her forehead and left the room

But as soon as Cheng Yu opened the door, he saw Lin Yuhan, Fatty, and Yuan Yuan outside the room.

How is Ye Qian? We just heard her voice! Lin Yuhan said to the room.

Oh, I'll tell you downstairs Cheng Yu gently closed the door and sighed as he went down the stairs

Cheng Yu, don't be too sad, you tried your best! Seeing Cheng Yu sitting on the sofa with a downcast expression, Lin Yuhan thought that Cheng Yu failed. Ye Qian did not revive so she comforted him.

She is alive! Cheng Yu said.

She's alive? Then why are you still downcast? Shouldn't you be happy? Yuan Yuan said with dissatisfaction.

I am happy that she can live, but she lost her memory! Cheng Yu said sadly.

What? Amnesia? How could this be? Did she get hit in the head? Everyone said in surprise.

That is not the case, her soul was sent to the underworld and drank the forgotten water so she lost her memory! Cheng Yu said. This is the case and there is nothing to hide.

The underworld? How do you know? Have you been to the Underworld? Everyone said with surprise again, this is too much. Isn't this the same as listening to myths?

And, is there really an underworld? Also, will people really reincarnate after death? This is simply too unscientific but thinking about the fact that Cheng Yu is a god and is able to fly in the sky, is there more unscientific than this?

Well... I went to the underworld these past days and I brought her soul back from the underworld Cheng Yu said.

This... boss, what does the underworld look like? Are there really ghosts in this world? Fatty said curiously

Do you really want to go to the underworld? Cheng Yu said indifferently, he would not let Gui San out unless necessary, or else, they would be scared to death

No, no! Fatty hurriedly waved. Although he is curious, he didn't want to go to that place. If he was entangled in ghosts, he would be unlucky in this life.

What are you going to do now? Lin Yuhan said.

I don't know but I will definitely let her recover her memory! Cheng Yu said as he clenched his fist.

The next day, four people appeared in Cheng Yu's room because Ye Qian was sleeping in his room. Ye Qian sat on the bed and looked at them four people with a puzzled look, not understanding what they are doing

Ye Qian, I know that you may remember us so I will tell you about what happened these days Cheng Yu said.

Then, he talked about how they had climbed the mountain and played and then about the three from the Mysterious Sky Sect. He then went on to the matter of him going to the underworld to bring her soul back, causing the mouth of Ye Qian to continuously open and close

Ye Qian, can you remember anything now? Cheng Yu said.

I'm sorry, I can't remember anything but your story is very good, very imaginative. Although some are too bizarre and too absurd. If you write it as a book, it will definitely sell well After listening to Cheng Yu, Ye Qian sneered.

This is simply nonsense, The Mysterious Sky Sect? The Cultivation World? The Underworld? And the matter of her coming back to life? She is a modern person, as if she will believe this absurd thing

I know that you cannot believe what I had just said but I can prove it to you now Cheng Yu said and then he took Ye Qian from the bed and flew out of the window

Ah! What are you doing? You... this... Ye Qian was scared by Cheng Yu suddens pull and shouted loudly but then she realised she is in the air with Cheng Yu. As they flew around the villa, she was completely shocked and could not speak.

You believe it now! Cheng Yu took Ye Qian back to the bedroom and asked as he put her on the bed.

This... Ye Qian felt like she is in a dream. This kind of thing is absurd but she definitely felt the feeling of flying earlier

If you still don't believe me, I will take you to a place! Cheng Yu said, waving his hand, he took everyone

He brought them all into the Mountain and River Diagram

This... This is not just Ye Qian, even Lin Yuhan and the rest are shocked, they did not understand how Cheng Yu suddenly sent them to such a beautiful place

This is my magic treasure! Cheng Yu said and then passed a message to Black and White Demon and soon, they both flew over

Young Master Black and White demon respectfully said

Well, I just wanted to see you, go back and practice! Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Black and White demon looked at each other. This young master is really interesting. Does he think of them as zoo animals? Casually asking them to come over just to take a look at them. However, who told him to be their young master, the two nodded and flew away

Now you should always believe what I said right? Cheng Yu originally wanted to call out Shi Ji but he was afraid to stun them so he didn't call her. He then waved at them and brought them back to the bedroom

I... I believe it! Ye Qian said in a silly manner

I really didn't lie to you. They are also your classmates! Cheng Yu said.

Well, I believe what you said but what is the relationship between you two? Ye Qian had noticed that Lin Yuhan's gaze at Cheng Yu is weird so she pointed to the two.

This... she is my girlfriend Cheng Yu honestly said, otherwise, it would hurt Lin Yuhan's heart too much. You must know that Lin Yuhan was his true girlfriend. Now, although he also likes Ye Qian the same, if he doesn't admit it, Lin Yuhan will definitely get angry at him

Hey, didn't you say that you were my boyfriend yesterday? Why did she become your girlfriend today? When Ye Qian heard this, she sneered!