Godly Student Chapter 530

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Inside his Cave abode, Cheng Yu looked at the man lying on the ground with elation. This is an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage, he can't find one in the mortal world even if he wanted to so he never expected to actually find one

Cheng Yu immediately brought him into the Mountain and River Diagram instead of bringing him to the outside world for safety reasons. This man's strength is extraordinary and even if he saves him, if he does not accept the account, what can he do?

The experts at this level are usually extremely proud and they will not easily become the followers of others, not to mention that if their cultivation is lower than the experts, it will be even more difficult to get them to become a follower.

Moreover, the most important thing is that even if this man does not want to be his follower, If he wants to kill him for the magic treasure, then Cheng Yu will be even more miserable.

Although Cheng Yu could force him to be his follower, if he truly doesn't want to be his follower, it won't be worth it because he will most likely be betrayed in the future. Therefore, Cheng Yu still has to be prepared and he is also not willing to let him leave, after all, it is not easy to find an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage.

If he really does not agree, he will be trapped here forever until he can figure out a way to make use of him. Although Cheng Yu is not a wicked person, but he is definitely not a good person. At least regarding cultivators, he is not a good person

Even if he can't be his follower, he can't let him go because he might be an enemy in the future. Even if they become strangers after letting him go, Cheng Yu is not willing because there is no way he can predict the future and the only way he would ever let him go is when he is way stronger than him because only strength can give him a sense of security. This has always been the survival rule of Cheng Yu living in the dog eat dog world

Because he doesn't understand this man yet, Cheng Yu did not dare to use the divine water to save him. He took out a Reverse Heavens Pill that he got from the cultivation world and stuffed it into the mans mouth. Although the Reverse Heavens Pill is not as good as the divine water, it is still a rare medicinal pill

After a while, this man finally woke up

You... Although this person did not open his eyes, he already felt the difference in the surrounding environment. He felt dense spiritual Qi, how many years has it been since he last absorbed such dense spiritual Qi? Is it a dream? How can there be spiritual Qi in the Dark Nether Realm?

After slowly opening his eyes, he saw a young man standing in front of him, the man's pupil suddenly became a bit bigger with shock and excitement

The young man did not speak and looked at him with a smile

This... is this the human world? The man looked at the light at the entrance of the cave and once again felt the rich spiritual Qi but he still couldn't believe it.

You can say that! Cheng Yu nodded

Who are you? Did you save me? The man looked at the young man and couldn't believe what he said since this young man is only in the Gold Core stage. How could he save him from the Dark Nether Realm? It must be his elders that saved him

Of course. There is no one here but you and me Cheng Yu said faintly.

His own cultivation is lower than him and there is nothing to be embarrassed about that. Cheng Yu wants to let him know that although his cultivation is not high, his mysteriousness is not something he can speculate.

Only in this way can he have a kind of fear in his heart and it is also a good way for this Spirit Severing Stage expert to be able to accept him as his master

But I... Where did you save me? The man still didn't believe it. He wanted to test the waters to see if Cheng Yu is speaking the truth.

Inside the secret room of the Lone Emperor Mountain in the Dark Nether Realm Cheng Yu lightly said

This...but I have never seen you before, and, with your cultivation, how could you enter the Lone Emperor Mountain? The man has already believed a few points but the other person's cultivation is really too low. Not to mention the Lone Emperor Ghost King, even those Ghost Venerables and Ghost Emissaries can easily pinch him to death. Moreover, him wanting to enter the Lone Emperor Mountain is simply impossible!

Oh, you have never seen me, but you should remember him Cheng Yu smiled and called out Gui San

Master! Gui San respectfully bowed on the ground

Good, get up. You should be able to believe it this time Cheng Yu smiled and took Gui San into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda because Gui San's soul body is not suitable for the environment inside the Mountain and River Diagram The man's eyes widened and he couldn't believe it. He just remembered that he did in fact come in contact with Gui San but how could he be...

He now felt that his thoughts was extremely disorderly, it's just like dreaming

You don't have to think so much. In short, I saved you. Now, you should tell me who you are? How did you get caught by the Ghost King? Cheng Yu said.

He is really curious about what the Ghost King wanted to know from this mans mouth? Because if the Ghost King did not want anything from this man, he would have already been dead

I... The man looked at the young man in front of him. Except for his cultivation, he seemed to completely fail to see anything about him. However, he now believes that he has returned to the human world and believes that it is this young man who saved him, although he does not know how he did it.

However, he can't casually tell others of this secret and although he owes this person for his life saving grace, he does not know him. As for his kindness, he will find a way to repay him in the future

So he simply said, My name is Chen Hongyuan

Since you are not willing to tell me about it, I will not force you. You will stay here and heal your wounds! Although Cheng Yu would like to know what secrets the other party has, he will not force him. Everyone has a secret and even he has his own secrets that he can't tell anyone, anyways, he can't get out without his permission

Thank you, I will repay you for your kindness Chen Hongyuan said with gratitude.

This is just for you! Cheng Yu smiled and left for the exit but just as he took a few steps, he stopped and said, Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, we are in my magic treasure and you shouldn't run around, otherwise I can't guarantee what will happen to you

After that, Cheng Yu left the cave abode and leaving behind a stunned Chen Hongyuan. His eyes were very complicated, fully understanding his situation

Although he was saved, it seems that he was under house arrest and has entered the magic treasure of others. It is impossible to leave, unless he has the ability to break this magic treasure

This stable space, rich spiritual Qi, this is at least a Soul Tool, no, it might even be an Immortal Tool. Do I even have the ability to break through this magic treasure?

Moreover, although this young man seems to have a high cultivation level, he is extremely mysterious. Not only can he enter and leave the Dark Nether Realm but even the mid stage Ghost Emissaries can be controlled by him. How is he an ordinary young man?

What's more, the magic treasure on his body has been taken away by the Ghost King and he has suffered some serious injuries. How can he fight this mysterious young man then?

It's also good here, at least the spiritual Qi here is very rich and I should be able to recover soon. Throughout the years in the Dark Nether Realm, I have been soaked by the Baleful Yin Qi. I almost don't know how spiritual Qi feels like and I also need to slowly push out the Baleful Yin Qi


It is not so easy to make an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage his follow and not to mention that Cheng Yu is also seriously injured and needs to recover so there is no need to force Chen Hongyuan. In the last sentence, he should be able to understand his situation and I let him slowly consider it

After going back to the bedroom, he showered, changed into clean clothes, and then started to recover. These days, his nerves have been very tight, and he was afraid that if he relaxed, there might be an accident. Even if someone feels like they did not need to rest, once the rest a bit, they will feel overwhelmed and very tired

Until the evening, the scent of food whiffed into his nose and suddenly realized that he had not eaten for so many days and quickly sneaked downstairs.

How come your down here? Ye Qian, is she is alive? As Yuan Yuan was coming out of the kitchen to place Lin Yuhan's cooked dishes. She saw Cheng Yu's face being surprised by the dishes on the table.

No, it will take a while, I haven't eaten for a long time. I'm so hungry, let's eat dinner Cheng Yu said.

Boss, you are a god, can gods even be hungry? Fatty said

You are not a god, how do you know that the gods will not be hungry? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Oh, that's what it said on TV. There are fake gods on TV but boss... boss is a real god! Fatty flattered with a smile.

We didn't cook any for you. You said not to bother you. You haven't come out to eat for so many days. How would I know that you will come out today? Lin Yuhan said as she came out of the kitchen while carrying the last dish

Hanhan, why must you mistreat your husband? Sure enough, women are the most poisonous Cheng Yu said with a smile

Snort! Then don't eat my food, be careful or I might poison you! Lin Yuhan said as she glared at Cheng Yu.

Hanhan, I am willing to be poisoned by you! Cheng Yu received a rice bowl and started to gorge down

As for you, if you are hungry, why didn't you come down earlier? Seeing Cheng Yu's appearance at the dinner table, Lin Yuhan said ill-humoredly.

I didn't have time Cheng Yu smiled. He is not extremely hungry and only enjoy enjoy the process of eating at the dinner table with those he cares about. He was almost eaten by a group of evil spirits, where is the time to eat. Going home to eat hot meals like this allowed his heart to feel at peace

How is she? Lin Yuhan silently asked.

Wait again for a few more hours Cheng Yu didn't say much. After dinner, he returned to his room and once again told them not to come into his room

In fact, after the restoration and cohesion of the soul, the revival process is very fast. The Soul Suppressing Orb flew above the body of Ye Qian and the golden light shot down. Cheng Yu clearly saw a soul entering the body of Ye Qian.

Cheng Yu is very nervous at this time, really afraid of any accidents. He really does not know what to do if any accidents occur

How is she? Cheng Yu asked.

Let's wait, she needs time to fuse with her soul soul! Soul Suppressor said

Sure enough, after a while, Ye Qian finally opened her eyes under the anxious Cheng Yu

Ye Qian, you finally woke up. Great, great! Cheng Yu saw Ye Qian woke up excitedly hugged her in his arms

Who are you? What are you doing? However, Ye Qian suddenly pushed Cheng Yu away and looked at Cheng Yu in anger.