Godly Student Chapter 529

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The daytime in Yunhai City is not as charming as the night, there are no colorful, dazzling lights. The only thing you can see in Yunhai during the daytime are just a lot of vehicles and tides of are coming and going. The streets are also full of large buildings with commercials displaying sexy m/v and advertisements

However, it is not difficult to see that the daytime of Yunhai is also very lively and prosperous

However, on the pedestrian bridge in the Commercial Plaza in Midtown, a person suddenly fell from above. No one saw whether this person appeared out of thin air or was standing on the bridge

Ah! Someone jumped from the bridge A bystander who saw a person falling from the bridges facial expressions changed as they screamed

Squeak...A car driver who was passing under the pedestrian bridge saw a thing falling from it and was shocked and he quickly stepped on the brakes

However, the driver behind did not think that the car in front would suddenly stop, causing him to crash the car in front. The scene was terrible, the road was suddenly blocked.

However, what made the driver stunned was that the unidentified object falling from the bridge was not what he imagined at all as it is a human. The driver saw a young man who spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, patted the dust off his body and awkwardly smiled at the driver before sneaking into the crowd

Hey! Wait up. Compensate for my car At this time, the driver reacted and he was going to chase after the young man

Hey! Do you know how to drive? You compensate for my car However, the owner of the car in the back ran up to stop him

You can't drive, caused an accident and now you want to run? Compensate for my car first

Hence, every driver had a big quarrel with the driver who drove the car in front while the bystanders watched on the side of the road


Cheng Yu was also very sad after leaving the crowd. Although the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King did not kill him, but he was still hurt by the powerful force, causing him to suffer a lot of injuries. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood due to the collision with the car and his injuries

What surprised was that he appeared in the city. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda is strong but the function of positioning and navigation was too bad. It is a few dozen kilometers away from the place where the passage was originally opened. He should install a satellite guide, or else, the next time he comes back, he might come back on a railway and be crushed by a train

However, Cheng Yu doesn't dare to let Soul Suppressor know what he is thinking because he might just appear in the East China Sea instead of Yunhai.

In any case, Cheng Yu has already save a life... no, it should be two, no... it is three lives. Didn't he also save a human expert? Moreover, this trip to the Dark Nether Realm has been very fruitful. Thinking up to here, Cheng Yu felt that his injuries from the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King is worth it

Looking at himself, he is covered in blood and looked extremely haggard. When he waved a taxi, the drivers though that he is in some messy situation so they were scared to stop. Cheng Yu got angry and simply stood in the middle of the road and finally stopped a taxi. After a while, Cheng Yu got out of the car and finally returned home

Cheng Yu. How did you become like this? Also, haven't you been in the room all this time? Seeing Cheng Yu coming back from the outside, Lin Yuhan and the rest was amazed and at the same time, she finally felt relieved

During these ten days, the three of them was extremely worried. Ye Qian's death was a huge blow to all of them. Moreover, Cheng Yu did not come out after shutting himself in the room for ten days, which made them really worried.

If it wasn't because he reminded them so seriously, they would have already entered his room. Just before he had returned, they were planning to open his room to check up on him.

If they don't know that Cheng Yu is a cultivator, they would have thought that he was starving to death

Oh, this is an accident. Just as I was sleeping at home, I suddenly fell outside, it is so strange Seeing Lin Yuhan, Fatty, Yuan Yuan, and their worried faces, Cheng Yu felt warm. He felt warm at home, that Dark Nether Realm, he never wants to go back there anymore.

That place is cold and horrible and there are many Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables. He is scared every time he thought about how he could be slapped to death by a Ghost King

At the last moment of going through the passage, he was very nervous

Imagine being chased by seven Ghost Kings and more than twenty Ghost Venerables. If he was caught, even having his bones being broken would be the most enjoyable thing to happen to him.p>

You...she... Seeing that Cheng Yu was covered in blood Lin Yuhan felt a heartache. She thought that Cheng Yu missed Ye Qian too much and didn't know what to do, resulting in this

Oh, you can rest assured. Like I said, I will revive her so for now, wait outside and remember, don't enter my room Cheng Yu has already recovered Ye Qian's soul. His mood is very good as he said with a smile.

Really? Boss, can you really make people come back to life? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Fatty's eyes widened.

Come back to life, what a magical four words. Such a miracle can only be seen on the TV, but his boss can actually make people come back to life, how could he not be shocked

Moreover, although Lin Yuhan and Yuan Yuan were dissatisfied with Ye Qian who likes to wrap around Cheng Yu, they are definitely not vicious people and they do not want Ye Qian to die.

What's more, Ye Qian still died to save her. Lin Yuhan closed her eyes every night and he would think of Ye Qian's rushing to the front of the giant palm. What's even more memorable is Ye Qian's final looked at Cheng Yu. The way her eyes showed her satisfaction and love causes one to feel a heartache, making tears flow out of Lin Yuhan's eyes

Ye Qian's resurrection is of course a good thing but she doesn't know how to deal with the feelings between them

In the Dark Nether Realm, Cheng Yu was very nervous every moment and there is no time to see Ye Qian but now, her soul is all put together and he finally has the time to see her.

However, her current situation is almost the same as that of Cheng Yu at that time. Although her soul is complete, she can't merge with her body yet

Cheng Yu put Ye Qian's body back on the bed in the bedroom, and then he returned to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda again

Soul Suppressor, how is her soul? Can it be integrated with her body? Looking at the array, the power of the runes around the circle is repairing Ye Qian's soul as he asked.

We have to wait for a while, probably a few more hours Soul Suppressor said

Okay! Cheng Yu nodded. He has been anxious for so many days. Now, although he is still very anxious, he bore with it

Recalling what happened in the Dark Nether Realm, Cheng Yu returned to the sixth floor from the ninth floor. Shi Ji has been with him in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Cheng Yu gave her the Essence Origin Pill that was left by Sheng Long. The energy of this pill is very pure and he believes that he can also use it.

But before Sheng Long died, he wanted Shi Ji to refine it. Although Cheng Yu wants to improve his strength, he will not violate the wishes of Sheng Long

This energy of this Essence Origin Pill is very pure. I believe that once you have refined it, your future realm will be upgraded very fast Cheng Yu said.

The Essence Origin Pill is the essence of Sheng Long's life. With it, it is equivalent to buying insurance for her cultivation path. Shi Ji will never need to use such hard work again. The only thing she has to do is to constantly absorb the energy then slowly refine and integrate this Essence Origin Pill and slowly realize the dao. Her realm can naturally reach the realm of Sheng Long by the time she finished refining the Essence Origin Pill

However, this process is very long. Of course, compared to cultivating on your own, this process is simply like a rocket

Thank you, Cheng Yu! Shi Ji said solemnly.

For her, this Essence Origin Pill has a special meaning, this is not only an energy source, but also the inheritance that her master left for her

Oh, it is not easy to hear a thank you from you Cheng Yu laughed.

Shi Ji swallowed the Essence Origin Pill and returned to the Mountain and River Diagram and turned it into a giant Flood Dragon, screamed in the air and plunged into the lake. Since getting the cultivation of Sheng Long, Shi Ji's body has been 100 meters long and is very magnificent. Seeing Shi Ji, Black and White demon was frightened half to death

They didn't know what Cheng Yu and Shi Ji has experienced his it involved a lot of secrete and they used to think that Shi Ji's body was very big.

But now, they know that the former Shi Ji is simply a snake

What made Black and White demon even more surprised is why Shi Ji's cultivation has suddenly increased.

As for Gui San, Cheng Yu doesn't have a very good place for him to practice as of right now. He can only stay in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and because he is a ghost, his body rejects spiritual Qi, just like how humans reject Baleful Yin Qi

However, Cheng Yu also knows that although the Soul Suppressing Pagoda isn't a very good place to cultivate in order to increase your realms but it is a good place for the cultivation of the soul and this is the best thing for the Gui San as of right now. Gui San can cultivate his soul body here

Other than Gui San in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, there is also a Ghost Guard and Ghost Emissarie that he had caught in the Dark Nether Realm. The Ghost Guard is on the same floor as the Ghost Emissarie and is currently unconscious. As for the Ghost Emissarie....

He is naturally confined in a cage of runes. This is a late stage Ghost Emissarie. It is impossible for Cheng Yu to let him run freely in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Cheng Yu planned to slowly refine him and he will use the method of fusion as he did with Gui San and try to fuse the Ghost Guard with the late stage Ghost Emissarie.

Although the Ghost Guard will be happy to follow him, Gui San may feel wronged but there is no way. No matter what, it is impossible for him to merge two Ghost Emissaries together, this loss will be too great.

Then, as for the last matter, he rescued a human expert and he was sent to the Mountain and River Diagram