Godly Student Chapter 528

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Trash! You have so many ghost cultivators and yet you can't even catch a human in the Gold Core Stage. But even so, since he fell into the abyss, how did this happen? Knowing the cause, the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King became angrier

This... I don't understand. Suddenly I feel that the heavens and the earth being destroyed. After that... that's it Seeing the Ghost King seem to want to eat him alive. Gui Jiang felt extremely terrified

Bam! Useless thing! The Ghost King's is extremely angry as he slapped Gui Jiang out

Ghost King, Ghost King. Not good Before the anger of the Ghost King could even cool down, a group of Ghost Venerables suddenly flew over

This... When these Ghost Venerables saw the state of the Ghost Palace, they suddenly stopped in shock. Was this place attacked by a Ghost Emperor? How did the Ghost Palace become like this?

What happened? The Ghost King said coldly.

The divine object... the divine object has been stolen Lou Sha said in a trembling voice.

What. How could this be? Didn't we just come out of the Sacrificial Temple? The rest of the Ghost Kings were shocked

Just after you just left, there was a sudden loud noise in the temple. We ran in and saw a golden light rush out after taking the divine object away A Ghost Venerable said.

This... who did it? The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King felt that his years worth of anger is not even comparable to this one

A human! said Lou Sha, after all, he once dealt with Cheng Yu before

It's a human again? Why do we have so many humans in the Dark Nether Realm? The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King looked at the group of Ghost Venerables and angrily said.

This... All of the Ghost Venerables were scared to death

Since you discovered the thief, why didn't you chase him.Why are you here? Just to tell me about it? The Ghost King shouted.

No... No, we were chasing him, but then this man hid in the territory of the Lone Emperor Ghost King and he refused to let us go in to search for the human so we can only come back Luo Sha said.

Come! I want to see who it is. To dared to come to my Hades to make trouble! After saying that, the Ghost King immediately rushed towards Lone Emperor Mountain, resulting in this scene


Oh, I am very curious, what did this man do? To actually cause you to come to him with such a big fanfare, it's as if he destroyed the Ghost Palace The Lone Emperor Ghost King did not believe their words so he sneered.

However, he did not know, although Cheng Yu did not ruin Hades, but he almost destroyed the Ghost Palace. But then again, it isn't him who actually caused it and the real culprit is Sheng Long

But no matter what, it is a fact that he stole the Divine Object. Anyways, Cheng Yu can not escape this crime

Lone Emperor Ghost King, we are giving you a face to talk to you. Don't think that just because you are in the Ghost Kings alliance, we won't do anything to you. Don't force us, otherwise, we really don't mind razing your Lone Emperor Mountain. The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King said coldly.

Is that so? The guys in Hades are so arrogant, we have to see how you raze this Lone Emperor Mountain today At this time, there are a few masters flying in the distance, two of which are also Ghost Kings

South Luo Ghost King, Heavenly Ghost King. Haha, you guys came! Seeing that his allies came, the Lone Emperor Ghost King was overjoyed and welcomed them.

Haha, if we don't come again, I'm afraid we won't be able to find you in this Lone Emperor mountain anymore South Luo Ghost Wang smiled ironically.

Yes, fortunately, we came fast. This time, you really owe us a great favor The heavenly Ghost King looked at the four Ghost Kings of Hades and then laughed at the Lone Emperor Ghost King.

That is natural. Just tell me what you want in the future The Lone Emperor Ghost King patted his chest and said. The three men were talking and laughing and they did not put the four Ghost Kings in their eyes.

The Ghost Kings of Hades stood in the air and looked at them with an ugly expressions and they didn't know what to do. After all, the strength of the other three Ghost Kings is not bad. If they use force, they might really be able to win but if they don't use force and just go back, that won't be good either. After all, the divine object is extremely important, how can it be taken away by others

Are you sure that the human is here? The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King turned his head and said to the Ghost Venerables behind him.

Yes, we saw him running here and he never came out. However, It is just that it's very strange, if he really did not go out, then the Lone Emperor Ghost Kings must know the existence of that human A Ghost Venerable said.

The Ghost Venerables who wanted to search for the human, Geng Yaogui, but he was stopped by the Lone Emperor Ghost King. It is very strange. If the human is really there, the Lone Emperor Ghost King should know where he is

Do you mean that the human is a group with them? Said the Ghost King who is in charge of the Palace of other affairs.

There is this possibility. The Lone Emperor Ghost King and the other Ghost Kings are so stubborn and they won't budge at all. They are likely to be in the same group said Geng Yaogui.

This is not necessarily. I think it is because the human has a magic treasure to that isolates his aura Lou Sha stood up and said.

Snort! No matter what, the divine object is very important to us. We must find this man today The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King screamed and his momentum suddenly exploded and used his divine sense to search the Lone Emperor Mountain

How absurd The Lone Emperor Ghost King felt like the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King slapped his face and suddenly release his own momentum, blocking the divine sense of the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King. Afterwards, the two Ghost Kings were so quietly facing each other.

After a period of time, it is obvious that the Lonely Emperor and the Ghost King are struggling a little bit. After a while, the Lone Emperor Ghost King showed signs of being pressured

Let us help you! The South Luo Ghost King and the Heavenly Ghost King around the Lone Emperor Ghost King saw this situation and with one hand on one shoulder, causing his momentum to burst out

Ping! The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King felt the pressure multiply and was forced back

No matter what, we will bring the human back today The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King screamed and rushed up

The other Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables who heard Hall of Life and Death Ghost King did not say anything and directly rushed over

Good. Come on, we will kill you today and directly take over Hades The Heavenly Ghost King is not afraid of Hades, shouted loudly and rushed over with his Ghost Venerables

Their feud with Hades is not just a day or two. They wanted to take over Hades for their power and resources but they don't have a legitimate reason and a perfect strategy

Moreover, in this Dark Nether Realm, they aren't the only wild Ghost Kings and they also do not want to be the stepping stones of others. But today, since all of them are here, they might as well kill them all. It is best to kill them all and then take over Hades

The battle between experts is devastating but the real disaster is not between them, but for those ghost cultivators with low cultivations

They can't help at this level of war and they don't dare to help. In the entire Lone Emperor Mountain, one can only hear the rumblings of the mountain and screams of the ghost cultivators

The Lone Emperor Mountain looked like a purgatory in hell because of the fights between experts in the sky. The ghosts who were low on the ground fled everywhere

Seeing this perfect opportunity, how could Cheng Yu miss it. He told Gui San to mix in the ghost cultivators and rush out

However, at this time, Lou Sha who was fighting in the sky seem to have seen a familiar figure but the Ghost Venerable in front of him released a vicious attack so he couldn't think too much

Not good! After fighting the Ghost Venerable for a while, his face changed, he seemed to think of something and suddenly he exclaimed, he was going to chase after Gui San

However, the Ghost Venerable in front of him thought he wanted to run and he sneered in his heart. The ghost cultivators of Hades are just that and he immediately stopped him

He ran away Lou Sha screamed and shouted, pointing at the direction of the familiar figure that left

What! Hearing Lou Sha, the experts of Hades had no intention to continue fighting and chased in that direction

Want to run. Not so easy The Lone Emperor Ghost Kings and the other Ghost Kings sneered. They did not believe the Ghost Kings of Hades words, they moved in front and stopped them

Wait a minute. Let's stop the war for the time being, wait until I catch the human kid, it won't be too late to fight again The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King said

Very well. I will accompany you to see if there really is such a person At this time, the Lone Emperor Ghost King ghost thought for a moment and stopped.

The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King was right, anyways, the war has started so he really doesn't care about stopping for a bit. If there is such a human being in his place, then he must be very important and he must capture him. If it is not the case, then they will immediately fight again

Hence, the war that broke soon stopped due to a short-term agreement and. After that, a group of Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables all chased out in the direction of where Gui San had left

However, Cheng Yu is not stupid enough to escape with this group of ghost cultivators. First, he has to open the passage to the human world. It is impossible with this group of ghost cultivators around. Secondly, he is also afraid of being discovered so once they got out of Lone Emperor Mountain. They ran to the place where there was no ghost cultivators

After finding a relatively quiet and safe place, Cheng Yu let Soul Suppressor open the passage to the human world

Swoosh! The three runes are so dazzling in this dim world and most importantly, the opening of the passage is obviously very large.

Not good. We were played by him. He is over there. He wants to leave the Dark Nether Realm A group of Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables flew out of the distance and the Hall of Life and Death Ghost King was flying the highest. He suddenly felt that someone nearby opened a passage and his face changed greatly as he hurried in that direction!

At this time, the Lone Emperor Ghost King and the other Ghost Kings also felt the abnormal reaction between the heavens and the earth. The Lone Emperor Ghost King realized that Hall of Life and Death Ghost King did not lie to him and he quickly chased after him

Not good. They're coming. Soul Suppressor, Hurry! Hurry! Cheng Yu, who is waiting for the passage to open anxiously suddenly felt an unusually strong momentum is coming to him and his face suddenly became pale. If these guys catch him, his little life will be over

Damn human, where do you think your going The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King first saw that the passage has opened and shot out a palm print in the distance

Boom! Just as this giant palm was about to hit, Cheng Yu got into the passage and disappeared