Godly Student Chapter 527

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Ghost King, if they leave like this, will they really bring the four Ghost Kings to retaliate against us? Looking at the Ghost Venerables departure, a Ghost Venerable behind the Ghost King said in a worried manner.

Humph! If they dare to come, I am not afraid of them. Send someone to invite the South Luo Ghost King and the Heavenly Ghost King to come over and say that I have something to discuss with them The Lone Emperor Ghost King said.

Although he says that but the four Ghost Kings is really not something he can deal with so he has to be prepared

Yes. I will arrange it now! The Ghost Venerable nodded

Right, Is there really a human here? said the Lone Emperor.

He felt that these guys didn't seem to be lying about this. If this human is really hiding in his territory, then he must find him

He really wants to know what this human being did for this group of guys to pay so much attention to him!

I don't know but I seem to have seen them faintly chasing a golden light but the golden light disappeared afterwards said the Ghost Venerable.

So they really didn't lie? said the Ghost King, frowning.

Ghost King, this time, a human emerged, do you think it is for that person? The Ghost Venerable carefully said.

It shouldn't be possible. If that is true, they wouldn't be chasing him with just a large group of Ghost Venerables. What's more, didn't you say that no one knows about this? Did you lie to me? said the Lone Emperor Ghost King.

Don't dare... I truly didn't see anyone else at that time but it might just be a coincidence that he broke into our place. However... I am afraid of making a mistake! Ghost said somewhat embarrassed.

Well, what you say makes sense. You send people to look around and see if there are any outsiders coming in. In addition, try to find that human. My patience is limited, if that human doesn't have any good information, then kill him The Lone Emperor Ghost King coldly said

Yes! I will do it now said the ghost.

At this time, Gui San wandered around the palace with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Just now there are so many Ghost Venerables and even a Ghost King, he didn't dare to appear, for fear of being discovered by them

Cheng Yu wants to open the passage to the human world now but in this place, the Ghost King can easily detect it so he make Gui San only hide inside the palace. Anyways, Gui San is also a ghost cultivator so it is easy to fool them. After it is safe, Gui San left land looked for opportunities to leave the palace.

What are you doing here? Just when Gui San was about to reach the gate, there was a sudden sound and he was shocked. Gui San saw a Ghost Venerable standing behind and staring at him

Sir, I saw that many Ghost Venerables were here and I thought that Hades came over to start a war so I ran here Gui San quickly said.

Oh, is that so. Anyways, come with me The Ghost Venerable looked at Gui San and said, then led him into a secret room.

Gui San is perplexed and somewhat scared but in front of a Ghost Venerable, he wants to run doesn't dare to and can only follow. The secret room is very dark and the green ghost Lantern made the room even more errie

Cheng Yu and Shi Ji are also very nervous in Soul Suppressing Pagoda. They don't know where this ghost is going to take them. He even fears that this guy has discovered his existence. If he takes them to a place where they can't escape, It's will be a dead end for them.

He is already thinking of ways, whether to give this guy a sudden attack and then rushed out. However, he soon became surprised

It turned out that a prisoner was locked here. What shocked him even more was that this prisoner was obviously a human and it is a human at the early stage of the Spirit Severing Stage

IHe was already languid and his hands and feet were sealed and imprisoned

Human, what's the point of keeping silence? Just tell us already. We have been very patient but if you don't want to say it, then I can only give you to the Ghost King and let him Personally refine your soul so that you can never reincarnate again The Ghost Venerable stepped forward and looked at the human.


The man raised his head slightly, and opened his eyes in difficulty, glanced at the Ghost Venerable in front of him, snorted with disdain and hung his head again.

Good! Since you are dead set on never being able to reincarnate, then I will fulfill your wish The Ghost Venerable looked at the human and his face changed, he waved his hand and the seal on the human's hand and feet is released, causing him to fall directly to the ground

You, take him with me to see the Ghost King! The Ghost Venerable ordered Gui San

See... see the Ghost King? When Gui San heard the Ghost Venerables words, he almost fell to the ground in fear, isn't that the same as sending himself to death?

What? Are you scared to see the Ghost King? The Ghost Venerable said coldly

No... no Gui San hurriedly said. Grabbed the human on the ground and followed behind the Ghost Venerable out

Looking at the Ghost Venerable in front, Cheng Yu is also very anxious. If he meets the Ghost King, then the chance that he can escape is too slim!

Cheng Yu, what do we do now? If we meet the Ghost King, we are likely to be discovered Shi Ji anxiously said next to him.

This... we can only fight with this Ghost Venerable and there might be an opportunity to escape. However, if we really meet the Ghost King, I am afraid we will have no chance of escape at all Cheng Yu said with a sullen face.

Every time they took a step, Cheng Yu's mood became heavier and heavier. Due to their limited strength, the possibility of escaping the Ghost Venerable is is not high

Not good. The Ghost Kings of Hades is really coming Just as Cheng Yu was looking for the chance to fight the Ghost Venerable in front, the face of the Ghost Venerable suddenly changed and several powerful auras were coming to the Lone Emperor Mountain.

Quickly send him back to the secret room. Keep him safe, if you let him run away, you don't need to live anymore The Ghost Venerable turned and looked at Gui San and ordered.

Yes! I will look after him Gui San happily nodded in a hurry

Looking at the figure of the Ghost Venerable hurriedly leaving, Cheng Yu's heart was like a blind man being able to see again. He wanted to celebrate for three days and three nights. The timing of Hades is too perfect. If he survives this, he will definitely light an incense for Hades

Master, what do we do now? said Gui San.

Let's wait first. So many Ghost Kings are present, we can't run out! Cheng Yu suppressed the joy in his heart and thought about it.

With so many Ghost Kings around, if he opens a portal, with such a huge commotion, they will definitely notice and he will definitely be slapped to death with no remains left. He might as well wait for them to fight each other and try to fish in troubled waters

What about this person? Gui San looked at the man who had been knocked unconscious and said

Bring him in Cheng Yu looked at this person, he did not understand what the Ghost King wants to know from his mouth. How was he be caught by the Ghost King in the Dark Nether Realm?

After thinking about it, the Ghost Venerable also said that this man is a human. It is almost impossible for humans to be born in the Dark Nether Realm so he must have been captured. It must also be fate for them to meet here. Anyway, since he has to escape also. Why not send him a favor.

After all, this guy is a master at the initial stage of the Spirit Severing Stage. If he can get him to be his follow, that would be awesome. Right now, Shi Ji is also in the initial stage of the Spirit Severing Stage and if he can get this guy to be his follower, he will have one to guard him in secret and on to guard him in the open. After returning to the human world, who would dare to mess with him?

If Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect really dare to deal with him, they will definitely suffer greatly


Outside the palace!

The Lone Emperor Ghost King stood in front of the palace and looked coldly at the four Ghost Kings in the air

The four Ghost Kings of the Hades came to my mountain. I don't know what's going on? Could it be that you want to destroy my Lone Emperor Mountain? said the Lone Emperor Ghost King.

He really couldn't imagines, are they really here for a human kid? Could it be that this human kid destroyed the Ghost Palace, otherwise, there is no need to use this lineup to find him

In his eyes, these guys came to deal with him instead. Some time ago, they found a crystal mine in the northwest of the Lone Emperor Mountain. At that time, the guys in the Hades wanted it so it definitely has to be related to that

Fortunately, I invited the other two Ghost Kings, or else, I would be in a terrible situation today

Lone Emperor Ghost King, we are not here to fight with you, but to find someone, I heard that a human kid has hid here, I hope you can let us find him The Hall of Life and Death Ghost King expressionlessly said.

At this moment, the one in the worst mood is the master of the Ghost Palace

When he heard a strong bang in the direction of the Ghost Palace. He thought it was these wild Ghost Kings who attacked his Ghost Palace. The result was that when he got there, he almost fainted in anger

He saw that the Ghost Palace that was originally prevailing was almost turned into a ruin. The new souls fled everywhere and the Ghost Guards were also scared.v

What is going on here The Ghost King roared!

But all the ghost cultivators were silent since no one understood what is going on. The sudden and violent eruption happened too quickly for the ghost cultivators to understand what was going on

Ghost King, the problem seems to be from the Abyss of Death At this time, the Gui Jiang went up and said while trembling

The Abyss of Death? What happened? The Ghost King angrily said

Ghost King, just before you left the Ghost Palace, a human appeared here.... Then, Gui Jiang explained how he fought Cheng Yu.

Trash! You have so many ghost cultivators and yet you can't even catch a human in the Gold Core Stage. But even so, since he fell into the abyss, how did this happen? Knowing the cause, the Ghost King became even more angry

This... I don't understand. I suddenly felt that the heavens and the earth being destroyed. After that... that's it Seeing the Ghost King seem to want to eat him alive. Gui Jiang felt extremely terrified