Godly Student Chapter 526

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What is that human's cultivation level? Even you are unable to catch him? The other Ghost Venerables said in surprise.

For a human to be able to enter the Dark Nether Realm and be unable to even be catched by a Ghost Venerable, could that person be a Loose Immortal? If that was the case, then they had to find the Ghost King to deal with him

I am very ashamed, the other party is just a tiny human Gold Core stage cultivator! Ghost Venerable Luo Sha's expressions turned ugly. However, he had no choice but to speak the truth. Sooner or later, they would catch this human and lying would be useless.

What? A human Gold Core stage cultivator? How is that possible? The ghost venerables were so shocked that they almost fell to the ground. They chased after a human Gold Core Stage kid for so long but to think that they were actually unable to catch that brat. This was simply a great disgrace to Hades

You should have seen it. That golden light is actually one of that human's Supreme Yang Magic Treasures. It has a great effect on us ghost cultivators but what's even stranger is that this guy has a strange flame on his body, the kind you guys saw just now. This flame is very overbearing, even more powerful than the Samadhi True Fire. I was too careless last time, which is why I let him run away like this Lou Sha said.

So that's how it is. Then we need to hurry up and catch up. If we let that brat enter into the territory of the Wild Ghost Kings then that divine item might be taken away by those Ghost Kings. That would be troublesome! A Ghost Venerable said.

Cheng Yu did not know how deep of an impression he had made on the group of Ghost Venerables behind him. The only thing he could do now was to desperately flee

Thinking about it, his realm was just too low. Coming to this Dark Nether Realm was like a dog that had lost its home. No matter where he went, he would be chased by ghosts

But the hateful thing was that he only had the chance to run, he wouldn't be able to fight even if he wanted to

Who is it? How dare you barge into the territory of the Lone Emperor Ghost King? Just as Cheng Yu was running for his life, a voice came from the ground

Cheng Yu looked and saw that it was an early stage Ghost Emissarie leading a group of ghost cultivators on patrol.

Halt! The Ghost Emissarie wanted to chase after him but was immediately sent flying. Just as he was about to chase, another group of people arrived, causing him to almost fall to the ground in fright.

Oh my god, there are so many ghost venerables here, is this a war? The Ghost Emissarie was hanging in the air in a daze

Scram! Before he could even react, he was slapped down by one of the Ghost Venerables

Cheng Yu suddenly saw a palace-like area on the mountain in front of him. He was overjoyed, knowing that this was the territory of the Wild Ghost Kings, he quickly hid in the forest on the ground

Seeing the Ghost Venerables getting closer and closer, Cheng Yu panicked and looked at the palace in front of him. He quickly let Gui San out to run towards the palace with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda!

Who is it? Just as Gui San ran over, a group of Ghost Guards pointed their scythe at him

This is bad. Hades is coming, all the brothers behind me have been killed. Go report to the Ghost King. Everyone, quickly run Gui San shouted in panic

What!? How could this be? It's actually the Ghost Venerables! The leader of the Ghost Guard's face paled when he saw that there were indeed several powerful auras rushing over. He hurriedly ran into the palace

When the other ghost guards saw this, they panicked and ran away!.Gui San was elated and found a place to hide in

Impudent! Hades dog, you actually dared to attack my Lone Emperor Ghost King's territory Just as the group of Ghost Venerables entered the mountainside, a Ghost King suddenly rushed out from the hall, staring coldly at the group of Ghost Venerables

Although the number of enemies were not small, he was not afraid at all. The strength of a single Ghost King was not something that these several Ghost Venerables could handle

However, this group of guys suddenly wanted to attack his territory. This made him very confused and angry at the same time. He was already giving them face since he did not join hands with other Ghost Kings to attack Hades.

Lone Emperor Ghost King, don't misunderstand, we aren't here to cause trouble today, but to look for someone Lou Sha stepped forward and said politely.

After all, the other party's strength way above theirs. Although their relationship was not good, strength equals to status in Hades

Looking for someone? I don't have anyone here for you, immediately leave. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite The Ghost King said coldly.

Lone Emperor Ghost King, we really didn't lie to you, we are looking for a human brat, he hid here. We ask the Ghost King to allow us to search around, once we catch him, we will immediately leave, not causing any trouble for the Ghost King A Ghost Venerable stepped forward and said.

Humph. I don't know what you're talking about. How could I not know about a human that came into my territory? I don't know what your goal is but it's best for you to leave now, otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite The Lone Emperor Ghost King said coldly.

Lone Emperor Ghost King, we have no ill intentions, I hope you can give our Hades some face, as long as we can find that human brat, we'll leave immediately The Ghost Venerables still refused to give up, stealthily releasing their divine senses to search for that human.

Although the Lone Emperor Ghost King's attitude was firm, they had no choice. If they could not find the human, the divine object would be taken away by the Wild Ghost Kings. This was something they absolutely could not accept.

Hmph, you still dare to play tricks with me on my territory? Since you are so sure that the human brat you are talking about is with me, then tell me why you want to capture this human brat? In front of a Ghost King, how could that little tricks of the Ghost Venerables escape his senses? He released his aura and the Ghost Venerables was immediately knocked more than ten meters away. The Ghost King looked at the Ghost Venerables and said coldly.

Such a large group of Ghost Venerables had come to his territory in such a brazen manner just to capture a human brat. They definitely had other motives and one of their motives might be here to deal with him or that human brat is an extremely important character.

This Ghost King, this human brat has not only ruined our sacrificial ceremony, but he has also caused trouble at our Ghost Palace and captured our Ghost Emissarie so we have to capture him and bring him back The group of Ghost Venerables hesitated, but Lou Sha stood up and said.

The matter of the divine object being stolen was extremely serious. This was something that they absolutely could not let others know about. Otherwise, this Ghost King would definitely be even more unwilling to let them find this human.

Humph! Is that so? Even so, you don't need so many Ghost Venerables to capture a human, right? Could it be that the human has the cultivation of the Ghost King? The Lone Emperor laughed coldly.

For such a lousy reason, even if his intelligence was low, he still wouldn't believe it. Furthermore, he could become the Ghost King. Even if his intelligence was low, how low could it be?

If the human's base had the strength of the Ghost King or a Ghost Emperor, he would be able to easily sense it because the perception and rejection between powerhouses were extremely strong. How could he not know that such a powerful aura was in his territory?

What's more, if the human really had the cultivation of the Ghost King, then why would the human run away? Even if he could not kill all of them, there was no need to run

Uh... The Ghost Venerables didn't know what to say. They couldn't possibly admit that the other party was a Ghost King expert. If that was the case, they would really be full of crap.

But if the other party wasn't such an expert and we have so many Ghost Venerables chasing after a Gold Core Stage kid, isn't there something wrong with that as well

Ghost King, no matter what, this human brat is extremely important to us. I hope you can give us some face. Consider this as us owing you a favor and we can also discuss about the resources in the future Finally, a Ghost Venerable stood up and said.

In any case, the other party was already suspicious. As long as they did not reveal the matter regarding the divine object, it would be fine.

Humph! Face? Your Hades is relying on your power to take over a large amount of resources, now you talk about face with me? sorry, I won't give the human to you The Lone Emperor had long seen through the complexions of these Hades guys. Since they had spoken to him in such a low tone, it meant that the human must have done something very important to them. If that was the case, he definitely could not let them find the human.

You, Lone Emperor Ghost King, we are happily discussing with you because we are giving you face, don't think that just because you are a Ghost King, we are afraid of you. We are not afraid of reporting you, before long, the other Ghost Kings will all come, when that time comes, you better not regret it Seeing that the Lone Emperor Ghost King did not give him face, Lou Sha also became angry and angrily said.

Haha. What? Are you angry out of embarrassment? Don't use the Ghost Kings to scare me? I want to see if your Ghost Kings really dare to bury my Lone Emperor Mountain Although the strength of the four Ghost Kings was limited, for them to be able to control the mountain, it wasn't like they didn't have any strength

Although Hades was in charge of a large amount of cultivation and ghost cultivation resources, to these ghost cultivators, Hades was their greatest enemy, so they usually had an alliance.

If the Ghost Kings of Hades dared to trample on his Lone Emperor Mountain, then his allies would not just watch. It was because of this that Hades dare not to completely exterminate these ghost cultivators.

.... The group of Ghost Venerables looked at each other in dismay. They never thought that the Lone Emperor would be so firm in his stance. He was willing to fight Hades at all costs for a human. This would make things difficult for them

If you know what's good for you, hurry up and scram. I, Lone Emperor, do not welcome the ghost cultivators from Hades. If you anger me, I won't show any mercy Seeing how these Ghost Venerables dared to be angry in front of him, the Lone Emperor was extremely pleased with himself as he spoke loudly

You One of the Ghost Venerables couldn't stand this Lone Emperor's arrogant attitude. He wanted to get angry but the other Ghost Venerables stopped him.

Since that's the case, we will take our leave first but we have to advise Your Excellency the Lone Emperor Ghost King, offending our Hades is of no benefit to you Lou Sha said.

Scram! The Ghost King's expressions turned cold, his aura suddenly burst forth from his body. With a loud shout, it gave the Ghost Venerables a fright, before leaving quickly