Godly Student Chapter 525

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I also want to go out and help him but what can we do now? You see, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is unable to hold on any longer. If we go out, we will be instantly devoured by these ten thousand ghosts Cheng Yu said with a troubled expression.

Although Sheng Long was already prepared to sacrifice himself to send them out, if he was to be killed by this Ghost King, that was not what they wanted to see

Furthermore, if this Ghost King really extracted the soul and cultivation of Sheng Long, then they wouldn't be able to leave

At this moment, Sheng Long was painfully struggling on the ground. He felt as if he was being entangled by thousands of ghosts, dividing up his body and soul

Humph, you want to devour my power, you are delusional Although Sheng Long was currently in great pain, his mission had yet to be completed.

The hope of the revival of the Holy City still rested on Cheng Yu's shoulders, he had to protect their lives no matter what. He could not let the Ghost King capture them

The six Flood Dragon heads wildly spat out multicolored flames, burning away the surrounding threat

Ahh Countless evil spirits felt as if they had been placed into a terrifying purgatory, their souls instantly burning

The Ghost King also cried out in pain. Those evil spirits were formed from his soul. Being burned by Sheng Long, he also felt immense pain

You old bastard, go die for me The Ghost King was also fighting with his life on the line. Since his spirit was already injured, if he wanted to recover, he could only use this dragon's soul to make up for it.

At this moment, the Ghost King was already on the pirates ship, he had no choice but to take action. If he didn't kill this flood dragon today, then he would definitely be killed by this flood dragon in the future or by other Ghost Kings

Since his soul was already injured, he didn't care about getting hurt again. He suddenly shouted, Old man, I have been at a disadvantage against you in the past. Today, I will kill you completely and let you experience the true meaning of death

The Ghost King flew in the air, waving the Death Scythe in his hand. If it could be said that the 10,000 ghosts were split up to eat before, then right now, it was as if the infinite number of evil spirits had all gathered together.

The Ghost King's body also quickly grew larger. The way he held the large death scythe in his hand made him look like a real god of death

Nether King Break The Ghost King roared and that majestic Sickle of the God of Death chopped down

Ahh The Ghost King's Death Scythe had actually stabbed into Sheng Longs back. The Ghost King pulled the sickle, causing a huge hole to appear in Sheng Long

Whoosh! A white light shot up into the sky. It lit up the originally dark space.

When the Ghost King saw this, his face revealed a look of excitement. There was a multi-colored pill hanging inside

Damn brat. How dare you set your sights on my Essence Origin Pill. You deserve to die Sheng Long let out a furious roar and his multicolored core flew out from his body and Sheng Long caught it with his claw

Shi Ji. Take it away. You have to refine it Suddenly, Sheng Long threw the multi-colored Essence Pill towards the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

When Cheng Yu and Shi Ji saw how the Ghost King had beaten Sheng Long so miserably, their eyes were already spitting fire. Even Cheng Yu was about to go out and fight when he suddenly saw a multicolored pill being thrown over and he immediately retrieved it into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Damn it. That's mine The Ghost King never thought that this Flood Dragon would actually give his Essence Origin Pills to that human. In an instant, his anger flared and he struck the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with his palm

Puff! Cheng Yu and Shi Ji both spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time

Cheng Yu. Remember what you promised me, you must reconstruct the Holy City in the human world. Master, I will finally follow you Suddenly, Sheng Long used his last bit of energy to spit out something that looked like a glass ball and wrapped himself around the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Afterwards, he used his enormous body to wrap the Ghost King.

BOOM! A violent explosion sounded out and the entire space seemed to shake. Sheng Long detonated his own soul and chose to perish together with the Ghost King

Cheng Yu and Shi Ji had clearly seen Sheng Long disappear from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Both of them were filled with grief. But at this moment, a vortex appeared in the sky

Exit Cheng Yu was shocked. There was no time for him to think any further. He quickly controlled the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to fly into the whirlpool

After Cheng Yu and the others flew into this whirlpool, the entire space twisted and began to expand. BOOM. With another violent explosion, Cheng Yu and the others no longer saw anything

But in the middle of the Ghost Palace, it began to shake. The Hall of Life and Death in particular had started to collapse. All the ghost cultivators in the Ghost Palace were scared silly, hastily fleeing the Ghost Palace

However, it wasn't just the Ghost Emissaries and Ghost Guards who felt the change. Even the Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables who had been comprehending the divine item felt the change

At this time, they had just concluded the ceremony of comprehending a divine object. However, they still hadn't found anything. However, at this time, such a huge change happened outside. This caused the ghost cultivators who were in charge of Hades to be completely shocked as they all rushed out of the sacrificial hall

I think it's from the Hall of Life and Death One of the Ghost King looked at the abnormality in the distance and said with concentration

Could it be that those Ghost Kings want to cause trouble again? The Ghost King in charge of the Hall of Life and Death frowned as he spoke. Such a strong reaction could only be caused by the Ghost King and the rest but with the Ghost Kings and the Ghost Venerables here, it could only be the wild Ghost Kings who were about to cause trouble again

Go. Let's go take a look The Hall of Life and Death was the most important place in the entire Ghost Palace and there was no room for mistakes. Although the Ghost Kings had also attacked the Ghost Palace before, it was not as chaotic as this time's incident. They did not dare hesitate and all flew over

However, not long after they left, in their incomparably sacred Sacrificial Hall, there was suddenly a loud sound. Then, a white light shot into the sky, shooting towards the heavens

Crap. Has something happened to the Sacrificial Hall? The Ghost Kings left, and the remaining Ghost Venerables were also startled by the loud sound. Their expressions changed as they rushed into the Sacrificial Hall.

Inside the Sacrificial Hall hung a golden pagoda. Cheng Yu, who was hiding inside was still in a state of shock. Looking at this pitch-black place, he wondered if he had already left the abyss of death

But right here, Cheng Yu suddenly saw a familiar box

This is... Cheng Yu's face was filled with pleasant surprise. He couldn't believe it. Wasn't this the box that the Ghost Emissarie priest used to store divine items?

Cheng Yu was extremely excited and quickly slipped out. He opened the box and saw that it was the familiar dead tree

This is bad. An expert has entered Cheng Yu was shocked. He hurriedly put away the box and slipped inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Whiz! The moment the door of the Sacrificial Hall opened, a golden light shot out

What's that? Several Ghost Venerables were shocked

This is bad. The divine object had disappeared. Quick, catch him One of the Ghost Venerables saw that the box containing the divine object was missing. He was shocked and his face changed drastically. With a loud shout, he chased after the golden light

The other Ghost Venerables reacted and chased after him. That divine object was left behind by the ancestor of Hades for them to study. If it disappeared, then what would happen to them?

Holy shit, there are so many Ghost Venerables? What should we do now? Can the Soul Suppressing Orb open the passageway to the Mortal Realm now? When Cheng Yu saw that there were more than a dozen Ghost Venerables following behind him he was so shocked that he almost jumped out. He could not even deal with a single Ghost Venerable but there were even a dozen of them.

No, there's not enough time. We need to find a safe place to open it The Soul Suppressing Orb said

Master, run that way. That's where the Wild Ghost Kings live. They shouldn't dare to charge in Gui San was also extremely frightened. With so many Ghost Venerables approaching in full fury, it would be over if he was caught

Soul Suppressor. Hurry up, or we're done for Cheng Yu also cried out in sorrow. He really did not expect to appear in the Sacrificial Hall. Although obtaining this divine object had surprised him, facing so many vicious and evil Ghost Venerables, he would simply die without a burial if he is caught

Great joy and great sorrow came too fast. He was truly unable to accept it. Seeing the Ghost Venerables getting closer and closer, he felt anxious

Where do you think you're going? Looking at the golden light, the one in front let out a loud shout and a giant palm descended from the sky, aiming to grab the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Whoosh! Suddenly, a Phoenix like flame shot out and burnt through the gigantic palm

Damn it! Seeing the golden light escape from his grasp, the Ghost Venerable became even more furious

Cheng Yu also let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, he also had his trump card. Otherwise, he would have really died millions of times. Afterwards, Cheng Yu took the opportunity to fly towards the direction that Gui San pointed out

Quickly chase, that's the territory of the Wild Ghost Kings. If this unknown person enters, we won't be able to catch him Seeing the direction that Cheng Yu fled in, one of Ghost Venerables understood Cheng Yu's intention and spoke with an ugly expression

Damn it. Where did this guy come from? He actually took away the divine object A Ghost Venerable said angrily.

Could it be that one of the Ghost Kings sent him? A Ghost Venerable guessed.

No way, I recognize that magic treasure. It belongs to a human brat At this moment, a Ghost Venerable flew up from the back and spoke up.

Human? Why would a human appear here? The Ghost Venerables exclaimed.

I heard that he came to look for his wife's soul. He made a ruckus at our Ghost Palace earlier and I originally wanted to capture him, but he escaped. I didn't expect that this brat would actually come to steal our divine object. This is unforgivable The Ghost Venerable said angrily

What is his cultivation level? Even you couldn't catch him A Ghost Venerable said