Godly Student Chapter 524

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What about her? Hearing that, Cheng Yu's eyes lit up. Didn't he still have Shi Ji? She was also a dragon and there was nothing more suitable than her. Thus, he directly let her out!

Eh? Flood Dragon? As Sheng Long looked at this young flood dragon, he was immediately overjoyed. There was no one better at inheriting his cultivation level than this flood dragon

Shi Ji. This senior wants to pass down his cultivation to you, why aren't you thanking him? Cheng Yu hurriedly said as he saw the confused look in Shi Ji's eyes.

Thank you, senior? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Shi Ji did not dare to believe it. However, when she saw the look in Sheng Long's eyes, she was instantly overjoyed and quickly kneeled on the ground.

It really is heaven's will. I originally thought that no one would be able to inherit my cultivation. Finally, I would like to know your names? Sheng Long looked at the flood dragon with an expression of joy and sorrow.

My name is Cheng Yu!

My name is Shi Ji

Mn, Cheng Yu, I hope you won't forget what you promised me. I'll leave the Holy City to you. Shi Ji, come here Sheng Long looked at Cheng Yu and said a few words before summoning Shi Ji over

Sheng Long placed its claws on Shi Ji's head and a faint white light surrounded Sheng Long's body. Then, the white light started to flow onto Shi Ji's body.

Seeing Shi Ji's late Foundation Establishment cultivation rapidly rising, Cheng Yu was both surprised and happy. Even though Sheng Long couldn't help him, he had transferred all of his power to Shi Ji. That was to create a powerful expert for himself

Although he did not know what level Shi Ji's cultivation would reach in the end but matter what, Sheng Long is still a Loose Immortal so even if he lost some of his powers, it shouldn't be a problem for Shi Ji to reach the Great Ascension Stage, right?

F*ck, it's safe enough for a master of the Great Ascension Stage to be by his side at all times. Haha, Cheng Yu was extremely excited. He no longer had to worry about the people from Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect causing trouble for him.

Pa! Shi Ji has reached the Gold Core stage

Mid Gold Core stage.... Late Gold Core stage...

Pa! Nascent Soul Stage

Mid Nascent Soul Stage.... Late Nascent Soul Stage...

Pa! Her Nascent Soul is transforming in to a Primordial Soul. Shi Ji was about to enter the Spirit Severing stage. Seeing the rocket like speed of improvement, Cheng Yu was so excited

What a pity, if only I could inherit his cultivation level. Fuck, nine golden cores? Wouldn't I have Nine nascent souls? How awe-inspiring and magnificent would that be.

To be honest, it was more and more difficult to advance as time went by. More than two hours had passed, and she still hadn't broken through to the Spirit Severing Stage so why was she still accumulating energy?

From this, it could be seen how difficult it was for her to cultivate to the Spirit Severing Stage. Even if it was passed on to others, it would take her a long time

Pa! Her Nascent Soul has grown into a Primordial Soul. Shi Ji's growing body grew two horns on her head, similar to a Sheng Long's. Although it was small, the aura on her body had also started to change. There was a faintly discernible holy aura around her, and her was getting closer and closer to Sheng Long's aura.

Haha! You old man. You are so stupid as to give your cultivation to someone else. Since that's the case, then just give it to me It was at this moment that a terrifying and cold voice of excitement suddenly rang in the ears of Cheng Yu and the others.

Cheng Yu's expression changed. It was precisely the Ghost King who wanted to treat him as his slave. This bastard still hadn't left and now that he was here to mess things up, they are in danger

Sheng Long was shocked as well. He didn't expect this fellow to try to mess things up. He had already passed on a lot of his cultivation base to Shi Ji but she couldn't absorb everything so there were a lot of wasted cultivation; however, there was nothing he could do about it

Now that the Ghost King is here, he would definitely not be able to pass on his cultivation base. In the worst-case scenario, they would not be able to leave this place alive

Thinking of this, Sheng Long's claw left Shi Ji's head. If this continued, everyone would die. This was something he couldn't bear. Having endured humiliation in this place for so many years, he had finally encountered his master's inheritor. He had also found the Flood Dragon that was most suitable for him

The most important thing was that Cheng Yu was responsible for the revival of the Holy City. No matter what, he couldn't let anything happen to him so he had to send them out!.Otherwise, all the sacrifices he had just made would have been in vain

You little Ghost King want to covet this sovereign's cultivation. Aren't you afraid that I'll completely destroy you? Sheng Long said as he looked at the Ghost King.

Haha. Do you think you are still such a formidable person? The current you doesn't seem to be stronger than me The Ghost King laughed, he knew that the old man's strength was now lower than his, that was why he dared to come out

One had to know that passing down cultivation base to another was a waste. If he continued to waste cultivation base like this, then even if he were to kill all of them and absorb them, he would not be able to recover Sheng Longs wasted cultivation base.

Since that was the case, of course he had to come out and stop them. Anyway, he could already kill this old man

Humph. Since you wish to die, I shall grant your wish Although Sheng Long knew that it would be difficult to deal with the Ghost King with his current cultivation, as a six headed flood dragon from the Holy City, he had his own pride. A mere Ghost King wanting to kill him was absolutely not allowed.

Hmph, let's see who will die today The Ghost King sneered.

Ignorant brat With a loud shout, Sheng Long's body grew larger again. His body was actually several hundred meters long. His claws were like mountains as they pinched the Ghost King

The Ghost King was not afraid of the claws and directly welcomed the claw, slashing it back with his death scythe. Sheng Long's scales was extremely tough. No matter how fierce the Ghost King's Death Scythe was, it was unable to break through his defense

However, the Ghost King wasn't specialized in physical attacks but in the powerful mental attacks. This caused Sheng Long to have no choice but to be wary of him. If it was in the past, he could easily destroy these mental attacks. But now, it was different. The Ghost King's mental attacks caused him to be restricted greatly.

However, there were six Sheng Longs so how could his spiritual force be weak? Even if his cultivation was a lot weaker, how could a skinny camel be bigger than a horse?

For a time, the fight between the ghost and beast was earth-shattering. Cheng Yu couldn't hold it in any longer and brought Shi Ji into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Although Cheng Yu really wanted to help, this level of battle was not something that he could get involved in.

No matter how strong Cheng Yu's Phoenix Spiritual Flames were, it would not be able to heavily injure the Ghost King. The only reason it could cause harm to him before was because the Ghost King did not want to kill him and did not pay too much attention to the attacks of a human cultivator.

Therefore, unless this Ghost King could stand there and let Cheng Yu burn him or even injure him, it was still uncertain if he could seriously injure him.

In the sky, the six heads of Sheng Longs unleashed all sorts of astounding spells, causing the Ghost King to fall into despair

The Ghost King was startled and furious. This fellow was indeed not bragging. He did not expect that he would still be so powerful after losing so much cultivation. Could it be that he had really made a mistake?

Now, the Ghost King was truly regretting his carelessness. It was too early to make a move, he should have let him lose some more of his cultivation before making a move, it was truly his fault for being too greedy.

Originally, he had wanted to rely on this old man's strength to reach the level of Loose Immortal and perhaps even break through this space to ascend into the Spirit World.

However, it was already too late to back down now. No matter what, he had to kill this old fogey

To ordinary ghost cultivators, the Ghost King was the realm they dreamed of. But to a ghost king like him, even in his dreams, he dreamed of becoming a Ghost Emperor or even a Realm King.

If they could ascend to the spirit realm, that would be something they had been waiting for for a long time. It had to be known that right now, within the Realm King Mountain, there were many Ghost Emperors and Realm Kings that were ready to ascend to the spirit realm.

But in reality, this sort of thing might not happen even after another ten thousand years had passed. Many of the Ghost Emperors and Realms Kings had already prepared for a thousand years or more but still hadn't ascended

From this, one could see that the amount of accumulated knowledge needed to ascend was simply too great. If he wanted to rely on his own cultivation, he didn't know how long it would take before he could fulfill his dream.

However, now, there was a ready-made opportunity. Even though he might not be able to successfully ascend after absorbing this guy's cultivation and soul, he was at least very close to it.

Therefore, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Today, regardless of the price, he had to absorb his cultivation

Ghost Sickle Soul Death Spell The Ghost King was beaten up like a dog by Sheng Long and finally couldn't bear it any longer. With a loud shout, a ghostly wind howled, as if ten thousand ghosts were charging at him. This was the sound of hell.

The Ghost King seemed to be holding his scythe and chanting something. It seemed to be a vicious incantation but it also seemed to be a powerful curse

Ahh Sheng Long felt like his brain was being hacked by countless evil spirits. The pain of every slash penetrating deep into the soul. His body actually fell from the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

This is bad. Sheng Long is in trouble Cheng Yu was greatly shocked, but he didn't dare to leave. If it wasn't for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he would have been unable to endure it for a long time


Even so, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was still shaking violently, as if it'd received an extremely powerful attack.

Cheng Yu, what do we do now? Shi Ji said anxiously.

Even though Sheng Long had already raised her cultivation to the Spirit Severing Stage, with the difference between her and the Ghost King, she was still far from being able to help.

Shi Ji had only met Sheng Long once but he had given a great favor to Shi Ji. To her, Sheng Ling was her master.

Now that she saw her master in such pain and yet she couldn't help him at all, this kind of feeling was really torturous.

I also want to go out and help him but what can we do now? You see, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is unable to hold on any longer. If we go out, we will be instantly devoured by these ten thousand ghosts Cheng Yu said with a troubled expression.