Godly Student Chapter 523

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Forget it, to be able to meet you here today, perhaps this is heaven's will. Perhaps one day, the Holy City will reappear in your hands, The man said as he looked at Cheng Yu. Suddenly, the black cloud around him dispersed.

This... Seeing the other person's true face, Cheng Yu was immediately shocked. What appeared in front of him was a six headed flood dragon with two horns on each head. Although it wasn't a real dragon, it was almost no different from a dragon.

Sheng Long. At this moment, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda suddenly flew out from Cheng Yu's body.

Soul Suppressor. When the Flood Dragon saw it, his heart shook. However, after thinking about how Cheng Yu was able to enter the Divine Temple of Heavenly Completion and obtain the Green God's Awakening, he naturally had already opened the four great guardian halls. As a result, he understood and acknowledged Cheng Yu's identity.

You... you really are the Holy Lord's mount, Sheng Long. The Soul Suppressing Orb said in surprise. Seeing that the other person recognized him, he was almost certain in his heart.

One was the mount of the Holy Lord and the other was a quasi-immortal equipment under the Holy Lord. They had naturally met before.

I didn't expect to see you again after so many years but I can tell that you aren't much better. The once majestic Soul Suppressing Pagoda has now turned into a spirit weapon. Sheng Long sighed.

It's been so many years, you should let it go. Soul Suppressor also sighed but now he had a new master. Although this master didn't seem to be that smart, he could already tell that he possessed the blood of Holy City.

The holy city had already disappeared. If he wanted to regain his former glory, he could only leave it to this brainless master.

Hehe, maybe. Sheng Long looked at Cheng Yu and sighed.

Cheng Yu was already stunned. He didn't think that this six headed Flood Dragon would actually be the mount of the Holy Lord of the Holy City that was once prosperous.

Senior, I didn't think that you would be the mount of the Holy Lord but why are you here? Cheng Yu said as he recovered from his shock.

Ai, that year when the Holy City was destroyed, the Holy Lord and the four Palace Masters all fell while I was brought here by them. Sheng Long sighed.

But why did they want to destroy the holy city? Cheng Yu couldn't understand. Back in the day, even if the holy city was glorious, it was still a matter of the human world.

That's because of the Divine Tree, Sheng Long said.

The Divine Tree? Cheng Yu still didn't understand.

That's right, because the divine tree leads to another space.

What does that have to do with them destroying the holy city? Cheng Yu said in confusion. Since it can go through another dimension, then let it go through then, is there a need to go all out to destroy the holy city?

It's not that simple. That divine tree is not simple because it not only allows people to live forever and come back to life, it also allows people to possess great power. Sheng Long said.

To be able to come back from the dead, it is truly amazing, Cheng Yu said in surprise.

Previously, in the cultivation world, they had heard that the Divine Water could bring people back to life but that water was nothing special.

That's right, senior, is this the water you were talking about? Suddenly, Cheng Yu remembered the bottle of water in his hand and threw it at Sheng Long.

Sheng Long opened the bottle and took a deep breath. He shook his head. It seems to be, but at the same time, it doesn't seem to be

This... What do you mean? Cheng Yu said.

The water here has a similar aura but it seems to lack something, Sheng Long said.

So that's the case, then you just said that the Divine Tree can give people endless power. If the Divine Tree was really that powerful, how could the Holy City be destroyed by others? Cheng Yu withdrew his Divine Water and knew that this was definitely the reason why the Divine Water couldn't bring people back from the dead but he didn't really believe in the magic of the Divine Tree.

I don't know either. Furthermore, as far as I know, this power isn't bestowed upon them by the divine tree. They need to connect to the other side of the divine tree Sheng Long said.

To reach the other side of the divine tree, what place is that? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

I don't know, I've never been there but I'm sure of one thing, said Sheng Long.


The people from that place are the same as you. They can cultivate several golden cores, Sheng Long said.

They have many Golden Cores in each of them? Cheng Yu said in surprise.

Yes, I think so. Sheng Long nodded.

That's right. Senior, there is another thing that I've heard that can give people great power. Take a look and see if you recognize it.

Suddenly, Cheng Yu remembered those few strange sections of the dead wood and gave them to Sheng Long.

What is this? I've never seen it before. Sheng Long sniffed the air but didn't smell anything and shook his head.

You've never seen this before? Do you think this might be the divine tree you're talking about? Cheng Yu boldly speculated.

One must know that the withered tree that Cheng Yu found at the beginning was found along with the divine water. Moreover, the Mysterious Sky Sect and the Dark Nether Realm all said that this thing could give people endless power.

The Divine Tree... but the divine tree was destroyed that year and there's no aura of the divine tree in it, Sheng Long said. He had seen the divine tree collapse with his own eyes, so how could it be like this?

So it really isn't a divine tree? Cheng Yu said in disappointment.

I can't be sure either. Perhaps it really is a divine tree. From the looks of it, it should still have a few more segments, Sheng Long said.

Yes, there's a piece in the Dark Nether Realm. I was planning to steal it, but I didn't expect it to fall into this place. Right, senior, do you really know the exit to this place? Tell me and we'll go out together. Cheng Yu said excitedly.

This senior definitely had the strength of a Loose Immortal. If he could bring him back, hehe, Kunlun, Mysterious Sky Sect, who could harm him? Unless they dared to call out a Loose Immortal

Actually, it isn't difficult for you to leave because I am the Sealing Eye of this space. Back then, the experts of the Dark Nether Realm sealed me here so it is impossible for me to leave, Sheng Long said.

What? You're talking about the Sealing Eye? In that case, if we want to leave, wouldn't that mean... Hearing Sheng Long's words, Cheng Yu could no longer be excited.

No wonder why no one could get out after entering. No one would have thought that the Sealing Eye was actually a Loose Immortal. If he wanted to get out, he would have to him.

However, how could Cheng Yu kill him? Furthermore, he couldn't do it either.

This time, Cheng Yu was depressed. If he went out, this flood dragon would die, but if he didn't go out, his family and women would definitely become a pile of dirt.

Cheng Yu would never have thought that the end result would be like this.

Kid, don't worry. Since you are of the Holy City's bloodline, I will definitely let you out. Sheng Long thought that Cheng Yu was worried that he wouldn't be able to get out.

But, if I go out, wouldn't you... Is there no other way to get out? Cheng Yu really couldn't bear to see Sheng Long die in order to let them out.

To be able to see you two, I am already very happy. Right now, there is no difference between dying and not dying but I have always had a wish in my heart. 'I hope that the holy city will be able to reappear in the human world, that is my and master's mission. Now that master is dead, since his sword is in your hands, I hope that you can help me accomplish this mission and wish said Sheng Long.

This... Cheng Yu didn't think that Sheng Long would use his life to help him but rebuilding the Holy City was just too difficult for him. Moreover, even though Sheng Long had helped him resolve some of his doubts, he still hadn't completely understood what was going on in the Holy City.

Cheng Yu was not afraid of trouble but he was afraid that he would betray his trust. Not only would it cause Sheng Long to sacrifice his life, but he might also not be able to help him fulfill this wish.

Are you not willing? Sheng Long asked with a cold expression.

No, Senior, I am afraid I will have to shoulder your heavy burden. If you sacrifice yourself for me and I am unable to fulfill your wish, then I won't know how to answer you Cheng Yu said.

I believe in you. As long as you promise me this, I believe that you will be able to accomplish it. The heavens want me to meet you here. This is heaven's will and there is no one more suitable than you.

If it was someone else, he wouldn't sacrifice himself no matter what and let him go. But Cheng Yu was too special, he had the blood of the holy city's people and it seemed to be even more noble than his master's bloodline. At the same time, he inherited his master's legacy.

He was destined to stay here for the rest of his life and would never leave this place again. Not to mention meeting a person here, he didn't even meet many ghosts. Now that he met his master's inheritor, what else could it be other than heaven's will?

Alright, I promise you. Hearing Sheng Long's words, Cheng Yu went silent.

Previously, Sheng Long had answered his doubts and knew that there was someone like him in the space that the divine tree led to. He was also getting more and more curious about the matter of the Holy City.

It seemed like this matter had something to do with him. Even if he wanted to escape, he could not. Since that was the case, he would agree to it.

Alright, since you've agreed to help me, I'll trust you. Soul Suppressor will help me keep an eye on you. It's just that if I die like this, it'll be a pity for my cultivation.

Then what should I do? Can I inherit it? The reason why Cheng Yu didn't want Sheng Long to die like this was because he couldn't bear to part with his cultivation. After all, he was a Loose Immortal.

How can you do that? I am a beast, and you are a human. How can you inherit this? Sheng Long shook his head.

Then what about her? Hearing his words, Cheng Yu's eyes lit up. Didn't he still have Shi Ji? She was also a dragon so there was nothing more suitable than her. Thus, he directly let her out.