Godly Student Chapter 522

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When the Ghost King saw that Cheng Yu actually had six golden cores, he immediately became interested in this human kid. He wanted to grab him and bring him back to study him.

Master! But just as the Ghost King was about to grab the injured Cheng Yu, an old and excited voice rang out. Following that, an even more powerful force surged over and instantly broke the Ghost King's hand that was grabbing Cheng Yu.

Damn it, this old man is here Seeing that his attack had been broken, an old man who he dreaded and was afraid of came out. He regretted it immediately.

After so many years, a living person finally came in. Moreover, this human cultivator was so special, he was truly unwilling to give him to this old man.

Senior, this human brat is my slave. Please return it to me, I will leave immediately. The Ghost King did not dare to act presumptuously in front of this old man and respectfully said.

Slave, scram. This human is not someone you can harm. The old man was hiding in a dark cloud and no one could see his face.

But from the sound of his voice, he was very angry right now.

Senior, I did not intend to offend you. This human is indeed my slave. The Ghost King did not understand why this old man was so angry.

Hurry up and get out of here or I'll kill you here Angry roars came from the black cloud once again, followed by a powerful pressure that struck at the Ghost King.

Senior please spare my life, I will leave now. The Ghost King's expression changed drastically as he looked at the human on the ground. Although he was unwilling, he still turned around and left.

The huge eyes of the man in the black cloud looked at the human on the ground. There was sadness, excitement, disappointment and even a hint of self-mockery in them. However, his six golden cores and the Green God's Awakening in his hands made him look forward to his future.

Senior, thank you for saving my life. Cheng Yu looked at the huge black cloud. Although he couldn't see what was going on inside, he could feel the aura of a human cultivator.

Although he did not understand why the other party would be here or why the other party had saved his life. However, since they did not have any ill intentions towards him, he naturally had to be polite.

Who are you and why are you here? The man in the black cloud said.

I came to the Dark Nether Realm to save someone and ended up falling into the abyss of death. I don't know if senior knows of the exit to this abyss, I hope senior can tell me Cheng Yu said.

The Abyss of Death has no exit. Since you've entered, you can only rest here forever, The man said indifferently as he looked at the green sword in Cheng Yu's hand.

This... Cheng Yu thought about it, even the Ghost King was scared when it saw this person. With such a high cultivation level and yet he was still here, if there was an exit, he would have already left.

You don't have to be disappointed. As the saying goes, heaven never bars one's path. Little fellow, tell me where you got that sword from, The man said.

This... Cheng Yu was silent. He didn't understand what the other party meant. Could it be that he had taken a fancy to his sword?

Don't worry, I won't steal your things. I'm just curious. If you can tell me what I want to know, I might be able to help you The man said.

Really? But didn't you just say that there's no exit here? Cheng Yu said in disbelief.

To others, there really is no exit here but I am the only one who knows of it. The man's tone was very indifferent and even Cheng Yu couldn't tell what the other person's tone was.

Alright, I accidentally acquired this sword during an experiential learning in the mortal world. Cheng Yu thought about how his opponent was so powerful, if he really wanted to steal his things, it would be as easy as flipping his palm.

Furthermore, if what he said was true and only he knew of the exit to this place, then he shouldn't be offended. However, he couldn't easily tell the truth.

What I want to know is where you got it,

This... Cheng Yu hesitated again. He didn't know who the other party was and why he wanted the origin of the sword but after thinking about it for a bit, not just anyone could enter that place, so he opened his mouth to say something. However, he heard the other party speak first.

Actually, even if you didn't tell me, I would still know that you took it out from the holy city's shrine, The man said.

You... You know of the Holy City? Cheng Yu said in shock.

As far as he knew, no one in the cultivation world knew that it was called Holy City and only knew that it is called the Forest of Death. Even his master didn't know about this.

However, this person actually knew about the Holy City. Could he be someone from the Holy City?

There shouldn't be any mistake. If it wasn't for that, you wouldn't have found this sword, The man didn't reply to Cheng Yu and seemed to mutter to himself.

Brat, can you let me see your Gold Core again? Black Cloud suddenly asked Cheng Yu, as if to confirm his thoughts.

Cheng Yu already had a vague feeling that even if this person wasn't from the Holy City, he was related to the Holy City.

Six Golden Cores, it really is six Golden Cores. But, why is it like this? At first, The man was a little excited, but soon after, he began to have doubts.

According to his knowledge, only the Holy Lord in the Holy City could possess six Golden Cores. Moreover, he should be at the late Gold Core Stage when he has six Golden Cores.

If that was the case, then wouldn't this human kid appear with nine golden cores at the later stage of the Gold Core stage? Even he had never seen such a person before so how could this be possible?

Seeing the six golden cores above Cheng Yu's head, the man didn't know how to explain it. Originally, he thought that this person must have either obtained the inheritance of the Holy Lord of the Holy City or should be his descendant.

However, with his six golden cores in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, this person's status seemed to be even higher than that of the City Lord. This was simply too confusing.

And there was another important point. The Holy City was indeed destroyed at that time, how could such a person exist?

Senior, what's wrong? Cheng Yu didn't understand why the other party had suddenly turned silent so he opened his mouth and called out.

Can you tell me where you came from? Sheng Long asked Cheng Yu as he came to his senses.

Where did I come from? I came from the Mortal Realm. Cheng Yu was also a bit confused. He didn't understand what the other party meant by this.

What I mean is, can you tell me about your background? The man asked curiously.

My background? Cheng Yu hesitated again. Could it be that this person saw that he came from another world? No, this matter can't be randomly said, I come from a family in the mortal world.

The mortal world, Black Cloud muttered. Obviously, he understood that the mortal world was the cultivation world's mortal world. Could it be that this person is really a survivor from Holy City?

Then where did you get your cultivation technique from? Black Cloud had finally thought of a crucial point. The cultivation technique of Holy City did not allow one to cultivate six Gold Cores at a mere mid stage Gold Core.

I got this by chance during an experiential learning. Cheng Yu didn't understand what this guy wanted to know.

Whatever, you don't need to say it. No matter what, as a person from the Holy City, you shouldn't be wrong. The man naturally didn't believe that he had obtained it by chance because this world didn't have such a cultivation technique.

However, no matter what, his bloodline is the same as the Holy City.

Senior, I want to ask, are you from the Holy City? Cheng Yu had been holding it in for a long time, this Holy City was really too mysterious and there were too many things that seemed to have something to do with the Holy City.

Cheng Yu also felt that this person had a great relationship with the Holy City. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked so many strange questions.

I think so, The man sighed as if he had thought of many things. However, there was pain in his eyes, as well as anger.

Then you definitely know about the matters in the Holy City. Can you tell me about the matter in the Holy City? Hearing that the other party was really from the Holy City, Cheng Yu excitedly spoke.

The Holy City was a huge mystery and in the blink of an eye, such a glorious city had been buried underground for who knows how many years. He was truly curious.

The Holy City, that was a sacred place. Once, that was the place that humans yearned for the most and that was the happiest place in the world. But then, a group of abominable people appeared and destroyed the Holy City.

Cheng Yu was startled by his angry roar, thinking, could this guy be the master of the holy city? Otherwise, why would he be so angry? This way, could it be that this sword was his, which is why he kept staring at it?

Senior, I want to know, do you know who those people who destroyed the Holy City were? Cheng Yu asked.

According to the Soul Suppressing Orb, the four palace masters and the Holy Lord of the Sacred City had all surpassed the level of Loose Immortals. They seemed to possess the strength of an immortal.

Moreover, the Holy City at that time was extremely prosperous and powerful and among them, there were more than just the five of them. The group of Loose Immortals and tribulation stage subordinates must have been very numerous yet such a powerful force was destroyed in an instant.

Hmph, I don't know anything else, but the Dark Nether Realm is one of them. Sheng Long said furiously.

The Dark Nether Realm Cheng Yu was shocked. Hearing him say this, it seemed as if the enemies came from different realms. Could it be that even the deities of the Immortal World had made their move?

If that was the case, it would make sense. Why would the Holy City destroy their relationship so quickly?

Senior, can I know who you are? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Forget it, to be able to meet you here today, perhaps this is heaven's will. Perhaps one day, Holy City will reappear in your hands, The man said as he looked at Cheng Yu. Suddenly, the black cloud around him dispersed.

This... Seeing the other party's true face, Cheng Yu was immediately shocked.