Godly Student Chapter 521

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Since he had landed, Cheng Yu was in no hurry to leave. It was safer to stay inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. However, it was pitch black outside and he couldn't see anything.

Even though the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was already glowing brightly, he was still unable to see through the darkness.

Motherf*cker, this place is really strange. I need to go out and take a look, Cheng Yu said as he flew out.

Cheng Yu tried his best to check the surroundings but with his strength, he still couldn't see more than two meters. He tried to see if he could fly, but he couldn't.

It was impossible to fly up now so he could only go around. However, visibility was only two meters away. It was too dangerous. This place was filled with Baleful Yin Qi. Perhaps there was something powerful inside.

Just like the Ghost King that Gui San mentioned, since it had a bottom line, then the Ghost King must not have died. Who knows how many years it has been, maybe the Ghost King had already become either the Ghost Emperor or the Realm King.

Soul Suppressor, can you open the passage to the Mortal Realm here? Cheng Yu wanted to see if he could go back to the Mortal Realm in case he encounters an extremely powerful existence. Ye Qian's soul was already in his hand.

This place was too strange. He had no sense of security.

Let me give it a try. Soul Suppressor also felt that this place was too evil, it would be safer to just leave and return to the mortal world.

Three symbols suddenly flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb. This scene was very similar to the situation when he wanted to go the Dark Nether Realm. However, these three symbols were clearly not the same as the previous ones.

The three runes emitted rays of light and began to rotate in the air. Cheng Yu was extremely excited as he watched. Wouldn’t he be able to return to the mortal world even if he died in this case?

Pah! However, Cheng Yu's excitement did not last for long. To be exact, it did not last for many seconds before the bright symbols suddenly dimmed and returned to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Gah, what's going on? Cheng Yu said uncertainly.

No, this place is too strange. It seems like we are in a sealed space. Even the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is unable to open the passageway to the mortal world, the Soul Suppressing Orb said regretfully.

What? A sealed space? What does that mean? Hearing the Soul Suppressing Orb's words, Cheng Yu became even more agitated.

If I guessed it right, there might not be an exit here. Although Soul Suppressor didn't want to admit it but according to his experience, this was definitely a sealed space, there shouldn't be an exit here.

There's no way out, Soul Suppressor. This joke isn't funny at all. Don't lie to me. Knowing that this place was a sealed off space, Cheng Yu had already guessed this result but if it really was like this, then they really wouldn't be able to get out.

I'm not joking. It does look like this, said Soul Suppressor.

Aren't the Mortal Realm and the Dark Nether Realm also sealed spaces? Didn't you also open the tunnel between them? Cheng Yu said unwillingly.

That's why I said this space is sealed. Since it is sealed, then it means that it cannot be connected to another space. The only way out is the entrance to the abyss where we came from, and this is a one-way seal that can only be entered but not exited, the Soul Suppressing Orb said.

How... How could it be like this? Does the heavens want us to die? Cheng Yu scolded angrily.

I do have a way to get out but the chances aren't high, Soul Suppressor said after thinking for a moment.

What solution? It's already like this. Even if the hopes aren't high, we still have to try. We can't just wait here to die, Cheng Yu helplessly said after hearing Soul Suppressors words.

Since this place is sealed, this space will have a Sealing Eye. As long as we find this Sealing Eye and break it open, we can leave, the Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Cheng Yu didn't say anything. He understood this principle but this seal was just like a formation. The array had an eye but the seal also had a eye.

However, putting aside the size of this space, as long as it could support the seal of this space, it was unknown whether the eye of the seal could be broken or not.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yu became even more depressed. The heavens really wanted him to die here

Also, because he has many resources, he could try to cultivate to the Crossing Tribulation Realm but he doesn’t even know if he can leave this place even if he reaches the Crossing Tribulation Realm.

However, how many years would it take for him to reach the Crossing Tribulation Realm, wouldn’t his women be a pile of dirt by then? This was not something that Cheng Yu could accept.

F*ck, let's find this Sealing Eye first.

Since they could only see two meters away, then even if they bumped into the World King's stomach, they wouldn't know. In this sort of place, it was very easy for the enemy to detect his existence but it was very difficult for him to do so.

He was not afraid of being seen by the enemy. At the very least, the Phoenix Spiritual Flame was extremely effective against ghosts and spirits. With such dense Yin energy, the Phoenix Spiritual Flame would burn very vigorously.

With the Phoenix Spiritual Flames, Cheng Yu's visibility finally increased to over twenty meters. Although it was still very narrow, it was still much safer compared to a visibility of two meters.

At least he would have a better reaction time when he is in danger. He should be able to avoid it.

Just like this, Cheng Yu slowly walked forward with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda in one hand and the Phoenix Spiritual Flame in the other.

Along the way, he found that besides the Yin energy, there were no other living beings.

Haha, a human actually appeared in the Abyss of Death, what a miracle! Just as Cheng Yu was about to search for an exit, an excited and terrifying voice suddenly reached his ears.

Not good, run! Cheng Yu's expression changed drastically. This should be the Ghost King's aura, if he didn't run now, he would not still be alive.

Run? In this space, where can you run to? Haha! That terrifying voice sounded like it was right beside Cheng Yu's ears. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't escape from the other party's line of sight.

Cheng Yu also did not know how long he had been running or how many kilometers he had been running but that hateful and terrifying voice followed him like a shadow.

Since I won't be able to run out, I'll fight you. Cheng Yu was furious, he decided not to run away and prepared to fight with this guy.

Haha, little guy, why aren't you running? Aren't you running quite happily earlier? The voice loudly laughed in excitement.

What do you want? Cheng Yu did not know where the other party was and shouted at the sky.

Don't worry, I won't kill you. I haven’t had someone to speak to. From now on, you are my slave, haha. The voice laughed arrogantly.

If you want me to be your slave, then don't even think about it. Cheng Yu heard the other party's words and knew that for the time being, the other party would not take his life and would rather make him a slave.

Thus, Cheng Yu chose to continue running. With such a big fellow, it was equivalent to having a bodyguard. If there were any other demons or ghosts that wanted to deal with him, they would be scared off by this guy.

With this thought, Cheng Yu no longer needed to search carefully. He kept running forward, trying to see if he could find the Sealing Eye.

You stubborn brat, run. Let's see where you can run to. Sure enough, this guy just watched as he ran without even trying to catch him.

However, Cheng Yu didn't believe it. Could it be that this damned place really had no borders?

Brat, give up. Since you've entered the Abyss of Death, don't think of leaving. You should obediently become my slave. Seeing that Cheng Yu was still desperately running around, the voice sounded again.

You should give up too. I won't be your slave. Cheng Yu was still unwilling to give up as he ran forward.

That’s not up to you. This guy clearly didn't have any more patience, and more importantly, this human brat was currently running towards a terrifying guy.

If this human were to be taken away by that fella, then it would be too late.

Cheng Yu was scared half to death. He still wanted this guy to continue to be his bodyguard and it hadn't been long since he lost his patience. He quickly took out his weapon and prepared to receive the attack.

Hmph, such a small human Gold Core stage cultivator. Let's see if you can handle this move of mine. He did not intend to kill this human but only wanted to capture him and bring him back.

Bullying the weak is nothing, I'll burn you, you son of a b*tch. Cheng Yu slapped his right hand, and a wave of Phoenix Spiritual Flames surged towards the palm in the sky.

Ah, you damned human brat, how dare you injure me? The Ghost King didn't expect a human Gold Core to be able to injure him. Although it was only a small wound, it had already angered him.

The Ghost King shot out a green light, wanting to teach this brat a lesson.

F * ck, if I die, then I die Cheng Yu roared. His six golden cores exploded and the Green God’s Awakening Sword in his hand also slashed out.

Peng! No matter how strong Cheng Yu's explosive strength was, he couldn't defeat the Ghost King. His entire body was sent flying far away like he was riding a rocket.

What a strange brat, come back with me so I can study you. When the Ghost King saw the six golden cores shining above Cheng Yu's head, he was stunned for a moment before looking at the human brat with excitement.

He actually had six golden cores. As he thought of this, he extended his palm in an attempt to catch this brat and take him back to study him.

Master! But just as the Ghost King was about to grab the injured Cheng Yu, an old and excited voice rang out. Following that, an even more powerful force surged over and instantly broke the Ghost King's hand that was grabbing Cheng Yu.