Godly Student Chapter 520

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Seeing Gui Zhi being injured from the strike, Cheng Yu was delighted.

Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Come back. At this time. The spirit energy from Cheng Yu's body suddenly poured into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda suddenly expanded in size and headed towards Gui Zhi, pressing down on him.

However, facing against a late stage Ghost Emissarie. How could he be suppressed so easily? Although Gui Zhi was injured, a powerful aura burst forth from his body. Halfway above his head, the speed of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda slowed down

Press. The spirit energy in Cheng Yu's body exploded. He rushed into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with no regards for his life.

Crack! The Soul Suppressing Pagoda pressed down again.

Trying to suppress me. I won't let you succeed. Gui Zhi said painfully.

Just now, he was already wounded by Cheng Yu's burning of his soul. In addition, Gui San used his full strength to attack him. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda now gave him a lot of pressure. He felt as if he could enter the other party's magic treasure at any moment.

However, he still had treasures. It was the Soul Gathering Flag that the Ghost King had sent back then. His heart stirred. The Soul Gathering Flag immediately flew out. On his head. The faint green light emitted outwards one after another. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda stopped once more. Gui Zhi couldn't be suppressed no matter how hard the Soul Suppressing Pagoda tried.

Gui San. Attack him with all your might. At this moment, Cheng Yu's face turned pale. He was almost unable to continue to provide spirit energy to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Moreover, he had to concentrate on suppressing Gui Zhi. He couldn't attack at all so he could only let Gui San attack him.

Yes. Gui San also knew that if they can’t suppress Gui Zhi, that would be the end of them. He exploded forth with his own strength as he continued to attack Gui Zhi.

Boom! Boom! Boom! However, not only could the soul gathering flag be used to stabilize the soul, it also has a powerful defensive power. Even though the damage from Gui San was already very great. However, he couldn't immediately the defense of the Soul Gathering Flag

F*ck. Cheng Yu roared. He felt like he was about to collapse.

Gui San could not hold on any longer when he saw Cheng Yu. He attacked Gui Zhi even more crazily. However, Gui Zhi was still persisting, trying to outlast them

On the other hand, Huo Yu did her best to stop Gui Jiang from coming over to help. At this moment. In its mind, it suddenly heard Cheng Yu's order.

Huo Yu sprayed out a large amount of Spirit Spiritual Flames towards Gui Jiang. She then flew towards Cheng Yu.

Ah! This time, Gui Zhi couldn't take it anymore. Instantly, a shrill and furious roar erupted. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda pressed down once again.

When Gui Jiang saw this situation, he immediately cursed. If Gui Zhi was suppressed, he would definitely not be able to escape his fate of being suppressed. Thus, after he stabilized his body, he slapped his palm towards Cheng Yu.

Boom! At this moment, Cheng Yu had already sensed danger. However, whether or not he could suppress Gui Zhi depended on this. How could Cheng Yu be willing to give up? The Exquisite Cauldron flew out first, helping him block Gui Jiangs Palm.

Ah! However, the Exquisite Cauldron could only help to dissolve some of his strength. A palm attack came. Gui Jiang's ghost palm struck Cheng Yu's back. However, at this time, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda had completely suppressed Gui Zhi. It was unknown if this scream came from Cheng Yu or from the ghost.

Maybe it was the two of them. Gui Zhi was instantly sucked into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. As for Cheng Yu, after he was sent flying by the palm, he actually fell into the abyss of death.

Ji. Huo Yu shouted in anger and quickly rushed down. She wanted to bring her master back up on her back but she did not know if it is possible. The Abyss of Death was called the Abyss of Death. It was because after falling down, no one can come back up

No matter if it is flying magic or a beast like Huo Yu, who was born with the ability to fly. As long as she entered the Abyss of Death. She won’t be able to fly up

Haha. After entering the Abyss of Death, this kid is dead for sure. The Ghost. Do you want to jump in yourself or die right now? When Gui Jiang saw this. He started to laugh happily and he then looked at Gui San as he spoke.

The battle ended too unexpectedly, Gui San had not expected things to turn out this way. He knew of the Abyss of Death. No matter how powerful a Ghost Cultivator was. After entering the Abyss of Death, he had never come out.

However, his fate was in the hands of Cheng Yu. If he died. He, too, would die. Furthermore, even if he wasn't willing to jump down. There was also Gui Jiang and although he wouldn't kill him. The first thing he would do is to update and hand him over to the Ghost King. He would end up in an even more miserable state.

Begging for mercy? This was impossible. Gui Zhi was completely suppressed by Cheng Yu. This was a huge sin. F*ck. Since he was going to die anyway. He might as well go down and accompany his master. No one knew what was underneath this abyss of death. What if those who entered weren't dead at all?

Thinking of this. Gui San directly jumped down.

Gui Jiang was stunned. Who would have thought that Gui San would be so decisive. He knew he was going to die yet he still jumped down resolutely.

Hmph. You're quite sensible. Well, at least you won’t be tortured in the Soul Prison. Gui Jiang coldly snorted. He opened the doors to the Hall of Life and Death and walked out.

The steward of the Hall of Life and Death had been suppressed by a human. This matter was likely to infuriate the Ghost King. Fortunately, the human had already entered the abyss of death. Otherwise, he would have been able to escape the suppression of this human.

At this moment, Cheng Yu had no idea how deep he had fallen. He only felt that this place seemed to have no bottom and most importantly. He couldn't fly up at all.

The abyss seemed to be the center of gravity. It kept sucking him down. At this time, Huo Yu had already entered his body. But what surprised him was that Gui San actually fell down as well. He thought this guy would take the opportunity to escape.

Cheng Yu also put Gui San into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He also decided to just hide inside until the Soul Suppressing Pagoda dropped to the ground. He really didn't believe that this place had no bottom.

Gui San. Why didn't you run? You are actually willing to accompany me down. Cheng Yu said while looking at Gui San.

Gui San is his name before he took over the Ghost Emissaries body. Therefore, Cheng Yu still called out his real name.

I dare not to. I am master's slave. Wherever it is. Naturally, I have to accompany Master. Gui San took the opportunity to flatter him.

Hur hur. No matter what you think. But since you're willing to come down with me. I won't treat you unfairly. Even though Cheng Yu didn't really believe Gui Sans words. However, this flattery was comfortable.

Thank you, Master. Gui San said happily.

Cheng Yu had just suppressed a late stage Ghost Emissarie. If his master could give him to fuse with, then wouldn't he be able to become a late stage Ghost Emissarie soon?

Gui San was excited but Cheng Yu had no such plans. Using a mid stage Ghost Emissarie to merge with a late stage Ghost Emissarie would be such a waste.

One had to know that the Ghost Emissarie was a Spirit Severing expert. This was what it meant to be placed in the mortal world. He was also a true expert. Would Cheng Yu do such a stupid thing?

The only reason he fused Gui San with the Ghost Emissarie is because the Ghost Emissarie was being very disobedient and he was in a hurry to save someone. He didn’t care about using a Nascent Soul Stage Ghost Guard to fuse with the body of a Ghost Emissarie. This was because the Nascent Soul Stage currently existed and there are plenty of them, regardless of whether it was in the Mortal or the Dark Nether Realm.

But a mid stage Ghost Emissarie and a late stage Ghost Emissarie. If he combined them, he would only be able to get a late stage Ghost Emissarie. Wasn't this stupid?

However, Cheng Yu truly wanted to nurture this Gui San. It's just that he has a soul body. Furthermore, he was cultivating Baleful Yin Qi. He really didn't know how to help him.

Gui San. Just what kind of place was this? Why is it so strange? Since he could not think of a way to help him at the moment. Cheng Yu decided to think about it later and started asking about the environment they were in.

This is the abyss of death. I don't know the specifics. I just know that whatever fell in here never went out. Gui San said.

So terrifying. Cheng Yu exclaimed.

Yes. I heard that there was once a Ghost King who came down to check. However, the Ghost King never went up again. Therefore, everyone must be extremely careful when entering the hall of Life and Death.

Damn. Even the Ghost King couldn't get out. Then wouldn't we be finished? It has been so long. Why haven’t we reach the bottom yet. Is there really no bottom? When Cheng Yu heard that even the Ghost King couldn't return. Cheng Yu was truly worried.

I don't know either. Gui San said worriedly.

Are you sure this is the Abyss of Death and not the Abyss of Samsara? We couldn't have entered the Abyss of Samsara instead, right? Cheng Yu knew that the Hall of Life and Death had the Abyss of Death but he fell into this place before he even saw it.

Of course not. The other place where we saw those new souls that the drank Forgotten Water is the Abyss of Samsara. This is definitely not the case. Gui San said.

All right. Then let's see if this so-called Abyss of Death is really that powerful. Cheng Yu had no other choice. He could only continue to wait.

Master. Then how do you plan on dealing with this Ghost Emissarie? Suddenly. Gui San looked at Gui Zhi sealed in the middle of the spell formation and said.

Cheng Yu could tell what this fellow was thinking from his excited gaze. He had already experienced the benefits of soul fusion. Naturally, he also wanted to fuse with Gui Zhi.

You don't need to think about that. I will not fuse him with you. This is too much of a loss for me. For the time being, I'll keep him here. We'll think of something when we get out. If this place is as horrible as you say it is. Even if I really give him to you and fuse with, you still won't be able to leave. There was no need for Cheng Yu to lie to him. Moreover, refining this late stage Ghost Emissarie would take too much time. The situation here is unclear. He needed Soul Suppressing Orb at all times, he can't let him refine this guy.

Oh. Gui San was instantly disappointed.

Boom! Cheng Yu did not intend to explain anything to him. However, just as he was about to go take a look at Ye Qian's soul,, there was a sudden loud sound. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda had actually landed.

Hey. I told you. How can there be no bottom? Feeling that they had reached the bottom, Cheng Yu immediately felt more at ease.

It was like being exiled into space. Always floating and not being able to go up or down. This kind of feeling was truly torturous.