Godly Student Chapter 519

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F*ck. This guy is indeed much stronger than a mid stage Ghost Emissarie Cheng Yu looked at the Soul Suppressing Pagoda in his hands, he was shocked. Trying to suppress a late stage Ghost Emissarie was indeed impossible.

Brat, you want to suppress me? Go and die! It was a disgrace for a mere Gold Core stage cultivator to try and suppress a late stage Ghost Emissarie like him. With a roar, a cold wind suddenly blew in all directions, as if ghosts were everywhere.

Cheng Yu felt that he had fallen into a world of evil spirits and he couldn't see anything. He could only hear the excited howls of ghosts all around him, as if they were looking at him like he is the most delicious food.

Playing tricks, I'll burn you to death Although Cheng Yu couldn't see the surrounding situation clearly, he could feel that his surroundings were filled with Baleful Yin Qi. It wasn't wrong to use fire.

One by one, fire phoenixes flew out from Cheng Yu's hands. It was as if they were dancing in the dark night, bringing people hope. The fire phoenix circled around Cheng Yu and the excited howls became shrills

Ahh! At this time, Gui Jiang cried out in pain. The threat in front of Cheng Yu immediately returned to normal.

What kind of fire is this? Gui Jiang looked at the strange flames that were circling around Cheng Yu in shock and anger. With his current strength, he might not even be afraid of encountering the most powerful Samadhi True Fire in the human world.

However, the flames around this human were actually so terrifying and tyrannical. The mental attack that he had used just now had not only been broken by this human but he had also been wounded by this flame. This was truly infuriating.

Hmph, this is specially used to burn you ghosts. Cheng Yu was secretly pleased with himself. This thing was really good.

Unfortunately, these Phoenix Spiritual Flames were still lacking. It would be great if he could burn this Ghost Emissaries to death. If he had the Celestial Flame, he would definitely be able to burn him to death.

Human, don't be complacent, so what if your flames are powerful? You will also be staying here today Gui Jiang sneered.

Aside from himself, the Ghost King and the Ghost Venerables, there was no hope of the Hall of Life being opened by the other ghost cultivators, especially humans. There was no way for him to escape today.

Then I'll refine you today. I want to see if I still can't get out Although Cheng Yu said this in a heroic manner, he didn't have any other choice in his heart.

I want to see how you'll refine me! How could Gui Jiang be scared by Cheng Yu's words? Although the other party's flames were powerful, it was not enough to kill him. The Death Scythe in his hand flashed a green light as it directly flew towards Cheng Yu.

This brat has a magic treasures and tyrannical flames that suppress ghost cultivators so his spiritual attack couldn't hurt him at all. Since that was the case, he could only use his own strength to kill him.

Moreover, the gap between the strength of Cheng Yu and the late stage Spirit Severing was not small. Even if he uses a casual palm, Cheng Yu still wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Therefore, Cheng Yu naturally wouldn't be foolish enough to fight him head on. Since he had the Soul Suppressing Pagoda on him, why should he fight him head on? Thus, Cheng Yu used his left hand to suppress use the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, while his right hand was filled with Phoenix Spiritual Flames. The two of them actually fought with incomparable intensity.

However, Gui Jiang was quite depressed. With just a single palm from him, the flame would burn away half of its strength. Furthermore, his loathsome magic treasure was constantly suppressing him, causing him, a Spirit Severing cultivator to become fearful of a mere Gold Core stage cultivator.

Although the Phoenix Spiritual Flames had consumed a lot of Cheng Yu's Qi, his remaining Qi is still not something he could handle. Cheng Yu attacks had caused him to have a few injuries but he is able to barely suppress it

On the other side, Gui San and Gui Zhi were equally fierce. Although Gui San is a bit weaker than Gui Zhi, he will not be easily defeated by Gui Zhi.

Even if he wasn't a match for them, he could still endure for a while. Cheng Yu knew that he wouldn't be able to rely on the help of Gui San.

Since Gui San was unable to help him, he might as well help him. They might not have the advantage in a one-on-one fight but if there were two of them, they might have the advantage.

Especially because of Cheng Yu's magic treasure, although it could not kill them, it could still play a role of interference and suppression. While Cheng Yu was fighting with Gui Jiang, he was also observing Gui Zhi. He was going to find an opportunity to inflict serious damage to Gui Zhi

Hmph, don't tell me you want to rely on that traitor to help you? Since he has betrayed Hades, his only outcome is death When Gui Jiang saw that Cheng Yu was paying attention to Gui Zhi and Gui San, he said with a cold smile.

Don't be too complacent, no matter how loyal you are to Hades, it's a dead end. If you know what's good for you, then you'll be like Gui San and quickly submit to me. You might even be able to become a ghost king sooner! Cheng Yu smiled.

Haha, Don't you think it's ridiculous for you to want me, Gui Jiang, to join a human Gold Core stage cultivator? You should just obediently accept your death. Hell Demon Blade Gui Jiang laughed out loud. His body suddenly became huge. A Death Scythe that seemed to be harvesting all life in the world rapidly flew towards Cheng Yu.

Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Come out Cheng Yu was now proficient in the coordination between Soul Suppressing Pagoda and the Phoenix Spiritual Flame. When his opponent used a killing move, he had to restrain his opponent, preventing him from displaying his full strength.

As expected, Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew onto the head of Gui Jiang, and under the explosive golden light, the power of Gui Jiang's Death Scythe clearly weakened and its direction also changed.

But even so, such a world-shocking strike was not something Cheng Yu could endure. Immediately, the Exquisite Cauldron flew forward and quickly turned into a giant cauldron, clashing head on with the scythe!

Puff! Cheng Yu was still unable to withstand the force and spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the face of absolute power, your little tricks are all useless. Take another attack from me Seeing that Cheng Yu had been sent flying, Gui Jiang sneered and immediately rushed out once again

Whiz! Suddenly, Huo Yu flew out from Cheng Yu's body. Puff! Huo Yu's huge body opened her mouth wide and an enormous fireball flew towards Gui Jiang

Magic beast? Gui Jiang was also shocked when he saw another big fellow appear. However, this big fellow was just a decoration. It was only at the late Gold Core Stage. Gui Jiang's attack suddenly changed and the attack that was originally aimed at Cheng Yu instantly struck the large fireball

BOOM! The fireball instantly exploded but what happened next caused Cheng Yu to be surprised. Huo Yu spat out another mouthful of fireballs, but this flame was no longer the flame that Huo Yu had spat out before; it was his Phoenix Spiritual Flame.

The Phoenix Spiritual Flames spat out by such a big fellow was not small; it was actually bigger than the one released by Cheng Yu.

This... Gui Jiang was shocked. What was going on? This magic beast could spit out such a strange flame? Or could it be that these kinds of flames were already common in the human world? Everyone can spit out such a powerful flame?

Cheng Yu was becoming more and more shocked by Huo Yu. He now felt that there were too many things that he and Huo Yu have in similarity.

For example, those four demon cores. Now, even his unique Phoenix Spiritual Flames could be spat out. Why was it that there were always so many people that didn't seem related but were actually closely related to each other at the same time?

Cheng Yu suddenly felt that in front of him, there was a huge web of mysteries constantly opening up and he was like the center of this web. Although it seemed to be related to him, he would never be able to touch the real face in front of him.

But now was not the time for Cheng Yu to think about this. No matter what, the change in Huo Yu's strength was a foretelling sign that it was rapidly increasing. This was a great thing for him because the stronger his helper was, the safer he would be.

Although Huo Yu's strength couldn't do anything to Gui Jiang, the Phoenix Spiritual Flame that he spat out still made Gui Jiang feel apprehensive. For a moment, he didn't know how to make a move against this man and beast.

No matter which direction he wanted to kill the human from, the large bird would always aim its beak at him. Such a strong flame could easily break his attack.

Humph, a good chance! While Gui Jiang and Cheng Yu Huo Yu were in a confrontation, Cheng Yu suddenly noticed that Gui Zhi's back was facing him. He was overjoyed, and with a flash, he rushed over.

Trying to run? Gui Jiang thought that Cheng Yu wanted to run so he followed him in a flash. Although he wouldn't be able to kill the other party within a short period of time, it would be no problem to stop him.

Whiz! However, Huo Yu wasn't stupid. Her huge body flashed between him and Cheng Yu, directly blocking Gui Jiang. She immediately spat out a mouthful of Phoenix Spiritual Flame.

Whoosh! Gui Jiang was shocked and immediately retreated to the side.

Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Suppress! After Cheng Yu released the Soul Suppressing Orb, he immediately went to suppress Gui Zhi.

Hmph, kid, do you think a child like you can suppress me? Although Gui Zhi's back was facing Cheng Yu, with his strength, the range of his perception was unfathomably wide. Naturally, he could feel that Cheng Yu was attacking him.

But he didn't panic at all. Although the magic treasure above his head made him feel a bit of suction force, he wasn't afraid at all. A scythe was about to chop apart the Soul Suppressing Pagoda above his head

Gui San Cheng Yu shouted!

Upon seeing his master come to help, Gui San was already prepared. Seeing that Gui Zhi wanted to split open the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he hurriedly used all of his strength to prepare a heavy blow to Gui Zhi

Gui Zhi's complexion changed. Compared to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, the strike from Gui San will be fatal. He immediately changed from offensive to defensive, preparing to defend against this strike from Gui San

That's what I want! Cheng Yu coldly snorted and immediately increased his True Qi. He slapped his right hand and the Phoenix Spiritual Flames surged out like a river towards Gui Zhi's back

Ahhh! Gui Zhi screamed in agony and immediately suffered a heavy injury.

He never thought that Cheng Yu would be so cunning. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda and Gui San were just a pretense. The true killer move was Cheng Yu's Phoenix Spiritual Flames.

Bang! Just as Gui Zhi cried out in pain, the attacks of Gui San arrived. At this time, how could Gui Zhi block the attacks? He was instantly struck once again

Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Suppress! At this time, Cheng Yu's spirit energy suddenly poured into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, causing it to suddenly expand and start pressing down towards Gui Zhi