Godly Student Chapter 518

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After entering the Ghost Palace, Gui San did not wander around any longer. The situation was currently unclear and they had to check if Ye Qian was safe. Thus, they headed straight to the Hall of Life and Death.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, you Seeing that Gui San had returned, the early stage Ghost Emissarie looked at him with a bitter face.

He did not dare to have any more interaction with Gui San Emissarie. If he was misunderstood by steward Gui Zhi, then forget about resources, he would not even be able to protect his own official position, how could he have resources to claim?

Lord Ghost Emissarie, Lord Gui Zhi shouldn't be here anymore. Let me in for a bit more. Gui San laughed.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, this time, I really can't do it anymore, you should hurry up and leave. If Lord Gui Zhi sees us together again, I'm really done for.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, it's not that I'm making things difficult for you, help me one more time. This time, I'll go in alone and take that soul away then I'll leave immediately. Lord Gui Zhi will not know. Gui San said.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, this time, I really can't help you anymore, just let me go. The early stage Emissarie said with a bitter face.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, as long as you are willing to help me this time, I promise you that I will give you twice the amount of resources per month. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that your resources will not be worse than theirs. At first, it was enticing, then it turned into threat.

Sir, aren't you deliberately making things difficult for me? Let me tell you the truth. This time, even if I want to help, I won't be able to do so. That soul has already been sent to the Palace of Rebirth under the order of Lord Gui Zhi. This early stage Ghost Emissarie was now like a ghost on both inside and outside. He really did fail at stealing chickens and rice and was not fawning on anyone anymore. Thus, he carefully looked around before speaking softly.

What? She had already been sent to the Palace of Rebirth? You're not lying to me are you? Although Gui San thought that they will most likely send Ye Qian to the Abyss of Samsara in advance, he didn't expect that Gui Zhi was actually so ruthless and directly send her in.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, how could I dare lie to you? When you left, Lord Gui Zhi ordered me to send that soul away. If you really want to find her, then go to the Palace of Rebirth. The early stage Ghost Emissarie said.

Alright, I'll go to the Palace of Rebirth now. If I find that she isn't there, I'll come back. When that happens, I won't be so easy to talk to. With that, Gui San left the Hall of Life and Death in a hurry.

Isn't it just an enemy's soul? Is there a need to be so anxious? How is this going to be like taking revenge, it's more like going to save someone. It's simply unfathomable. Looking at Gui San's back, the early stage Ghost Emissarie muttered.


Cheng Yu had heard it clearly from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He knew that Ye Qian had really been sent into the Palace of Rebirth ahead of time and felt extremely anxious. He immediately ordered Gui San to hurry

Lord Ghost Emissarie, why did you come here today? The Ghost Guard in front of the Palace of Rebirth said when he saw Gui San.

I need to speak with Lord Gui Zhi, let me in. Now, Gui San was getting more and more used to the identity of being a Ghost Emissarie.

Then I'll go and report this. The Ghost Guard hesitated. Every steward had their own area. Although it didn't say that stewards from other places couldn't enter other areas, it still needed to be reported.

No need, my business is very important. If there's any problem, I will personally explain it to Lord Gui Zhi. If you delay it, you won't be able to bear it. Gui San shouted.

This... please come in. The Ghost Guard was frightened by him and quickly opened the door to the Palace of Rebirth.

After entering the Palace of Rebirth, there was a huge abyss inside. The path was densely packed and if one was not careful, they could fall into the abyss at any moment.

But don't think that this abyss is the Abyss of Samsara. This is the Abyss of Death, after entering, don't think about coming out. No one knows what is down there because anyone that fell in there never came out

Passing through many secret tunnels, they saw many souls queuing up. In front of the line was a new soul who was being given a bowl of water. That water was the Forgotten Water.

Quick. The one at the front is my wife Cheng Yu saw that Ghost Emissarie was handing the Forgotten Water to Ye Qian.

Gui San had seen Ye Qian's soul before, so he naturally recognized her.

Wait a minute! Gui San shouted and a green light shot out, breaking the bowl in Ye Qian's hand.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, why are you here? Seeing that the steward of the Palace of other affairs had actually come to interfere with the reincarnation of the new soul, the Ghost Emissarie who had distributed the Forgotten Water said rather unhappily.

This soul is the soul of my enemy's wife. I'm taking her away now. Gui San walked over and said.

How can this be? Once you enter the Hall of Rebirth, they will enter the cycle of reincarnation. How can you take them away? The Ghost Emissarie said.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, as you can see, she is only an incomplete soul. Let me take her away and consider it as me owing you a favor. Gui San said.

No, the number of souls entering the cycle of reincarnation is very high. One more isn't good and one less isn't good either. Furthermore, she has already drank the Forgotten Water so she must enter the cycle of reincarnation. Although this Ghost Emissarie was an early stage Ghost Emissarie, he did not soften just because Gui San is a steward. He spoke with a very unyielding attitude.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, don't force me. If you don't agree, then I'm going to have to use force Gui San said coldly.

Manager Gui, you are in violation of the rules of Hades, aren't you afraid that Lord Ghost King will throw you into the Soul Prison? The Ghost Emissarie didn't understand why this steward cared so much about this soul and didn't even care about the rules of the Hades.

That's not something you should know Cheng Yu, who was in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, could not hold it in any longer. Gui San had no choice but to grab Ye Qian but he was immediately attacked

Bang! Although the level of this Ghost Emissarie was one level lower than him, he could still block that palm.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, are you crazy? Do you know what you're doing? He never thought that this steward would actually dare to break the rules of the Hades.

Go to hell! Gui San's face revealed a vicious expression as he brandished his Death Scythe.

Stop At this moment, two powerful auras came over and blocked Gui San's attack.

Gui San, I knew there was a problem with you. Speak, are you colluding with that human? The one who spoke was Lord Gui Zhi, the steward of the Palace of Rebirth. Beside him stood a late stage Ghost Emissarie. This was the number one steward of the Palace of Rebirth, Ghost Emissarie Gui Jiang.

Hmph, Lord Gui Zhi, you are deliberately wrongly accusing me. I said it already, this soul is the wife of that human. That human made me lose so much face in front of everyone so why can't I use his wife to vent my anger? Gui San said.

At this time, he couldn't admit it no matter what. There were two late stage Ghost Emissarie in front of him, and he, a mid stage Ghost Emissarie really couldn't deal with them.

Hmph, is that so? However, I just heard that you've already killed that human kid, can't you vent the anger in your heart? Or could it be that this is all a lie? That human kid is not dead and you two have been colluding with each other for a long time? Otherwise, why would you go against an incomplete soul? Gui Zhi said coldly.

Nonsense, I have indeed killed that human brat but I want to make sure that the souls of this couple do not enter the cycle of reincarnation, what's wrong with that? Lord Gui Zhi, could it be that you have a motive for targeting me? Gui San didn't admit it and instead said so in a rebuttal.

You don't need to deny it so quickly. Since you are unwilling to admit that you are colluding with that human kid, then I will personally destroy this soul Gui Zhi sneered and sent a palm strike towards Ye Qian's soul.

Whiz! A golden light flashed from Gui San's body and flew into the huge palm. Then, it immediately took away Ye Qian's soul.

Bang. At this moment, the palm had already struck the golden light and the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was sent flying.

Hmph, it really is that human kid's magic treasure. You want to escape? Gui Zhi coldly snorted and was about to grab that Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Gui San leaped up lightly and blocked Gui Zhi's attack, while the Soul Suppressing Tower flew out of the Palace of Rebirth.

Once you enter my Palace of Rebirth, how can you escape just because you want to? Gui Jiang, who had arrived at the side of Gui Zhi sneered.

Immediately, the doors of the Palace of Rebirth closed. The entire hall was pitch-black but the golden light emanating from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda illuminated the entire hall.

So what if I can't get out? Then I'll refine you as well Cheng Yu knew that he wouldn't be able to escape. Since Ye Qian's soul was already in his hand, there was nothing to worry about in a fight.

For a high level ghost cultivator like a late stage Ghost Emissarie, a normal attack wouldn't cause much damage to him and the only thing Cheng Yu could restrain these ghosts with is his Six Phoenix Spiritual Flames and the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

However, Soul Suppressor is unable to suppress a late stage Ghost Emissarie directly so he could only rely on his own strength. He smacked his palm and a Phoenix Flame flew out, the scorching pill flames were like ordinary fire meeting gasoline, the Baleful Yin Force here was dense, the Phoenix Flame was just like a little flame but the intensity of the flame is extremely overbearing.

When Gui Jiang saw this strange flame coming over, he was alarmed and quickly dodged it

At this time, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew out and locked onto Gui Jiang.

Hmph, trying to suppress me? Seeing the golden light above his head and although he felt like he was being sucked in, Gui Jiang didn't care about this. The Death Scythe in his hand struck the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and it shook a few times before returning to Cheng Yu's hand.

F*ck This guy is indeed much stronger than a mid stage Ghost Emissarie Cheng Yu knew that this was going to be very troublesome. Although the phoenix flames could protect his life, it was impossible to burn Gui Jiang on the other side. Since the Soul Suppressing Pagoda could not suppress him, what could he do now?