Godly Student Chapter 517

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Is Lord Ghost Emissarie sure it is her? If that's not the case, I can't help you exchange for another one The early stage Ghost Emissarie said.

I'm sure. Hmph, that human made me suffer such a huge loss, I will make sure her soul will never enter the cycle of reincarnation Gui San coldly said.

What are you doing? Just as the early stage Ghost Emissarie was about to bring out Ye Qian's soul, a loud shout was suddenly heard. The early stage Ghost Emissarie was shocked, and Gui San was even more shocked

Lord Gui Zhi... I ... We... The early stage Ghost Emissarie panicked as he looked at the Ghost Cultivator in front of him. He didn't know how to explain.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, that human caused me so much trouble. I just wanted to take his wife's soul away and torture her. It's just to vent my anger. Gui San looked at the Steward of the Hall of Life and Death and said.

For whatever reason, this is not allowed. Gui San had clearly been suppressed by the human law, but now he had come back in broad daylight to ask for the human soul. As the steward of the Hall of Life and Death, whether there was a problem with it or not, he could not let the soul be taken away.

This soul isn't a complete soul, so it's just an idiot. I see no problem with me taking it away Seeing the expression on the stewards face, Gui San also felt a little scared. The eyes of the steward seemed to be able to see through him, unknowingly, his aura became weaker.

My duty is to send them into the cycle of reincarnation. As for what happens to them after they are reincarnated, that's not something we should be concerned about. Whether it's an idiot or a genius, this is all part of fate. The steward, who's name is Gui Zhi said lightly.

That human caused me to suffer so much, could it be that Lord Gui Zhi isn't even willing to help me with this favor? Gui San said loudly.

My apologies but this is where my duty lies, unless you can get the Ghost King to agree to it. Gui Zhi said.

You clearly know that Lord Ghost King has gone to participate in the sacrificial ceremony, so how could he possibly agree to my request?

Since that's the case, you can ask for his help after he comes back from comprehending the divine object. Gui Zhi said.

It was precisely because the Ghost King and Ghost Venerables had left to join the sacrificial ceremony that he suddenly came back, causing him to feel even more suspicious. However, the aura on his body was definitely one of real ghost cultivators.

However, he couldn't guarantee that this fella had already pledged his allegiance to that human or that the human had placed some kind of restriction on him so he definitely wouldn't give in.

But you clearly know that by the time Lord Ghost King and the others return, these souls would have already entered the cycle of reincarnation. Gui San unhappily said.

Then I have no choice. In short, I can't let you take this soul away. Gui Zhi said in a tough manner.

Hmph, good, since Lord Gui Zhi isn't even willing to help, then I can only kill that human myself Gui San knew that he would not have the chance this time. He coldly snorted and angrily said as he left.

Gui Zhi did not stop him, after all, he is not his subordinates and he is also the steward of the Palace of other affairs. Furthermore, Ye Qians soul was not taken away, and with Lord Ghost King and the rest not here, he could not do anything, at most, he could only wait until Lord Ghost King and the rest returned before reporting to them.

Lord Gui Zhi, I was confused, please forgive me this once, don't tell this to Lord Ghost King Seeing Gui San leave just like that, the early stage Ghost Emissarie looked at Gui Zhis cold face and felt scared. He quickly kneeled on the ground and said.

Hmph, I'll let you off this time. If there's a next time, there's no need to wait for Lord Ghost King to come back. Gui Zhi looked at the soul inside the hole. He seemed to be thinking about something and said, Bring this soul out and send it to the cave at the front. Have her follow the nearest souls and enter the cycle of reincarnation.

Thank you milord, thank you milord. I'll do it right now Hearing that Gui Zhi had spared him, he was overjoyed. He didn't care about the rules and directly found the cave and brought out Ye Qian's soul.

At this moment, Gui San was furious in his heart but there was nothing he could do. He hadn't completed the mission given by his master and he didn't know what kind of punishment he would encounter. Damned steward

You cowardly turtle from the Ghost Palace, come out if you have the ability. If you don't come out now, I will really charge in. As soon as he arrived at the front hall, Gui San heard his master's voice clamoring outside.

Human brat, how dare you. You have provoked my Ghost Palace time and time again. Today, this Ghost Emissarie will kill you and take you in After walking out of the Ghost Palace, he shouted at Cheng Yu.

Because the Soul Suppressing Orb had a soul imprint inside Gui San, it was equivalent to indirectly forming a soul contract with Cheng Yu. Otherwise, Cheng Yu wouldn't be affected by the soul's influence.

Cheng Yu felt dejected and could only think of another way. In order to cooperate with Gui San to come out without being suspected by the ghost cultivators, he could only issue another challenge at the entrance of the Ghost Palace.

In this way, Gui San could come out and fight with Cheng Yu.

You came at the right time. Last time I let you run, you brought this upon yourself. If you know what's good for you, then hand over my wife's soul to me. Otherwise, I will crush your Ghost Palace's Ghost Emissarie. Cheng Yu shouted.

Arrogant human brat, you're dead for sure today. Gui San then attacked Cheng Yu.

In order to be realistic, the two naturally wouldn't hold back much. As for Cheng Yu, he controlled the Ghost Emissarie to not be suppressed. In the end, Cheng Yu was defeated.

Human brat, now you don't have any more moves right? Then die! The Death Scythe in Gui Sans hand lit up with a green light and fiercely hacked Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda back.

This is bad! Cheng Yu's face was full of panic, he shouted and ran

Where do you think you're going? You're going to die today. Gui San shouted and chased after him.

Lord Ghost Emissarie is still the strongest, that human brat is going to die.

That's right, I knew it. Lord Ghost Emissarie is so powerful, how could he be captured by a mere human Gold Core stage cultivator?

This human is too arrogant. He has been keeping an eye on us for so long. If it wasn't for our responsibility, I would have gone up to beat him up long ago. Seeing that Gui San is chasing after Cheng Yu, the Ghost Guards at the entrance of the Ghost Palace started to discuss with each other.

A few hundred kilometers away in a hidden spot, they both had already returned to Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda and Gui San recounted the situation in the Hall of life and death

Master, your subordinate was incompetent, please punish me Gui San knelt in front of Cheng Yu and said guiltily.

This matter is not your fault. As long as my wife is still here, it's fine. Cheng Yu was both disappointed and anxious.

Master, I feel that that Steward already has some doubts towards me, I think that he can see through me, he already knows which soul is Madam's, I'm afraid that he will harm Madam's soul, if he wants to send Madam's soul to the Abyss of Samsara ahead of time, it would be troublesome. Gui San worriedly asked.

What? She might be sent to the Abyss of Samsara in advance? Cheng Yu's face was full of shock. If it was like this, then it would really be troublesome.

Yeah, before entering the Abyss of Samsara, They will drink some forgotten water at the Palace of Rebirth. When that happens, Madam will completely forget about anything in the mortal world. By then, it'll be too late even if we save her. Gui San said.

Will they drink this Forgotten Water as soon as you enter the Palace of Rebirth? Cheng Yu said nervously.

Yes. Gui San nodded.

Damn it! Cheng Yu panicked. If Ye Qian was sent into the Palace of Rebirth in advance, wouldn't she have completely forgotten about this life?

Master, your subordinate deserves to die Seeing Cheng Yu's angry expression, Gui San was so scared that he quickly kneeled on the ground and said frantically.

Get up. I don't care about all that. No matter if my wife will be sent to the Palace of Rebirth in advance, I will personally go to the Ghost Palace to rescue her. Cheng Yu said.

You want to enter the Ghost Palace? How could this work? There is a Baleful Yin formation in the Ghost Palace. If the master were to enter, he would be trapped by it. Furthermore, there are so many emissaries inside so it's very easy for the master to be caught by them. Gui San was startled.

There's nothing I can do about it. Even if this Ghost Palace is really a Tigers Den, I have to give it a try today. I can't bear staying outside. What's more, I don't want to barge in by force and I need your help. You carry my magic treasure with you and I'll hide in it. It's enough to avoid your Baleful Yin formation, moreover, I won't be discovered by other ghost cultivators. As Cheng Yu said this, he took Gui San out of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and held it in his hand. He then turned the pagoda into a small pagoda and handed it over to Gui San.

Will this work? Guis San said with uncertainly.

There's no way around it, at least we can trick you mid stage Ghost Emissarie. As for that late stage Ghost Emissarie you mentioned, we might be found out, but if we really are found, then we'll just suppress him. Cheng Yu said.

Alright! Gui San nodded.

Since the plan had been decided, Cheng Yu hid inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and then hid on the body of Gui San who then flew towards the Ghost Palace once again.

Lord Ghost Emissarie is back Seeing that Gui San had returned, the Ghost Guards said.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, did you kill that human already? The Ghost Guard asked curiously.

Of course. He was warned long ago that he was courting death Gui San said arrogantly.

Lord Ghost Emissary is truly amazing. Doesn't that mean that his treasure has fallen into the hands of Lord Ghost Emissary? Can we have a look at it? The Ghost Guards said in envy. They all knew that the reason why the human was so powerful is because of the powerful magic treasure. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to fight against the Ghost Emissarie.

Hehe, you will know about this in the future. This magic treasure's Yang energy is too strong and specializes in controlling us Ghost Cultivators so I will first refine it properly. Gui San laughed twice and then no longer said anything, directly entering the Ghost Palace.