Godly Student Chapter 516

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Return my wife's soul to me or I will flatten your Ghost Palace The human stood outside the door and shouted

Human, don't be too arrogant. Leave quickly or our Lord Ghost Emissarie will not let you go A Ghost Guard shouted as he looked at the human. This person is the only human in the Dark Nether Realm, Cheng Yu.

Although they were afraid of Cheng Yu, they were responsible for guarding so they can't be scared of with just a shout from him. Besides, although the Ghost King and Ghost Venerables had gone to participate in the sacrificial ceremony, there were still a lot of Ghost Emissaries here.

If he had truly alarmed those important figures, then Cheng Yu might not. Therefore, the Ghost Guards weren't so afraid of Cheng Yu anymore.

Cheng Yu did not say anything, but stared coldly at the Ghost Guards at the door. Since Gui San had already gone in, he did not need to lure out their Ghost Emissaries, just acting like this is good enough, so he just stood at the door of the Ghost Palace from afar. Watching them from afar, as if he was going to rush into the Ghost Palace at any moment. The Ghost Guards were very afraid, not daring to slack off in the slightest, being on guard against him at all times.

This master is too ruthless. It's just an act, yet he's this ruthless. I've almost been suppressed by him. After Gui San entered the Ghost Palace, he appeared somewhat pale.

In order to make the performance more lifelike, Cheng Yu obviously had to do something similar. He had clearly been suppressed by him, yet he was still perfectly fine. Wasn't it too fake for him to run back with such limitless glory?

He didn't want those Ghost Cultivators to be able to see through the act so when he attacked, it was indeed quite heavy, as long as Gui San didn't get suppressed, it would be fine.

Gui San, with a body like a wolf, walked in the Ghost Palace. As a mid stage Ghost Emissarie whose strength is equivalent to a mid stage spirit severing stage expert, he had a lot of power in the Ghost Palace.

The lord of the palace was the Ghost but in reality, the Ghost King would not personally deal with the matters of his own palace. He would leave them to the Ghost Emissaries below.

Therefore, these Ghost Emissaries were the real powerhouse in the First Hall

The Ghost Emissarie that was refined by Cheng Yu was called one of the Ghost Emissarie who took care of the Ghost Palace and many ghost cultivators already knew that the Ghost Emissarie was being suppressed and taken away by a human.

Furthermore, before leaving the Ghost Palace, the Ghost King had specially instructed the entire Ghost Palace to be careful of that human. Now that they saw that the Ghost Emissarie that was captured by the human come back, they were very curious as they saluted him.

Gui San was now a Ghost Emissarie, and although he was happy to see the Ghost Guards, who were originally like him, now respectfully greet him. He didn't ahead of himself, he was still tasked with a mission by his master. He acted arrogantly and casually greeted the Ghost Guards that saluted to him as he headed towards the Hall of Life and Death.

It was only the fourth day since Ye Qian had died. According to the rules of Samsara, they should be in the Hall of Life and Death now.

The Ghost Palace was actually very large and the two halls were usually very far apart. According to the cycle of reincarnation, souls will enter the Ghost Palace and would arrive at the Hall of Life and Death.

Every Ghost Palace seemed so eerie and terrifying. After passing through the entrance of the Hall of Life and Death, one would arrive at the Hall of Life.

Here, new souls could see their past lives and after reviewing this, they must go to the Ghost Palace and have their memories wiped out.

Whether it was right or wrong, regret or nostalgia, everything would be wiped out and they would start anew

The Ghost Emissarie was not the steward of the Hall of Life and Death. He was the steward of the Palace of other affairs, which meant that he was in charge of everything.

Although the Ghost Emissarie whose body has been taken over by Gui san is not in charge of the Hall of Life and Death, he was the one who truly wielded real power. This was because the matters of the Hall of Life and Death is related to new souls who might become Ghost Cultivators.

The Palace of other affairs managed the ghost cultivators of the entire Ghost Palace, such as their living resources. They were in charge of everything, so other ghost cultivators had to be courteous to them.

Lord Ghost Emissaries, why are you here? Didn't I hear that you were captured by a human? Seeing Gui San in the Hall of Life, an early stage Ghost Emissarie walked up and said in surprise.

Hmph, how can a mere human capture me? The Ghost Emissariesaid arrogantly.

Hehe, that's right, Lord Ghost Emissarie is one of the few experts in our Ghost Palace. I wonder what Lord Ghost Emissarie is up to? Even though they were all Ghost Emissaries and the areas they managed were different, Gui San had a higher cultivation level than him. Furthermore, he is also a steward of the Palace of other affairs, so hey hoped to be able to obtain more resources from him in the future.

That human brat made me lose face in front of so many fellow Ghost Cultivators. Today, I am going to find his wife's soul and take her away. I hope that Ghost Emissarie will give me this face. Gui San said with a face full of hatred.

This, Lord Ghost Emissarie, this will make things difficult for me, it's not like you don't know our rules, after leaving the Hall of Life and Death, these new ghosts will all be sent to the Abyss of Samsara and I can't decide on this matter, you have to get the steward to agree. This early stage Ghost Emissarie said awkwardly.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, do me a favor. It's just a new ghost, I can help you collect more resources next month. Of course, Gui San knew the rules, but as the person in charge of the Hall of Life and had a higher cultivation than him, it was impossible to ask him for a person.

Sir, this is a really difficult decision Whether a new ghost could enter Samsara or not actually had something to do with him, but the resources were extremely rare. If he could obtain more resources from the Palace of other affairs steward, then of course he could give it a try.

However, this would be extremely risky. If he only got a little bit of resources for this, it wouldn't be worth it.

Hehe, Lord Ghost Emissarie, as long as you can let me bring her away, we can talk about resources in the future. How about it? Hearing his words, Gui San knew there was hope but he didn't have enough chips so he quickly said.

Alright, then I'll make an exception for once. But Lord Ghost Emissarie must not go back on his word. If the steward finds out about this, then I won't be able to keep my position. Hearing that Gui San were willing to give him more resources and his goal had already been achieved, he immediately agreed.

Of course. I naturally have to keep this a secret. I can't possibly harm myself, can I? As for resources, isn't that a simple matter? Gui San laughed and said.

Alright, please follow me then The early stage Ghost Emissarie looked around and quickly Gui San into the Hall of Life.

The Hall of Life and Death was not a building. After entering, they immediately arrived at a cave. There were tunnels everywhere, and new souls were not all gathered together in one place.

This was because everyone's life was different. They were all divided into different tunnels and even they, the Ghost Emissaries, did not know how many tunnels there are. They only know that no matter how many new souls entered, they would not be able to fill them up.

However, with so many tunnels, it was impossible for them to not have some sort of distribution method. The distribution was based on the time they had arrived. At the entrance of the cave, they saw a group of new souls being escorted to the Abyss of Samsara

As for the group in the innermost section, they were new ghosts who had just arrived from and were sent to the Hall of Life and Death to review their lives. The time difference between the innermost section and the outermost section was a total of six days.

According to his master, his wife died four days ago so she should be sent to the tunnel for those who died four days ago.

Lord Ghost Emissarie, I heard that the human is only in the Gold Core stage. Is he really as powerful as they say? As they walked along, the early stage Ghost Emissarie asked curiously.

He really couldn't understand how a Gold Core Stage expert could capture a mid stage Ghost Emissarie. One must know that the strongest aspect about them was their Spiritual Force and compared to a human at the Spirit Severing Stage, their Spiritual Force was much stronger. Even a human at the Soul Division Stage wouldn't be able to deal with an early stage Ghost Emissarie easily, not to mention capturing a mid stage Ghost Emissarie.

Yes, he has a magic treasure that specifically restrains us ghost cultivators. Fortunately, he is only at the Gold Core stage, otherwise, I really wouldn't have been able to escape The more truthful Gui San answer, the less likely it was to be suspected.

So that's how it is. But with so many new ghosts in the past few days, how do you know which one is his wife's soul? The early stage Ghost Emissarie asked again.

Hehe, that's easy. I've heard that his wife died four days ago. Most importantly, his wife's soul is incomplete so I believe that there aren't many soul fragments there. Even if such a soul were sent into the Abyss of Samsara, they would still be an idiot. Gui San laughed.

Actually, Cheng Yu already showed him Ye Qian's body. He knew Ye Qian's soul but he couldn't say that. Otherwise, it would be easy for others to suspect him.

So that's the case. However, it's hard to say. As far as I know, there are quite a few incomplete soul fragments. The early stage Ghost Emissarie said.

Then I'll take a look first. When he begged me to release his wife's soul, he said some special words. I want to be able to distinguish them when I see her in the future. Gui San said.

En, if that's the case, then that's the best. Although these souls are incomplete, they can't be left in private. It doesn't matter if you're an idiot or not. This is destiny. The early stage Ghost Emissarie said.

Yes. Gui San nodded and followed the Ghost Emissarie to the entrance of the tunnel for ghosts who died four days ago.

They all had different expressions. There was happiness, sadness, joy, pain, shock, fear, and so on. These all meant that they were immersed in this life's happiness and sorrow.

Gui San slowly walked around and checked them one by one. Finally, he found Ye Qian's soul. However, her expression was dull and it was completely different from a normal soul.

Gui San was very excited, the mission given to him by his master was about to be completed.

That's her! Although he knew that this was the soul he was looking for, he still stood there for a long time, pretending to compare the characteristics that Cheng Yu had told him about.

Is Lord Emissarie sure it was her? If it turns out to be not her, I can't help you change The early stage Ghost Emissarie said.

I'm sure. Hmph, that human made me suffer such a huge loss, I will make sure her soul will never enter the cycle of reincarnation Gui San said coldly.

What are you doing? Just as the early stage Ghost Emissarie was about to bring out Ye Qian's soul, a loud shout was suddenly heard. The early stage Ghost Emissarie was shocked, and Gui San was even more shocked