Godly Student Chapter 515

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Soul Pool? You said that all these liquids are formed from the soul. Just how many souls do you need to use? Could it be that you ghost cultivators can massacre civilian souls? Cheng Yu said in shock.

There are many souls that have been thrown into this Soul Transformation Pool but most of them are disciples that have been brought here from the Soul Prison. The Soul Transformation pool will open once a year to provide the ghost cultivators under the jurisdiction of Hades. After it closes, new souls will be thrown into it to wait for next year The Ghost Guard said

So that's how it is! Cheng Yu nodded. Although he felt it was cruel, he could understand.

In any world, the law of the jungle was indispensable and the power to speak was always in the hands of the strong

The excited ghost cultivators drank the disgusting liquid as if it was the most delicious thing, as if they were intoxicated. After the ghost cultivators finished their distribution of the liquid, they began to leave.

What surprised Cheng Yu was that there were many ghost cultivators that took their resources, and then exchanged them for some resources from Hades before leaving

Cheng Yu thought about it and understood. The so-called sacrifice was obviously an activity of giving out benefits and trading resources. Those ghost cultivators gave the unusable resources they found to Hades, and then Hades gave them the resources they needed. This was really interesting, almost the same as the cultivation world's market

After that, there was nothing special about it. People from all over the place came to accept the benefits from Hades, and the ghost cultivators who had just received the benefits began to return

Cheng Yu was afraid that the Ghost King would sense his presence if he stayed too long. In the end, he looked at the divine object on the altar once more before quietly leaving

In the remaining time, Cheng Yu looked at the progress of the Soul Suppressing Orb, causing the nearby Ghost Guard to not dare to look directly at him

You don't have to be so scared. Since I said that I won't kill you, I naturally won't kill you! Cheng Yu looked at the Ghost Guard and laughed.

Seriously... Really? The Ghost Guard said in disbelief.

Your life is in my hands now, so what if I don't want to let you go? Aren't you helpless? Is there a need for me to lie to you? Not only will I not kill you, I will also give you a pleasant surprise Cheng Yu smiled.

His life was already in the other party's hands so even if he didn't want to let him go, there was nothing he could do about it. It was just that he was really afraid that Cheng Yu would deal with him using the way he dealt with the Ghost Emissarie. He didn't believe that Cheng Yu would give him any surprises, so he weakly asked, What surprises?

Do you want to become a Ghost Emissarie? Cheng Yu smiled.

Ghost Emissarie? The Ghost Guard's eyes lit up. He was just a Ghost Guard, how could he not wish to become a Ghost Emissarie? Becoming a Ghost Emissarie would allow you to become a Ghost King, and this was something every Ghost Cultivators yearned for

As the saying goes, a ghost cultivator who doesn't want to become a Ghost King isn't a good ghost cultivator. The Ghost Guard thought that he was a good Ghost Cultivator, so he always had this dream.

It was a pity that fate played tricks on people. Being caught by this guy, if he didn't die then he would just burn incense. Was there really a chance for him to become a Ghost Emissarie?

That's right. Do you see that Ghost Emissarie of yours? I'm refining him now. After refining him and merging your soul into his body, you will become a Ghost Emissarie Cheng Yu pointed at the Ghost Emissarie who was still screaming.

Seriously... Really? Are you really willing to give him to me to fuse with? The Ghost Guard said in surprise.

He could not believe that he would encounter such a godlike person

Why else would I refine him? However, if you want to obtain his body, you must listen to me. Otherwise, I don't mind capturing another obedient Ghost Guard Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Although he would be able to implant a slave seal into the Ghost Guard and gain complete control of the Ghost Guard after the Soul Suppressing Orb refined the Ghost Emissarie, he still hoped that the Ghost Guard would cooperate.

What if he did something unexpected when the time came? Even if he killed the Ghost Guard was killed, it would be of no use. Therefore, if he could actively cooperate, it would be better. Moreover, the merging of two souls required time. Cheng Yu didn't have the time to get another Ghost Guard over

I am willing. I will. As long as you can fuse me into him, I'm willing to listen to you The Ghost Guard said but he did have some thoughts.

You better not have any malicious intents, do you think I will have no backup? If you listen to me carefully, you will live well, and maybe one day, you might be able to become a Ghost King. However, if you want to play tricks with me, I can turn you into ashes in an instant Cheng Yu looked at him and said in a cold voice.

I don't dare to. Master, I will definitely listen to you The Ghost Guard's heart trembled as he hurriedly tried to curry favor with him.

En, you are the most tactful. You have to know that since I can refine him for you to fuse with, I can refine you and allow other Ghost Cultivators to fuse with you Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Yes, yes. Master, I will never dare to betray you Hearing Cheng Yu's words, the Ghost Guard broke out in a cold sweat. Of course, only ghosts could sweat

After that, Two days had passed since the sacrificial ceremony and it was now the third and final day. The distribution of benefits was still continuing.

More than half of the liquid within the hundred square sized Soul Transformation Pool had been consumed. It could be seen just how large the number of ghost cultivators are. Moreover, this was only one region so the same was definitely happening in other regions

Or else, if there were Ghost Kings who wanted to master the underworld and was able to take possession of this Soul Transformation Pool, who knew how many ghost cultivators could be won over

Until the afternoon, Cheng Yu felt several powerful forces from far away arriving so he quickly slipped inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, isolated his own aura, and then quietly left.

The Ghost King was not just randomly sensing around. It was fine if they did not pay attention, but if they suddenly noticed him observing them, it would be extremely bad.

Cheng Yu originally wanted to personally see them enter the temple before going back to save Ye Qian, but now, he definitely couldn't go. Since he had already confirmed that they were out, then he would wait for another day.

Tomorrow, they would certainly enter the temple to meditate over the divine object. By then, he would have much more security

At the end of the day, Soul Suppressor was fusing the souls of the Ghost Guard and the Ghost Emissarie as planned


Not bad, you've indeed become a Ghost Emissarie! Cheng Yu saw that the Ghost Guard had turned into a Ghost Emissarie and he looked exactly the same as the Ghost Emissarie from before. If he didn't know, Cheng Yu would have thought that Soul Suppressing was wrong, but this Ghost Guard didn't seem to care that his appearance had changed.

Thank you, master, for your guidance! The Ghost Guard, no, it should be the Ghost Emissarie, he is kneeling in front of Cheng Yu in excitement.

Hm. Do you have a name? Ghost Emissaries are a type of ghost cultivator and it's inconvenient to be a called Ghost Emissarie every time.

Your subordinate's name is Gui San!

Mm, Gui San, now that you have pledged your allegiance to me, I have a mission for you. From now on, pretend to be the Ghost Emissarie from before and bring me into the Ghost Palace Cheng Yu said.

This... What if it gets seen through? Gui San said with fear.

Although he already had the strength of a Ghost Emissarie, he was still a little fearful of the once lofty Ghost Emissaries. Although the Ghost King and the Ghost Venerables had all left the Ghost Palace, there were still dozens of Ghost Emissaries.

This is impossible, no matter if it's aura or strength, you are now the same as the Ghost Emissarie from before. Furthermore, right now, the Ghost Emissaries are the strongest in the Ghost Palace so who would dare to doubt you? Cheng Yu said.

But everyone saw that you suppressed this Ghost Emissarie. If I go back like this, wouldn't they suspect me as well? Gui San said.

I have my ways about this. You just need to cooperate with me Cheng Yu said.

Yes sir Gui San had no choice but to agree

You'd better do as I say, or... Cheng Yu coldly looked at Gui San

Ahh. Master, no, I will do as you say Gui San held his head and rolled on the ground in pain, begging for mercy

You should know my methods now. If anything happens to me, I can destroy your soul with just a thought Cheng Yu faintly said. In fact, he only wanted to try this method to see if it was effective or not, because if he failed at the critical moment, then it would be a waste of time. Now that he had tried it, he felt very good about the effectiveness of this method.

One day passed by just like that. Cheng Yu was very anxious and wanted to quickly save Ye Qian but he was also worried about the Ghost King and the others. He didn't know if they had entered the shrine or not.

However, with so many Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables present, he didn't dare to confirm anything. He could only wait patiently for a bit longer.

After dragging it until the end of the day, Cheng Yu could no longer hold it in. He believed that no matter what, they had already entered the temple to comprehend the divine object

The Ghost Palace was still as heavily guarded as before. At this moment, two shadows suddenly flew over from the distance

Want to run? Soul Suppressor! A human behind the Ghost Emissarie suddenly shouted loudly. The golden pagoda in his hand flew towards the Ghost Emissari in front of him

AHH! The Ghost Emissaries Death Scythe exploded with green light as it hacked down onto the golden pagoda. The pagoda shook a few times before returning to the hands of the human

Damn human brat, you will regret it The Ghost Emissari quickly landed at the entrance of the Ghost Palace.

Lord Ghost Emissarie? You... The Ghost Guards at the door said in surprise when they saw that the Ghost Emissarie that was captured by humans had return.

Stop talking. Guard the entrance and don't let that fellow in! The Ghost Emissarie shouted and entered the Ghost Palace

Yes sir Although the Ghost Guards were curious as to how the Ghost Emissarie managed to escape, they didn't dare to ask. After all, the Ghost Emissarie was a Ghost Emissarie

However, the human outside the Ghost Palace stared at them like a tiger eyeing its prey. This caused them to be wary of him. The strength of this fellow was still fresh in their minds

Return my wife's soul to me or I will flatten your Ghost Palace The human stood outside the door and shouted