Godly Student Chapter 514

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You're right. I can't form a soul contract with him but I want to thoroughly control him. Do you have any good ideas? Cheng Yu clearly saw the danger of forming a soul contract with a Ghost Emissarie so he could only give up, hoping that there are other good methods to achieve his goal

Of course. What a soul body cultivates is Mental Energy. Therefore, this Ghost Emissaries willpower is very strong. It will be very difficult for you to make him surrender. If you want to control him, you have to get rid of his self awareness The Soul Suppressor said.

Remove his self awareness? Do I have to refine his soul? Cheng Yu asked

That's right. Once his soul has been completely refined, he will only be an empty soul body that has the strength of a Spirit Severing Stage Expert The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

But even with such a soul body, we can't create a conscious for him so won't he be useless Cheng Yu asked doubtfully.

Yeah, although we can't create his consciousness, but we can still completely control him. As for creating a conscious for him, isn't there a Ghost Guard there? The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

You're saying we should have them undergo soul fusion? Cheng Yu looked at the trembling Ghost Guard and felt joy in his heart. His eyes immediately lit up. This method was good

That's right. As long as we place a soul imprint in this blank soul body and merge it with that Ghost Guard, you will have complete control over it. This is much safer than using a soul contract The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Soul Suppressor, you sure know many things. This method is too good Cheng Yu exclaimed in joy as he thought of this method.

However, this guy's willpower is very strong. I need at least two days to completely refine him and then fuse him with the Ghost Guard. It will at least take three days The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Three days? Well, the Ghost King just happens to be coming three days later to participate in the sacrificial ceremony and we will also have to wait until the fourth day when he enters the temple before we can act anyways. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

If the Ghost King did not enter the temple to meditate on the divine items, then Cheng Yu would go and save Ye Qian. In the event of an accident, the Ghost King would immediately rush back and that would be a dead end so Cheng Yu had to wait for the Ghost King and the others to enter the temple before he could go and save her

Since he had already thought of a solution, Cheng Yu felt a lot more at ease. Returning to the Mountain and River Diagram to accompany Ye Qian's body, his heart relaxed.

Ye Qian, wait a little longer. I will revive you in a few more days. I promise that I will take good care of you in the future. I will never let this happen again Cheng Yu pulled Ye Qian's hand and gently kissed it. He then lovingly brushed the hair in front of her forehead

This time, it was due to his carelessness and his lack of ambition. If he had listened to Soul Suppressor and carefully studied the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, perhaps the three disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect would have perished long ago. How could he have left them with the opportunity to sneak attack him?

During this trip to the Dark Nether Realm, he had also seen the power of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. If he could completely master this kind of top quality treasure, its power would definitely be very shocking. To suppress someone across realms definitely wasn't limited to just experts in the Dark Nether Realm.

Therefore, he must seriously study the secrets with the Soul Suppressing Orb from now on. He could not let any of his women be harmed like this

On the second day, Soul Suppressor was still refining the Ghost Emissarie inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He had also left the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to secretly observe the altar. He wanted to see what kind of divine object would cause them to value it so much. What was even more baffling was that the Ghost King and Ghost Venerables actually wanted to meditate on it so seriously? Could it be that this divine object was hiding some sort of secret?

The area of the Dark Nether Realm was vast. Just how many ghost cultivators were there? In fact, just like the human world, the Dark Nether Realm was also a world of the survival of the fittest

Hades was the government of the Dark Nether Realm, and they controlled the ghost cultivators' resources and sources. However, not all ghost cultivators belonged in Hades because the Hades could not provide resources for all ghost cultivators.

For example, those who had just entered the Dark Nether Realm after death and chose to become ghost cultivators, most of their talent was not very good, they would first become laborers, mining Hades, collecting resources, building structures, and so on. After a while, they would become ghost cultivators that could be considered free, or perhaps, they would become the official residents of the Dark Nether Realm

They were under the jurisdiction of Hades, but they did not belong to Hades. The citizens were under the control of the officials, but the officials did not provide them with any resources for their training

This was why they needed to find their own resources. Today's sacrifice was the happiest day for the ghost cultivator civilians because Hades would give them some resources in the next few days

However, the sacrificial rites were not only here, they were also conducted within the jurisdiction of Hades. It could be said that the central region of the Dark Nether Realm was where the sacrificial rites were held.

Even though the Sacrificial Square was already filled with ghost cultivators, there were still a large number of them rushing in from all directions. This was their happiest day of the year so they would not let go of this opportunity

No wonder this sacrificial ceremony is held for three days. Who knows how many ghost cultivators there are in a region. Cheng Yu was shocked by the scene. He had never seen so many ghost cultivators gather together. The amount of ghost cultivators here is simply enough to make one's scalp tingle. Looking at the shadow of the Ghost Shadow Lamp, it was around noon of the day when the sacrifice officially began

Cheng Yu stood far away and watched from the side because he realized that the sacrificial ceremony was presided over by a Ghost Venerable who arrived early. He was afraid that if he got too close, he would be easily discovered. At the same time, he was secretly glad that he did not choose to snatch the divine object, otherwise this Ghost Venerable alone is not be something he could deal with

The first part of the sacrificial ceremony was to welcome the divine object. When the sacrificial hall was opened, several Ghost Emissarie carried a large box as they walked out of the hall and towards the sacrificial altar

At this moment, all of the ghost cultivators were kneeling on the ground. Even though there were hundreds of thousands of them, they did not utter a single sound. They focused their attention on watching the Ghost Emissarie carry the divine object onto the altar

Seeing how solemn and respectful these ghost cultivators were, Cheng Yu became even more curious about the contents of the box. He really wanted to run over and snatch it, but with a Ghost Venerable guarding the box, he did not have the courage to do so.

After the Ghost Emissarie placed the divine object on the altar, he finally opened the box

This... This is... Although it was far away, with Cheng Yu's current vision, he could still see the appearance of this godly creature

However, this divine object truly shocked Cheng Yu. It was the dried up wood that he had obtained from the Heavenly Temple. The divine object that the Black and White Demon had obtained from the Mysterious Sky Sect might not look the same but even a blind person could tell that they were definitely the same.

What the hell was the connection between the three of them? Why did they all have such a dried up piece of wood and why did they all regard it as an incomparably divine object?

Could it be that it really has unparalleled power? Then what kind of power was it? Or was it just a legend

Cheng Yu was very puzzled. The moment the divine objects were opened, all the ghost cultivators started to shout some nonsense, making it difficult for Cheng Yu to understand.

It was clear that these so-called sacred object and divine objects were all linked. Should he obtain them? However, the Ghost King wasn't someone to be trifled with. Furthermore, his plan to save Ye Qian would go down the drain if he did so

It seemed that he could only wait until he rescued Ye Qian and see if he had the chance to do so. Otherwise, he could just wait until he had enough power to snatch it away.

Cheng Yu then continued watching their sacrificial ceremony. After the worship of the divine object ended, the Ghost King also ascended the sacrificial altar, and immediately, the ghost cultivators below began to shout loudly, as if there was a singing concert held by a modern man. However, this place was clearly much stricter and the cheers were also very neat and orderly

He only saw the eerie wind blowing around the Ghost King as both of his hands glowed with a green light. Suddenly, the area below the altar began to rumble and even the ground began to shake

What is this? Cheng Yu curiously looked at the ghost-like behavior

Soon after, while Cheng Yu was still in shock, the ground began to crack open slowly. Green liquid surged within, like the lava inside a volcano.

At the same time, a terrifyingly dense ghost aura covered the entire plaza and was even further than that. This smell was simply disgusting

However, the ghost cultivators seemed exceptionally excited. They seemed to enjoy such a disgusting environment

The ground continued to crack open and the green magma pool grew larger and larger. It only stopped when it was about a hundred square meters.

Soon after, the Ghost Guards began to scoop up the green liquid from within with a spoon and give it to the ghost cultivators. As for the ghost cultivator, he excitedly accepted the green liquid and started drinking it

What is this? What is that green liquid? Cheng Yu returned to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and showed the situation outside to the Ghost Guard

When the Ghost Guard saw Cheng Yu enter, he no longer tried to curry favor with him. Instead, he showed an even more terrified expression on his already terrified face

That night, the Ghost Emissaries painful cries never stopped. That was the pain from his soul, plus the Ghost Emissaries previous words, thinking that Cheng Yu would never let him go, he was really scared right now, afraid that Cheng Yu would deal with him like this

Big... Big... My Lord, then... That is the Soul Transformation Pool. That green liquid is condensed from the soul, it can increase our ghost cultivator's strength The Ghost Guard said with a trembling voice. He saw that everyone was drinking the green liquid and his face was full of desire. He almost drooled but he was even more afraid that Cheng Yu would torture him

Soul Transformation Pool? You say that all these liquids are formed from the soul. Just how many souls do you need to use? Could it be that you ghost cultivators can massacre civilian souls? Cheng Yu said.

If it was so, it's not surprising that the ghost aura of the liquid was so terrifying, it is able to increase the strength of the ghost cultivators. However, such a large pool of liquid, it had to fuse with so many souls.