Godly Student Chapter 513

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Although Cheng Yu hid in a secluded place to rest, he was very alert. More importantly, he was thinking about how to save Ye Qian

Facing this rare sacrificial event, Cheng Yu definitely had to make use of this, but the question was, before the Ghost Kings and the others arrive, should he snatch their divine object from them first or should he take the opportunity to secretly save Ye Qian while the Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables was participating in the sacrifice?

If he were to snatch the divine object and negotiate with so many of them, the chances of him getting slapped to death by the presence of so many top-notch experts is high. Even if they were to Ye Qian over to him, he might not be able to escape. It seemed like he shouldn't face them, otherwise, it would be too dangerous

If he hid himself after obtaining the divine object, then the Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables would probably come out to look for him. When he comes out of hiding, they probably wouldn't have thought of him taking the opportunity to run back and save Ye Qian, right?

But what if they don't come out to look for him? Then wouldn't he be throwing himself into a trap? This won't do. He can't touch this divine object. Didn't they want to comprehend the divine object after the sacrifice? I wonder how long it will take them to comprehend this divine object?

Facing this operation, Cheng Yu didn't dare to make the slightest mistake. Otherwise, not only would he be unable to save Ye Qian,but he would also die.

How long will it take for your Realm King and Ghost Kings to comprehend the divine object? Cheng Yu said as he looked at the Ghost Guard.

As for that Ghost Emissarie, Cheng Yu naturally wouldn't waste words with him. Although that guy is being tormented, his conviction was exceptionally firm. Cheng Yu didn't have the time to bother with him.

It depends. At the very least, it would take three to five days, or at most a dozen days because when they were trying to comprehend the divine object and the entire central underworld would be in a state of emptiness. They have to prevent the ambitious Ghost Kings from taking the opportunity to rebel The Ghost Guard said.

Then if something big happens at this time, will they come out? Cheng Yu said worriedly.

After all, the Realm King is not an existence he could mess with, if he caused too much of a commotion and provoked the Realm King, it would be hard for him to escape death so he had to get to the bottom of it and prevent any carelessness.

That's hard to say. A few years ago, there were a few Ghost Kings that came to attack Hades while they were meditating on the divine object. However, at that time, the Ghost Kings and the Ghost Venerables did not come out and only came out after the incident The Ghost Guard said.

En! Cheng Yu stared intently at the Ghost Guard. He had to confirm that this guy wasn't lying to him, otherwise, if he was fooled by him and suddenly they returned with a group of Ghost Kings and a Ghost Venerables, no one would be able to save him

If what the other party said was true, it would be sufficient for him to save someone in such a long period of time. As long as he could save them, leaving the Dark Nether Realm would be a piece of cake!

Big... Lord! I am telling the truth Seeing Cheng Yu's sharp eyes, the Ghost Guard said with a trembling voice.

Hm! You'd better not lie to me! If you cooperate well with me, then I will let you go after I save her. If it is because of your nonsense and something happens to me, I will destroy your soul too and you will disappear from this world Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Don't worry. As long as I know something, I will tell the truth. It's just that Lord Ghost Emissarie, he... The Ghost Guard looked at the Ghost Emissarie and said fearfully.

His meaning was obvious, he had already betrayed Hades, if Cheng Yu also released this Ghost Emissarie, then he would still die

You don't have to worry about that. No matter what, it's impossible for him to go back Cheng Yu smiled.

It will soon become his subordinates anyways, so it didn't matter how loud he was. One must know that the Ghost Guards were all at the Nascent Soul Stage and the Ghost Emissarie is at the Spirit Severing Stage. Where would he find such a good fighter?

Do you think that Cheng Yu can suppress a Spirit Severing stage expert after returning to the Mortal Realm? That was impossible. Besides, because Cheng Yu had the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he could suppress the Ghost Emissarie but were the other humans capable of doing so? Of course it was impossible

That's why bringing this Ghost Emissarie back would allow him to have a real Spirit Severing stage expert as his subordinate. Would Cheng Yu be so stupid as to let him leave? He was even considering if he should capture more Ghost Emissaries after saving Ye Qian

It would be best if he brought a group of Ghost Emissaries to Kunlun and annihilated them. However, this was impossible. Not to mention that the Ghost Emissaries wouldn't be as careless as this one, even if he brought a group of Ghost Emissaries back, they still wouldn't be able to wipe out Kunlun

Why? First, not many Spirit Severing stage experts in Mount Kunlun could be killed and they still have a Loose Immortal

Second, these ghost cultivators were evil existences in the mortal world. If people knew that Cheng Yu raised a group of ghost cultivators, then he would really be condemned by the entire cultivation world. At that time, not only would Limitless Palace not save him, but they might even want to kill him

Thus, even if he brought them back, no one would need to know about it

After returning to the outside world, Cheng Yu began to change his plan again. Now, he would definitely choose to not touch the godly item and secretly sneak into the Ghost Rebirth Manor to save Ye Qian

But now the problem was, even if the Realm King and the Ghost Kings went out, there were still dozens of Ghost Emissaries in the Ghost Manor. Although he could suppress the Ghost Emissaries, he couldn't deal with a dozen of them

Didn't this mean that his hopes would fail again? Cheng Yu thought gloomily

Unless he could sneak in without anyone noticing, but as long as he is a human, the ghost cultivators could easily detect his aura.

If only he could become a ghost cultivator. Thinking about this, Cheng Yu felt that it was a pity that he couldn't buy more Illusionary Pearls when he was in the cultivation world. Otherwise, he could have transformed into a Ghost Guard and swaggered into the Ghost Palace to save others. F*ck you, you bastard from the Mysterious Sky Sect. One day, I'll destroy you and Kunlun together!

Cheng Yu's trip to the Dark Nether Realm was full of difficulties. He hated the people of the Mysterious Sky Sect to the extreme

He had so many pills on him, yet he couldn't transform himself. Instead, when he invited Shi Ji to be his bodyguard, he specially refined a batch of pills for her to change form.

However, this pill could only change forms, it could not change his aura. He aura is filled with Yang Qi, while ghost cultivators is filled with Yin Qi, any Ghost Guard could feel his Yang Qi, what use was that

If he could control one of the Ghost Emissaries to save Ye Qian. Then he wouldn't have to think of a way to enter.

F*ck, I can't do that, I can't do this. Can't I find a way to achieve the best of both worlds? Cheng Yu said gloomily as he sat on the floor with his hands supporting his chin.

Ah! A Ghost Emissarie. It could work but how do I lure a Ghost Emissarie out of there? Cheng Yu suddenly had hope in his heart.

Ah? I'm such an idiot. Isn't there one already prepared in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? Suddenly, Cheng Yu's eyes lit up and he was overjoyed. He quickly slipped inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Sir. Any orders? Seeing Cheng Yu walk in again, the Ghost Guard said in a very sensible manner.

Hmm... You're quite tactful but it's a pity that your strength is too low. Otherwise, I would have directly asked you for help. I need to talk to your Ghost Emissarie Cheng Yu smiled as he looked at the clever Ghost Guard.

Snort!, Human brat, what are you doing here again? I won't tell you anything The Ghost Emissarie looked at Cheng Yu and snorted coldly.

Hehe, I'm not here to ask you about anything. I just want to tell you a piece of good news. Are you willing to submit to me? Cheng Yu smiled.

Haha! You are just a little human Gold Core Stage kid, how can you make me submit to you. Stop dreaming The Ghost Emissarie laughed and looked at Cheng Yu with disdain.

Don't you want to get out alive? Cheng Yu was not surprised by the Ghost Emissaries refusal

Humph! Do you think I will believe you? You can lie to him but you can't fool me. Your treasure is a treasure that specializes in absorbing souls, so when you save your wife's soul, sooner or later, you will suck us all dry The Ghost Emissarie looked at the Ghost Guard in the corner and sneered.

Sure enough, when the Ghost Guard heard the Ghost Emissaries words, he was so scared that he began to tremble

Hehe, I didn't expect you to be so smart and capable at instigating! Cheng Yu smiled as he looked at the terrified Ghost Guard, then looked at the Ghost Emissarie and laughed, It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, you don't have the qualifications to negotiate with me right now. Today, I will force you to submit to me

Is that so? I want to see if you have the ability to make me sacrifice my soul and submit to you The Ghost Emissarie obviously did not believe Cheng Yu's words

Soul Suppressor, do you have any way for me to complete the soul contract with him? Cheng Yu asked in his mind.

There is. Now that he's trapped inside this Soul Suppressing Pagoda, we can do whatever we want to him. As long as I absorb a bit of his soul and give it to you, you'll be able to complete the soul contract. But you can't do that The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Why? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

He has the most Yin Qi around him, and the Baleful Yin Qi is extremely dense. If you form a soul contract with him, your aura will be tainted with Baleful Yin Qi. This will not only affect your future cultivation, but it will also cause you to go berserk. More importantly, you will be expelled by the righteous path. When that happens, you might not be able to return to Limitless Palace. If you can't get a foothold on the right path, then your situation will truly be awkward The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

What you said makes sense. If you hadn't reminded me of this, I wouldn't have thought of it Cheng Yu also broke out in a cold sweat after hearing Soul Suppressors words.

He had thought of a good idea just now but he was too happy in his heart. He had forgotten that this fellow had a soul form and was a product of Baleful Yin Qi.

If he possessed Baleful Yin Qi, Kunlun would no longer need to find any excuses to send people to kill him and they could even summon the entire cultivation world's righteous path to deal with him. At that time, even Limitless Palace would have no reason to protect him, it would truly be bad