Godly Student Chapter 512

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In this dark and unfamiliar world, Cheng Yu flew for a period of time without any direction, so he decided to might as well find a secluded place to hide

Damn it! We clearly know that Ye Qian is there, yet we have no way to save her. I feel f*cking useless Cheng Yu sat on the ground and said angrily.

Seeing Cheng Yu's current state of mind, which was filled with anger, Soul Suppressor also fell silent. In the face of so many powerhouses, any scheme is useless.

From the battle just now, the Ghost Emissarie who was at the mid stage of the Spirit Severing Stage seemed to be the limit of what he could suppress. As for the late stage of the Spirit Severing Stage, he felt that the chances of failure were too high. In this way, he wouldn't be able to help much.

If this wasn't the Dark Nether Realm, where the ghost cultivators were, but the Mortal Realm, let alone the middle stage, he might not even be able to suppress even the early stage of Spirit Severing Stage.

Soul Suppressor, can you refine that Ghost Emissarie from before and then increase your strength? Cheng Yu suddenly ask.

I can refine a Ghost Emissarie, but it will take too long. I'm afraid that by the time I finish refining the Ghost Emissarie, your woman would have already been reincarnated. Moreover, even if I refine the Ghost Emissarie, I won't be able to suppress the Ghost King The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Then what should we do? I wonder how Ye Qian is doing? What if she is sent into the Abyss of Samsara? That would be troublesome Cheng Yu thought of Ye Qian's situation and could not wait any longer!

Let's ask that Ghost Emissarie and we'll know Soul Suppressor said.

Human brat, quickly let me go, otherwise I will send you to Purgatory so that you will never be able to reincarnate Seeing the human appear in front of him, the Ghost Emissarie roared in anger.

You forced me to do this. If you agreed to give me my wife's soul, we will all be safe and sound. Now, you can just wait to become nourishment for my magic treasure Cheng Yu coldly said.

You damned human, it's natural for people to enter the cycle of reincarnation after death. How can you just take them away like that. Even if I truly die, don't even think about taking your wife away. She will definitely enter the cycle of reincarnation, haha The Ghost Emissarie laughed.

Bullshit, you and I are both cultivators, isn't this going against the natural order of things? You also forced those well endowed souls to become your ghost cultivators and not allowing them to enter the cycle of reincarnation? Isn't that against the natural order of things? The heavens themselves defy common sense. I relied on my ability, so what if I brought the dead back to life? Cheng Yu said angrily.

Humph! Since you're so capable, you can go straight to your wife. Why do you need to beg me? The Ghost Emissarie sneered.

Hehe, I admit that I am not strong enough but you are also stronger than me and yet I am still able to catch you. I'll ask you a few questions now. If you don't answer honestly, I'll let you know what purgatory is Cheng Yu smiled sinisterly.

Humph! You can forget about getting any answers from me The Ghost Emissarie said disdainfully.

Is that so? Then let's give it a try Cheng Yu smiled.

Pow! Cheng Yu snapped his fingers and sparks flew. Instantly, the ground beneath the Ghost Emissarie was set ablaze.

Ahh! The Ghost Emissarie cried out mournfully. The Baleful Yin Qi in his body was like the fuel of the flames, constantly burning his Baleful Yin Qi. It was extremely painful.

Are you willing to answer my question? Cheng Yu smiled.

Don't even think about it! The Ghost Emissarie roared.

No problem, let's take it slow. Soul Suppressor, give him some stimulation Cheng Yu wasn't surprised by the Ghost Emissaries persistence. A Spirit Severing stage expert wouldn't yield so easily.

Whoosh! Suddenly, six purple runes flew out from the wall of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and hovered in the middle of the array formation. The six runes began to spin and the array below immediately lit up.

Ahh! The Ghost Emissarie screamed again

The Ghost Emissarie was a soul body and because he didn't have any flesh and blood, he wasn't afraid of physical attacks. However, any non physical attacks can hurt them and as a soul body filled with Baleful Yin Qi, he is extremely afraid of flames

Are you willing to answer now? Cheng Yu acted as if he didn't hear the Ghost Emissaries screams, causing the Ghost Guard in the corner to be scared half to death

I don't want to! The Ghost Emissarie said with difficulty.

Very good. Soul Suppressor, you can continue to refine him. To be honest, I never intended for you to say anything Cheng Yu said with a smile. He then walked in front of the Nascent Soul stage Ghost Guard and said, Your Lord Ghost Emissarie is very tenacious. He is unwilling to answer my question. I don't know if you are willing to or not

This Ghost Guard trembled as he looked at the Ghost Emissarie who was being burned and refined in the middle. His heart was filled with fear!=. This human was too terrifying, even more terrifying than these evil spirits. Even Lord Ghost Emissarie was in such pain. If it was him, it would definitely be more painful

I... I... I am willing The Ghost Guard said fearfully.

Hmm, you are more tactful than him. Tell me, when will the souls of those who have just arrived in the Dark Underworld be sent to the Abyss of Samsara? Cheng Yu smiled.

The newly arrived souls will first have to enter the Hall of Life and Death to choose whether they want to reincarnate. Then, they will enter the Hall of Life and review their past lives. Seven days later, they will be sent to the Abyss of Samsara and be reincarnated The Ghost Guard said.

They enter the Abyss of Samsara after seven days? Cheng Yu said excitedly.


Then how many Ghost Venerables and Ghost Emissaries are there in the Abyss of Samsara? Cheng Yu asked again.

The Ghost Palace has the Hall of Life and Death, the Palace of Rebirth, the Palace of Death, and the Palace of other affairs, therefore, they have four Ghost Venerables. As for the Ghost Venerables, there are at least 20 of them.

Four Ghost Venerables and more than 20 Ghost Emissaries? This time, Cheng Yu frowned.

This was more than he had imagined. With such a powerful lineup, even if there were seven days, it would still be useless.. What should he do?

Where is your Ghost King and Ghost Venerables? Cheng Yu suddenly asked.

The Ghost King and the Ghost Venerables are at the World King Mountain. There are restrictions everywhere and they are ready to ascend to the spirit world at any time The Ghost Guard said in envy.

Once they became Ghost Cultivators, they would no longer be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation. Furthermore, they were unwilling to become ordinary people. Their only hope was to continuously increase their strength and ascend into the Spiritual World

As far as I know, your Dark Nether Realm has more than just these few Ghost Kings. What about the other Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables? Cheng Yu said.

Our Ghost Palace has always been under the jurisdiction of the Hades. Hades is divided into the central Ghost Palace, the Eastern Palace , the Southern Military Palace, the Western Military Department, and the Northern Internal Affairs Hall. Each of the Palaces are controlled by a Ghost King. As for the other Ghost Kings, they are not under our control The Ghost Guard said. That is to say, the other Ghost Kings are enemies of Hades? Listening to the Ghost Guard, Hades seemed to be like an official government of the human world

If he could take advantage of the conflict between the Ghost Kings, he would have a chance to take advantage of the chaos

That may not be so. Although some of the Ghost Kings want to take charge of Hades as well, not all of the Ghost Kings think so The Ghost Guard said. The Ghost Palace had taken control of the Ghost Palace, which was equivalent to taking control of the ghost cultivators' origins in the Dark Nether Realm. The internal affairs was in charge of the resources in the Dark Nether Realm.

However, Hades jurisdiction was too vast, and its power was strong. All the resources were guarded by the Realm King, so normal Ghost Kings would have a hard time controlling the power of Hades

Even if one grasped some of the local resources, it was impossible to take over all of the Ghost Palace, especially the Ghost Palace

Upon hearing the Ghost Guards' information, Cheng Yu's hope of fishing in troubled waters was shattered.

Cheng Yu came out of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda in disappointment. He didn't care about that screaming Ghost Emissarie. Is there really no other way?

Eh? Where are they going? Cheng Yu suddenly saw a lot of ghost cultivators rushing towards a place. He was curious and followed but he didn't dare to follow too close because the Yang Qi around his body was too strong and he was afraid of being discovered

After following them for hundreds of miles, he suddenly discovered a Ghost Palace. Furthermore, there were ghost cultivators rushing over from all directions

What is this place? What are they doing? Cheng Yu snuck back into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, explained the situation outside to the Ghost Guard and then asked.

This is Hades' Sacrificial Altar. There will be a sacrificial event here tomorrow The Ghost Guard said honestly.

Sacrifice? Then will your Realm King come? Cheng Yu suddenly asked.

Yes. This is the most important event of the year. The Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables must participate because they still need to comprehend the divine object The Ghost Guard said.

Comprehending the divine object? What for? Cheng Yu said in confusion. However, when he heard that the Ghost Kings would both come, his eyes immediately lit up. Wasn't this the best opportunity for him to make a move?

I also don't know. There will be a sacrifice in the temple and the divine object will be taken out during the ceremony. After offering the sacrifices, the Ghost King and Ghost Venerables will enter the temple to comprehend the divine object. We are not allowed to enter

When will the Ghost Kings and Ghost Venerables arrive? Cheng Yu also wanted to see what kind of divine object they were offering sacrifices for. However, if the Ghost King and the Ghost Venerables are there, he wouldn't dare to look

The sacrificial ceremony will be held for three days. The Ghost Kings and the Ghost Venerables will come on the third day. After that, they will directly enter the temple to comprehend the divine object The Ghost Guard said.

Only arrived on the third day? This time, Cheng Yu was rather interested. Fuck, since you guys value this divine object so much, if I were to snatch it away, I'll see if you guys still won't exchange with this daddy

After knowing all of this, Cheng Yu quickly retreated because the number of ghost cultivators was getting more and more numerous. Cheng Yu also noticed the presence of ghost cultivators at the level of Ghost Emissaries so he didn't dare to stay any longer.

F*ck. This damned place is always like this. How am I supposed to know when it will be the third day? After finding a secluded place to sit down, Cheng Yu gloomily said as he looked at the gloomy world that had been dark since he came here.

The Samsara discs in the Ghost Palace revolve once a day, and after one round, it will be a year. What we ghost cultivators use is a Ghost Shadow Lamp, which is customized according to the time of the Samsra Disc. As soon as dawn breaks, a lamp will shine with a shadow that represents the duration of a day. The Ghost Guard took out a Ghost Shadow Lamp and said.

Cheng Yu held the Ghost Shadow Lamp and discovered that the Yin Fire within would become higher and higher over time, causing the shadows to grow higher and higher.

In this case, it should be the end of the day! Cheng Yu said as he saw the shadow of the lamp approaching its peak.

Yes The Ghost Guard nodded