Godly Student Chapter 511

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We can try. However, we have to be fast. If we too slow, I'm afraid the expert from inside won't be able to make it out. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Alright. I'll try to pull him out. Cheng Yu looked at the Ghost Emissarie and he soon made up his mind.

He looked at the Ghost Emissarie and said, Since I've come. I definitely wouldn't leave so soon. Since you don't want to give me my wife's soul. Then I can only offend you.

Saying that, Cheng Yu rose into the air, condensed his Qi and hacked towards the Ghost Emissarie.

Crack! However, the Ghost Emissarie did not put his attack in his eyes. He struck out with his palm and the condensed sword qi was shattered. The palm then swept towards Cheng Yu.

Bang. Cheng Yu couldn't dodge in time and he was sent flying.

Hmph! A mere Gold Core stage cultivator dares to be so impudent in front of me. Do you really think I will not kill you? The Ghost Emissarie had also been angered by Cheng Yu. He harrumphed coldly and then, an overwhelming palm attack came. He was about to kill Cheng Yu right here.

Swoosh! Cheng Yu looked at this incomparably powerful palm. His heart was filled with terror. He quickly took out the Exquisite Cauldron. The instant the Exquisite Cauldron and the huge palm collided, there was a momentary delay. Cheng Yu seized the opportunity to escape.

At the spot where Cheng Yu was standing a moment ago. A one meter deep pit was formed by the giant palm. Even the Exquisite Cauldron was slammed into the ground.

Twin Dragons Goes to Sea. Cheng Yu knew he couldn't afford to be careless. The Ghost Emissaries strength was far above his. He had no choice but to use the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Roar! Roar! The two dragon shadows were very conspicuous in this dark world. The Gold Core Stage Ghost Guards on the ground all hid in fear. The Nascent Soul Stage Ghost Guards were considered good but he was barely able to resist this aura.

At this moment, the Ghost Emissaries eyes were locked on the incoming twin dragons. He wasn't shocked by this aura. However, it was unexpected for a Gold Core stage cultivator to be able to unleash such a powerful force.

The Ghost Emissarie thought this move was pretty good. However, it was still very difficult to injure him. But even so. He wasn't stupid enough to let Cheng Yu do it. Thus, he flew out to dodge the attack.

Now. Soul Suppressor. Of course, Cheng Yu knew that the damage he could inflict on the Ghost Emissarie was limited. He was only trying to force the other out. He was too close to the Ghost Palace. It was very easy for him to run into the Ghost Palace. As of right now, the Emissary was finally out. It was a good time to suppress them. Success or failure would be decided in one blow.

Damn human brat. The Ghost Emissary wanted to dodge his attack and then he would kill Cheng Yu. However, he didn't expect that the magic treasure would actually be floating above his head, suppressing him.

What shocked him even more was that this magic treasure was even harder to deal with than he had expected. The golden light surrounded him and he actually couldn't charge out in such a short time. Moreover, his soul body seemed to be being absorbed by this fellow.

Bang! Bang! The Ghost Emissarie truly did have the strength of a Spirit Severing stage. The Death Scythe in his hand struck the Soul Suppressing Pagoda above his head, causing the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to actually begin to sway. It was as if he was going to shoot it down at any moment.

Not good. Cheng Yu also felt that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda wouldn't be able to suppress the Ghost Emissarie. He released a large amount of Spiritual Energy from the Mountain and River Diagram, making them rush into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Whoosh! The Soul Suppressing Pagoda once again shone with a golden light, becoming much more stable.

Damn it. Today, I am going to break your magic treasure. I'll let you die in this Dark Nether Realm. The Ghost Emissarie, who was about to break out of the magical equipment with great difficulty, was stunned once again. He was infuriated.

The Death Scythe gradually turned green. The surrounding Baleful Yin Qi surged like a tide as it rushed towards the scythe

Bang. The Ghost Emissaries scythe came slashing down. The light from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda dimmed. As for Cheng Yu, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He was connected to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda through his soul. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda suffered such a heavy blow from the Ghost Emissarie and he clearly wasn't as resistant as the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

F*ck You, Six Dragons Goes to the Sea. Cheng Yu was also infuriated. If he him continue to attack like this, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda would be damaged by him. This won't do

Roar! Roar! Roar! Layers of dragon shadows surrounded Cheng Yu's body. He flew out. He flew towards the Ghost Emissarie.

Damn human brat. I will make it so that you will never be able to recover. This time, the Ghost Emissarie was trapped within the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He could no longer avoid it. He could only take it head-on.

Boom. There was an explosion and the Ghost Emissarie was blown away.

Soul Suppressor. Cheng Yu saw that the opportunity was ripe. A loud shout rang out and the spirit energy in his body once again surged towards the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

A golden light burst out from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. It instantly became incomparably huge. The Ghost Emissarie fell from the sky.

Who's causing trouble at the Ghost Palace? At this moment. A loud roar came from the Ghost Palace.

Not good. It's the Ghost King. The power of the owner of this voice was extremely terrifying. Cheng Yu was shocked. He summoned Huo Yu and retrieved the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and was about to escape. This was because Huo Yu's speed was now much faster than his.

You want to run? A terrifying giant palm came slamming down from the sky.

Cheng Yu stood on Huo Yu's back. He felt like this palm was about to hit him. He was about to perish again. He was extremely nervous. He could only hope that Huo Yu would be faster.

The giant palm was getting closer and closer. Cheng Yu suddenly remembered his special Pill Fire. It was an effective technique to restrain ghosts. He pointed to the sky and formed a palm. Six fire phoenixes soared into the sky. It caused this huge palm to have a big hole. He was overjoyed. He hurriedly ordered Huo Yu to fly out.

What was that fire just now? After flying for about 100km. Soul Suppressor couldn't help but ask.

The properties of flames is Yang. It is able to restrain Yin type creatures like ghosts. However, for ghosts like the Ghost Venerable, whose strength was extremely powerful, it was different. The earth fire couldn't hurt him at all. He had to at least have the True Samadhi Fire. However, the fire Cheng Yu used just now was not the True Samadhi Fire.

Moreover, Cheng Yu's fire had actually burned a hole in that huge palm. From his point of view. Even the True Samadhi Fire would not be able to accomplish such a feat. The fire was truly too strange. Could there be a fire stronger than the True Samadhi Fire in this world?

Heh heh. This is the Pill Fire that I developed myself. Cheng Yu said proudly. He had just been in a desperate situation. Although the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flames were very strong. However, it was hard to be sure whether or not it was useful for experts like the Ghost King but the results surprised him.[TN: The name of the flame he used]

Pill Fire. Only then did Soul Suppressing Orb remember. Wasn't the fire used by Cheng Yu when he was researching pill fires at home? Although he felt it was strange at the time, he didn't care too much about it. He didn't expect that fire would be so tyrannical.

Yes. There is a stronger fire. However, with my current strength, I am unable to use it. I'll probably need to reach the Nascent Soul or higher realms. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Other than the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flames, there is also the Nine Dragon Immortal Flame. They were all used to forge pills before this. Now, seeing how powerful the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flames is, he was looking forward to the Nine Dragons Immortal Flames' activation.

However, he had studied these Pill Fire in the Immortal World. He didn't know if the lower realms could really open the Nine Dragons Immortal Flames.

I didn't expect you to have this kind of talent. If you have this kind of Pill Fire. Our chances are much better. At the very least, suppressing the Demon Emissarie will not be so strenuous. Soul Suppressor nodded.

It's just that there are Ghost Kings, Ghost Venerables, and Ghost Emissaries in the Ghost Palace. How can we save Ye Qian? When he thought about how powerful the Ghost King is and that they won't even look him in the eye. He really didn't know what to do.

We can't go back for now. If we can lure the Ghost King out or if we can sneak in. There should be a chance to bring out your woman's soul. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

How is that possible? This Ghost King is so powerful. If we try to lure out the Ghost King, even if he doesn't come out, he'll still be able to kill us. How can we lure him out? What's more, that Ghost Guard had also said that. The lord of the first hall is the Ghost King. This meant that there are more than one Ghost Kings inside. Plus the presence of the Ghost King. Hai! There's a bunch of old guys in there. Cheng Yu was truly disheartened.

Even though this Pill Fire gave him another ability to restrain ghosts. But compared to the power of the enemy, this did not give him any advantage.

At this moment, Cheng Yu had a headache. He didn't know how to save Ye Qian. In one of the great halls of the Ghost Palace. A figure is shrouded in Baleful Yin Qi. He felt extremely puzzled. That flame just now was actually so magical. Even his Baleful Yin Qi was penetrated it.

Someone, come. The Ghost King shouted.

Lord Ghost King. I wonder what orders you have. A Ghost Guard walked into the main hall, trembling in fear.

What happened to that human brat just now? Why would he come to my Ghost Palace to cause trouble? The Ghost King said.

Reporting to the Ghost King. He said he was here to get his wife's soul back. The Ghost Guard said.

His wife's soul. Do you know who his wife is?

I don't know.

Yes. Go to the Hall of Life and Death and inform the Ghost Emissarie. Let them be careful. In a while, I will go with the Ghost Venerables and the other Ghost Kings to comprehend the divine items. Don't let that human kid take advantage of the loopholes. The Ghost King said.

But Lord Ghost King. Just now, even the Ghost Emissarie was subdued by that human. Since you and the other Ghost Kings are not here. At that time, the Ghost Emissaries will not be able to subdue him. The Ghost Guard said worriedly.

They had seen with their own eyes the abilities of that human just now. Even though they were already at the Nascent Soul stage and their cultivation realm was higher than that human's. That human's magic treasure was simply too overbearing. He had directly suppressed them. In the end, even the Ghost Emissarie was suppressed. He really felt like no one could catch him other than the Ghost King.

Give this Soul Gathering Flag to the Ghost Emissarie. At that time, he will naturally not be afraid of that human kid's soul sucking magic treasure. As the Ghost Guard spoke, a black flag floated out from the Baleful Yin Qi. It was handed over to the Ghost Guard.

Yes. Your subordinate will go now. The Ghost Guards stared at the flag. He was extremely envious in his heart but he didn't dare to covet such an important thing. He quickly brought the Soul Gathering flag out of the hall.

In the eyes of the Ghost King. Even though this human kid had some tricks up his sleeve. That was only the power of that magic treasure. If there is no magic treasure, a Ghost Emissarie is enough to kill him. Furthermore, there is not only one Ghost Emissarie in the Ghost Palace.