Godly Student Chapter 510

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The Ghost Emissaries are not the master of the first palace. The masters of the Ghost Palaces are all ruled by the Ghost King. The head of the first palace is controlled by the Ghost Venerables, and the Ghost Emissarie is the steward of the palace! The Ghost Guard Said.

Ghost King! Although he was prepared in his heart, when it was truly confirmed, it was inevitable that he would be shocked

The Ghost King's cultivation is equivalent to the strength of a Great Ascension Stage expert. In the past, he was technically killed by Guang Ning who was at the Spirit Severing Stage. Although the Ghost King is a ghost cultivator and the Soul Suppressing Pagoda can suppress it. The difference in strength between the two is really huge. With such a big gap, he is really not very confident even with the Soul Suppressing Orb.

What's more, the subordinates of the Ghost King is also at the spirit severing stage and there might even be a Unification Stage expert. Is it even possible to capture a few ghost cultivators in order to talk to the Ghost King? Isn't that suicide?

Seeing that Cheng Yu is silent, the two Ghost Guards are also somewhat happy. If this human being really wants to go to the Hall of Life and Death, then they would be put in a tough spot. With the strength of the Ghost King, they will be immediately killed.

I think you should try to peacefully talk to him first. If it doesn't work, we can think up another plan, after all, this is their territory. If you try to use force, it will be too difficult Soul Suppressor seemed to understand Cheng Yu's thoughts.

Although the likelihood of this succeeding is not very big, I can only try it first. Anyways, I will bring Ye Qian back no matter what Cheng Yu nodded.

Take me to go back to the Ghost Palace to find your Ghost King, you better not be dishonest, otherwise, I will immediately disperse your souls Cheng Yu took one of the ghosts out and gently waved his hands, causing the Ghost Guard to suffer.

This is because Cheng Yu locked onto the Ghost Guards soul with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. As long as he is not honest, Cheng Yu can easily destroy him.

I know! I will take you there now Ghost Wei screamed and said with fear.

Along the way, Cheng Yu also saw some ghost cultivators but their cultivation level was very low and they all looked like slaves who is working hard. Some ghosts found it very strange why there is a human here but seeing a Ghost Guard lead him, no one has stepped forward to obstruct him.

After flying for a while, a ghost town appeared in front of Cheng Yu. This momentum is not weaker than the human city. However, this ghost town lacks popularity, and it is especially sinister

Entering the city, there is a huge Ghost Palace in the middle, which is the Abyss of Samsara.

The Ghost Guards of the Ghost Palace saw that there is a human who came to the Ghost Palace and suddenly charged at Cheng Yu

Don't get me wrong. I came here to meet the Ghost King, please help me Cheng Yu came here for peace talks and did not want to get into trouble as he quickly said while avoiding the attacks of the Ghost Guard

Snort!, You are a human Gold Core expert, you are not qualified to meet our Ghost King. You trespassing into the Dark Nether Realm is a sin punishable by death. Wait for us to take your soul to be judge Ghost Palace's Ghost Guards are Nascent Soul experts, so naturally, they did place Cheng Yu in their eyes as they waived their death scythe at him

Don't force me to do it. I came to visit peacefully, not to make trouble but if you really want to use force, I will gladly welcome it Cheng Yu coldly said.

This arrogant human cultivator, in our ghost palace, you dare to shamelessly boast. Eat my ghost technique The Ghost Guard swung his death scythe and suddenly, the howling of the wind could be heard

Cheng Yu felt that his soul was being sucked out when suddenly, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda appeared and as the golden light covered Cheng Yu, the suction force was immediately dispelled and suppressed the Ghost Guard

Such a powerful treasure The Ghost Guard was surprised. He didn't expect this little Gold Core cultivator to have a treasure that is able to restrain him. This caused him to take on Cheng Yu seriously

I don't mean any offense. I only ask that you will allow me to see the Ghost King Cheng Yu said politely.

You don't look like an evil person. You should quickly leave. This Dark Nether Realm is not a place where you humans should come. The Ghost King will not see you When the Ghost Guard saw that Cheng Yu's attitude is sincere and he is also unwilling to fight with him, he coldly replied

I know this request is a bit offensive, but the reason why I am here today is because I have to meet the Ghost King, otherwise, I will not leave Without finding Ye Qian, Cheng Yui will not leave so easily

Kid, don't be too smug. I'm already giving you face by letting you leave, otherwise, you will stay in this Dark Nether Realm forever The Ghost Guard impatiently said.

If you won't let me see the Ghost King, then I can only offend you Cheng Yu said.

Then don't regret it The Ghost Guard said and attacked Cheng Yu again

Whiz! Cheng Yu immediately summon the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and directly suppressed this Ghost Guard. Against a ghost cultivator, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda effortlessly suppressed the Ghost Guard and this is also why Soul Suppressor dared to let Cheng Yu come to the Dark Nether Realm.

In this Dark Nether Realm, the strength of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is absolutely enough to suppress the ghosts of the Spirit Severing Stage. The biggest weakness of ghost cultivators is that they are in their soul forms and against the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, this weakness if lethal.

Stop! At this time, a powerful figure came from the Ghost Palace

We greet the Ghost Emissarie Seeing the figure coming, the Ghost Guard at the door quickly kneeled on the ground

Is this a Ghost Emissarie? Sure enough, it turned out to be a master at the Spirit Severing Stage. If he didn't have the Soul Suppressing Pagod, he really wouldn't be able to return. Whether it is the Ghost King or this Ghost Emissarie, he really has no other way to resist without the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

The Ghost Emissaries face is a mix of green and blue. Wearing a black brocade, the sullen atmosphere around him made one feel horrified.

Cheng Yu stared at the Ghost Emissarie, and the Ghost Emissarie is also stared at him. Just now, he felt a strong Yang energy in the Ghost Palace so he ran out to see.

He didn't expect to see a human cultivator suppressing the Ghost Guard. Just watching this human and his treasure emitting golden light caused him to be very uncomfortable.

Who are you? Why are you breaking into my Dark Nether Realm? Don't you know that humans entering the Dark Nether Realm is a sin punishable by death? The Ghost Emissarie said to Cheng Yu.

He wondered how this little guy entered the Dark Nether Realm since even he can't open the gates to the mortal world

Ghost Emissarie, the reason I am here is not to cause trouble. My wife was killed by mistake, and her soul has entered the Dark Nether Realm. I have no choice but to also enter the Dark Nether Realm. I want to bring back my wife's soul. I ask for the Ghost Emissaries consent The Ghost Emissarie is powerful, Cheng Yu did not dare to try to use force. If he can peacefully take back Ye Qians soul, then he would be happy because no one wants to become an enemy of these powerful people

How Absurd. Any souls that has entered my Dark Nether Realm is under the jurisdiction of my ghost palace. How can I allow you to just casually take back her soul. Even if she is killed by mistake, many souls come into my Dark Nether Realm every day. If everyone is like you and want to take back the souls of your loved one, then what is the point of our Dark Nether Realm The Ghost Emissarie did not give him any face because of Cheng Yu's request and immediately reprimanded

I know that such a request is offensive, but you have so many souls, Why can't I take one out? Cheng Yu said.

The rules are the rules. Let go of my Ghost Guard. You can go back. Don't cause trouble again, otherwise you won't be able to go back said the Ghost Emissarie.

I can let go of your Ghost Guard, but you must fulfill my request and let me bring back my wife's soul Cheng Yu said firmly.

Are you threatening me? Human kid, do you know where you are? It is not a good idea for you to anger me. Let alone your wife, I can also make you never reincarnate The Ghost Emissaries voice turned cold.

I am not trying to threaten you, I am making a request. Just let me bring back my wife's soul and I will leave the Dark Nether Realm! Cheng Yu said.

Let go of my Ghost Guard and leave now The Ghost Emissarie ordered again

No! Cheng Yu refused.

You are looking for death. Bring him to me The Ghost Emissarie finally couldn't help hold it anymore and suddenly shouted.

If this is the case, then I can only offend you Cheng Yu knew that negotiations failed. When the Ghost Guards rushed up, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew up, and suppressed several Nascent Soul Stage Ghost Guards.

The Ghost Emissarie saw that Cheng Yu's magic treasure is so overbearing, instantly suppressing his Ghost Guards. He became furious and sent a palm strike towards the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Cheng Yu is also not willing to show weakness and sent out a sword strike, wanting to block the Ghost Emissaries palm strike

Ding! In the face of the Ghost Emissaries attack who is at the spirit severing stage, Cheng Yu's attack was fragile and is instantly shattered. However, when the Ghost Emissarie wanted to grasp the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flashed with golden light and repelled the attack.

The Ghost Emissarie was surprised in his heart. This magic treasure was even more overbearing than he had imagined and it even almost injured him

When Cheng Yu saw that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda repelled the Ghost Emissarie, it made him feel relieved. It seems that Soul Suppressor did not lie to him. Although Cheng Yu is very strong, but he has no role in a fight of this level. He can only rely on the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Ghost Emissarie, I have offended you but I ask that you accept my request Cheng Yu did not attack the Ghost Emissarie again and took back the Soul Suppressing Pagoda as he asked again.

After all, this Ghost Emissarie is not the most powerful existence of this ghost palace. If there are more Ghost Emissaries, or a Ghost Venerable, or even a Ghost King, he really does not know how to deal with it

Human boy, don't think that since you have a powerful magic treasure, you can talk to me about conditions. I will say it again, let go of my Ghost Guard and quickly leave. As for your wife, since she is already dead, then she should accept the control of my Dark Nether Realm and enter into the cycle of reincarnation instead of reviving her and violating the heavenly law The Ghost Emissarie said again

Soul Suppressor, do you have confidence in suppressing him? Seeing the other firm attitude of the Ghost Emissarie, he no longer has any other options, and can only use force

We can try, but we must be fast. If we are too slow, I am afraid that he will escape Soul Suppressor said

Good, I will try to force him out Cheng Yu looked at the Ghost Emissarie as he formed a plan in his heart