Godly Student Chapter 509

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Soul Suppressor. I'm sorry but after this matter is settled, I will definitely concentrate on deciphering the secret of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with you Cheng Yu also felt that he did not have enough understanding of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda after listening to Soul Suppressor. This was why he had been put in so many dangerous situations. Now, even Ye Qian was involved.

Mn, even though we have the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with us, this trip to the Dark Nether Realm is extremely dangerous. We still need to make preparations. As for the threat of the ghost cultivators, unless you have no other choice, don't use it. If you can discuss it with them, it would be best if you can directly bring back your woman's soul. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Un, I know that. However, even if we want to bring her back peacefully, it would be impossible. A ghost cultivator and a human cultivator are like yin and yang, they are polar opposites. Even in the Upper Realm and the Two Realms, there are disputes that exist between them. We can only hope that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda can suppress them. Cheng Yu said in a serious tone.

He wasn't clear about the matters of the lower realms, but in the upper realms, wars between the Immortal World and the Spiritual World would frequently occur. Although it wasn't some earth-shattering battle, disputes never ceased.

Hmm... This is inevitable Soul Suppressor nodded.

Didn't you say that you collected a portion of Ye Qian's soul? Can I see her Cheng Yu knew that the souls were on the ninth floor of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He couldn't enter this place right now, and only Soul Suppressor had a way to let him in.

Sure. However, you can't stay there for too long. The current you is unable to stay there for a long time without my support. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

En, I only want to see her for a little bit Cheng Yu nodded.

Whiz The Soul Suppressing Pagoda suddenly flew out of Cheng Yu's body and shone a golden light on his body. Cheng Yu immediately disappeared from the room

Soul Suppressing Pagoda's ninth floor. This was a familiar place to Cheng Yu. This is where his soul was once restored.

But this time, in the same place, within the same array, a girl's soul was lying in the middle of the array. The girl was still as calm and peaceful as before

However, Cheng Yu could tell that this girl's soul was extremely weak. It was faintly discernible, as if it could disappear at any time

Ye Qian, I will definitely reunite your soul and revive you Cheng Yu stood outside the formation, looking at a faint transparent shadow as he spoke.

When you were by my side, I always ignored you and didn't know how to cherish you. However, the moment I lost you, I felt a sharp pain in my heart. Give me one more chance and I'll definitely cherish you Cheng Yu said sorrowfully.

Alright, I am unable to hold it for any longer. I'm going to send you out At this time, the voice of Soul Suppressor resounded. His vision changed and Cheng Yu had already returned to his room.

Can we go now? Cheng Yu placed Ye Qian's body on the bed in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's sixth floor and sealed it as he spoke.

Yes, but you have to find a remote place where no one will come. After the Dark Nether Realm opens, there will be tens of thousands of ghosts attacking us. At the same time, there might be Ghost Cultivators from the Dark Nether Realm who want to charge out so it's best for us to be careful The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Alright! Cheng Yu nodded. He understood the meaning behind the Soul Suppressing Orb's words

When thousands of ghosts gathered together, it was very easy for people nearby to get entangled by them. If they did, it would be a huge problem. If harmed more people in order to save someone, that would be going against Chang Yu's conscious

Cheng Yu did not plan to let Lin Yuhan and the others know so that they won't be worried for him. He could just let them think that he was staying in his room forever, since he had already warned them not to disturb him.

He jumped out of the window, leaving an afterimage as he quickly disappeared into the darkness. Half an hour later, Cheng Yu found an area with no signs of human habitation within a radius of hundreds of miles.

Soul Suppressor. It's all up to you The moment Cheng Yu landed on the ground, he summoned out the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Three black runes shot out from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and started to spin, slowly forming a black vortex.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Sure enough, as this black whirlpool was slowly forming, the Baleful Yin Qi in the surroundings became abnormally dense. Cheng Yu could already hear the howling sounds of the ten thousand ghosts.

The black vortex was still expanding, and its rotation speed was getting faster and faster. Suddenly, a group of wraiths madly rushed over. They wanted to enter the Dark Nether Realm.

After a person dies, their soul will directly enter the Dark Nether Realm. These souls that have stayed in the Human Realm are either because they don't want to enter the Dark Nether Realm or because their evil aura is too strong and the vengeful spirit doesn't disperse. Since they have missed this opportunity, they are no longer able to enter the Dark Nether Realm.

Originally, there was nothing wrong with letting them enter the tunnel. As long as they didn't harm the humans in the mortal world, it would be a good thing. However, Soul Suppressor wouldn't give them the chance to do so!

Although these wraiths did not have much nutritional value, no matter how small they were, they were still meat. With so many souls around, it was still a good meal

Suddenly, just when the entrance to the Dark Nether Realm was completely opened, a Gold Core stage ghost cultivator actually rushed out from the entrance. Luckily, in order to prevent the wraith from entering the Dark Nether Realm, the entire entrance was illuminated by its golden light, and the ghost cultivator was also directly sucked away by the Soul Suppressing Tower

Cheng Yu did not delay any longer and instantly entered the black vortex after putting away the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Soon after, it became tranquil, as if nothing had happened. It was just that the Baleful Yin Qi here was abnormally rich, causing people to shiver

Who is it? How dare you trespass into the Dark Nether Realm Just as Cheng Yu felt like he had entered a dark world, two scythes suddenly came flying over, startling Cheng Yu!

Cheng Yu quickly evaded. Seeing that the two wearing Undead Armor with the Death Scythe actually had the strength of a human Gold Core expert, he didn't say anything and directly used the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to suppress the two ghosts.

Only then did Cheng Yu get the chance to observe the legendary Dark Nether Realm. This was a terrifying dark world. There was no daylight here and no spiritual energy at all. There was only Baleful Yin Qi. Luckily, Cheng Yu had a huge spiritual energy treasury with him.

But even so, this kind of environment was difficult for Cheng Yu to adapt to. His body also felt extremely uncomfortable

Soul Suppressor, have you ever been here? How do we find the Abyss of Samsara? Looking at this dark world, Cheng Yu said with a frown.

No one knew exactly how big the Dark Nether Realm was because there were very few people who could come here. They had to reach the level of Loose Immortals to open the gate

However, there would also be people like Cheng Yu who had a special method to open up the tunnel. But no matter who it was, they would never come here lightly

Without the supply of spiritual energy, even Loose Immortals wouldn't be able to take advantage of them, unless they had a method to store spiritual energy

Just ask these two Ghost Guards The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Cheng Yu nodded and entered the fifth floor

Who are you? Hurry and let us go, otherwise Lord Ghost Emissarie will not let you go The two Ghost Guards hurriedly shouted when they saw Cheng Yu appear.

They couldn't understand how a human could enter the Dark Nether Realm. What they couldn't understand was that this human was clearly only at the Gold Core stage but why had he been able to subdue them so easily?

You don't need to threaten me. If I were afraid, I wouldn't have come to your Dark Nether Realm. Tell me, where is the Abyss of Samsara? Cheng Yu lightly said as he looked at the two ghost cultivators.

Humph. Want to go to the Abyss of Samsara? We won't tell you A ghost cultivator disdainfully said.

Hehe, you won't tell me? Then I'll have to wait for you to tell me Cheng Yu smiled faintly as the array in the middle of the floor suddenly lit up. The two ghost cultivators felt their cultivation rapidly decline.

No! I'll tell, I'll tell you One of the ghost cultivators could not hold it in any longer and shouted in fear. One had to know that it wasn't that easy to reach the Gold Core stage in the Dark Nether Realm.

Furthermore, ghost cultivators below the Gold Core stage could only be labourers and the outcome was extremely miserable. They had finally reached the Gold Core stage and became Ghost Guards that they yearned for in their dreams and did not want to return to being labourers.

The Abyss of Samsara is located in the center of the Dark Underworld, inside the palace The Ghost Guard said.

Do you know where the souls that just entered the Dark Nether Realm is? Cheng Yu asked.

They are at the Hall of Life and Death in the Ghost Palace

Hall of Life and Death? What is that place? Cheng Yu said in confusion. They came here because they were dead, what life or death did they have? Could it be that their souls could die again?

That is the place where we are recruiting for the Dark Underworld. Not everyone can enter the cycle of reincarnation after death. Those sinners would go into the Soul Prison to receive the torture of the soul after death and those who didn't need to go into the Soul Prison would go into the Hall of Life and Death. Life is the process of entering the cycle of reincarnation, and death is the process of becoming a ghost cultivator. After becoming a ghost cultivator, there is no hope of entering the cycle of reincarnation The Ghost Guard said.

So you're saying that the souls that goes to the Hall of Life and Death can choose whether to reincarnate or not? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Yes, but not everyone wants to reincarnate. Some people's life in the mortal world was worse than death. They didn't want to enter the cycle of reincarnation again so they could only become ghost cultivators. However, these new ghost cultivators all worked hard. Furthermore, some souls are extremely gifted and if they were to be chosen by our Lord Ghost Emmesarie, it would be impossible for them to even enter the cycle of reincarnation

Hm! According to what you have said, the one in charge of your Life and Death Palace is the Ghost Emmisarie. Cheng Yu nodded his head in understanding.

The Hall of Life and Death was the place where the ghost cultivators of the Dark Nether Realm recruited new disciples. The souls of the Dark Nether Realm came from the Mortal Realm so it was impossible for them to send all of them into the reincarnation cycle.

As for those with good aptitude, they were like the great sects in the cultivation world that were recruiting new disciples. Who knew if Ye Qian would be left behind by them

However, regardless of whether Ye Qian entered the reincarnation cycle or became a ghost cultivator, he still had to take her away. It was just that he didn't know how high the cultivation base of this Ghost Palace's owner was.

The Ghost Emissaries are not the masters of the first palace, the masters of the Ghost Palace are all controlled by the Ghost King. The head of the First Hall is controlled by the Ghost Venerable, and the Ghost Emissarie is the steward of the Palace The Ghost Guard said.